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Business Name: Weblabcenter, Inc.
Category: Staffing / Job Headhunter
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Corporate Address: 17311 Dallas Pwky #100
Dallas, Texas USA

Email: info@microworkers.com
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Microworkers wants to keep our money

I have been at Microworkers for almost two years. I finally filed a complaint this morning with the WA attorney general’s office. There’s $42 and some change in my account. Awhile after I verified my PIN, I asked for a payout. Nothing. I sent a support ticket. Nothing. I sent another support ticket. Nothing. So the money has just been sitting there. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but there are places I could have used it. I could send you the same screenshots I sent the AG’s office this morning.

And for all the (most likely paid) people who float around comments sections talking about how the only ones who encounter payment issues are those who break the rules, bite me. I have a 100% success rating, and the folks that hire me for gigs love my work. And if someone from Microworkers is watching this thread, no I don’t want to work with you anymore. And I won’t send you one more email to “help work this out”. You can contact the WA State Attorney General’s Office.

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