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I was a consultant for RHT for well over a year, and when my assignment ended they say “When one door closes another one opens” Yeah Right. Well they didn’t call me, i had to call them and ask ,if there were any more assignments. Their excuse is “Oh it’s been slow”. Well about 2 weeks of not hearing from them they have the nerve to send in a Questionnaire and ask “How are we doing”I. I gave them all 1′s and Zeros (This came from their corporate office) as soon as i did this within 1 day I get a call from not 1 or 2 but 5 recruiters who all say ,”don’t worry we will find you a job”? Oh they found a job that paid me less than what I was making previously. Come on, common sense dictates that if i was making $22hr and your offering me $19 an hour do you really think someone is going to accept that, especially with the way gas and rent is.

Just to get $1 more took 3 months to “approve”.  When I didnt return their initial phone calls , they got all hot and bothered. When i called them back the recruiter begins to berate me (Or bully me) that I WAS BEING DISRESPECTFUL and that that is no way to act. Excuse me!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. I brought you guys in a lot of money , had NO complaints from the client and you say this to me. This is a terrible company to work for!!!!I have been with other agencies who were more professional,courteous and treated their employees with dignity and respect. Stay away from these people they are the worse

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