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Last Updated On: August 12, 2014

Xtreme Nitro Corporate Contact

Business Name: Xtreme Health LLC
Corporate Address:
61 South 500 E
St George, Utah 84770 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 877-509-7025
Company Contact: Jessica Douglas - Marketing Manager
Corp Website: nitrox4muscle.com

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Reported Losses: $79.00
Average Reported Losses: $79.00

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There Are Currently No Ratings.
Based On: 1 Review
Number Of Comments: 11

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Xtreme Nitro - They are selling air in a bottle

They scammed me with Xtreme nitro supplement product. I ordered a free trial …..

after less than 14 days they took $79 and I don’t know why. I called them to give them back to me they told me we can’t and I know that this is illegal.

so please help me out and give me back my $79. thank you

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Consumer Comments For Xtreme Nitro

  • it says it little print to call and cancel it. even if you just got call and cancel it. you dont need to pay 5 bucks for it, just get where it ask for card number close the tab and it will say wait we wil send it for 1.95. when you get it wait a couple days and cancel not that hard! even if it does work cancel it.

  • I ordered this product. It worked well for me. I read the terms and conditions before I purchased the product. It seems like alot of you guys just cant read. The terms are there for you to read in several places. I called in to cancel because the monthly subscription was a bit high. They offered me a discount. I’m loving the product and the price. READ BEFORE YOU BUY!!!!!!

  • You can’t call a company a scam when you agreed to the terms and conditions when ordering your free trial. Whether the product works or not for you is at no obligation to the company. Read the fine print before you order things.

  • I tried and it seemed ok but I’m not looking for average results at that price. I cancelled with no problems. I recv’d the cancellation confirmation email the same day. I also paid with a prepaid cc to cover myself.

  • bullshit….in XTREME. These people are out of control. They took my money. IM VERY UPSET. and if any attorney reads this reply and can help me along with these other people feel free to contact me @267-418-8394.

  • this is why you order with a pre-paid credit card with only $5 on it and then just cancel or never put money back in, problem solved haha! thats what I would do…

  • Same issue, completely unwilling to process refund.

  • THIS IS A SCAM SAME OLD B.S 3.95 FREE OFFER AND THEN $79 Theif Theif Theif

  • I thought this thing has an odor of deceptiveness to it…

  • Its all in the fine print – its kinda like a gym in a bottle….the whole business model relies on people paying, and NOT showing up, or in this case, having people NOT read the faint, grey print at the bottom of their website :

    "Xtreme Nitro Trial Disclaimer:
    By selecting "Claim My Trial" you agree to the terms of this offer and will be shipped a Trial bottle of Xtreme Nitro for just $3.95 Shipping. If you feel Xtreme Nitro is right for you and you are happy with the results then simply do nothing and after fourteen days from today you will be billed $75.97 for the bottle. Then 45 days from today, for your convenience, you are automatically enrolled in the Xtreme Nitro Monthly Autoship Program which sends you another 30 Day Supply of Xtreme Nitro for the discounted price of $75.97 plus free shipping and handling and every 30 days thereafter. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-(877)-509-7025 with no hassle and no minimum commitments.

  • I was scammed as well! I ordered a free trial …..

    after less than 14 days they took $79 and I don’t know why. I called them to give them back to me they told me we can’t and I know that this is illegal.
    I’ve sent repeated emails, and made several phone calls. They have a message that says call back during normal business hours. I guess when your a thief you keep different hours.


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