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Last Updated On: August 26, 2016

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Business Name: Natural Health Solutions
Corporate Address:
27 W. Anapamu St. # 236
Santa Barbara, California 93101 USA

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Andro400 Phone Number: 805-400-3145
Corp Email:
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 2.50 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 124

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Reported Losses: $225.00
Average Reported Losses: $112.50

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Switched Dosage

I recently ordered a bottle of Andro 400 to try. I received a bottle containing 60 capsules of 600mg each. It seemed to help so I ordered a second bottle on the plan to automatically send a bottle once a month. This bottle also contained 60 capsules of 600mg each. Now my wife was interested in the product because it seemed to reduce belly fat. So I ordered her the 3 bottle package at a slightly higher cost than the plan I had.

We received the package of Andro 400 and found that each bottle contained 60 capsules of 300mg each. I went back to the Webb site to check if I had over looked something in the dosage size. I cold not find anything. Further, when I tried to contact them, I clicked on their “contact us” button I was looped to a web browser. Clicked on the “customer service” button and I was looped to a web browser. The only way I can contact Andro400 is the US mail.

If you cannot trust a company to give the same dosage in each bottle, then you can’t trust them to have the content to be legitimate.

Official Responses from Andro400

By: Ron Jensen On: April 11, 2014

This complaint is erroneous in that Andro400 previously contained 300 mg of Eurycoma longifolia 50:1root extract per capsule, the daily recommended dosage was two (2) capsules per day – which equals 600mg for TWO capsules.

Andro400 formulation was changed to 150 mg of Eurycoma longifolia 100:1 root extract per capsule. Due to the increase (double) of Eurycoma longifolia and to maintain its equivalent efficacy the capsules were reduced to 150 mg per capsule, the daily recommended dosage is two (2) capsules per day – equating to 300 mg for two capsules.

Furthermore, Andro400 on its contact-us page ( provides an option to enter and send a message on-line, a customer support email address ( plus a phone number (888-400-0435).

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Andro400 Address 35 W. Main St. Ste B-121 Ventura, CA 93001

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  • Jack Bannerman

    Does it have any caffeine like effects? I absolutely cannot tolerate much caffeine at all.

  • Geniga Asgaye

    Oral testosterone boosters do not work, If you go to a doctor for treatment, they will give you a shot. It has to be intravenous. Anything taken orally has to go through the gut, and the digestive process will break it down for nutrition. This company exists in order to charge your credit card. That is their true purpose in life. It is a scam.

    • Tom Foolery

      I disagree. I have been taking Andro400 for a little over a year and have lost 25 lbs. of belly fat.

  • Tommy J.

    Yeh! Been using the product for about two months now. Have so much energy that I only sleep 3 to 4 hours a night, I just turned 50 and the wife has to lock herself up to keep me out, and even when she let me in she see the effects a d has begun growing a mustache now. I in the center group now and the customer service reps call me for answers.

  • kthomas325is

    I heard about it on the radio too, I ordered it used it as directed and noticed immediately in the morning I’m waking up with a b***r like I did when I was in puberty. I’m hornier and my muscles are harder I do occasionally 20 or so pushups every few days and my chest is growing faster I’m 41 years old it hasn’t done anything for weight loss I noticed 0 difference there but it is definitely definitely increasing the testosterone in my body I promise you that. I’ve ordered again two bottles and I’ve upped my dosage till 2 in the morning and two before bed. I have a girlfriend that comes by every now and then and usually for the past few years just knowing I can I don’t feel like having sex but after taking this for a few weeks I’ve been the one making the moves it works I told all my friends about it I told my dad to get it it ain’t bullshit



    • Obsean

      You’re also losing your ability to spell.

      • Jack Bannerman


  • krash

    I just want something so I can get a good b***r again and lose some of my belly.

    • Gary Wersing

      Focus on losing your belly, and the b***r will come along. Weight loss is the best aphrodisiac.

  • Radar

    Wow! What an eye opener! I heard about this product while driving. I thought I had found the answer to my problems. I have lost some weight by eating more raw foods and exercising. But I decided not to buy this product but after reading all these complaints I think I will keep my money in my pocket. Plus I don’t like auto ship scams they are too hard to stop. Also if their customer support was (all that) their would not be so many complaints about it.

  • Norma Colhoff-Witter

    Plenty is being said about the E. longifolia, but I ask again about the “Andro” part, what is it and it’s health risks?

  • Norma Colhoff-Witter

    Is the “Andro” in Andro400 problematic? Saw an article about it having many health risks, including prostate cancer.

    • Charles W

      That’s not true, I just read the article. It said if you are taking meds FOR that, you shouldn’t use Andro. You should also not mix using Andro with pills like V****a.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    I haven’t seen any information about men taking this product that have been diagnosed and treated previously for prostate cancer?
    Does this cause a problem or a conflict?

  • J P

    Just a general comment on scams – a popular way to rip off customers these days is to have them unknowingly sign up for monthly supply. Sometimes it’s hidden in the mice type. I had to cancel a credit card to insure that a company couldn’t hit me with monthly bills. I also notice that ads for many products indicate you’re waiving your right to sue them. I don’t know if those disclaimers are legal, but it should make you suspicious.

    • Rik

      i work in the credit card industry, cancelling a card or changing its number will not cease a recurring payment or your obligation to fund it, so your statement is not true

      • Brad

        BS. Cancelng a card may not cease your legal responsibility to pay but it will sure as hell stop a company from being able to charge you. When the credit card comes back as declined how in the world would this company be able to charge you? Nonsense.

        • Anonymous

          Just because there is no CC to charge doesn’t mean your legal obligation has stopped. Just like if you stopped paying your utility/rent bill at some point you are going to be sued. The reason why JP and you think cancelling works is that its not worth it for GNC to sue to recoup the owed monies, but legally they could.

      • poot

        Worked for me. Twice. And I notified the CC company both times not to honor the charge. They were fine with it. I owed nothing.
        More likely you work for Andro400.

      • Charles W

        Actually it in fact works. Well, for Debit Cards.

  • LanieGrace

    Hemlock is all natural too, doesn’t mean it is good for you.

    • Bobby

      it may be good for some folk though especially democrat voters.

      • poot

        poor losers are everywhere, even here, apparently. Get over it. You lost. YOU ARE IN THE MINORITY. YOU ARE WEAK AND WORTHLESS.

    • Geoff Jacobs

      So is cow p**p!

    • WaaDoo

      Well said, Lanie. Beauty and brains ! Nice to see and read !

    • poot

      But then it isn’t legal to package it and sell it as a supplement, last I checked.

      • Geniga Asgaye

        Actually, it is. Everything has a medicinal value, in the right dosage.

  • kip

    lots of phoney balonga here . most is obvious trying to persuade you not to buy with out never trying. i am trying myself for a month …i am 65 male. will make HONEST evaluation in 30 day trial ,,,, would like to lose 20#’s and 4-6 inches in girth . this an honest valuation , not mumbo-jumbo you have read so far.

    • Charles W

      Ok Kip…It’s been 2 years since you posted this, why no review?

  • Frank

    Don’t even think about it. I tried Androw 400 for three months and got absolutely no benefit at all, not one ounce lost, no smaller waist size, no sex drive, etc. These are no more than sugar pills. All their advertising is a bunch of bunk. Don’t waste your money.

    • Jeff Sherman

      For increased sex drive…your sex partner and you should start eating healthy, lose weight and exercise. Liking how you look and feel and liking what you see increases sex drive. Reasonable portions and properly prepared food have no bad side effects when eaten.

    • poot

      and in three months you didn’t learn how to spell it?

      • Charles W


  • Taylor

    If you look at the Andro400 main page and contact us page, you will clearly see full contact information for the company – phone and email included. In fact, you can see full contact info at the top of this page, despite this review claiming they could only snail-mail Andro400. Andro400 has a customer support which can answer your questions, including your question about ingredients confusion. You will find that some time ago the extract ratio of Andro400 changed from 50:1 to 100:1; therefore, the mg were reduced by half since the extract was doubled. The result is the same strength of product as before, only now it fits into a smaller capsule (a concern for some who have trouble swallowing pills). This information – sent to auto ship customers during the change – can be found by contacting their customer support via email or phone, both clearly displayed on

  • Thaddeus

    The fact to consider is that if you give your body a substitute for what it already produces, the brain will tell the producing glands to produce less of it. An endocrinologist told me that I had low "T" due to hypogonadism….at age 66 I really don’t need to plant more seeds in her garden, do I. And, a testosterone supplement would gradually shrink my nuts leaving a large, sagging bag of two marbles…I declined to supplement and risk getting prostate cancer, as well.

    • Taylor

      I get concerned as well when I look at testosterone supplements and the long list of safety information. That’s why I choose to use Andro400 and other all natural products. Andro400 consists of an herb that has been used in Asia for thousands of years that’s a track record I feel comfortable with. But it does get confusing when you hear words like supplement; the difference here is that Andro400 is a dietary supplement that stimulates the bodies own production of T, and that’s why it’s safe and that’s also why results will vary.

      • holyhumpinhanna

        I would be concerned about using an "herb that has been used for thousands of years in Asia". Do you really think that Asians have been treating "low t" for thousands of years? I have a bridge to sell you.

        • Taylor

          Asians didn’t treat “low t” for years – they used the herb as part of their health regimen, particularly for sexual function, and have documented this extensively. Asian culture has documented the usage of a variety of medicinal herbs over the centuries (western medicine ignores this research). There’s lots of information on eurycoma longifolia out there, if you’re interested. Today’s medical field only recently started measuring the effects of low testosterone and came up with the catch-phrase “low T.” This is common. For example, traditional Chinese medicine recommends consuming apples for their health benefit, but only recently have we become aware of the presence of apples’ specific vitamins and polyphenolic compounds and why they’re good for you.

        • metalbuoy

          The only herb asians have been using for thousands of years is cannabis. Wont make you skinny, will help with sex drive for sure!!

    • SunuvaMonkeySpank


  • opinion

    Scam…do you really think this company discovered the one and only miracle drug for weight loss? if that was the case every company that makes weight loss supplements would be selling this formula and every doctor would recommend it. The only way to truly drop pounds is stopping feeding your face with extra calories.

    • Reg

      The herb in this product, eurycoma longifolia, has been used safely in Asia for centuries to boost testosterone. Furthermore, clinical studies have confirmed its efficacy. Been to there website ( The company offers a 90 day guarantee if it doesn’t work for you – so where’s the scam?

      • Bobby

        company shill much?

  • Bill

    Wow….I am surprised at these comments….I have been on this product for 5 months now and have lost weight…gained energy…I am diabetic type 2…my blood sugar levels have leveled out….They have been in business for 10 years…that should speak for itself…If people would look at the website correctly and thorughly…they will see that there is in deed a contact us tab that provides the company’s email address and phone number….I have never had a problem contacting them…and as far as the guys comment about dosage…It specifically shows on the website 150 mg per capsule…..Dont judge the product by negative comments….try it for yourself…..they also have a 90 day money back refund policy….dont know of any company that has that kind of gaurantee…..THEN I REALIZED THIS WEBSITE COULD BE A COMPETERS WEBSITE THAT LIKE TO POST BAD COMMENTS TO HAVE THEM ORDER THERE PRODUCT INSTEAD….

    • mark
    • Jeff Sherman

      It appears andro 400 has affected your grammar recall. Stop using it immediately.

  • MrTommy

    Remember the old adage: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". I think this ad and this company fit the ‘adage’.

    • Ron

      Andro400 has been in business for 10 years and stands behind its product 100%. What other company offers autoship customers the ability to click on a website link (Contact Us page) to cancel an autoship? Andro400 also has a phone number (805-400-3145) to respond to customers, an email ( that is responded to within 24 hours, or less.

      • disqus_n8fdcNvUvq

        I don’t know why you REPEATEDLY use the the reason “been in business for 10 years.”

        I can come up with many companies that were in business for more then 10 years and are gone now.

  • Paul

    My Urologist says that this product (& other similar products) are all basically placebos.
    He advised me to not waste my money on these types of things.

    • Reg

      Your urologist, obviously you should find someone who’s graduated from high school.

    • Erik

      Of course your dr is going to tell you this. You don’t think he is stupid do you. Why would he recommend something that will take money away from him? If it works you won’t be going to him anymore.

  • alphawolf

    Thanks to everyone for the comments. I too was going to order this, then I read the comments…and the address. Anything that comes from COMMIEFORNIA can not be good.

    • Harry A. Hole

      It’s comes from Florida alphadunce. Run along now and go peel your roadkill or dinner will be late again.

  • Ted T

    I heard a commercial on the radio and very interested in trying this product but after reading the complaints it seems to make sense to me that if they don’t have the customer service to follow up on the product they sell it is just another get rich quick for them. I’m out, I think I will get the prescription meds instead.

    • I read the scam reports so I’m out… VOTE MILLER IN 2015

    • Dan Reed

      I ordered, then followed up with a call a few days later. I had no problem contacting them or getting my questions answered. Maybe you had the wrong number.

  • Dave

    I was thinking of ordering based on the radio ads I have been hearing. I am glad I read all the reviews. If you cannot contact the Andro400 people by phone or email, it is not a product that I want to purchase. Also, the comment made by the Andro400 people was a big red flag as well.

    • Raul

      Just look at the website…It has a customer service # posted right under contact us…..I have never had a problem with contacting this company and love the product…I lost 16 lbs within 60 days…

  • Paul

    what is the big deal about, " more mobile sperm" damned if I want to pay anymore child support payments for a quickie.

    • Tucker

      Try abstinence.

  • Sorry Sam

    Had the same problem with a Russian Mail Order Bride site. Kept sending me a new bride every month. Became a Mormon in good standing but soon the government got involved and know I’m in a heap of trouble.All my wives got lawyers and now I just sit in my cell and cry.

    • god, i sent my russian bride home 3 weeks after the wedding, only lost about $10K, but i have a better job now, due to i quit a sucky one to marry her. in the long run, i’m better off now.

  • Dennis

    I’m using Testim today. Prescribed by my doctor. Awesome energy. With insurance only $30 a month. Need to do some bloodworks on a quarterly basis – but no nonsense.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for heads up everyone. I was ready to order. But I agree – it might be a good product, however, if they have to rely on auto-ordering as well as poor customer support. This is a scam.

  • Jama

    Having never used this product but was considering it, I cannot comment on its effectiveness. However, I have had bad experiences in hte past with these auto-ship plans from other companies. My thoughts are that no matter how great and effective a product is, if there is poor customer support and service, then the product is not worth it.

  • James

    if you can’t buy a product in a health store, or without some reoccuring fees rather than on your own terms..then I wouldn’t buy it.

  • benje


    • mdarel

      how has it helped you. I’m 53 and nothing works so far. Thanks,

      Mike A.

    • RON

      Maybe you should read a little more about TRT and the latest news attributed to AndroGel. If the herb in Andro400 is ‘snake oil’ I would much prefer to the poison you’re about to rub into your body. GOOD LUCK!

  • Steve

    Whoever wants to shut up negative reviews about any product should move to Cuba. This is how we protect ourselves from poor customer service and questionable products. I will not be ordering this product, partly because of the biased reply to the negative review.

  • Rick

    I’m glad I read the blogs, I was going to order the product, but apparently it is snake oil, thanks for the heads up

  • TVann

    I’m not interested in this particular product but after reading all the issues with this company online I don’t intend to order anything from them! If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

  • Mo Lopez

    Guys don’t waste your money. Get in touch with in Spring,Texas. Their Phone # 281-255-8750. Their product’s name (control) and it is a blue and white capsul. I have been used for years and it works. You can take 1/2 a capsul 30 to 45 minutes before or take a whole. try it.

  • charles

    This product worked for me. I’m 55 and have increased energy levels and my libido is much higher. I have lost some belly fat but have been excercising as well

  • Ronnie

    Thanks guys for the heads up…The wife just recently got me credited back from some fat burner product that didn’t work but auto tagging the credit card for three months before she got wind of it…So I thought I’d try this product without her knowledge and just let her see the results… I guess I’d better for go the headache

  • Frank

    It is a scam and the product does not do what they say it does. It is nothing more than a sugar pill. After taking it for three months I did not see any changes, no weight loss, no more energy, etc. Don’t waster your money.

    • Mark

      Thanks Frank. Right to the point. Didn’t see more energy? That’s one of their main claims to fame.
      Guess I’ll find something else.
      Thanks again

    • Ronnie

      Frank, understand that just because you didn’t notice more energy doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. I started taking Andro400 a little over a month ago. I’ve notice an increase in my energy level. No weight loss yet, but the company does not claim the product is for weight loss. This product has other benefits for the body. Dig a little deeper and you will find them. The product works!!!!

  • Bill

    I to am going to pass on this product, solely based on the every month auto pay. If I wanted to buy a scond bottle of this product then I would buy it. I don’t want this company making that choice for me.

    • Jim

      You have other options to order…I order every 3 months….you are not obligated to stay on the auto pay…

  • NxAKdcH3

    830345 14012Thanks for blogging and i enjoy the blog posting so no public comments.,,,,,,,,,,, 172229

  • jon

    Ugh… Wish I would have read this stuff before I’d ordered a bottle. I have no medical insurance of course, and am trying to find the cheapest way possible to get my libido back!

    • Roger Thulin

      You will have better luck useing DHEA a natural adrenal gland hormone. Take in the morning and go all day.can buy at any walmart vitamin section. $8.00.

  • Bob N

    Hey guys, this is a scam! I did have to go to my credit card and report it.. They did help and now im free of the monthy bills

  • Greg

    If these products really worked they would be sold at GNC and other stores and if purchased online only when the customer wants some not automatically sent and charged for it. Watch out people snake oil salesmen are still out there in the 21st century.

    – and other stores and would be sold online when you want to order it not as an automatic renewal. Just another companies way of trying to make money on snake oil.


      Is there anything out there taht does work

  • Chris

    If anyone will do some research, you will find that low testosterone is known as hypogonadism. There are two (2) types of hypogonadism, being primary and secondary. Primary is when the testicles are incapable of producing endogenous testosterone. Secondary is when the pituitary stops transmitting LH, which is the signal to the leydig cells in the testicles to produce testosterone. Let’s pretend this pill could work … It would have to work by stimulating the pituitary to produce LH, much like a SERM. If the testicles are damaged (primary), then NOTHING will make them produce endogenous test, NOTHING. You would need to medicate with exogenous testosterone. So, even if your testosterone is low, you need to find out if the diagnosis is primary or secondary before doing anything. This is probably nothing more than Stinging Nettle Root, which will lower SHBG, in turn will help increase free testosterone, BUT it will do nothing for a total testosterone serum lab -NOTHING!

    • D**k

      Helpful comments, Chris. Recently heard the radio ad for Andro400 and thought about trying it. Instead will check with my MD about hypogonadism before trying anything.

  • jose

    Is obvjuos andro400 run this site but I going to conummers affairs next and I will report all this scam trying to block consummer from puting anh complain against this garbage @andro400

  • jose

    This product is garbage dont waste your money, and be sure to cancel the account because this basters will keep on charging you credit card and sending you more of those stupid pills

  • Pull Toy

    This product is great if you like pep rallys and are an susceptible simpleton who believes anything and probably is Muslim.

  • Dan

    I never ordered the product. heard about it on radio, so went to there web site. My anti-virus blocked it! said it was a DANGEROUS WEB PAGE, so I thought that told me enough!

  • Jon

    I asked my doctor about this product. He said it was scam.

  • Rick Clancy

    Glad I saw these comments. Was considering Andro400, but now think I’ll pass.

  • Pull Toy

    Imagine a site moderated by the company that markets a product. How objective is that? Tell Shecky and the boys that this scam will soon be in court.

  • Pull Toy

    I wish to complain about Amdro 400. This stuff does not work.

    There, moderate that.

  • Schlongdong

    I bought this product and immediately raped most of Detroit, impregnated an entire Girl Scout troop and drove railroad spikes with this frightfully bright red monster that developed.


    • guest

      your going to jail for a long time

    • LeRoy

      Your going to be gang-banged while your in prison because they hate rapist’s and child molesters!

  • Barry Branyan

    I would consider the product. Is it legal under athletic standards. Are there any sientific studies on the product.

    I am nearly 65 and have heart problems. Can this product be detrimental to heart pacients


    • John Larson

      My doctor informed me that testosterone cannot be ingested. Either injection or a patch. I tried this crap, felt nothing and called. The girl told me to try it longer and sent me another bottle. By the time I almost finished the second bottle, the 90 days ran out, so they refused to refund my first payment. It is a scam.

      • Kai Morgan

        John Larson, your doctor gave you inaccurate information. There are two oral forms of testosterone: the sublingual/ buccal, which must be dissolved under the tongue or held against the cheek, and one which one simply swallows. Both include bio-identical forms, which avoid possible first-effect problems affecting the liver. Both offer a good effect.

        Injections: I told my doctor to stuff them. I still suffer side effects, more than a quarter of a century later. (Want cystic acne? Want your sebaceous glands to go crazy? Want several years of itching (head, face, trunk)? Want baldness, even if it doesn’t run in your family? Want you temper shortened? Want a long bout of depression? Any or all of these can be yours.)

        The trans-dermal patch: it’s huge – or the ones I was prescribed several years ago were. It’s noisy (crinkly). And you’d better have tough skin: It irritated mine so badly that, after 6-10 days, I looked as though I had been attacked by a mutant octopus (the patches I used were ovals). Told my (next) doctor to stuff them.

        I returned to the sublingual form, the methylated type (methyltestosterone) that is reputed to be hard on the liver, and I will never stay with a doctor who insists on injections or patches. I take the lowest dosage I can while still seeing enough effect, and I give my body long pauses now and again. (You may want to lower dosages slowly, rather than quitting suddenly.)

        Perhaps the bio-identical forms are at least as good. If you are new to taking testosterone, you might look into them. I can’t tell you anything more about them.

        I cannot offer an opinion about this product, either. Sorry.

        • hawkman

          Try the cream – from a pharmacist (sp) I did and it helped. Then I got TestoGain from Douglas laboratories, that didn’t give me energy but did raise my Testosterone levels.

    • guest

      I have been using Androgel for about three years, and it works very good. It is a gel that is applied once a day. You have to get a perscription for it. But it is expensive without insurance.

  • Bryan

    Wow, I will never purchase this product simply based on the reaction to Bill’s review. I did not see any "ignorant comments" but a genuine review of the product. Any company that "slams" a consumer for reviewing their product is "ignorant!" I heard the radio ad today for the first time and was interested, so I started my research on it. I could have overlooked Bill’s review and kept searching for more reviews, however after seeing the response to Bill’s review, I have chose to stop after reading only one review and avoid his product completely. Thank you Bill and thank you "A."

  • Tim Duncan

    I have been taking this product for 6 months and have lost almost 50 pounds. I did change my diet and exercise habits at the same time I started taking the supplement, and probably attribute the weight loss to a combination of things. I cannot say that the supplement alone had any effect, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

    I did have a problem with the automatic reordering option, I received product that I did not need.

  • Dano

    I am very cautious with products which have an auto shipment each month and vague contact information on their website. Further, the comments about ignorance cross a boundary of respecting someone who is trusting you with a credit card. I will pass in the supplement.

  • Sham

    Sounds like a sham to me also. Their radio ad and internet ads makes claims of fat loss in days and weeks

  • Marcos Madera

    I would have appreciated if you had simply refunded Bill’s money. You do have a 90 day guaranty advertised.

    I think that would have worked better for you than to knock and insult an unsatisfied customer. You are actually adding insult to injury.

    Based on this, I’m making the decision not purchase your product.

  • A

    Well Bill, I am sorry that you feel that way about the product. But before you go posting bad things about something, take into consideration that though the product is good and does currently work for most, you may just be one of the few that it is not effiective with. Take into consideration that this is not a weight loss supplement, its main purpose is to build the levels of testosterone up. Weight loss comes with time. This is a great product. Patience is key with this sort of product since it is being built up into your system. It does not matter how much you work out, or how great of shape your in. Changing your eating habits or exercising more is not even listed as a requirement for you to do in order to see the results. So, furthermore, don’t go slamming ignorant comments about something that did not agree with your system. Its like anything we take for the first time, whether it be, an allergy to bees, or allergic reaction to morphine, even being lactose intolerant; we are all made different and so we all get different results. In ANDRO400’s case, Bill; the ratio to how many it does work for is more than you can imagine. Open your mind up to more than your opinion of negativity. Sorry that it did not work out for you, I am sure your just upset, because you wish it had worked for you. Take care

    • garth

      Whoever wrote those comments, company shill that he is, is a very ignorant idiot. I’ll pass and hey, just buy straight up Tongkat Ali extract. That is the active ingredient in Andro400 (albeit probably a watered down imitation from malaysia). Cheers dude! and "Take care"…

      • buzz

        Stop dickin’ around with the creams, gells and pills. Shoot the glute and get it over with. If you genuinely NEED something, anything, it’s easy enough to see a Doctor who specializes in hormone therapy. A simple blood test will either confirm or deny the need for such therapy. And if deemed necessary, you will receive a dose (specific for your needs) of testosterone cypionate once or twice weekly–self injected. Before drawing the conclusion that testosterone is too “risky” based on something you heard on the evening news or something some lunk-head posted on the net, I’d humbly suggest and open mind, research and self-educating. If that isn’t enough consider this; before we became the droopy, tired, bitchy old men that we’ve become, remember that our bodies, when we were young, once produced the amount of testosterone that you’ll be replacing and did so naturally. Much can be done to improve testosterone production naturally through diet (proper diet; i.e., good sources of dietary fat, no processed foods, no added sugar, exercise, etc., etc.) but nothing beats the injection. I’m 52 and I feel as good as I did in my thirties, look better than I did in my teens and I’m stronger than I was in my twenties. By the way, At 52 I’ve been a weightlifter for more than 40 years. 10 of those years were as an Olympic style weightlifter and twenty-five years as a competitive power lifter. Not bragging, just giving you a little back ground.

        • The pharmacist

          Of course u were

    • bob

      "A" Awesome reply to bill’s very sorry response to this product!

      i just ordfered this product myself and can only hope to have similar results to the 1’s that you yourself have recived.

      Again .. thank you for your intellegent words!!!


    • T.D

      Learn how to spell effiective (effective) and tone down your antagonistic remarks and maybe people would take your products seriously. Auto payments for supplements? Didn’t this company learn from the sham of shams Extenze? Let people decide if they want to reorder or not!

      • chrisnoedge

        I haven’t tried this product, and I am only no researching it. But I will say this in regards to your comment, Auto payment is an option, not forced. So if you try it and like it, YOU CAN CHOOSE to do the auto payment and get it every month on time. But till you choose to do so, you can buy it one bottle at a time. Just sayin’.

    • Carl

      Dude, it sounds like you got all **** hurt because Bill has an opinion you disagree with. I am not interested in the product after reading your comment. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and to see you get so defensive leads me to believe you are evolved with the company. Now that’s fine except for your response implies that you know there is something not legit with it and you have to lash back out to defend your interest. If it is actually that good you would not care what Bill’s opinion is; you would just say "thank you for trying it, and I’m sorry you didn’t achieve your desired results with the product", and gone on making money of the individuals that do like it.

    • dave

      His complaint was about "dosage" not how it worked……you make it sound even more fishy than before.

    • Ramon

      No contact information-No order-common sense!

    • Rob

      I would trust ‘your’ defensive response if it appeared to be written by someone with functional intelligence. "Your" = "You’re" (you are).

    • PTH

      I was just about to order Andro400 until I read this arrogant response to "Bill’s" critical review. I have two criteria when I buy from a company – 1. great products 2. respectful to those that make their business possible. I’ll never know if your product is decent because you failed #2.

    • red

      boy you sound like a politician…. his complaint was with the change of the doesage amount and the lack of customer service…. perhaps you should read before you make any comments. i really like the way you twist the review away from his experiance.


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