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Last Updated On: February 21, 2017

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Business Name: Home Advisor Inc.
Corporate Address:
14023 Denver W Pkwy Bldg 64
Golden, Colorado 80401 USA

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HomeAdvisor Phone Number: 303-963-7200
Corp Email: partnerships@homeadvisor.com
Company Contact: Chris Terrill - CEO
Corp Website: homeadvisor.com

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Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
Based On: 213 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 393

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Reported Losses: $427,158.21
Average Reported Losses: $2,005.44

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Disgrace to American Business

Driving in my work vehicle for my business I get a phone call from a Home Advisor representative. He told me how he can get my business customers and all I have to do is give him $347, per year and $20 per job he send my way. So I said that was fine and agreed.

They started sending potential jobs to me and about 20 other contractors for the same job to bid on, but still charged $20. So I would never get the job because so many other contractors called the customer.

The only one who is making money is home advisor. It’s a total scam.

Make a long story short, those crooks con me out of $1567 in one month. I made a total of $150 for two jobs I actually received from them, that I fought like hell to get. They all should be thrown in jail.

Official Responses from HomeAdvisor

By: Dan Kerley On: September 12, 2014

2nd Response From Dan Kerley – Public Relations Representative at HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor strives to offer the best customer service, customer satisfaction and advertising in the industry. We take all feedback very seriously and want to address any questions, comments or concerns. If you would like to speak with someone at HomeAdvisor, please send your contact information to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will have someone reach out to you.

Thank you.

Dan Kerley

By: Mandy Black On: October 24, 2012

Hi Sales Lead Scam Victim, I am sorry to hear your concerns with your account. We do match you up with leads based off of the zip codes, spend targets and categories in which you choose to receive and our billing typically does automatically pull on a weekly basis. I would like to look into your account with you and see if I can clear up any questions and concerns you may have as to what happened here. You may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

Thank you for your time.

Mandy Black

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Parent Company: IAC/InterActiveCorp - 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York
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  • EVB

    Joined HA Jan 13 2017. I talked to a friend in the same business I’m in and he advised me not to do it. So I did research on HA and saw why. BAD LEADS. NO CALL BACKS. So I signed up on a Friday and I called my rep at HA the next Monday to tell him I wanted out with a full sign up refund. I had not even received any leads at that point. He said getting a sign up refund had a 3 day cooling off period. I said that that would be normal business hours M-F so I was really at the 2 day period. He tried to give me a song and dance that if I wanted a refund that it would also hurt him somehow on his side. Why would he have something to lose? He kept talking that even if I shut down the service that my info would still be live to people if they wanted to call my personal number for quotes and that it would be advertising for me. So he then offered me a month of FREE LEADS to stay and give HA a shot to work. That’s when I started questioning the leads and the cost. It was not explained to me originally when I signed up that leads would cost me about $19 regardless if I get the job or not. My understanding was I would pay HA a $19 fee if I got the job. That’s fare to anyone I would think. It’s a finders fee. I told him I’d give HA a chance for a month and if it didn’t work then I write off my original sign up fee as a loss and cancel my account with HA. As the first month progressed I was getting leads and seeing them charged to my credit card account. 90% of the leads flat out DID NOT ANSWER THEIR PHONES, TEXTS OR EMAILS. Of for the others that I did get through to they were not for what I offer. Only one lead out of 17 did I get as far as quoting a price and losing to a lower bidder. I can accept that. So with that I tried to contact my rep after the end of the month to cancel. He has not called me back. Now its been a week of trying to call this guy and still no answering back. I got through to HA who gets me to someone else and I tell him the whole story. He said he is not aware that HA can offer free leads. He says that it looks like my rep is out for the day and that he would contact my rep and his manager to get ahold of me. This is a ridiculous scam and I can’t see how they are still in business. I told the guy I was talking to that If I was not refunded for every single lead that I would certainly be taking legal action. I also want my sign up fee refunded. This is over $500 worth of nothing. So far, no call back from the manager or the rep. I will be looking at taking legal action if I’m not contacted.

  • AJS

    I’m currently still a contractor with Home Advisor. Although I keep my leads paused, as soon as I turn them on, I start getting a bunch of fake leads. Each lead costs me $14, when I try to contact the lead (email, phone call, etc.) Nobody ever answers. When I submit for a credit refund, Home Advisor’s generic answer is “After reviewing your case, your lead is not subject for a refund at this time” (or something like that). The other issue that i have is that they keep sending me (and charging me) for leads outside of what I’m profiled to do. And no, they won’t refund my money. I can’t wait for my contract to be done, so i no longer have to deal with these scammers for the rest of my life.

    • HASupport

      Hi Ajs, We’re sorry to hear this. While no contact leads are built into the service pricing and therefore not eligible for credit, we are able to issue credit for leads that come to you under the wrong work category. If you’d like to speak with a rep about your account, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will follow up. -HASupport

  • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

    I had a bad review of a company in 2015 which they are still listing on their site. Here’s what I wrote about Peter’s Tree Trimming:

    Hired this older man to trim my trees. Discovered the next day that he’d absolutely butchered one tree when I went around the back of it. Counted at least 7 wounds left that he had to have seen, but didn’t bother to mention to me. Just took the $$ and left after a long discussion of other matters. Time enough to mention what he’d done. One wound was about 11in long (he’d cut through all 5 layers of the wood (outer bark, inner bark, cambium, sapwood, and into the
    heartwood) with his chain saw on a stick. Other wounds were the same width, but 6-7″ long or 1-3″long. Two divots were cut into the heartwood (about 3/4 in deep and 3-4in wide). He then refused to remove two small inner branches (although it was his idea in order to pump up his charge: “I can thin out all that garbage inside the branches.”). He argued with me and would not remove them. My husband did the next day which is when I discovered the mess this guy had left. He charged me $750 and tried to increase his fee even more (after quoting $500 for the job) by doing other useless work and voluntarily butchered my neighbors’ trees next door that were hanging over my fence…….w/o even asking me. Besides the fact, that I felt like he was waaaay too familiar with me.

    I was being polite on Advisor’s site as I did not think they would publish what actually happened. This job took place in 2015.(The “long conversation” we had took place at the end of the job with his trying to get me to take him for a boyfriend, giving me a reason about size. And, other remarks I don’t want to repeat.) He started this subject out almost immediately when he first entered my backyard with more innocuous remarks, but way too familiar, which I just took as his being a foreigner from Africa and not aware of the mores in this country. He increasingly became more bold until I just told him to leave.

    He does not have a good rep in this city, according to another tree business b/c of how afraid women are of him b/c of his height and his sexual harrassment. And, this was the guy who trained Peter (after which Peter started his own business, with his son who I suspect is the one getting the good reviews).

  • Marion Figueroa

    Beware of C&J Property Clean Up. They have a advertise all over schedule you for an appointment take your money don’t show up and do the job have complaints on Better Business Bureau, Consumers. You have to actually fight to get your money back.

  • Marion Figueroa

    I spoke Jessica Williams on 2/10/2017 appointment was scheduled for 2/11/2017 at 1pm. She informed me that she only accept cash or she would run through the square which is a device like a credit card. Saturday came no show at 1pm so I thought anything could of happened so I did phone her to ask her well that was a big mistake on my part she was nasty and arrogant she ranted on and on I was taken back by her attitude again came up with excuses. Time past 2 o’clock no, show 2:30 no show 3 o’clock no show, 3:30 no show finally at 3:41 I called her and cancelled she said she was a 10 minutes away I didn’t believe her at all. I requested my money back she kept texting me being nasty no problem you’ll get your money with that she said that she would come to my home I said No why would I even allow this person to come to my home she’s not dealing with it sound like what I told was to reverse the square asking for a refund it can be done with that she didn’t answer me. Well now it’s five days later I still haven’t received my money. When I investigated her she’s has several complaints against in regards to her taking money and not doing the job. I personally think she’s a scam artist. I reported her to Thumbtack were I found the business on their website supposedly they’re working on it we’ll see I reported her on Consumer Affairs, BBB all to find out she has complaints all over. I also have my bank working on the situation. This is horrible how does this one stay in business is beyond me but I will definitely find the corporate office phone number address I need to text them email them or definitely write them a letter she’s taking advantage of people and seems to have no conscience about it.

    • HASupport

      Hi Marion, We’re so sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with this pro, we have already opened an investigation into this matter. If you would like to speak with a rep about your specific experience, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will follow up. -HASupport

    • Martha Harmon

      Marion, HomeAdvisor gave me the same song and dance routine about investigating, etc. Gave me a reference number and told me to be sure and write down the number for future reference. I got scammed by a plumber they recommended to me. The water heater he installed burned up in a little over 3 weeks then he quit answering his phone and cancelled his email address. As if that was not good enough for them, they told me to get invoices, pictures, etc. then one of their specialists would contact me but unfortunately that would be about two weeks. Well, it has been three weeks…….nothing. I emailed the HomeAdvisor employee I had been dealing with to ask her to follow up on it, and she has not responded..that was week ago and I doubt she will. FYI there is a class action lawsuit that was filed on July 16, 2016 by Chimieles & Tikellis LLP (C&T) on behalf of Home Service Professional businesses who were victims of HomeAdvisor. Google it.

      • HASupport

        Hi Martha, We’re sorry you had this experience with a pro. We would be happy to follow up with you. Please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out regarding the status of our investigation. -HASupport

  • Napa Drywall

    I am a drywall contractor who recently signed up for Home Advisor and within 2 weeks they have scammed me out of $450. They told me they had 12 leads in my area immediately… a week later I had 3 that were all useless, followed by a 4th who yelled at me not to call him again. There’s a THREE day cancellation policy on initial payment of $435 dollars, and customer service people could care less about phony job leads that you are charged for. It’s a total scam and I highly recommend steering clear of this scam.

    • HASupport

      Hi Napa Drywall, We’re sorry you feel this way about our business, we do our best to ensure quality opportunities. It looks like we were able to issue credit for 3 of the 4 leads you received. If you’d like to speak with a rep about any other concerns, please feel free reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com or call Customer Care at 877-947-3639. -HASupport

  • Talgat Chuashpaiev

    Talgat Chuashpaiev
    DO NOT Sign with them, they will send you bad leads. I had several of them either homeowners will not pick up phone or they will tell you they did not request the service or they don’t know the names listed at your lead. I did have very bad experience and lost approximately $400.00

    • HASupport

      Hi Talgat, We’re sorry to hear your experience. Please see our reply on Facebook for resources. Please also feel free to send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com if you’d like a rep to reach out. -HASupport

      • Talgat Chuashpaiev

        Please, see reply on Facebook, and do play games, your company has all my information to contact me, my company is City Garage Doors Inc., Best Regards, Talgat

  • Eightonesix Service

    I am a general contractor who has lost hundreds, maybe thousands through HomeAdvisor. They send me leads that don’t even have real phone numbers or addresses on them and then charge me $50+ for the privilege. When you call to ask for refunds, they argue with you or tell you they can’t help you. I don’t recommend that home owners use them and I certainly don’t recommend that contractors sign up with them.

    • HASupport

      Hi Eightonesix Service, We’re sorry to hear this. We are able to issue credit for bad contact information. We’re happy to help if you have any other concerns, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport



  • brs4456

    Same here nothing but a scam to get money up front and charge you for worthless leads. Cost me to learn but warn anyone considering this to beware.

    • HASupport

      Hi brs4456, We’re sorry you feel this way about our business. if you’d like to speak with a rep, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will reach out. -HASupport

  • T

    This company is a total scam. They billed my credit card 287.00 which was totally unauthorized and everytime I call I get a new excuse as to why I’m not getting my refund. I guess I’m going to have pursue legal action. Total BS!!

    • HASupport

      Hi T, We’re sorry you feel this way. We would be happy to look further into this for you, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • Chris

    I have a Landscaping business of over 23 years. I have used HA to get subs for pressure washing, electrical work, etc and was satisfied overall. Unfortunately I joined HA last month thinking they could help pre qualify my leads and get me more jobs. So far I have had to shell out $288 just to join and then pay between $32 – $45 per lead that either I couldn’t contact or had no return call from after multiple calls, emails or texts.

    Their scheme is to receive a credit you must call the lead twice within 24 hrs on two separate days. WHAT? If someone is REALLY looking for an estimate and is serious about their project they would pick up the phone or return a contractors call within a day, otherwise they don’t care!
    I spoke to a rep and she assured me that as long as the 2 calls are made within that period and it turns out to be a dead lead then the credit is given…”No questions asked”, her words. What a bunch of BS. Looking over my account I received 14 leads. 1- asked for a roofing estimate, 1 was looking for an addition on their home (miraculously I got a credit on that), 1 was a kid (eagle scout) looking for concrete pad, 3 were out of my operating range, 3 leads were charged to me since no representative told me about getting emails or leads through a phone app so I was on the hook for those. Ive gotten 3 credits but the thing that REALLY p****s me off is a lead that I called and each time got a fast busy signal, I texted…no reply, I emailed…it got kicked back to me and guess what? I’m ineligible for Credit !!! That dead lead cost me $47.11 for what would have been for sod!
    And the sad thing about all of this is that I’m here now looking at all these reviews not from 3 months or 5 months ago but a week, 2 weeks ago! Please let me know where we can all join a class action lawsuit to get our hard earned money back. Me personally I lost about 500-600 bucks.

    • HASupport

      Hi Chris, We’re sorry to hear this. We like to see that the lead has been called quickly because this is the most effective way to turn a lead into a job. Additionally, we are able to issue credit for, among other things, bad contact information and calls outside of your coverage area. Please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • Gordon Lenz II

    Here is an outline of the issue:

    HomeAdvisor Pro representative called me in August of 2016. The representative DIANE- asked me to enroll in there HomeAdvisor PRO lead generation promotion. I was told this would give me access to leads via email, via text, and phone leads for COMMERCIAL Accounts only. I would receive details of the program via email for my review.

    • 1st issue that I managed to figure out is that they were sending email notifications to an account that is not affiliated with any of my Organizations, or my personal accounts. I never gave them the email they have on account, nor have they verified the said email.
    • 2nd Issue is they were texting my main number which is landline !!
    • 3rd Issue they claim they were calling my main number with each lead. We are not aware of any automated system contacting my office staff or reaching our voice mail ???
    • 4th Issue is after alerting them to my issue of no calls, within days I received calls from Homeowners looking for Snow Services, when my account specifically is set up for Commercial ONLY- these charges haven’t appeared on my statement, but they have already Charged me.. for these calls outside of my profile.

    Customer service said I only had 30 days to dispute bill; my credit card bill shows up almost 30 days after the transaction.. the 3 Customer service people that I spoke to were unable to help me; but indicated that HomeAdvisor was justified for all charges because they had my billing information, Last four of Social, DOB and a voice approval; Which was given to them in order to set up the HomeAdvisor PRO trial period for which I was supposed to receive an email with the information needed to set up an online account. Since I never received an email, I was never given the opportunity to monitor my account. Customer Service said HomeAdvisor was justified in Billing due to the above reasons: finally sent me to a supervisor; got voice mail !!

    This is certainly a SCAM, there should have been an email verification before any charges were made. I think the sales person should be charged with FRAUD, and all charges should be reimbursed to my credit card 100%

    • HASupport

      Hi Gordon, We’re sorry this was your experience. We do our best to offer multiple avenues to receive lead notifications (phone call, text, email, app notification). In regards to getting leads from homeowners instead of businesses, we are able to submit credit for leads under the wrong category. It sounds like you were able to leave a message with a manger but, if you’d like to speak with a rep in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

  • Michael Carney

    I’ve had two miserable experiences with HomeAdvisor. Their claim to have vetted their contractors is BS. Vetting means they got their fees from contractors who register. First time, lousy workmanship and no return to fix problems. Called HomeAdvisor and they said they had terminated the contractor relationship but were no help in fixing the problems (even though they gave this contractor positive reviews). Second issue was being quoted $100 and ending up with an $800 bill. Take my advice and find a contractor through your own means. You’ll be glad you did.

    • HASupport

      Hi Michael, We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience. You may find more information about our screening process here: http://www.homeadvisor.com/screening/. Additionally, since we are not involved in our pro’s pricing, we do always recommend getting multiple estimates to find the pro that will fit best with your budget. If you have any other questions or concerns, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • Gordon Lenz II

    Same here HomeAdvisor Pro representative, DIANE- told me I would be able to get leads via email, via text, and phone leads for COMMERCIAL Accounts only. First issue I managed to figure out is they were sending email notifications to an unknown account that is not affiliated with any of my Organizations, or my personal accounts.., 2nd Issue is they were texting my main number which is landline !! 3rd issue they said they were calling with each lead which never reached my office staff or voice mail ??? But yet they say i had 30 days to dispute; my credit card bill shows up almost 30 days after the transaction.. No one was able to help me, said they were justified due to the above reasons: finally sent me to a supervisor..got voice mail !!

  • Joel Weeks

    I just had the same problem. ON A CLOSED HA ACCOUNT, Home Advisor fraudulently charged a renewal fee, no email prior to this unauthorized debit. I had closed my HA account in AUGUST, and just got this notice from the bank today. Shameful.

    • HASupport

      Hi Joel, We’re sorry to hear your experience. It looks like a rep was able to work with you and address your concerns. If there is anything else you’d like to speak with us about, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will follow up. -HASupport

  • Joel Weeks

    THAT IS A BALD-FACED LIE. I didn’t get any email notification. Just a debit that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE.

  • HASupport

    Hi ag, We’re so sorry to hear of your experience. There are generally turn around times before a review is posted, so there’s a chance your review had not been posted when you saw their ratings. If you would like to speak to someone about your experience with this company, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • HASupport

    Hi Timothy, We’re sorry to hear your experience. We are able to credit back for leads that come in under the wrong category. If you would like to speak with a rep, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will reach out. -HASupport

  • Lina Gonzalez

    I agree with Kim, HOME ADVISOR is BS. They renew my membership without giving me a heads up. & went ahead & withdrawal out of my business account. I hope they don’t do this next year when its time for renewal.

  • Charlie Wilson

    Contact: Chemicles & Tikellis LLP, Attorneys at Law @ 866 399-2487.

    They have filed a class action suit against HomeAdvisor for deceptive, coercive and unfair business practices related to HomeAdvisor’s lead generation services and purported benefits of Membership Program.

    Defendant’s deceptive and fraudulent practices do not end with the sale of bogus leads in addition to maintaining and employing systematically flawed and efficient process is to generate leads, the complaint alleges that Defendant’s have adopted fundamentally unfair business practices in dealing with Plaintiff and the class of Home Service Professionals including, but not limited to: (1) using heavy handed and coercive means to solicit new members for Membership Programs; (2) concealing and omitting material information about substantial monthly fees for help desk, a startup, cloud-based field service software; (3) blatantly disregarding Home Service Professionals’ lead parameters and budgets; (4) distributing the same lead to more than for Home Service Professionals; and (5) adopting uniform internal procedures intended to deny and discourage refunds and/or lead credits.

    • HASupport

      Hi Charlie, We’re here to help. If there is anything we can assist you with, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com or call Customer Care at 877-947-3639. -HASupport

      • Charlie Wilson

        Now someone wants to help? Where were you when your company blatantly cheated my company out of money?

  • Ryan

    I want to sue home advisor for harrassment and stealing my money and they still continue to call me and harass me … I’m going to get my attorney and sue them because they won’t leave me alone ….

  • Kim

    Yes I like how they take the membership renewal out of your account they never email you they never call you they never text you and then have say that they won’t refund your money and then the other half say that you should have called within 72 hours and they would refund you but even when i called a month prior to cancel it they still renewed my account I’ve also put a report on the Better Business Bureau to about them

    • HASupport

      Hi Kim, We’re sorry to hear you had this experience. We send a notification via email before the renewal. We would be more than happy to speak with you about your account and address any concerns you may have. Please send your contact information to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • Benjamin Aguilar

    Home adviser is a corrupt company.They enjoy gettting rich off of hard working people who want to build a business. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SIGN-UP WITH THEM!! You will waste your time with leads and especially your money They will renew your membership and deny you your money back. Corruption at its finest!! They need to be sued!!

    • HASupport

      Hi Benjamin, We’re sorry you feel this way about our business. We send a notification via email prior to your membership renewal. We’d be happy to address any concerns that you have, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. -HASupport

  • Kim

    I would like to say stay very far from HomeAdvisor keep taking Annual fees out of my account and through the year very very poor business would not do anything wish i would have never called

  • rpstrip

    I’ve been with HA for just over a year and will be closing the account,.
    Far too many times I rec’d leads that don’t fall under my companies category and still have to pay for the lead. Far too many times I’ve called the home owner and have rec’d no answer. By the way, you still pay for the lead when the home owner doesn’t answer. I’ve called and attempted to get a refund and was told this will happen every now and then and is taken into account when distributing leads.
    Also when you do get a refund your credit card is not refunded, they credit your account. So in essence the money is taken from your credit card account and you receive a credit to your HA account. Basically, once HA has your money you are not getting it back! This company is one of the most unscrupulous companies I’ve ever dealt with. Do yourself a favor and do your footwork before entering into an agreement with HA.

    • HASupport

      Hi rpstrip, We’re sorry you feel this way about our business. No contact leads are taken into account when the service and leads are priced out, however there are a number of other situations that we are able to credit back for. If you’d like to speak with a rep, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com. -HASupport

      • rpstrip

        Thank you

  • H Advisor

    Home advisor claims to pre screen contractors before you sign up for them. The contractor they sent for my job had a BBB score of F and sent three guys on work release from Prison to my house to do the work. You can be sure this is a total scam, they dont check anything. And my negative review of the contractor never ended up published on their site. They remove those in favor of positive ones only.

    • HASupport

      Hi H Advisor, We are sorry to hear this. We absolutely prescreen all contractors before they are admitted into our network. To speak with a rep about this experience please reach out to us so we can investigate as we take these matters very seriously. We would also be happy to check the status of your review. Please send contact information to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out to you. -HASupport

  • Denise Toronto


    • HASupport

      Hi Denise, We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with this pro. If you’d like to share your experience, you may submit a rating and review for the company here: http://www.homeadvisor.com/write-a-review/. You may also send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com if you’d like to speak with a rep. -HASupport

  • anaquin

    Home Advisor Pro is NOT what they profess to be , I was told I would pay a fee for each “verified qualified ” lead . In the almost 11 months I have had an account I have not received one lead that even resembled a serious homeowner interested in undertaking a project. Some if not all leads resulted in a phone call to which the homeowner would say – I didn’t know you were going to call me – I’m not even close to undertaking the job i posted I just saw this free way to get an idea at project cost or who out there would be interested in doing this for me . This is a scam / sales lead scam and a rip off – I have called numerous times to complain and every time talked to someone ( account manger) who employed the integrity of a used car salesman who defleted their term qualifed leads definition. DON’T do it. Wasted countless $ and time meeting with customers who haven’t even decided to do the project.

    • HASupport

      Hi 2brknot, We’re sorry to hear this. We do our best to ensure quality leads. We also encourage to follow up with the customers, since the first step in any buying process is the gathering of information. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will follow up. -HASupport

  • Patricia Wright

    I filled 4 reviews against Stonecliff Homes LLC from Columbus Ohio with HomeAdvisor. HomeAdvisor has given this company a “”A+”” rating showing no issues for 5 years. We have been having problems with the home they built us for 5 years.. I filled complaints with the BBB and they have also sent these complaints to STONECLIFF HOMES,, and nothing was ever resolved.. The 1 + 10 year warranty we were given was NEVER HONORED by STONCLIFF HOMES… I CONSIDER THAT FRAUD to show your company has NO COMPLAINTS FILLED. and your a good company that honors the warranties you give.

    • HASupport

      Hi Patricia, We apologize for your frustrations. We have received your documentation and we are currently investigating your experience with this pro. Please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com if you’d like a rep to follow up. -HASupport

  • Darlene Pierce

    I contracted Home Advisor to find a reputable appliance person to fix my washing machine. I called the first one that was recommended and apparently had a good rating on their service. When I contracted them, I was told that they had a man named Bill, that would contract me to set up appointment, but after waiting for hours with out a call, I tried to call them back numerous times, only reaching a machine saying that they were unavailable and their answering service was not set up to receive calls. Got tired of waiting, so contacted the second one on my list, which was willing to come within 2 hours, which he did. I have used Home Advisor for different jobs, and any problems that I have had come from the people that I have hired.

    • HASupport

      Hi Darlene, We’re sorry to hear your experience with the first pro, but we’re glad that the second one was able to come out. If there is anything we can help with in the future, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com or call Customer Care at 877-699-4636. -HASupport

  • Vito

    Im with them 4 years now, and it’s getting worse and worse every day!!! I used to close on 75% of leads back in the day when they were really sending you good leads, but lately I bearly close on 15% of leads and its becoming too costly. Too many bad and dead leads, bogus names and phone numbrs… Home Advisor got to greedy!!! Their aggressive sales tactics became unbearable. When the old lady is calling for roofing services Home Advisor sticks them painting services basement finishing waterproofing plumbing bathroom remodeling and etc. services!!! From this one phone call they’re making around $500 by sending to all these contractors x3 these fake leads!!! But in the real life old lady wanted it was a roofing contractor ! And there is no way to fight Home Advisor back about these bogus leads because she might use you in the future and they would never refund you the money for that lead. Home Advisor needs to take it easy and go back to the good idea what they started with and cut the crap with these aggressive sales strategy. If it will continue I will have to take my money elsewhere

    • Susan

      I don’t get why you stay and give them more chances. I promise you, it WILL NOT get better. You are one of the lucky few that they don’t screw over, any new vendors get the bogus leads and expense and get out. They prey on small business’ since they are easy targets. It will stop only after consumers realize what they are doing to the vendors and stop using them and vendors stop signing up with them. They do not vet any companies, all that will pay are accepted. They know who they will use for a job and once they get the job they still send the lead out to others. Wish the word would get out and make an incredible dent in their wallet so they would be shut down. Just not at all reputable company.

    • HASupport

      Hi Vito, We’re sorry to hear this. We do our best to ensure quality leads. We are also able to credit back for leads with bad contact information. Please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com if you’d like a rep to reach out. -HASupport

  • eames

    Jan 2017 I selected the option on Homeadvisor.com to receive 3 estimates for a fence repair (I gave more details, but basically, a 15-ft section of 6-ft tall wood fence which was damaged in recent wind storm). I received ZERO responses from Homeadvisor.com after about a week and a half to two weeks. I went to Yelp.com (fence repair) and received a call back within 24 hours.

  • Brian Spiker

    I hired New Vision Plaster through Home Advisor. Run, don’t dare hire this company!!!!!! I have had nothing but problems from day 1. Everything we agreed to they have done in a less than par manner, and bought the cheapest products ever! My whole place fell apart 1 week after they were done. They cut my gutters that were brand new and seamless and then says oh they didn’t do it. Well who else did? Why would I take a power tool to my gutter. Its at the exact place were they tore down the roof. This company is so dishonest. Every word they said was a lie. They put up such cheap wood on the soffit that after the first rain it buckled everywhere. None of the paint stuck to it. So after weeks of my house just sitting completely torn apart. They send someone out after it’s convenient for them. I already paid them so they don’t care anymore at all. This guy’s word is worth little. Now they come out today and said the paint wont stick to this new wood we got either and were just going to put some caulking on that huge cut on your gutters. I said no you have to replace the gutters because they’re under warranty. They said they didn’t even make the cut and yelled at me. Now I’m so mad I can’t even work. They have tried to get away with less than par every work on every single thing at my house. I just can’t take anymore stress from these guys! It’s a living nightmare. Do not use this company. I saw their good reviews on home advisor, so I went with them and they were more expensive than any other bid, so I said yes thinking it was because they were good. Wrong what a disappointment. It took months to complete a 3 week job and now my place is torn apart and I have to get hire somebody else to fix and finish the work they did. I have to file a complaint with the contractors board and this guy doesn’t care at all. He’s laughing at me saying go for it. You have been warned. Shady work with these guys. I have lost so much money dealing with this company and years of stress I will never get back. They don’t have a website or anything, or a Facebook profile, just so they can take advantage of people. I have never had a worse experience with a company before in my 40 years of living. Just found out from the Roofing company that they damaged the gutter all the way around and they need to be replaced completely. New vision said they would just caulk them and they would be fine. Not what the roofers said who installed them. They said the caulking would fall off in a few months and it would look horrible. These guys have tried to lie to me about everything. Nothing they say is true! Do not believe these guys for anything they say. They will do damage to your house and try to cover up all the mistakes. They fired 5 people that worked on my house from causing damage. Im sure he got them from Home depot! Home Advisor wont do anything to help me. They said they tried but its out of their hands. The biggest mistake ever believing in Home Advisor. They will not back you up when something goes wrong now my house is torn apart and it wont be getting fixed anytime soon. Just a living nightmare

    • HASupport

      Hi Brian, We’re sorry to hear your experience with this pro. If you’d like to share your experience, you may submit a rating and review for the company here: http://www.homeadvisor.com/write-a-review/. Additionally, if you’d like to speak with a rep in regards to your experience, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will reach out. -HASupport



    • HASupport

      Hi Faye, We’re sorry this was your experience. If you don’t feel this was fair, please share your experience by writing them a review here: http://www.homeadvisor.com/write-a-review/. You may also send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com if you’d like to speak with a rep. -HASupport

      • Charlie Wilson

        Is everyone seeing the pattern here? HomeAdvisor is a unethical, criminal organization who doesn’t deserve to be in operation. DO NOT, if you know what’s good for you and your company, do business with HomeAdvisor.

  • Charlie Wilson

    I’ll go on recored as another company who has been blatantly and unethically treated by HomeAdvisor. I won’t bore you all with the details – I’m saving those for the lawyers. There are plenty of class-action law suites filed against HomeAdvisor which you can still be a part of. I urge you all, if you’ve been cheated by this nefarious organization, to join in. In large part, doing business on the Internet is similar to the days of the American frontier back in the 17th Century, before the rule of law came into place and the elites

    The suit has been filed for deceptive, coercive and unfair business practices related to HomeAdvisor’s lead generation services and purported benefits of Membership Programs.

    If you think your treatment may fall under any of these categories, hop on board. Let’s put the crooks where they belong.

    • Benjamin Aguilar

      How do we join the class action lawsuit? I just got off the phone with this corrupt company and would like to sue them.

  • wayne jackson

    I have been sent numerous bogus leads. During my membership( roughly 11 months ) I have only gotten 2 good leads and one turn into an order .

    • HASupport

      Hi Wayne, We’re sorry to hear this, we do our best to ensure quality leads. We also have our credit process that allows us to investigate issues you’re having with leads. If you’d like to speak with a rep about your account, please send call Customer Care at 877-947-3639, or send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and we will reach out. -HASupport

  • Hans Hass

    I am the owner of Alpine Roofing in Sidney, NY. We have been a customer of Homeadvisor for about a year. On November 2, when we were reviewing our online presence, I Googled “Alpine Roofing” and “Alpine Roofing Sidney”, and some other variations. The top Google Adwords ad (pay-per-click ad) was “Alpine Roofing Offers”. When you click it, it goes to Roofing.zone which asks you to input information about the roofing project you need done. I set up a fake email and input info requesting a roof estimate. At this email address, I received emails and calls from other Homeadvisor associated contractors. Essentially, another company (obviously either an affiliated company or partner to Homeadvisor) is advertising as our company online and selling the lead info to Homeadvisor, which in turn is charging each of the other competing contractors around $70 a pop for a lead which was originated by a google search for my company. In effect, for who knows how long, I was paying Homeadvisor to direct customers looking for me to other contractors. In the beginning of November, I used Homeadvisor chat customer service to get some resolution. I sent screen shots and forwarded emails. Nothing happened. Weeks later, I called, cancelled my account, asked for these ads to be removed and was assured it would be looked into. Again, no response. Today, we got an email from Homeadvisor, telling us that we would start receiving ( and being charged for) leads from them. I also Googled us again and the fake “Alpine Roofing Offers” ad is still at the top. I called Homeadvisor again this morning and was told, again, that someone would look into it and that my account was cancelled before but “not everything was shut down” and that it would be now. A week later, nothing has happened.
    Tell me, and next I’ll ask my lawyer the same question: How is this not fraud?

    • HASupport

      Hi Hans, We apologize for your experience. It looks like a rep was able to address your concerns and your account has been cancelled. If there is anything else you need help with, please reach out to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will follow up. -HASupport

  • Lou Brenner

    I hired a home remodeler to fix the hinges on a kitchen cabinet door. He showed up at the appropriate time, removed the door and returned 2 hours later with new hinges and attached the door–for this he charged $100 which I paid. The hinges were too flimsy and failed in the first 2 weeks. I have only his last name and no way to contact him.

    • HASupport

      Hi Lou, We’re sorry to hear your experience with this pro. When you are first matched up to a pro, you should have received an email with their contact information. If you have any issues finding that, feel free to call Customer Care at 877-699-4736, or send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will follow up. -HASupport

  • Christy

    I contacted an appliance repair business to replace an ice maker door and when I called the number listed for the business, someone from Home Advisor answered the call. They set up the appointment and then gave me the business’ direct number. Since then, the business, took my money, did not complete the job and has not issued a refund. Home Advisor advertises that they are a third party who works to provide a resolution in a case like mine. My experience has been that no one from their “customer solutions” team, answers the phone and they seldom respond to email. They have completely neglected my case. I have left no less than 30 phone messages and have sent no less than 10 emails. I have spoken with supervisors and have attached documents (receipts, payment verification, photographs, emails and text messages) to support my case and they have FAILED to respond. Moreover, the only resolution offered from Home Advisor has been to write a poor review for the business that took my money. After writing the review and having someone from Home Advisor call and verify the review, they haven’t even posted it on their website. As a matter of fact, the fraudulent business that took my money still has a 4.75 star rating on Home Advisor’s website. If you are a paying contractor in good standing with Home Advisor (whether good or bad, fraudulent or not) you have nothing to worry about. Home Advisor does nothing to protect the consumer and in fact totally ignores complaints brought to their attention. I really hate this for the good businesses out there because their ratings or just the same as the bad ones.

    • HASupport

      Hi Christy, We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with this pro, we take your ability to rate and review our pros very seriously. The resolution process can take time, but we want to make sure you are kept updated on its status. We would be happy to further look into this for you, please send your contact info to emailus@homeadvisor.com and a rep will reach out. You may also contact Customer Solutions directly at 866-786-8474. -HASupport

  • Tyler Walker

    I have a recorded conversation with the 1 single person that answered from the leads that he was entering his info on a website that told him he was going to be paid to take a survey about roofing. I received his info via HA on a scam! caught them in the scam and taking it to court to get all my money back plus some!

  • Greg Williams

    If there is anyone here under the delusion that Home Advisor is anything besides a scam, either for the home owner needing a contractor, or a contractor needing leads, let me make it PERFECTLY clear that Home Advisor is NOT A CREDIBLE SERVICE!! Ryan McQuillain LIED TO ME about what to expect, and did so repeatedly, leading me to believe that HA was no longer what Service Magic was, when the only thing that has changed is the NAME!! After sending me spurious leads, not even explaining what to look for when they began, and not getting a single returned phone call from any of the home owners, that for all I know don’t even exist , I was promised that I would get those leads taken off of my account, but they were STILL CHARGED to my credit card, and I was also promised 100 dollars worth of free leads to ‘prove’ that HA was different, that NEVER materialized. I contacted an account rep after requesting the supervisor for Ryan McQuillain, a number he refused to supply me after several requests, and all he did was try to talk me into giving HA another chance, and I , of course, declined, asking for cancellation, and a refund of my moneys that were STOLEN FROM ME by NOT giving me what I was promised I was paying for. I asked him point blank if he would refund my money, and TWICE he said that he had done what I asked by cancelling my account. I knew he was not answering my question, so I asked him AGAIN if he had REFUNDED my money, and AGAIN he said he did what I asked, so I adamantly asked if he had REFUNDED my money, and he finally said no, that I had a ”3 day window’, something else NOT STATED BEFORE!! On EVERY level, this company is a scam, and employs dishonest people trained to carefully lie about what to expect, and who OMIT what the fine print is all about!!! I further explained that most of this waste of our money could be prevented by CLEARLY telling home owners who are looking for contractors that if they are NOT READY to spend a specific budgeted amount, to NOT WASTE the contractors time and money by being ‘tire kickers’, who are just fishing for prices, but HA REFUSES to make that clear statement simply because they KNOW that if they took that HONEST STEP, that MOST of their revenue would be lost since the majority of home owners are not serious buyers, and to require that they are, would ELIMINATE the majority of the homeowners, and subsequently THEIR MONEY FLOWING in to them at the expense of UNAWARE contractors AND homeowners!!!!! HA owners and employees should be ASHAMED of their whole scam!!

  • Mp

    I shoulda known that anything you have to pay for is a scam, but these guys sure are smooth talkers. Beware, and don’t fall for their line of bull. They have sent us dozens of scam leads, have charged us hundreds of dollars, and we are now in the hole on this whole ordeal. I shouldn’t be surprised to have ran into people like this in the crazy world we are in, yet somehow I am. I also can’t understand why you would target small business owners. These are family owned and operated. We are doing our best to run an honest business, and provide the best service we can at affordable prices to keep it a successful business for our children to someday inherit and run. We take pride in what we do. Its not ‘just a job’ to us. People like this make it difficult to keep a small business running when they steal from us. Which is exactly what they have done. We tried canceling once, and they offered to refund us $200, which,by the way, we never recieved. And on the last credit card bill, they charged us $23 for an mhelp desk, which we never even signed up for, and upon calling about that, the guy we talked to “wasn’t in the conversation”, so he “couldn’t help us”. We’re evidently stuck paying for that too. Well home advisor…I hope you enjoy the money you made off of us in the most dishonest way could. I pray you at least do something generous with the money. Maybe donate to charity or give to someone in need. Make something positive out of your poor choices. And please know, I will be warning every small business owner out there about you, and with out a doubt letting them know they’d be better off “making those donations” themselves. Just saying.

    • Greg Williams

      Yes, those of us who are being screwed over by these lies need to MAKE SURE that no other businesses, AND HOME OWNERS get sucked into their scam!!

  • kmasitti

    12/18/16 I was calling around to find a small local contractor for siding. Next thing you know I’m being bombarded with sales calls from big companies like Home Depot, Sears and others as late as 8:30 at night. Perplexed and annoyed because I only called about 3 contractors in my small town I asked where they got my info and they said Home Advisor. Apparently, one of the places I called was only disguised as a contractor and when they took my info, they did not identify themselves as Home advisor or tell me they were going to share my info without my permission. When I called Homeadvisor they denied I was in their system but now I see I received an email from them (I don’t check my mail often) saying welcome to home advisor. I am now going back and forth trying to get my information removed. I was on hold for 30 minutes waiting for another homeadvisor dept. who was supposed to be able to track down “how I was added” by the calls I was getting. (she was still clinging to her lie). This is the second time this has happened to me with Homeadvisor. This is called SLAMMING!!!!!! I am really mad, not only that, the contractors have to pay for me to yell at them because I’m pissed at Homeadvisor. Because according to Homeadvisor, I am now a lead. But if I wanted calls from sears and home depot, I would have called them my self. They have no right putting my info out there without my permission. Trying to figure out a better way to file a complaint. Maybe 9news.

  • kmasitti

    12/18 slammed by Home advisor. Called what I thought was a siding company. They asked for my Phone number and address for a quote. They NEVER identified themselves as HomeAdvisor. Next thing you know I’m getting bombarded with phone calls with sales people saying they got this request from me from Home advisor.

  • Practical

    On 12/8 I engaged the services of an appliance repair business to possibly repair my 10 yer old dryer. I specifically asked the woman who took my initial call what the potential rate would be so I could gauge whether or not to go ahead with a repair. She told me that $95 was the usual rate, but they charge by the job versus by an hourly rate. There was a $20 Home Advisor coupon that they would credit me, but if I didn’t want to go ahead with the repair it would cost $65 for the house call. When they repairman showed up he looked at the dryer and immediately figured out what the problem was – parts would cost $40. So I told him to do the repair. When he came to collect, the bill came to $176, for which I gave him my credit card. After he left I thought the bill was much higher than I had anticipated so I checked my notes from my initial call. I called the company and asked why the bill was so high, and the gal explained that I misunderstood her. Their labor charges are by the job, not the time it took (it was approximately 15 minutes to make the repair). She told me that the technician had given me an estimate prior to doing the work, which he did not. She said he would call me, and when he did he maintained that he had given me a written estimate, which he had not, and he would come and take the parts out if I wasn’t satisfied with the job.

    On the basis of that experience, I rated the business a 3. I subsequently received an email from Home Advisor saying “We appreciate the feedback that you provided for your appliance repair project. Our hope is that the situation has changed and your satisfaction has improved. However if it has not, we would like to examine this situation further, if you could provide any additional details or documentation on the comments that were provided in the rating it would be greatly appreciated. During the next 10 days we will be compiling all necessary information from both parties involved for our Ratings specialist to make a determination on the rating and review. While we are investigating the situation, the rating has been temporarily suspended. We appreciate your time; please contact us if you have any questions.”

    I emailed them back and told them that my rating has not changed. The technician insisted (on the phone when he called me back) that he had given me a written estimate before he started the job, which he did not. I initialed the bill in two places when I paid him – and my initials for the estimate were on that bill. You can feel free to take down my evaluation, but I will not submit another one on the site.

    Sounds to me like Home Advisor wants to keep ratings for its referrals in the 5 star range, which sounds a little fishy to me.

  • Ed D

    Seems like a super slimy company. I answered a craigslist add for a local electrician – the woman that picked up told me the technician was in the field and would give me a call back soon. Neither the add nor lady on the phone mentioned Home Advisor. The work I needed was a 15′ electrical patch and an outlet install in an out building. 15 minutes after I placed my call I started to receive the first of 5 calls from different technicians. The techs were all very friendly but had all been charged $70 for a projected $5,000+ project lead that was described to them as a whole house fire requiring complete rewiring. When I complained to Home Advisor they insisted I filled out an online form requesting their services and called me a liar when I said I had not. When I suggested someone may be scamming them they got angry with me and hung up the phone… I’m just blown away and feel horrible for the poor electricians.

  • Cheryl Wilson

    I am on my second contractor through HA
    The first one never even called me. The second one took the money I paid him and never came back to finish what he told me that he would do. He bragged about his work and claimed to be a christian talking about going to church every Wed. and Sat. I would tell people considering using HA to look elsewhere.

  • Guy Heffy

    This company is HORRIBLE. I am a service professional for the company. When I signed up for their services, nobody said anything about my company having to PAY FOR LEADS. I have to pay for my leads and 90% of them are scams. Homeowners have no idea that they are about to get bombarded with dozens of contractors fighting over the task. Most of them just keep their cells shut off and do not bother contacting back.
    They have a “request lead credit” platform that is suppose to
    “reimburse” you on fake leads but the process takes a long time and their is no way for you to know how much “credit” you have. Usually they just deny you and you pay thru the nose….

    Another recent inquiry into the company. If you get work outside Homeadvisor and the homeowner tries to rate and review you thru homeadivsor, they WILL NOT post the review unless they contact the homeowner. Even if they DO contact the homeowner, there is chance that they will “Deny” your
    If you want to succeed as a home improvement business, do
    it the right way… Great, affordable work with a personable
    relationship to the homeowners. If you want to get completely
    frustrated, Sign up for Homeadvisor. I have lost close to $2000 using this company.

    • lennsyue

      Chimicles & Tikellis LLP

      Our Firm
      Practice Areas
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      Class Action Filed Against HomeAdvisor & IAC/Interactive
      Class Action Filed Against HomeAdvisor & IAC/Interactive

      Chimicles & Tikellis has filed a class action lawsuit against Defendants, IAC/Interactive, a media and Internet conglomerate, and its operating business, HomeAdvisor (formerly ServiceMagic), for deceptive, coercive and unfair business practices related to HomeAdvisor’s lead generation services and purported benefits of Membership Programs.

      HomeAdvisor is a nationwide home services digital marketplace that claims to help connect homeowners with persons and businesses in the HomeAdvisor network who provide home improvement services (the “Home Service Professionals”). While the service is free to homeowners, Home Service Professionals are required to purchase an annual membership in order to join the HomeAdvisor network, plus pay an additional fee for each lead. Defendants market HomeAdvisor’s lead generation services as providing Home Service Professionals with qualified business opportunities; however, C&T has alleged on behalf of Plaintiff and a class of Home Service Professionals that Defendants acquire, generate and charge Home Service Professionals for leads that are not from targeted, serious, qualified and/or project-ready homeowners. As a result, Home Service Professionals paid an annual fee to join a HomeAdvisor Membership Program and paid hundreds and thousands of dollars for leads comprised of: wrong or disconnected phone numbers and contact information; persons who never even heard of HomeAdvisor; stale leads; contacts for homes that were listed for sale; and contacts for vacant or non-existent residences.

      Defendants’ deceptive and fraudulent practices do not end with the sale of bogus leads. In addition to maintaining and employing systemically flawed and deficient processes to generate leads, the complaint alleges that Defendants have adopted fundamentally unfair business practices in dealing with Plaintiff and the class of Home Service Professionals including, but not limited to, the following: (1) using heavy-handed and coercive means to solicit new members for Membership Programs; (2) concealing and omitting material information about substantial monthly fees for mHelpDesk, a startup, cloud-based field service software; (3) blatantly disregarding Home Service Professionals’ lead parameters and budgets; (4) distributing the same lead to more than four Home Service Professionals; and (5) adopting uniform internal procedures intended to deny and discourage refunds and/or lead credits.

      If you or someone you know purchased a Membership Program from HomeAdvisor and have experienced any of the problems described above or in the complaint linked below, please complete the form below or contact the attorneys for this case.

      Please fill out as many fields in the below form as possible and to the best of your knowledge. We thank you in advance for sharing your experience.
      Thank you for your submission.

      (*) Indicates required field: When communicating with us through this site or otherwise in connection with a matter for which we do not already represent you, your communication may not be treated as privileged or confidential, and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and our Firm.

      Attorneys for this case:

      Nicholas E. Chimicles
      Kimberly Donaldson Smith
      Stephanie E. Saunders

      Haverford Office

      361 West Lancaster Ave
      One Haverford Centre
      Haverford, Pennsylvania 19041
      Toll Free: 866-399-2487
      Voice: 610-642-8500
      Fax: 610-649-3633

      HERE IS THE LINK : https://chimicles.com/class-action-filed-homeadvisor-iacinteractive/

  • Alan

    I contacted a tree service contractor via the HA website. He asked for a 50 percent deposit up front, which I stupidly paid. The first day, he told me he was out of oil for his chainsaw. I had some and offered, but he declined and said he had to go pick up his truck. He left his girlfriend and her brother there, with only hand saws and no water. I supplied cold water, cold packs and snacks. Very little work was done. Day 2: showed up LATE with chainsaws working and then came to me and said he’s taking his crew for lunch. He then asked me for more money! I declined to pay. They all left and returned on day 3 with another crew member, who really worked hard. They cut about 2/3 of the 600 feet of overgrown hedges on my property. They left and I was told they’d be back to finish and clean up. Day 4, I was called…his truck broke down and he’d be back the next day. I never heard from him again. I had to pay someone else to finish the job and clean the HUGE mess, which already killed the grass where it was covered. I called HA to let them know they should not represent a crook like this and all they told me if I wanted to complain, post on the blog! HOME ADVISOR IS A SCAM! THEY DO NOT CHECK ON CONTRACTORS AS THEY ADVERTISE! STAY AWAY!

  • Stanford Paris

    I have hired three contractors for four jobs through Home Advisor. I interviewed with at least three people each time. All the ones I hired are real stand-up people. Home Advisor solicited reviews from me for their work which I gladly supplied: four reviews. When HA called me this last time to submit a review, I was told that if I submitted three reviews they would send me $50. I looked on line after I wrote the review and was shocked to see I still had three more to go. I looked at all my reviews and they were all there on their site. I called about it and after talking to two people, I was told by a manager that those did not qualify because something about I had used a directory to find these people. Baloney. It is a lie and a scam. I liked the process of finding these guys, but I really do not like being lied to. I will find another way to find contractors.

  • Daryl Miller

    Its funny when they call you and tell you they have 10 leads that people are wanting work done now! So I signed up, its funny how those leads magically disappear! After I signed up I asked the rep, so the 10 leads you told me you had, where are they, his response was classic, oh maybe I miss represented those 10 leads, those leads are representative of what we usually get in a month, yes in fact you did lie, I signed up because of your lie. I should have known they are con artists, so I’ll see what leads I get if any.

  • Debbie

    Hi I hired a man from HomeAdvisor thru you his name is Steve Silva DO NOT HIRE HIM he was suppose to put up paneling and trim plus baseboards I bought the paneling and he bought the rest. He bought fake baseboards not wood at all to do the job to say himself money plus ran out of baseboard and used one of my old ones and hid it behind the refrigerator and didn’t say anything till I confronted him and he told me that he ran out. I told him this was not acceptable and he had to fix the problem I guess he wasn’t happy about that and the next day I had 4 nails put in my tire with a nail gun!!! Watch out for this guy.

  • Charles Frank

    I contacted home advisor 3 times. I was Willing to pay around $300 to $400 just to get a coffee table refinished. We never did get a reply. I even sent pictures of our coffee table and the dimensions. I was never quoted a price. So I took a week and refinished it myself. I must say it looks good and I didn’t have to pay out $400 for someone else to do it. Try to do the work yourself if you can then you won’t have the headaches about worrying about it being done right. I would not recommend home advisors at all.

  • Harper’s

    From a business owners stand point Home Advisory is a complete and total rip off.. Let me explain… When I joined Home Advisory I was told I would only be charged for leads I followed up on. In other words they sent me a name of a potential customer and I had to contact Home Advisory to get the Phone number to contact potential client. If I did that I would be charged if I chose not to follow up there would be no charge.. At first all the leads I was being given were way out of my service area so I called to complain about that.. Again I was told I would only be charged for leads I followed up on and the range of my leads would be focused on my service area.. I was refunded for moneys I had been charged for those leads .. I have not followed up on any leads since then and yet was recently sent a large bill for the leads they sent me but were never followed up on by me or my company.. When I called to complain and ask to have that money credited and removed from my account I was told they would credit me a small amount of $20.00 and the rest had to be paid or they would sent it to collections. I explained again what I was told about charges when I signed up.. But the Customer service representative did not want to hear what I had to say about that. I even said go back and listen to the recorded conversation and all of a sudden there was no recording.. My advise to all Business Owners out there.. STAY AWAY FROM HOME ADVISORY … Unless you enjoy being ripped off and have money to burn.

  • Roland Cantu

    I am a general contractor in Texas. I got a phone call from a Home Advisor rep. and was given the spill of how great it was. After signing up I then found out I was going to be charged each time I was sent a so called lead. Whether I used it or not from what I found out. I called and was told there were no refunds and I could cancel the service but not get any money back. I asked if I could cancel the leads and was told yes. Fast forward and I get another email about leads and I called again. Then the new guy tells me that I can cancel my leads indefinitely till my year was up. TODAY I call them because I have been charged for three leads and asked why is this happening? They inform me that my leads have been active for three months and I would not get a refund. Leads are not in my town to begin with.
    Not recommending them for contractors

  • aelm

    I used home advisor to fine a contractor for my property management company. The contractor turns out not license. After an investigation by the contractor board the company has been forward to the DA for criminal charges. This will not stop them as after my investigation I found the he had 25 business licensed revoke. Just shuts down and reopens with a new name.

  • ssgmike

    I have used HA since I moved into my home in Monroe NJ little over 3 years ago with 4 projects each one done professionally and never over charged. Never received a solicitation from HA, I am signed up for updated e-mails which I receive. Highly recommend

  • Heather

    This company calls regularly, and hangs up when it goes to answering machine. Today, the video was running when they called, so I captured their response on the speaker phone. I asked the woman where she was located, and she said she was in my city. I asked for the name of major street in my city, and she gave a street name that doesn’t exist here. I then knew it was a scam.
    I said I would report her to the Do Not Call List. She said, “You can report yourself to Hell.” Then she hung up. I have this on tape.

  • Tucker

    Let’s just start by saying most of the leads absolutely suck. Secondly home advisor tried to process my card for a ton of leads they sent me one month instead of billing it on every Friday like there supposed to. Well hadn’t collected checks and didn’t know I had a payment that large due. Instead of contacting me to let me know I just assumed I was up to date on payment and we had paused our leads anyways. Now all of a sudden I have a bill from a credit agency saying I’m delinquent for 3 months with them and a owe a ton of money. Tried to talk to home advisor about it but of course just got their bs run around excuses that they tried to contact me via mail, email, and phone call. Never received the first one from them. So now I get to pay all these extra credit agency fees and it has effected my credit. Thanks home advisor!

  • Taropood Derakhshande

    as a member of HOMEADVISOR as a contractor I would say
    most of the calls are fake, and some of them after setting an appointment, they call again and cancel the job and a lot of them don’t answer the call, then” homeadvisor.com” will charge all contractors just for leading contact numbers. Maybe they divert numbers in google voice to their numbers in their company and you think you are talking with someone in your local, but in fact you are talking with someone else in the other state.

    in less than 10 percent’s you will lead to customer, after doing the job you charge customer for example 120 dollars and home advisor will charge (30) all technicians (25 dollers) , it means you earn 120 and homeadvisor income is 30*25=750 dollars in each real job in a city.
    You calculate for other fake calls that they don’t answer or cancel the job,
    maybe they set numbers in Google voice or something like that

  • taroppood

    as member of technician I would say
    most of the calls are fake, and some of them after set an appointments call again and cancel the job and” home advisor” will charge all technicians just for leading contact numbers.
    on less than 10 percents you will lead to customer, that you do the job and charge customer for example 120 dollers and home advisor will charge (30) all technicians (25 dollers) , it means you earn 120 and homeadvisor income is 30*25=750 dollers in each real job in a city.you can calculate for other fake calls that they don’t answer or cancel the job, maybe they set numbers in google voice.

  • John Schueler

    I hired a Carlsbad,CA plumber to install a dishwasher, he was referred to me by HA..
    The plumber billed me for the HA charge (I thought that this was a free service); and he heavily inflated the cost of replacement angle stops (almost 3 times what they are priced on E Bay). Recommendation? Find your own tradesman.

  • Jack Burkes

    HOMEADVISOR. I am listed as a service provider/contractor with HomeAdvisor. While the consumers pay nothing for the three contractor referrals, the service provider/CONTRACTOR pays substantially for every lead – regardless if it turns into a paying job.

    VERY often the leads are very poor quality. ex: competitor checking out the service, lead for a service I dont even provide, etc. HomeAdvisor says they issue credit for poor leads. They RARELY ever do.

    But, here is an ACTUAL EXAMPLE of how difficult it is to get “credit” for a poor quality lead. This is my request for a credit. And their response (denied).

    “Bad contact information for the lead
    I WAS able to reach the client. But, they had hired a home inspector on the 21st. You provided me with this lead in the afternoon of the 22nd. There was no chance for me to get his business. I am NOT paying for this lead. Thank you for crediting my account for the cost of this lead.” Denied 10/31/2016

    Also, when the rare credit request is approved, I never see a reduction on my bill. So the whole process is worthless.

    Of the 118 leads that I have paid for, I have gotten 16 jobs. Its an expensive means to build up my new business. I am pursuing other options.


  • Ann

    I too have had dealings with Servicemagic. They recommended a company by the name of Bruce Laing Building Contractor going back to 2008. I employed him to add on an addition to my home. During the construction he filed for bankruptcy and his subs put a lien on my home. I had paid him each stage of contract up front because half way he said he needed the money to finish the addition. As it had already gone over the finish date I was anxious to get it finished and gave him my money. He did not finish the
    work but did file bankruptcy after that. He took all our savings as my husband had to hire independent contractors to finish the work.
    Servicemagic closed their company and are now operating under HomeAdvisor. I recently did hire a handyman from this company to replace a door in my bathroom and he showed up on time and did a good job and he was very cheap. At the time I did not realize that these companies were the same. I guess I won’t be doing business with Home Advisor from her on in.

  • Silverdillo

    HA is just as crooked as a politician. I talked to them twice and luckily decided not to sign up. They want to charge contractors to participate and if you don’t want to participate they’re harder than head lice to get rid of. Shop around and support your local contractors. Do your due diligence and help the local contractors.

  • Henderson Elizabeth

    James and I were together for 3 years and lived together for two until he was moved to another state for job in March of last year.Sept was the last time we spent time together.We went for a vacation and had a fabulous time,not knowing it would be the last time I would see him.He stopped calling Nov,and just sent me a text saying he did not want to talk.I did not pursue it because I thought he just needed some space.March came rolling in,and I found out he got married.How could it be?I found out,shortly before we started dating,he was communicating with a girl from another country and made a trip there once and proposed to her.He made another trip in 2015.She finally came to the country Jan of this year and I figured the reason he dumped me was when he found out she was approved to come to the US.I made the huge mistake of going to the social media and found the woman’s posts of their wedding and trips,etc.That hurt me more than I could imagine.It has been 8 months since I’ve seen him but just can’t get him out of my head.Honestly,I feel very jealous of his now.I wake up in the morning feeling nonexistent,empty and wishing I don’t wake up so I don’t have to feel the same pain I could never get accustomed to.The deceit and the fact that I was used and hurt so bad that I don’t think I could move past it.I decide to seek the help of a psychologist because I knew I was losing it. As I searched the internet, I found cases similar to mine and some,even worse.But all of them sang praises of a man whom helped them restoring their broken relationships,marriages and family…Dr Kene Dilli. I was supprised and decided to give it a try as I contacted his email I found in those testimonies; kenedillitemples AT yahoo DOT com. Behold,after doing all he instructed,he sent me a parcel plus the steps needed as reguarding the parcel.Now,I have got back my lover…James,and he has filed for a divorce with the other lady he married. #HappyToBeBackWithJames.

  • R. Peterson

    I have written numerous complaints about Home Advisor for years – where have they gone? They rip off the homeowners and they rip off the contractors. My advice – buy local! Contractors invest in their communities and work hard to earn good reviews.

  • HighBrow

    Don’t use Home Advisor. They are as terrible as the contractors they recommend. I think you’d be better off just rolling the dice on a contractor you find directly on the internet or in the phone book.

  • Wanta Deck

    Was looking for a bid to replace an existing deck. Your Home Advisor “professional” showed up at my house DRUNK. Seriously? He’s a liability to Home Advisors, on my property and on the street driving here!

  • whooosh

    I’ve dealt with home advisor twice. The first time I asked for contractors to put on a new roof. They could not provide even 1 contractor. They gave me the names of 4 contractors from the internet. I could have done that.
    The second time, I wanted someone to paint a block wall. They gave me the names of 3 “approved” contractors. 2 did not call me and 1 gave me a call. He quoted a day and time to look at my job and never showed up.
    This was all the warning I needed and stayed away from HA.

    • Rickychicken

      What a deal, you know what? I had almost the same thing happen to me. Called Home Adviser and was given the names of 6 or 8 roofers. Called them and four called back. Made the appointments, one showed up. After talking to him I wanted to tell the contractor to go back to Florida. Home Adviser has not a clue as to what they are doing or whom they are dealing with. Another time had a simple repair and by the time the contractor was over the contractor inflated it to at least 6 times the original repair. And Yes, they HA hijack from the internet.

  • Richard Yates

    I’m a contractor who just recently dumped this scam service for numerous reasons related to the quality of their leads. At best, you can expect to land is one out of twenty with most of the others being bogus. I received leads from people who had purchased from some other contractor already and had nothing more than questions. Bogus phone numbers, wrong industry, non responders, and folks not ready to buy yet, but have questions. We got a few leads that had been sent out to seven other contractors and when we arrived at one site, there were several competitors already there waiting in line to pitch their product … lol.
    Then there are the fees. They bill a number of leads at the quoted number and then bill the next at 1 1/2 times that amount. The most irritating practice they employ, is that they use “Point of Sale” billing against the card you have on file with them with a very short bill cycle. By the time you receive a billing statement you’ve already paid these inept and unethical leaches. I’m done with them and called to cancel. That was a lesson in futility. I hung up on their customer rep who seemed to have great difficulty in understanding my English when I said I am cancelling. I then went to their website.
    When you go to your account page on their website you will not find a link to cancel, but you will find a link to “Temporally suspend leads”. I clicked on it and to my surprise it worked. I then called my card issuer and cancelled the debit card Homeadvisor was billing and requested a new one to be issued. While this option is a bit painful since that card was also used for recurring payments to other litigate businesses, it’s a sure fire way to immediately stop bleeding cash to these boiler room scammers.

    My next correspondence with respect to Homeadvisor is going to be a complaint to the State Attorneys General Office. I have logged and documented every lead they’ve sent complete with the date and times calls were made, what the discussion (if any) was, and the the result. Every contractor reading this who has had a similar experience should do the same.
    With decades in business and tracking the effectiveness of my marketing efforts, the numbers produced by Homeadvisor are the worst I’ve ever experienced. Statistically, this should not be and in my opinion it is time this company be investigated to determine if something more sinister other than ineptness is at play, by an agency with the teeth to do something about it.

    Be advised, your State Attorneys General will act on your complaint, but will not launch an investigation or records audit unless a consistent pattern appears in numerous complaints filed. If you want an effective avenue for your voice to be heard, thoroughly document your results and file a complaint. This is exactly what they were created to do.

  • David Ruth

    I just signed up with home advisor and am not happy, my first lead was a fake number, how can I get out of this service with them

  • Lesson Learned

    Contractors Beware. Signed up as a contractor to bring in more business since I have recently reopened after 8 years of working for employers. I figured I would make the membership fee back after 2-3 small jobs. I was surprised to receive leads the next day after I signed up -before I was told I was approved.The first lead was a fake lead. No valid contact info for the potential customer. The second lead wasn’t for the type of work my company performs. Of course they charged me for both leads and the lead fees 3 times more than discussed with the HA sales rep. HA also neglected to credit my new account with $100 credit towards leads as discussed with the sales rep and advertised on their website. Have tried for 3 days to have my membership canceled and my membership fee refunded. Rep has not responded and live chat says a rep will call shortly. I will have to get my credit card company involved and file a dispute claim. Lesson Learned!

  • Jim Blackwell

    If the Consumer had any clue what kind of people are considered Approved Contractors by Home Advisors they would be shocked. Home Advisors is all about the Money They screw the Contractors and lie to the consumer about the Contractors they claim are approved. All they did to check me out is ask if I had any bodies hid in my closet, I said NO and they said I passed the background check and I was approved. I have been getting ripped off ever since.

  • Patricia Murray

    I have never had good luck with anyone I interviewed or hired from Home Advisors. in Nebraska or Alabama. The people they send out are either not honest, not very professional or they lie and some of the help they bring with them are not even able to drive because they have had DUI’s or use drugs. I have tried to post deserved bad reviews so other consumers can be fore warned but Home Advisors will not post them because they say it does not meet their standards of reviews. They have no right to remove a consumer’s complaints to help warn others. They just want their money and their contractors to look good and do not care what the consumer experiences. I did not know until it was too late that Home Advisors used to be Service Magic. I had an awful experience with Service Magic. So beware consumers and contractors!

  • gary gayer

    Whew!?! I almost signed up with these boneheads today, but told the rep from HA that I’d feel better if I took an extra day to think about this (read some reviews, etc.), and boy am I glad. Almost pissed away- who knows what amount of $, if I’d gone with ’em.

    • wayne jackson

      Do not sign up , they will send you bogus leads

  • Linda White

    I’ve contacted two recommended people from Home Advisor. One told me on 8/15 that he would call me the next day. I’m still waiting. The second one seemed interested and we set an appointment for noon today. It’s now 1:30 p.m., and he’s a no show. No call, nothing. Granted the projects I have are small, but combined would equal several days of work with CASH on completion. I won’t try again.

  • Toni Keia Lundberg

    Toni Lundberg I posted a deserved bad review for Executive Tile and Stone in Murphy, NC and Home Advisers removed it from his website! If it is not back soon I will report them to the BBB Everyone should do this, I was trying to protect homeowners from going through what I went through. They just want the contractor to look good as they charge them a commission for every job. Of course we pay in the end. They do not want to play with me, I will beat them at their own game, because they SUCK! and are on top of nothing, they are extremely incompetent and have no right to remove my complaint that is why most of their workers have no complaints on their website, they remove them!

    • Debbie OHara

      Toni, I fully agree with you, that is the very Purpose of Home Advisors… Advise homeowners, supply with actual credible businesses & if they are Not this corperation must address issues on Both spectrums.. “A mans word is the very foundation of their enterprise, if one doee not stand by their word, success will never follow ~ dto
      I had a no show, no return call for a local handyman that looked me in the eye, shook my hand & was to return the following day…heavy rains expected & stated he had many calls for minor roof issues ect., & I certainly understand this, but it only takes 30sec to send a message or make a call & if someone has more than a Handyman can address they need Only to simply tell the prospective client this, Not to anyone Other Than That Client ~ Actions speak louder than words to be sure…
      On a last note, I spoke twice with Home Advisors regarding the “no show” from one of their 5 star rated “Handyman” clients & as well let them know it was Extremely disturbing to see On His Site several other jobs that apparently he couldn’t get to, passing on it ect., it was clear to anyone…the postings of Other clients from Home Advisor that he posted in attempt to advertise to other Carpenters, Contractors ect., no names providied but absolute clear concise description of “Open possible bids”… No mistaking mine that was listed & would of been opportunity for stable income for the duration of that job. I was told this was most assuredly not allowed & someone in management at Home Advisors would be contacting me, I have yet to hear from anyone in management or otherwise ~
      Actions definitely speak louder than words….

  • Steve Smith

    Thank you for this.
    I have been a contractor for 30 years
    I just received a call from someone at HA which I hadn’t really noticed but that is for a reason.
    I didn’t know that these creeps used to be Servicemagic.

    If you want to know sleazy then try Trump Uni—- …sorry..then read about SM.
    I know them well.

  • I’m a contractor in Illinois and I just wish HA stopped calling me!
    That a pain in the… Someone keeps calling every day and offers
    to sign up. I keep telling them: just read some of your reviews. Then
    they say something mean and hang up. Very professional!

  • Bill

    Ha is a rip off they generate fake leads sell them to contractors a lot of the leads were made between 12 am and 4 am STAY AWAY THEY ARE CROOKS

    • Maryanna Starr

      I believe this!

      • george obrien

        I believe this too ,ponzee scam ,they should b put in jail cause they know its a scam ,I got scammed too , but I’m done with them ,will not get another penny from me & will talk s**t until my last breath,stay away ,hope they go out of business

  • Gerald

    HomeAdvisor has something like 3-5 million page visits per month last I checked, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are a homeowner, check out the reviews of the contractor before hiring them. If you are a contractor, get good reviews and advertise with testimonials… if you do good work, have others speak for you check this out http://goo.gl/TSe7w8

  • UsedThemOnce

    One of the worst companies out there. They check nothing, they don’t back up any consumers. They are perfect for shoddy contractors. Be wise, use Home Advisor to search for contractors to NOT hire.

  • Alex

    Home Advisor does not check on any of these contractors. They remove negative reviews. They are almost worse than the contractors.

  • Greg

    Home Advisor is very expensive and make contractors pay a fortune for their advertising. As a result home owners will end up paying much more for their services one way or another and whether Home Advisor tells them that the services they offer are free for home owners. Home owners don’t need to pay home advisor directly, but the costs that amount to get one lead that hires the contractor’s services is about 10 to 1; that means for every ten leads the contractor pays Home Advisor only about one lead will turn out to hire that contractor; as a result if the contractor pays a 116.00 per one bathroom lead to home advisor after he gets hired he will try to get that 1,160.00 back from the customer one way or another.

  • Atlbigjoe

    Never went to Home Advisor website, do not need them! I DO NOT OWN A HOME! Started getting calls from them on the 26th asking for a Debbie. At first told them no Debbie at this number. 2nd day 3rd caller, different number. Ask them where they got my number found out they are across the country and do not even service this area. Told them to have the phone calls stopped, Next day another contractor so this time I said ok come give me an estimate. Gave them my info waiting for them to say we do not service your area (he was indian, that was another ?) He kept asking me for info. When I pointed out the address he said oh so sorry and hung up. Next one was a nice lady I told her my address she caught it right away. And she said she would take care of it right away. Contacted Home Advisor. My number is not in their system. But yet here it is 7 days later and I am still getting new contractors calling me. Luckily I have the “should I answer” app and able to block and notify everyone else who has the app that this is a telemarketer number!!!

  • Shawn

    I advertised with them and 1 lead was fake while 2 others weren’t within 100 miles. I asked for a supervisor to contact me and they never did. I was misinformed and when I went to cancel with them they would not reimburse any money. Worst customer service ever and they are thieves in my eyes. Charging me $347 for 10 days with them and they didn’t once honor what they were supposed to. I will steer everyone I know away from using them.

  • Phyllis Hunt

    HomeAdvisors.com is a phony. What good is submitting a review with a poor rating since the review will never get published unless it is “verified” by the business. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out.

  • L.A


    I hired a company to mount a tv andd electrical fireplace on wall. I explained that I didnt ant to see any cordsl. I was assured I would not see any. The so-called pro cut a hole in the wall, added a cheap extention cord to the cord from the tv, snaked it down and through a second hole he had cut out of the dry wall and plugged it into an existing outlet on the left side of the fireplace, and plugged the fireeplace plug into the outlet on the right side of the fireplace . After I compltined about the cords, the “pro” told me he wasnt an electrician and he couldnt install outlets in nonconspicuous places.

    Home Advisors is NOT to be trusted!

  • Paulette

    Hired a company based on HomeAdvisor’s 5 star review. This company did $400 damage while pressure washing my house. I posted a negative review on HomeAdvisor which was removed when the contractor called to complain!!! Their reviews mean absolutely nothing.

  • Lou sandoval

    I’ve used HomeAdvisor for several jobs in my home and got decent contractors for what I was looking for. My only issue is that all of a sudden, my phone was going off the hook from telemarketers offering all sorts of home construction, home additions, Jack of all trades contractors. Coincidence? May be, but I don’t think so. Use them if you dare but just know what you’re getting into.

  • Lisa

    Those of you who are complaining about the contractors that HomeAdvisor suggested; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make a decision and do their homework on the contractor as well. The same situations can occur with poor contractors chosen through the yellow pages. It is unfair to suggest that all HomeAdvisor recommended contractors are poor contractors. That is certainly not the case. And PLEASE, if you do contact HomeAdvisor for the suggestion of a local contractor or give them any information at all, make sure that you are giving true information and that you are truly looking for work to be done. These contractors are paying for every customer name that they receive from HomeAdvisor. It is disheartening when we spend hundreds of dollars on phony leads or people who have no intention of doing any work and don’t return the calls of the contractors.

    • L Lavoie

      “Those of you who are complaining about the contractors that HomeAdvisor suggested; it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make a decision and do their homework on the contractor as well.”

      WHAT?? What do you think the homeowner is doing when they turn to a site that supposedly exists to allow people to do their homework??? The word advisor means they’re claiming to advise people on who to use. Why would a homeowner come here rather than simply Google the service they need and ask for references. This is an Angie’s List knock-off that doesn’t post negative reviews. I used a cleaner they recommended. The guy chipped my kitchen floor and pretended not to understand English when I told him. They refused to post the review because the cleaner pays them and they make money off the leads.
      How is that, in any way an honest and useful service to the homeowner.
      Get a clue Lisa you dope.

      • joe user

        Homeadvisor adverstises these are screened vendors, and that is supposed to be the competitive advantage over Angies’ List. My own experience with Service Magic was that the same contractors called under different company names.

    • Rebecca Kendall Wham

      I disagree, Lisa. That is the whole premise of Home Advisor–to do the legwork for us. Otherwise why have them?

  • Halpin- Regal

    I completely agree with the negative comments from contractors about HA/Service Magic. Overall they sent us about 100 leads, 30% were phony, people claimed they had never requested wooork, or email & phone #s were phony. Another 30% were for people out of our service area or not the type of work we do, 30% were people looking for the impossible, i.e. asking for $50,000.00 jobs with a $20,000.00 budget, of the rest we got 1 job which was good from the remaining leads. This is a scam without question, not only are you ripped off in fees, but a legitimate contractor will waste a huge amount of time sorting through all the junk, overall it is not worth the time and money. I think all the reps are on commission so they have a huge incentive to falsify leads & the company won’t refund because they pay these reps who last a few weeks & they are gone. So do not use this company, or for that matter I have used many Internet lead companies and in my opinion they are all the same. Spend your money on Home Shows & direct ads, much better results.

  • kw

    I submitted a review on 3-15-16 and its still pending?? I got a company off home advisor to have blown insulation put in my attic, the company is pittinger out of gettysburg pa, he showed up gave me and est with an install date we shook hands and he canceled the install less then 24hrs of my scheduled date. Dont use him and dont givehim any up front money if you do, he wont respond back to my text, bad business. And home advisor wont submit my review???

    • XenaWP

      I also submitted a review, actually a follow-up review. My initial review was glowing for the painting contractor and it went on the website immediately. My second review was submitted after the paint started peeling 6 months after the job was completed…I submitted the 2nd review over a week ago and still have not be contacted by anyone who might “verify” my complaint even though I have documentation of every email exchanged with the contractor regarding the warranty issue. I have even filed a complaint against the painting contractor with my local BBB.

  • j max

    get screw big time home advisor scam report them 2 bbb

  • j max

    scam is what is scam-just like phone service hired contract not home advisor ok-other bad news

  • Tracey

    Value to a customer is not shown by trouble shooting for free…that is what a licensed professional gets paid to do…Other wise the customer should figure it out on their own and just ask the pro how much he will charge to do what ever it is he decides is needed to be done.
    What a pro does for free is look at a specific job and give his best price , along with his recommendations as to products and how the customer can control costs for the project.

    • sensen22

      Most jobs do not require “trouble shooting”, which you have thrown into the conversation to scare, confuse, and intimidate people who want a equal work for equal pay.

  • J. Lee

    I contacted a contractor given to me by Home Advisor.com (Broadline Contractors) with whom I was not satisfied. I needed a gas stovetop replaced. I had already purchased the replacement stovetop. They had to enlarge the opening a few inches. After the installation, I was told I, now, needed an electrician to come out and install a receptacle for the range top. When they left, there was saw dust all over my cookware under that counter space. I’ve tried to call them several times only being able to leave a voicemail to which I’ve gotten no response. Home Advisor is definitely not very good about the people they list to do work. I advise anyone to do their best to find someone on their own, and not trust anyone suggested by Home Advisor.

  • Henry Rollins

    Scam artists, yes they truly are. Timely tested, and proven to be just that.

  • Randy Pixley

    I used a company called Northwest Construction and Design from Ford WA because they had a 5 star rating on Home Advisor. They are “bottomfeeders” during a catastrophic incident in Spokane Washington. Charged $7200 for ONE TREE REMOVAL. and what they claimed to be temporary repairs to my garage roof. Just another example of people taking advantage of a situation. I went to “Thumbtack” for my real repairs after this company totally screwed me.

  • Jacqueline

    Used home advisor for my kitchen and am very very sorry I did so. Not only is it shoddy work but I was way over-charged for what I got which was very little. I have two cabinets which are cracked outside because of nails put in by the contractor. Finishing a job, I had to point out the discrepancies and he blatantly lied to me plus requested final payment when the job wasn’t even finished or he would put a lien on my house. This contractor is not professional at all – and I really believed he used my monies to pay for his own home remodeling.
    Home Advisor does not care who they recommend. They’re like most companies where they want a “commission” and the contractor they send to you, I’m sure the price they have to pay to Home Advisor is built into the quote and you pay instead.
    This job wasn’t cheap for what I got and every other contractor I brought in to look at it plus several consumers all said the same thing – you got taken royally!

    • Deborah Mikulich Spence

      We had a similar experience with a bathroom remodeler we found through Home Advisor. Bad work, everything red tagged, had to add another 33% to my budget to get all the shoddy work redone. What a mess this has turned out to be!

  • John

    Having problems and you went to school and proud of it? Try NOT to look for the cheep price. You get what you pay for! $101

  • Tim

    I’m a home owner who rec’d 10-15 leads from Home Advisor for “free” electrical repair service quotes. None would come to the home and all preferred to guess for a fee if visiting the home for the job requirements.

    • Jennifer

      So you expect 10-15 people to come to your home, give you information, and get paid nothing for their time?

      • bobby

        jennifer. you have no idea what is takes to be successful.
        your time is not worth squat unless you show value to the customer.

  • scott1281982

    Here is a website where businesses can review
    customers. Take a look at http://www.contractorscustomers.com.
    It is well done and professional. It is kind of like a “reverse Home Advisor”. I think it is valuable to most business owners. Thank you

  • Jonathan Elias Parker

    I was trying their service I paid about $350 to sign up, then they charge for every lead. others get the same leads i found out if there is 10 eligible or even ILL-eligible they send as many as they can to each contractor and every contractor gets charged the same rate. except I would get charged if the Wife called me and the husband another charge. or send me things that I dont due, or here is some I also got> I decided
    not to have it done, Ill have someone else do it from my family, I dont have any money, Sorry I was just checking to see how it works,. I Cancelled the service it seemed like it was setup, I had it for 2 months and got 2 good leads from the service, I asked for a pro-rated refund they said they dont due refunds so I told them I would give them a “good referral”. I have allot of contractor friends that were considering this but now they are not.

  • Ann R.

    Home advisor is a scam business. They give out false phone numbers which are suppose to be leads. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Denver and have yet to see that complaint posted on the BBB web site. I don’t know why the Federal Government has not shut down this business yet!

    • Bill Barbieri

      The BBB in Denver gives them a A+ . They must be in bed with them.

      • Henry Rollins

        They probably are in bed with them, as both are scam artists.

      • John Schueler

        BBB ignores consumer complaints. Of course not- the rip-off artists pay to have the top rating.

  • Karen Mercier

    They charge the professionals, not the customers looking for a professional.

    • John Schueler

      That’s what the HA advertisement states- my plumber has billed me for the HA fee. I am thinking about filing a law-suit so as to expose this practice- I contacted HA with this information- I thusly wasted my time, they don’t care about the customers

  • Bill Baillie

    FYI to ALL: HA is in business to sell leads, period. They are supposed to confirm / require that the contractors in their network are state licensed & carry liability insurance. They guarantee nothing, please re-read the last 3 words.

    HA is a marketing / advertising option for the contractors using their service. Based on the information (zip codes & type of work requested) you provide to HA, they connect you with (hopefully) serious home & business owners needing help with their properties. It’s a free service for the consumer but the contractor is charged per lead & the cost varies dependent upon the size & scope of the job. Smaller jobs are distributed to 3 different contractors, larger jobs are distributed to 4 different contractors & yes, that means you have competition, what a concept. HA doesn’t guarantee you a job just because you buy their job leads. They provide access to consumers, provide a website to post job photos & a system for collecting reviews from satisfied customers (IF) you are able to provide the intended services that were agreed upon with your customer.

    If you’re interested in running / building your business then act like a professional & do your job taking care of current & potentially future customers.

    NOTE TO CONTRACTORS & HOMEOWNERS: If you’re not able to do something as simple as respond to a phone call, text message or email, don’t use HomeAdvisor as a resource.

    • Henry Rollins

      Home advisor, the daughter of Service Magic, is a group of crooks. They take ones money, for false leads, and boy do they get their money, each and every Friday, they tap ones bank account.
      One can always file a suit against them, however they will pay thousands in attorney fees, in an attempt at being successful in cheating you, out of your hard earned money.

  • Sharon Crissman

    Do Not put up Nicklas Construction back on your site because he get’s paid in full and don’t finish the job and stole items out of my garage. How do I know this, he was the only one going into my garage. DO NOT put him on your site for any business. I have even call him on the items and he will not return my call. And did not finish the job. I had block work done on my garage and Tim the masonary did a great job. Mark Nick was to finish the filling of dirt and re-support the one fence and replace the bricks that goes under the fences. After I call him on one item that was gone, he never return my call or even come back and finish the job. He isn’t worth a crap. I will be filing charges on him too.

  • ME1538

    Recent chat with Homeadvisor should let you know they are nothing but a data-mining site if it was not already clear from the contractors and customers here already.
    Silvia: Hi, my name is Silvia. How may I help you?
    ME: I am looking for a plumber who can plum a new addition at the back of my home in Navarre Fl
    Silvia: Hello Xxxxxxx.
    Silvia: Have you submitted a request already to be matched with pros in your area?
    ME: I have done so and the pros so far either cannot handle the job because they only do remodels or they have not answered the phone
    Silvia: I’m sorry to hear that, let me look into it to assist you better.
    ME: Thank you
    Silvia: Can I have your phone number that you placed on the request to look this up, please?
    ME: For the record the “only do remodel” people were XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX inc, and XXXX XXXXXX
    ME: x*x-x*x-xxxx
    Silvia: Thank you
    Silvia: I have located your request. I do apologize for the inconvenience. It looks like we were unable to officially match you up with a company. The only companies we can refer you to are the ones listed on your account, which you have already tried to contact
    Silvia: Perhaps we are able to match you up with a company in 72-hours.
    ME: “Officially Match”?
    ME: OK let me just stop you there.
    Silvia: Yes, that means that we are sure the company does the job you are looking for and services your area. So we provide them with your contact and project’s info.
    ME: I don’t want to have an account with you please purge anything that even looks like an account this was only a request for information I do not wish to form a business relationship with homeadvoisor
    Silvia: I can certainly go ahead and unsubscribe you from our communications. But the account itself can not be deleted. I apologize
    ME: Nothing personal I just don’t know you and I don’t want to be counted as one of the fill-in the number of happy customers for a website I tried one time
    ME: “The account itself cannot be deleted” What account is that exactly? I never set up an account with your company.
    Silvia: Of course I understand your frustration and position. But it’s the company’s policy, so I can not delete your account.
    Silvia: When you submit a request, an account gets automatically created.
    ME: Company policy is nothing to me delete it
    ME: I don’t care if you have to call your supervisor and theirs and then theirs
    Silvia: I can transfer you, they might be able to delete it. But I can not do it.
    ME: Transfer away this is just not good in any way for me
    Silvia: Sure, give me a minute while it transfers
    Silvia has disconnected.
    DeAnna: Hi, my name is DeAnna. How may I help you?
    ME: I wish to have the automatically created account removed for my name can you do that now please?
    DeAnna: You are looking to remove your name from our system?
    ME I am
    DeAnna: I apologize, all information placed through our system is held on file for our company records. Your information is unable to be deleted entirely. If you would like, I can close any requests that have been submitted and place you on our do not call lists.
    ME Place me on the do not call list and what is this about holding my name hostage?
    DeAnna: I am showing you had placed a request through our site for Install Plumbing in a Remodel or Addition . It is held on file for business records since you utilized our site.
    ME: Asking for information does not make me a business associate of yours and I do not appreciate having my email phone number and name held in your records
    DeAnna: The request I indicated has been closed and you have been placed on our Do Not Call list. You had placed a request on our site for the service listed above. I would recommend reading over the terms and conditions listed on our site.
    DeAnna: This is somewhat of a receipt for our business records.
    ME: I recommend reading the review of your site in the very near future. This is nothing but a data mining site and I think that should be more widely known don’t you?
    DeAnna: Our service is free to home owners to help connect them with screened pros for Home Improvement or repair needs. This information is on file for our records because we had provided you the names and phone numbers of pros that matched your request.
    ME: My information does not need to be on file anywhere with you for you to provide that information. The fact that you have chosen to hold onto it indicates that you sell this information to marketers doesn’t it?
    DeAnna: These pros are screened members of the HomeAdvisor network. This is our receipt of service we provided you.
    ME: My information is not a receipt
    DeAnna: You agreed willingly to provide the information to us so that we could assist you with the service you requested.
    ME: I did not agree willingly to allow you to hold onto it in perpetuity
    DeAnna: We sent you the information you had requested, therefore providing a service. This is our receipt.
    ME: this information was supplied for the single purpose which has now been satisfied and it is no longer offered for your use
    DeAnna: This would all be listed in the terms and conditions of service provided through the same site you entered your information on.
    ME: My information is not a receipt
    DeAnna: As I indicated, I was able to close the request you entered service for and placed on our do no call list. this is the extent of what we are able to do in order to verify you will not be contacted.
    Hey she obviously tried to make the customer happy but still had to hold onto that personal information right?

  • Tom Tozzie

    My wife was also ripped off by HomeAdvisor. They sent her many bogus leads, and are now demanding $539.22 through a collection agency. She did not receive a single true lead from these scammers, and did not earn a single dollar from any “customers” through this scam operator.
    Please do not do let yourself be ripped of as we were. Stay away from this criminal enterprise.

    • Magdalena Livolsi

      I too am a vendor. I own and operate a Landscaping gardening business …20 Leads …ALLL BOGUS..
      Numbers didn’t match/ the people never called back or emailed back.
      Sometimes a person would answer the phone and laugh when you started speaking . Because they know you are getting charged for the lead. Home advisor needs to tweak how they do business. All you do is Pay…and no one gets any work.

      • Henry Rollins

        Sounds just ole Service Magic to me!!!
        Proves once again, one cannot change the spots on a cat.

        • R LaChance

          Thank You for that name Service Magic. That is exactly what it is. I’ve been with HA 2 weeks, 8 leads. Not 1 panned out . One did call back. I will give them maybe 30 days before I pull the light and turn there lights out GAME OVER

    • Karen Mercier

      They send me lead opportunities at a whopping 27-29 dollars apiece and then the address number or street is missing or the phone number belongs to someone else or their is just no answer. I would like to start a class action suite against them.

      • Joe


        Unfortunately, I can say the excact same situation is occuring with me. I recieved 21 “Leads” and had 1 appointment.

        Most of the leads I recieved tell me they are not intrested in doing the job.

        I don’t know if these people are simply stupid or if this is a scam. I would be intrested in being a part of a class action law suite.

        Please leave your contact info and we can discuss this further.

        Thank you,


  • Will Paterson

    I was a contractor who joined HomeAdvisor and they lied to me to get me to join just to charge me hundreds of dollars every week without telling me. After one month of service I finally got a statement and saw the charges. I spoke to them and they told me (oh well that’s what we do and they do not give credits to anyone) so beware contractors and consumers HomeAdvisor is a total scam. They scammed me for over $750 dollars in three weeks and I did not get one job from them. They also sell your phone number as soon as you join.

  • Ronald Hinton

    I got three calls today from businesses who said someone used my phone number on this site. I’ll have to raise some hell now.

  • Hilda Laracuente -Diaz

    I’m having an terrible experience as well, A construction company from Angies list has taken thousands of dollars from us, and is hiding for weeks, I was lucky enough to find a small carpenter in a Tiles store, and I tell you. all those with big names, license and good reviews are not all good, Thanks God to this guy I found, he is correcting all the mistakes the General License contractor left behind for half a price.The big general contractor from Flemington NJ , just be aware. Ill be putting his name all over soon,
    . :) still hoping to get the unused money back. We should have a referral Facebook page, where we are all protecting each other .Is the only way,. We don’t need to make money but save each other from losing money..

  • John Hilger

    Used their recommend and highly rated concrete contractor. Big mistake. Fred’s Quality Concrete was not quality at all but far far less. Don’t trust Home Advisors . Highly doubt they ever give a second look at the contractors they promote. After all the contractors pay a fee to Home Advisor’s to get their service listed. Do you think they will give a bad review to someone who is paying them a fee an keeping them in business. Think again. I have.

  • Lilly Kobold

    Since when did they start charging. I have used them 3 times this summer and am very happy with the service. Never charged me a dime for this service.

  • Michael Pipkins

    Evidently, HomeAdvisor has ticked off enough contractors that there are few left to actually bid on any work. Or perhaps only the good ones have left and the contractors that have stayed behind are worthless, “chuck in a truck” type of contractors. Who knows? All I know is that I have about $15K worth of work to do for a backyard remodel and all I got matched up with was one company that scattered like a roach as soon as he found out he would actually have to provide references and sign a …. gulp … Actual Written Agreement. Service seemed like a good idea as a consumer, considering that I didn’t have to pay anything …. but if I can’t find a qualified contractor with it … what good is it. Now, after reading how they have treated the very contractors that make up their own business (pretty d**n stupid) I’m not interested in helping them abuse others so I’m out and will just bid out my project the old fashioned way.

  • silvana

    it took me 2 days and 2 “leads” to realize that it was a scam I joined on Friday Monday morning I call and cancel membership they charge me $30 for the 2 “leads” scam , scam, scam do not do business with this peoples they miss lead you telling you annual membership leaving out the part you also bill be charge per “lead”

  • rita

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    i love him and his work. you should try it,

    only a few out there are good he is one of the best.

  • Donna Strunk

    I called Home Advisor a couple times.
    1. To fix an electrical socket and have a new forced air heater installed in our bedroom. When the guy we selected came out, we decided we would have him do all the sockets, just to make sure they were in good shape.
    He ended up doing half the work but charging us full price.
    2. To completely replace all of our electricity in our home, remove all the old wires, and electrical panel and put in all new. Everything to be replaced. Everything old to be removed.
    These guys busted our bathroom surround shower. Instead of using the old holes from the sockets and light switches, they put in new ones. So we now have blanks on every single wall in our home. They did not reconnect or even run wire to the door bell, so we will have to replace that. They left all the old heaters in place, so we will have to pay to remove them.
    Then we found out the electricians did not have the proper permits. The city was going to fine the heck out of us for it.
    With the wall damage that they did, the estimate to fix it is around 15,000.00. The city inspector said she had never seen anyone do anything like that to the walls.
    So we decided that we needed to look into these people some more. We checked out the license for the electricians, they had had it for 2 weeks before we hired them. The person who owned the business did not even qualify to have the license so he had someone else get it in their name.
    We decided to contact Home Advisor and give “feedback” on these electricians. Home Advisor kicked our feedback back, saying it was obscene. There was not a cuss word or foul language anywhere in it, I even called and had a customer service rep read it and she agreed that there was nothing obscene in it, yet it was again kicked back for the same reason. I believe it was kicked back to us because they refuse to allow customers to submit negative feedback on the companies they work with.
    It took 4 months to have our surround shower “fixed”. The panel that was put in to replace the broken one is a different color and has a different texture, so we will have to replace the entire shower. The walls in the rest of our home were not fixed, and the door bell still has no wiring. These guys did more damage to our home than we paid for the actual work.

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    Leo Tomajko



    I will say anyone looking into doing business with HOME ADVISOR DON’T DO IT. There REP KYLE is a joke when it comes to customer service. He is RUDE and a SMART MOUTH. This company is nothing but a RIP Off to take your money. We are with ANGIE’S LIST and for us it works really well. But with these guy’s they Lie the LEADS are a joke it will cost you in the long run with all the BOGUS CRAP they send you. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  • Horrible, I wish I would have done my research. These guys begged me to join with them saying that I was the only carpet cleaner in the area and that they had 29 requests for carpet cleaners in the past week. They send me random leads that don’t pertain to what I do or what kind of work I’m looking for. They have “racked” my credit card. They won’t refund me which forced me to contact my credit cards fraud department. What a mess. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. And the worst part is I’m a new company starting out, to have these kind of people out there making themselves seem so honest and willing to help yet rip you off in the end, that’s what makes small businesses collapse. I hope all of you on here have settled your issues with them and moved on as I am in the process of doing. Best of luck to all of you that have fallen to their trap.

    • Erica

      I was on the phone with a sales rep reading these comments. I put her off about answering but I very much appreciate your review. We are a new small business and I have been burnt before as well.


    They OUT RIGHT STEAL FROM YOU. I went on white pages out of the blue and looked up my company, well, not only did they have their phone number listed as mine, but when I called the Number they answered with my company name, they also have an e-mail address in your company name, that goes right to them. So when people look up your company, they get the leads and give them to someone else… I know this because I tested it over and over again.. DONT use them. They used to be service magic, and changed names.. Your WASTING YOUR MONEY MAKING THEM RICH… I have spoken to a lawyer and I plan on using them… You can register online with consumer affairs and report them, like I am doing right after this post.

    • I am going through the same thing with them and when I try to get ahold of home advisor to cancel and demand a refund for all the leads they send me that lead no where they hang up on me, I have since called my credit cards fraud department and reported them. they charged me $330 in leads in two days that led to no work at all. These people are crooks. Let me know if you get anywhere with a lawyer and what options they offer you. graycarpetcleaning@gmail.com

      • Henry Rollins

        Just as their moma company, Service Magic, they survive off bad, defective false leads. They must truly be bottom feeders. Every one whom I ever conversed with, while doing business, with their moma company Service Magic, were out, and out con artist, and liars. True rip off artists.

    • Anonymous

      The only way the leads get sent somewhere else is if u your self shut off your leads. If your leads are on u come up available than it’s an exact match and you get matched up with the customer. Also the reason why customers go directly to HA when calling is because you pay HA to do your advertising to get more work for your buisness it is the customer service rep job to gather the basic info for you to make sure customers zip code matches the area you are willing to work in,if you do the work the customer is looking on getting done even gather the info so you know the customers name you are speaking with. This system help customers find what they need done in there home one stop shop for them. I have heard a lot of success stories not only from customers but how home advisor brought companies up from nothing. But hey it’s not for every one only for the best.

  • Jessica

    They have not only lied to us but have ripped us off as well and not they will not refund any money. I have used them for three days and they wont even give back the three months they have had us pay for , all bad leads, they send them to too many businesses and by the time you reach the customer they are aggravated from all the calls. Dies anyone know who to get a hold of to resolve these issues with them? they refuse to transfer you and one guy told me he was the only one there! scam artists. we are out a lot

  • Rodolfo Mattei Mmn

    The same thing is happening to me.. fake leads, the last 3 days came 15 leads.
    i just spoke with 3, the rest was fake and doesn’t looking for
    cleaning service.

  • eric

    I am a Licensed General Contractor and i’m only a small USA family owned company. I used there service for several months and got ZERO moneys in return for there “SERVICE”.


    Dont waste your money. I am still ask to rejoin and i will not unless it works by jobs won. I also told them that I would join if they would take a flat rate of any job i contracted thru there service.. and the answer is still NO.

    they make a there money on every lead you receive. You pay a set price per lead as per requested amount of value. I go zero contracts from service over a numberous months and hundreds of dollars in lead fees as well as a joining fee or what ever they call it now.

    I was getting leads from people not even calling back, other contractors i assume where screwed in same way so they wanted to cause other contractors money.

    DONT DO IT>>>>>>>>DONT DO IT

    • Lawnpros

      I was contacted the company and when I said I was not interested in
      paying an up front fee for lead generation, I was told that I was not
      listening and that they would find someone more professional to do
      business with. I hope you do.

    • Steve N Barb

      I ran when no one would give me up front cost for my add. I still have no ideal how much they charge for their so called services

  • Alan Linnebur

    Contractors, don’t do it! What more can I say. I’ve been in business for over 30 years, so take my word for it. Home Advisor will burn you as they’ve done me more than once.

  • deanna

    I went to HA looking for someone to cut down and remove some trees in my backyard. I came across LJ’S Tree company. He gave me a great quote which was the cheapest after calling 3 other companies. He gave me a time he would be there and was very prompt! They cut down 2 big trees and 2 small ones! They did and excellent job. I will highly recommend them. Great job Mr. London.

  • KAS

    I went on HA to find a handyman to repair some walls in my finished basement and to repaint the walls in 2 rooms, I know the rule of thumb is at least 3 estimates. I chose a handy man who had good reviews from customers; he called me and set an appointment to come to my home. He was supposed to show on Saturday between 10 am to 11 am to give me an estimate. Well, 11 o’clock came and went and at 11:45 I called him to see where he was and all he did was talk in circles about why he hadn’t shown on time and then told me he would be at my home at about 12:30. He arrived at 12:45 and I went over the work I wanted completed, I asked him to work up a price 2 different ways one to include cleaning all the walls first before beginning the repairs and painting and the other to include the repairs and painting, only. I told him I would not hire him on a time and material basis that I would only accept a contract price to which he replied, “Don’t you trust me?” I told him, it’s not that, I’m smart and I only will hire on a contract basis. Again he started to talk in circles and after about 20 minutes he finally gave me an verbal estimate for the cleaning of the walls,the repairs and the painting for the 2 rooms of $1,500 but not a price omitting the cleaning of the walls. He tried to convince me he needed to apply 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint to the walls. (The walls are in decent shape, they just need to be wiped down, the sheet rock needs repairs and a couple coats of fresh paint applied.) So then and there I knew he was trying to pull the wool over my eyes because I wasn’t changing the existing color of the paint on the walls. I asked him to work up and estimate for me in writing and he told me he doesn’t make written contracts!! Then he tried to pressure me to start the work right away and was trying to convince me I didn’t need to be home for him to do the work. I told him about 5 times I would not have him do the work unless I was home because I have dogs and I don’t want them to get out and get hit by a car (not to mention I don’t know this man from Adam and I won’t give him or anyone I don’t know carte blanche to my home when I’m not there )but he kept ignoring what I said and continued to try to do the work when I was gone.
    1. This handyman did not show on time for the initial estimate and never called me to let me know he was running late. I understand things come up I am not an unreasonable woman, but he never called me out of courtesy and that was a major strike for him as far as I was concerned.
    2. He refused to have a written contract to perform his services. Why?
    3. He was trying to gain access to my home when I was not there and was insisting to come when I was not home as opposed to trying to work together with a reasonable timing schedule.
    4. Wanted me to believe the walls needed 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint when that’s not the case; two coats of fresh paint would do it.
    a) Was he trying to pad the job with unnecessary work to get more money?
    b) Insisting I not be home when he did the work….was this because he had no intention of applying 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paint and I would know this if I were home?
    c) Had intentions of taking things from my home when I was gone?

    Needless to say I won’t even consider this handyman. It’s really ironic
    because I am a woman and for some reason a lot of men, NOT ALL, think
    women are morons when it comes to construction but I had been in the
    construction business for over 20 years and I am all too familiar with
    sub contractors. I found this site the day after this handyman came to my home and I want to pass my experience on to others. Perhaps there are legitimate contractors on HomeAdvisor but I won’t try this service again. Good Luck Everyone

    • denise

      the sheet rock needs repairs and a couple coats of fresh paint applied and the walls needed to be cleaned of what? Wallpaper? Sounds like a lot of work, totally different tools to bring up and down basement stairs for repairs(replacing drywall? a simple patch? tape/finish?texture?), ‘cleaning??????” then priming, then painting two rooms TO MATCH existing?….Contractors don’t like to leave their bids because consumers use them as if the contractor actually did the work so the insurance pays’ the consumer, the contractor gets audited, and the consumer gets the money and then has their brother-in-law to do it (like crap) for free. Contractors don’t like to be home when you are because you stand near them, talk to them, ask them to fix things that wasn’t in the plan (for free), and basically bother them while they work. You also don’t like the mess they make and sometimes your kids are annoying too. In addition, they don’t like dragging all their several iterations of tools (to repair, clean, texture, prime, paint) past your breakfast table while your sitting there. And re the contractor being late. Call him – say, hey, remember you were going to be here on a Saturday because I, as a consumer expect YOU to work 7 days a week for me, but, I am only available during the time you see your grandkids? He won’t mind a reminder. He appreciates your understanding that he may have a WEEKEND too

      • david martin

        I own a service company and if i am going to be late I call before the scheduled time it is common courtesy. If you think a perspective customer is responsible for reminding the contractor to be on time for an appointment you are living in a dream world. As for leaving a written estimate, there is no way an estimate or proposal can be used as an invoice to an insurance company. It is true that some people use your estimate as proof for cost of repairs but if you don’t like it try charging for it. I don’t ever suggest to the customer to let me do work when they are not home unless it is a vacation home or vacant rental property. I wouldn’t let a painter or general carpenter have run of my house either unless i knew him.

      • bob

        I am rarely late for an appointment and if I am, I always call BEFORE the time comes. I always give my estimate in writing and the only thing I want the customer to be flexible on is the flow of specialists to get the job done right. I don’t do Saturdays and Sundays, even though some of my guys will, I leave it up to them. There are way too many scammers out there. We all have to use common sense and watch out for them.

  • George W

    HOME ADVISOR offered their service to me and I accepted. They sent me four leads for my home project. Three of the four had no experience in the job being planned. The one business that was experienced and licensed came to the job site, looked over the job, took measurements and their estimate bid is pending. I tried Yellow Pages but was not successful in locating a contractor. I was most successful by asking contractors called if they would recommend skilled technicians for the job as I described the work needed. I will be getting three bids one as a result of a contractor by HOME ADVISOR and two as suggested from my phone inquiries to related contractors.

  • Chris M

    Hello all,
    I too feel your pain. I am a service connected veteran owned and operated HVAC business in Missouri. Just today I caught home advisor sending my leads to multiple other companies in the area. Of course they are charging each one of us for the lead. About 30% of the leads turn into actual business, the rest hang up the second you call them. Even worse yet, some of them demand to know where you got their number. And even more never return your call. I am college educated and I am no dummy, it doesn’t take a genius to see what they are doing. They create multiple false lead and send them to all companies in the area that are in your same industry and signed up with their service. Does it shock anyone that we are all singing the same song about the mysterious 30% ? That is all you will get. Its their tactic. today I screamed at the customer service rep and told him I want the money credited back ASAP for sending my lead to all of my competitors. Of course this was credited back instantly. but every other time you request a credit back they give you a line of bullshit about how they cant. Threaten to call Megan Kelly on fox news and its done right then and there. If anyone out there want’s t join forces and take up action against them. Call A-Z Air & Refrigeration llc in Granby MO. I would be more than pleased to help out. This style of business is unethical to say the least. Its all about the money too them, not good business. How about this Home Advisor, only charge for leads that actually lead to business… or even yet. Only charge for the ones you actually get to speak too!!! P.S. the secretary of state in MO has already been notified

  • Stephen Chapin

    Home Advisor is a marketing Company that provides the information…… the offer no warranties or guaranties of any sort…. they are a digital Yellow Pages…. the first contractor was not even in my state.
    Use them for what they are…… a list of contractors

    • Bill Baillie

      Stephen, you seem to be one of a few people on this forum that understands the HA business model. I’m not sure why this is difficult to grasp.

    • Henry Rollins

      They are also a bunch of out, and out crooks.
      Charging for false, defective, non existing leads.
      No they do not ever refund any of your, stolen $$$ for their false leads, although you may catch them, over, and over again.
      They shall finally fail, just as their moma company, service magic did.

  • Donna Smith

    My problem is that they only show positive reviews when we now know there were unhappy clients. We read the good reviews listed and made a decision to hire partially based on those. The fact is, CIC,LLC In Black Mountain, NC isn’t living up to their claims. The work has slowed considerably, the boss doesn’t even show up as he did when he was first hired, but takes other jobs on instead of doing ours. ALSO, he was hired partially because his estimate was less . What we didn’t know was it was less because he didn’t include a large portion of the work in his estimate!!!!!GET THIS>>>>He said we have to pay more to have the inside of our addition completed because he didn’t include that in the estimate!! And a portion of the outside was never in the plan to be completed also (the bottoms of concrete support posts). We’re very unhappy with this company and feel we’re being ripped off. IF you hire this company, be sure EVERY detain is listed in the contract, don’t ASSUME he is including ANYTHING. You pretty much need to know enough about construction yourself to not get smacked with extra charges to insure the contract lists every detail of the job. (In regards to him not showing up to work, he made a statement regarding his previous client “I don’t know why she thinks I need to be there overseeing the job”. THAT should have been a clue how much interest he demonstrates to his clients since he was working to begin OUR project before he completed hers! And now he’s bore with ours so has gone on to the next job before OURS is done)

  • Allen Gregory

    horrible company wont stop calling me high pressure sales blowing up my email box told them over a dozen times stop calling not interested in them whatsoever they keep calling anyways told them we are all convicted felons lolol they still called back what a stupid outfit they wont go away after being told so

    • Sara

      They have called me at least 15 times in 6 months I told them 14 of those time we are not interested because I had looked into the company and they had so many complaints against them. The last time they called I wasn’t nice and the lady said your husband wasn’t rude to me. They called again today and asked for my husband I asked who it was and after some silence the guy told me Home Advisor I repeated that we were not interested and he just hung up on me. Mind you I have personally told them not to call again at least 8 times.

  • Dman

    I am a General Contractor for 30+ years now, and I have a partnership business with my wife of 20 years. We signed up for Home Advisor (then Service Magic) approx 4 years ago, and while the closing rate (about 30% overall) has been less than stellar, the overall business volume has been terrific. We have clients(about 35 so far) that we got from the service (12-18 dollar leads) that have stayed with us for years, and continue to call for work to this day….not all the leads are going to turn in to business; sometimes consumers are just ‘feeling around’ to get a price, or to get a sense of what is out there (this is a chance to ‘make a friend’, and maybe they call you later someday), and granted, (sometimes they are just jackholes), I get that, too….most home projects start as a consumer asking questions, and it takes a lot of persistence and commitment, follow up and patience to get people to do business with you. As of today, I have over 100 verified reviews posted on my page, of which 99+% say ‘would use this pro again’, and that is not an accident. I work hard, I am HONEST with people about the cost of our professional service, and about our $45 trip charge to come out (though we credit that amount toward the actual work that ends up being done), and the fact that I am not the cheapest guy to do business with, but it WILL BE DONE RIGHT (and then I actually follow through with that and make d**n SURE it’s right) .I’m not afraid to admit when I am out of my depth, and bring in the appropriate professional(s) to do what I can’t or won’t do. Clients appreciate honesty. I try very hard to ensure that EVERY CLIENT, EVERY TIME is as happy as I can make them…..Now I grant that I have had a LOT of what I call “dead” leads, meaning people who just don’t have the money, intention, or desire to complete ANYTHING,(approx 70 %), or just never get in contact, but that does not mean that it is a bad investment or a bad service. The road to redemption is hard and long, but patience and persistence win the day, always. In the end LOVE WINS. Love what you do, and the money will come. Just because you are paying for something does not automatically entitle you to be handed a ‘laydown’….you still have to sell yourself, your business, and your professionalism on every call, every time….be a hero whenever you can, and people will notice after awhile. Don’t whine about losing money, that’s part of the risk in being in business….some days you win, and some days you lose. Home Advisor is not a magic bullet, though the HA staff may sell it that way sometimes (and I agree that’s wrong), but just one more vehicle through which to promote your business and your service….just because it’s a pay-per-use service does not mean every lead will return money to you, you have to average it out over all the leads and all the business you do with those that do purchase. It’s called overhead, guys. Happy Trails :)

    • Sam

      Dman, you sound like a reputable professional who prides himself on the quality and ethic of his work. Just curious, what region do you service? Thanks in advance!

    • Huggins Constuction

      We are Cont. in Idaho and r being asked to Join. Would love to talk to you in person and see how it really is. tk you 208 549 1515 HugginsConst.

  • kenny

    I hired Ogburn Construction from their site with all A plus ratings for a garage/man cave. What a mistake. At this time ,it`s been over a year. Spent the winter with taped up windows and heat that kept shutting down. Had to put in space heaters to keep the pipes from freezing. From the very start one delay after another and every phase was screwed up, needing correction and casing further delays. I can`t remember a single county inspection that they passed on the first time, one failed 4 times. HVAC guy has been back 4 times, one electrical fire and two plumbing leaks. This has been nothing but a bad nightmare. Have had to get other people in to fix just about everything. Bad reviews just seem to go away, no way this is an A plus company, nor will I use Home Advisers again.

  • Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda, I just wanted to let you all know who have made complaints about home advisor that they are all true, you see I have worked for different contractors and I dealt with Service Magic and Home Advisor this is what I was hired for. I personally found out that if you submit a lead for credit, if they can’t get a hold of them, they will deny you the credit. I just found this out. I also know that the total that they charged to our credit card from Sept of 2013 till now for leads that should have been credited was $1,200.00 If you should decided to use this service be warned to not use a credit card with a lot of money on it. They will charge it once a week. I have wasted hrs and hrs with these people fighting for credits. I have done my research. Trying to get a hold of someone high up is impossible. DON’T USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Very unsatisfied. I live in rural Iowa. I had an account with someone that Home Advisor must have bought. I guess they had my credit card on file. I don’t believe I ever used them or had any leads, but some sleazy salesman got me to sign up many years ago for some free trial or something…..All of the sudden, after 4 or 5 years since I signed up I start to see this monthly charge on my account. They are charging the credit card out of nowhere!! I go on the website after finding my name/password and see that they are asking me to update my credit card. The reason is that the one they are charging has an expiration date a few years ago!! I don’t know about how credit cards get charged, do they just keep trying a different date until one works? Does it not matter if the date is right?

    I called and talked to a sleazy dude who finally claimed that they would refund the 2 months worth of charge that did nothing for me. I sure hope he told the truth and will give the refund and close this account with these losers.

    • Cool Guy

      1. You had an account with someone that HomeAdvisor must have bought? What does that mean?
      2. You guess they had your credit card on file? OK……..
      3. You don’t believe????
      4. 4-5 years of billing and it came out of nowhere? Tell me more

      I wonder why things didn’t work out.

  • Shirley Onyango

    I just signed up as a contractor with Home Advisor. I pray that this works out. I have not heard from my representative as to the status of the application process. He said he could have it done within four hours. Its been two days. I have a small family own constructions business. I don’t want is to lose money. I am hoping for the best. Reading these comments is starting to make me question myself.

    • Amanda

      Shirley I have worked for different contractors for over 10 years now and I still do, I deal with Home Advisor all the time. They give you bogus leads, they lie about their guide lines and they only make one phone call to see if the lead is bogus after you submit for credit. I strongly advise you to not deal with this company. Angie’s List is much better and you will get leads from them real leads, call angie’s List.

      • R.Carter

        Home Advisor never charge anyone that has not been contacted by their Rep or a Home Advisor Customer service employee so if Shirley Onyango check the bank statement she would see that there was never any charges place on her account, If she was not approve she had something on her back ground that prevented her from being a home advisor member, they go back 25 years plus on Felony ..So Shirley Onyango Whats the truth when was your Felony ?

        • eztalk

          Spelling? Grammar?

        • Bill Logan

          bull shiite home advisor is a SCAM

      • Charles

        Angie’ s List, really. Amanda, you have lost any credibility that you may have had.

        • KC

          Angies list is just as big a scam as home advisor… Contractors pay to get more exposure and more leads.

          • Charles

            My point exactly!

          • lilly berry

            you are so right.i had someone come out from angie’s list. what a scam artist. they are all scam artist. i look in my home paper to find somebody that i can work with

      • Bill Logan

        SCAM, CRIMINALS, THIEVES….does anyone have a class action suit against these scammers?

    • Mark F

      As a contractor/victim of Home Advisor, RUN!!!

    • Bill Logan

      RUN they are a SCAM111

  • Jay Nichol

    On Feb. 25th,2014 I had Nelson Electric who was offered to me by Home Addviser.com it was a 30ft of line from junction box to put in a plug with a preexisting condoit and in the junction box a 20 amp bracker for a 120 v line. they called and founf out what was needed to do the job, nothing was ever mentioned about a service charge to come out ,when he finished the job and made out the bill he charged 4 hrs. labor at $72.55 per hr. which came out to be $292.20 and charged a 50 mile truck fee on a job that should not of taken more then a hour to complete the job, the final bill was $388.47, I feel I was over charged by at least $188.47. His Explanation for the 4 hrs.was they charge for the drive out here plus the $50.00 truck fee, I didn’t hire a professional driver I thought I was hiring a electriction to come out and do a simple job that should have taken at most 1-1/2 hrs.

  • charlie

    I’m thinking of joining HA, all the complaints sound very similar to my experience with constructiondeal.com.

    I’m not sure what to do it’s hard to believe anything you read these days.

    • Laura

      Not a good service. They are a rip off.

    • sherry

      don’t do it they will keep taking money we been fighting with them 2 months to cancel mean while they have taken almost 1000 out of our account

    • Amanda

      TRUST ME DONT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ed

      RUN AS FAR AWAY from HomeAdvisor as you can!!! If you don’t take this advice, you will be SO sorry! I wish I had done my research before getting screwed by these losers!

    • Bill Logan

      DONT DO IT!!!!!!

  • Mario

    People!!! STAY AWAY FROM HOMEADVISORS!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! On your free profile your phone number will be replaced with their phone number! They will send you Used leads!!! Their customer support number doesn’t respond!!! If you want to cancel account, you will not able to. There are no links where you can go and cancel. You will be having very hard time to find a way to cancel your account. If you refer them client, they will not put referral fee of 100$ to your account as they promise. Do not put your friends and family to problems with HomeAdvisor, you will regret.

    Let me tell you about my BAD, BAD Experience with HomeAdviors. At first I placed my business on their free directory. My phone number was replaced with their own phone number and of course clients reached answering machine or their Representative who will offer services from other companies NOT YOURS! Then I got a call from HomeAdvisor Representative who offered me a deal 49$ 99 cents one-time fee for membership and 9$-17$ per lead. I decided to give a try and get leads from Homeadvisor.com

    The lies starts from their sales people… and ends with a customer support team. “There are 49$ one-time fee for the membership and a fee for each lead you get.” I asked Representative 2 times, “Is it only one time fee of 49$???” And ask her to confirm. Respond was “Yes only one time” (by the way they recorded the conversation….as well I did :):) Then oops… Surprise, you will find charges of 59$ every month… even not 49$ 99 cents. You call them and ask what is going on and ask them to listen to recorded conversations, conversations no longer available. Yes, you will start to receive leads. You respond to that leads in a seconds. You email them. You call them and YOU WILL NOT GET RESPOND FROM CLIENTS. Then you start wonder why it is happening? It should be a reason.

    You can experiment and place an order /project for your type of business on same zip code where is your company is. What’s happened next… you will get call from HOMEADVISOR REPRESENTATIVE who will offer you a help to match your project with a business. And what I got… the Rep contacted me over the phone with only one business!!!!

    He didn’t give me a choice!!! I have talked to that company they asked me to sign with them to do my project. And when I asked the Rep to give me more choices of companies he said it is only one company available in my zip code. Sorry, what about my company??? Is my company a ghost??? (As they stated in our agreement, lead will be sent to at least 4 companies.) So from my understanding they have companies who are Priority for them. I discussed with that company to do my project. And 3 hours later, I got my project – came to me as a lead. It is mean HomeAdvisors send us leads which already USED.

    NO WONDER. Why we didn’t get any respond on those leads we got from HomeAdvisor because they already used. I felt like a homeless person who got a leftover food from the table. I called HomeAdvisor to Pro customer support service, waited on line about 40 minutes, didn’t get connected. Then contacted Live support chat asked to cancel my account, they called me right away. I question them about this unfair practice and ooops, customer service REP find out why… because your leads are regular leads. You have to get executive leads which are double the price. OK I got that Executive leads and did experiment again. I placed an order for my project on a same zip code where is my business is and guess what’s happened? The same I got a call and got connected to only one business… not mine of course :):) And I felt again as homeless person with leftover food.

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! On your free profile your phone number will be replaced with their phone number! They will send you Used leads!!! Their customer support number doesn’t respond!!! If you want to cancel account, you will not able to. There are no links where you can go and cancel. You will be having very hard time to find a way to cancel your account. If you refer them client, they will not put referral fee of 100$ to your account as they promise. Do not put your friends and family to problems with HomeAdvisor, you will regret.

    • R.Carter

      To Cancel all you have to do is very simple Call the Rep that set your account up and you will not be billed anything from that point on it’s so simple even a cave man can do it, question how come home advisor have a A+ rating with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) and their not a paid member.

      • Jennifer sorge

        Have to pay to be rated like that on the BBB…something’s up…

      • Bill Logan

        horse crap…they are thieves period.

  • Jeanne C. Szela

    Home Advisor recommended INFINITY BUILDERS to refinish our kitchen cabinets. The project was a disaster. Not only were
    our kitchen cabinets damaged beyond repair, but the freshly painted walls and door were damaged along with our refrigerator which was hit with the sanding machine. The color and finish we chose were not even close, and the kitchen was left a mess. The
    lacquer and sealer used during the process were so toxic they set off the fire alarm and alarm system. The EPA was notified
    and will investigate the situation. Part of the island wooden hood was left unfinished. The cabinets looked 100% better before this nightmare was started. They scammed us for $3,600.00 dollars and left us with damages amounting to at least $25,000. to replace the kitchen cabinets which are beyond repair. They demanded the money be paid in CASH! INFINITY BUILDERS is owned by JEFFREY & MARC DARGI, P. O. BOX 1031, Southwick, MA 01077. I would NOT recommend using Infinity Builders, since they lied to us repeatedly, and scammed and ripped us out of $3,600. IN CASH!

  • Bennett Onwuchekwa

    Home Advisor is a joke. They change their name from service magic to home advisor. The contractor they sent us to help us with our church building took $25000.00 from us and ran away. We reported to home Advisor who promised to do something. But came back and told us that they were unable to recover our money back from the contractor. They went ahead and told us that they are going to remove this man from their list. Guess what, after 2 months, I called home Advisor for another job behold the man is still there list.

    • amanda

      I have the phone number for infinity I will post it later.a

  • Paid to complain

    Some of you contractors have no clue on how lead generation works or how the competition works. It’s also clear not all of you are contractors but the competition of Home Advisor and Service Magic. I should know, I worked for the competition, and my job? My job was to do what you do, go on line making up phony, negative reviews about the competition.

    For the past 4 1/2 years that has been my job and why no one should give any credit to any website that dosn’t verify posted reviews.

    All this freaking websites that gives people a place to complain also gives the competition a place to make up phony claims.

    The bottom line, none of these websites should be believed. Yeah I know, it’s true because it was on the internet.

    • Bill Logan

      bull crap ha is a scam PERIOD!!

  • Samantha

    HOME ADVISOR IS A RIP OFF! CONTRACTORS BEWARE! HOME OWNERS BEWARE! do your own research. I am total proof that home advisor does not do a complete background on their contractors! I had a service under a different company name and had two bad reviews and they terminated my service. Ok life goes on. We started a new company and rejoined home advisor with me being the same owner. Had the service for two years, they collected my money and stopped the service because of some overcharging issues. We decided a year later to rejoin and they told me I could not because of my prior company and complaint! So you just caught on to all this now? Which tells me HOME ADVISOR did not properly do their homework on my company if this is the case. Reminder you talking about a contractor that has no legal issues but two customer complaints with a prior company that was NEVER fully investigated with my insurance company and both of which never pursued any other action with me. Long story short contractors and home owners you can find professionals on your own. Don’t waste your money with this service!

  • DSS

    Poor service when calling asking a question to home advisor. Rude and you wait on hold 30-1 hr. Never will use again. NO one to work the issues out with besides mad phone reps.

  • pedro


  • Will Ross

    Where is our protection? Who helps the consumer? Why cant the government stop these scams? They can tract internet/email and money transactions, so why cant they stop it? Who polices, and regualtes these work at home and other like scams?

  • Gary

    I was just contacted by Home Advisor to see if I was going to be the contractor who filled their last available slot in my area, When they wanted by SSN and date of birth to do the background check I balked. I asked them to send me an email or snail mail application and again they pressed for me to sign up right now so that I don’t miss the last spot. Its been 4 hours and still no email from them. Sure glad I waited and checked them out online. Thanks for all of you who took the time to write to this site!

  • william petitpas

    thanks brandon,im with you.i paid for the service,and in two weeks,got nothing.are you guys gonna tell me,thats the way they work?

    • Gerard McCluskey

      I have been with Homeadvisor for 3 years. I have sold well over 300,000.00 in work with this method. The trick with this as in any advertising is to know your demographics. You have to adjust your tasks according to the seasons, hand pick the zip codes you will get the most bang for the buck. Over three years my homeadvisor costs are around 6-8%, which is high but produces 30-40% of my revenues. You must build relationships with the customers you service which reduces overall costs by gaining repeat work.
      Gaining good ratings also adds tremendously! In my case I have developed a mirroring online presence from the 3 years doing this and I get calls out of the blue that I didn’t need to pay for. Bad leads come in and they also need to be managed. Ask for credits. I always call so that I can state my case and get those credits. 90% of those bad leads are credited for me this way.
      So far a 4.84 rating over 34 jobs that rated me. About a 65% of my customers will end up rating me. I have at least 2 customers that hire me each year and spend 10,000.00 or more after my first encounter with them through Home advisor. If you work this system it works.

  • mark@samcoadv.com

    I contracted with a general contractor referred by HomeAdvisors. What a mistake !!! We can just call him Paul for now, On the 10th of December. 2013, he wrote up a contract as to what he would do and a finish date of 12-24-13. Obviously the date has come and gone. I gave him half of his bid. For the last week or so, he has been d*****g me for the other half. I keep telling him he’ll be paid when the job is complete. Now he wants another $400 for unexpected material. As far as I am concerned, he has already breached the contracted by not having it complete by his "end date". His most recent estimate of being done is now the end of next week, around the 3rd or 4th of January, 2014. Does anyone in their right mind think I should pay him anything extra? Should I even pay him the balance when the work was supposed to has been completed on the 24th of December?

  • d. ryan

    I am a contractor in upstate N.y. have been with homeadvisor pro about 6 months, shut leads down when out of town working on commercial work. Turned leads on last nite at 8 oclock before 8oclock next morning while eating breakfast 3 leads at 50 bucks a pop hit my cell. Called total kitchen rehab; called back customer stated
    he never wanted anything but a fence repair ! Other two leads no return calls, d**n breakfast cost me 150.00 , went to my bank transferred all funds to another acccount, no response yet from h.a. who I used to be able in touch with all hours. Lets see what my local news; att. gen, think about wire fraud.

  • Greg Nedlog

    We are an electric services company. When we first signed up with HA, most of the managers were skeptical. Our sister business, an appliance repair company, was a HA customer for a year prior and had few leads and little success. We began our company’s efforts with HA as a LEAD GENERATOR and have been very pleased. The leads began rolling in almost immediately and gave us the chance to get our quality CSR and techs in front of customers. Yes, if you’ve entered as a customer you’ll get lots of calls; that’s the nature of the beast. Your job is to filter out the pretenders, our job is to make sure you know we’re the best, most reliable ES company on the planet. Some businesses are not a good fit for HA, but it’s been our most consistent lead provider.

  • Mike Duncan Owner

    I have been with home advisor for 1 1/2 years i can honestly say that in the beginning i was a little disappointing in the whole lead generation process but after sticking it out and working their system i have found it quite profitable, i achieved this with great customer service fair pricing, and quality work along with the motivation to build a thriving business. check us out at Duncans fireplace and masonry restorations……Thank you home advisor you guys rock for small business owners like me

  • colleen quinn

    these people writing the negative are with other companies just wanting to bash homeadvisor – good company – helpe me out!

  • Craig

    I have been with Homeadvisor for almost a year, I really don’t know why I stayed that long except for the fact I am a fairly new business and I am trying to build my customer base. I have rec’d leads however I would say 1/3 of the leads are fake or people are just as they say"kicking the tires". Many leads never return phone calls made in an attempt to set an appt.. While I am paying for them to not be serious about their project.

    • Charles England

      Hi Craig, we all feel your pain, I have been with former Service Magic which is now HomeAdvisor, I used to look at the big picture, but the leads are "bogus" more then 60% of the time, I have been in business since 1989 in the plumbing and heating field, the problem is we still make money on the other 40% of the leads…….
      But they are making a mint off contractors, charging all of us for the same bogus leads, It just cries "class action lawsuit".
      I take the time to follow up with them on all bogus leads, very rare to get a credit, if you do you’ve earned it because you have to call or email multiple times. It is good concept they are just ripping all of us off, plain and simple.

  • Dan

    I signed up with Homeadvisor a few days ago. The first lead they sent me was in and adjacent city that I don’t service. They said they would credit my acct, so I will be watching. Just in case, I only gave them a safe shopper credit card number limiting their ability to charge me. The most they can get it $100. Maybe you all should do the same.

  • James

    I too own a sprinkler company. Home Adviser has been a huge asset to my business. You pay for the lead not the sale. 10-15 dollars for a lead is cheaper than web hosting at 300 per month. Highly recommend this service to any business owner!

    • Gks

      web hosting is about 9 bucks a month…i’ve paid as much as 50…but 300 is a joke!

    • Ms Truth

      300 a month!? What f**ckin webhosting provider are YOU using? Webhosting is from about $6.99 to $49.99 (depending on how many extras you get). James, Joe, and the rest of the people relentlessly defending Home Advisor WORK for Home Adviser. Their review are FAKE as f**ck. You’d have to be extremely stupid not to see that.

      • james mccutcheon

        I DO NOT work for Home Advisor. Web hosting is cheap but optimizing is another story. Check the prices. I am a school teacher and small business owner. I have had great success with their service. Feel free to look up my information: McCutcheon Irrigation in San Marcos Texas.

  • Vladi Frias

    Thats why you guys who get ripped off should hire internat marketing consultants we would steer you right.

    • justdoit

      If you cant afford advertising this way’ just’-getout’ -ofit’…

  • Steven

    We were promised big results and positive profits for our house cleaning business. Bu the leads we got were bad, except for 1. Lost nearly $200 with no positive return. Customer service is joke. Their job is to sooth you and continue billing you. SCAM

  • Dave

    BAR Services (Contractor) – We Got ripped off 2. Had to close dredit card account. Run!!!!! Just a big SCAM.
    F – Them aka Home Advisor lol

  • Mark

    My story is also very similar to other complaints: big promises, bad results. They don’t provide credits for invalid leads easily or at all in some cases. Attention Contractors… Beware! You should not do business with HomeAdvisors.

    • Kenneth

      You have to be business minded. The leads are distributed to several companies at the same time. What I do is before the automated lead which comes to me overe my phone, I quickly hang up , go to the Home Advisor app retreive the lead’s name and call the number. Most of the time the homeowner is still on the site( because first call, first served). you must know how to talk to the potiential customer. I say I am calling in reguards to your service request and I would be gad to come out and give them an estimate. I have a better than 80% closing rate. I turn my leads on , get 3 or 4 leads then turn them off until those are addressed. I may not get them all but that’s how Home advisor works. Sometimes you have to bid lower than normal to secure that homeowner will call you back providin you do a exceptional job. Use you ratings as a selling point as well.

  • Solar Holmes

    OMG….They have done the same thing to us. They give us a contact phone # and of course NO ANSWER…..we are into them for 300.00…..RUN!

  • Guest

    I have used Service Magic in the past with great success. However, my most recent experience was with the new owner Home Advisor. The quality of professional using this company has changed. I interviewed a young lady for cleaning services in my home and decided to hire somebody else. This woman stalked me on the telephone and harassed me. She called me over fifteen (15) times in a matter of days. During her last call she played rap music into my answerphone for four (4) minutes. I contacted the company and was advised, a week later, by their Customer Solutions Team, that they would tag this individuals file. I feel sorry for anybody who hires this young woman–she is unstable. I can’t even imagine what she is capable of doing should she be hired and susequently fired by anybody.

  • don

    I just joined and now seeing this sight realize its time to back to old school word of mouth.
    perhaps someone on this sight can recommend some free quality internet advertising.

  • Stephen Johnson

    Home Advisor is very beneficial for many of these contractors as shown above because they don’t screen the contractors to make sure they are properly licensed and insured for the work they do. For example, I had a drywall and painting company do work on my home for $18,000.00 and I later found out that the contractor we hired was a class C instead of a Class B or A. What a scam!!!

    • george

      Stephen, Class A contractors are general engineering contractors, class B are general building, and class C is specialty like home improvement, such as painters, dry walling, roofers, landscape, masons etc. are class C. It’s not a grade, it’s a classification! Now if they did a bad job, that’s a different thing, always check BBB thought you should know!

      • james

        George, you are right on. I laughed as I read this sorry response from Stephen Johnson. Hey Stephen, do your research.

    • nichole

      That’s funny because an agent from Home Advisor recently called me to sign up with their company. The agent told me that the reason people from the general public/home owners come to them is because they ARE screening the contractors and the employees to make sure contractors entering into someone’s home is legit. Everything I’m reading about this company along with my gut feeling is that my company needs to steer clear.



  • MIKE

    Thanks for the heads up guys. And to think I was actually thinking of joining. SMH

    • Zarko

      It took me 3 days since opening account with them 5 leads ( 2 bogus, 2 not responding and one maybe ) $ 247.00 for nothing. My mistake is that I did not do the homework like you.

  • James

    You guys are idiots and don’t understand how lead generation works. I have a sprinkler system company and use Home Advisor and other 3rd parties. They are not sending you customers information that they think you would like. The customer is filling this out. If the phone number is wrong or they are shopping around then thats not Home Advisors fault. You sit here and cry because your paying for a lead. A lead….. not a sale. Learn to run a business and turn your leads to sales.

    People like you crack me up and thank the lord this is my competition in the business world.

    • justdoit

      haa’haa!–>>>JAMES <<< YOU ARE SO CORRECT’_Imature_not ready for the real BUSSINES WORLD’_I’VE just GOTIN’_and already making PROFITS’ …5 new steady customers’ love it’, over the last 1 1/2 I spent nearly ………………1000.00 ‘on newspaper advertising, not that many customers ‘either;..-also for the standing .;just got me the rite; connection from HOMEADVISOR a MILLION DOLLAR CLIENT’!!!already started working with him’…

    • Sam

      this lead costs money though. They send you and a million other contractors the same lead and say it is a "exclusive" to you. I don’t think anyone is crying about the lead but more so what a rip off this service really is. Homeowners and contractors really need to look into this service.

    • james

      James, you are an idiot. Its called a scam, as much as what you are! These so-called lead sale companies should be sued and closed down. Most of us know how to run a business that generates more money than your sorry business, but the fact remains that they are a SCAM. Idiots as yourself crack me up!

  • Ron Wil

    I got an unsolicited call from a HA rep trying to sign me up, after I turned them down several times months before. I end up arguing with all their reps that normally start sounding like Used Cars Salesmen before their pitch is over. Cause I refuse to sign any agreement and refuse to give them auto access to my bank account. My point to them is to "bill the person wanting the work done" instead of billing the contractor of the subcontractor for their bread and butter. This really **** them off.

  • Victor

    I was working with Home Advisor known as Service Magic before,
    They sent me about 26 leads and I only got 3 of them. the customers never answered my calls.
    When I called customer service to cancel the service they told me that the customers they had sent me
    will call me in a couple of years. Now they are offering $1000 dollars free leads.

    • Danny p

      same thing happening to me leads bad phone numbers and or e-mails and no credits when i can not contact the customer. 2 leads in one day and zero contacts. no help from home advisor

  • NJTechCompany

    So here is another one for you all. After several issues with previous leads, today we decided to test out their lead distribution process, so I get my tech support guy to setup a fake customer request through HomeAdvisor. Within 30 secs of the submitting the request online, we get the automated call from HomeAdvisor with details of the lead. While listening to the automated message, a competitor from 40 miles away calls my tech support guy responding to the lead. We didn’t even get thru the automated phone message and have a chance to "connect with the customer’. But you have pay for the lead anyway. This fake request was for a job in our own town / zipcode and yet someone 40 miles away gets the lead first. This is BS. The sales person from HomeAdvisor (Andre Dupree) lied to us about the process and lead billing. Told me that if the customer doesn’t call you back or engage then you will not be billed. That turns out to be a total lie. We closed our account with HomeAdvisor today after only 3 weeks. Total waste of time.

  • Randy

    I was contacted by Home advisor yesterday the sales rep was spoon feeding me bullshit and never did get to the answer of how much it will cost me or how the program worked.Said he would give me a free website for local biz and that they pay google 7 million dollars a year to get their websites ranked #1. ha I know this to be BS too. I told him so and told him I was done talking and hung up…he called back 2 more times. I guess no means call back twice.

  • tazergirl

    I feel for you contractors ’cause I get where you are coming from and I believe you! I am a homeowner. I wanted to get some quotes for a carport. While searching the web for local contractors, I came across the HomeAdvisor site, so I called. When the HA rep asked about my cell number (apparently had it from some old service magic project), I IMMEDIATELY TOLD HIM NOT TO GIVE OUT THAT NUMBER!, but the ****-hole did give out that number. Within 5 mins of talking to their JERK OF A REP!, my cellphone was ringing off the hook, at work! So, I’m sure that you contractors that got my cell phone number were totally **** when I did not answer. YOU CAN BLAME HA FOR THAT F@CK UP, NOT ME! I WILL NEVER CALL THOSE JACKASSES AGAIN! I will trash their name every chance I get. THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, TOTAL FRAUD!!!! THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDING THE CONSUMER & THE CONTRACTOR!!! Doesn’t surprise me one bit that Chris Terrill is the CEO of these losers, have some pride in your company, dude!

  • DMD

    I am a contractor and used Home Advisor. The leads I received at first was pretty good. I landed about 3 out of 5. After a few weeks, the leads were bad. Wrong number, customers wanting work that I don’t do, and several shoppers. Needless to say after a couple of weeks, I was spending much more money and not getting good leads. Home Advisor did re-imberse a couple of the leads, but all in all; I am closing my account because its not panning out. Plus, 25 to 30 bucks a lead and not getting the job adds up.
    I agree with some of the comments. I think a great deal of the leads are known to be bad and they are selling them anyways. Poor ethics !

    • my name is Danny and I am a web consultant for a company in Atlanta. I hear some many different things about Home Advisor litterally EVERYDAY. I even tested it out for myself when search for a landscaper, I was connected right to the call center of Home Advisor, where the lady had told me that the number to the contractor was wrong, then she said that the contractor wasn’t looking to take on anymore new customers, which made absolutely no sense. What business owner in 2013 will turn down new business??? So towards the end of that call I began receiving massive calls from about 4-5 different contractors for a least a week.

  • Brandon

    HomeAdvisor is a scam, all things wrote here are very true. They gave address, phone, emails, and names and charged you already at your credit card, and no one will respond. They ripped us $700 and they don’t want to give the money back. HOME ADVISOR is A FRAUD. They are bogus. No leads at all. They need to put in jail.

    • Hey Brandon, I completely understand where you are coming from on this issue. What kind of work do you do?

  • kathy

    Well, just a matter of minutes ago, I went on Home Advisor.com looking for someone to do siding repair. They showed me only 2 companies-one I’d never heard of, and Sears. I was still looking at the page, debating whether I wanted to contact either company, when I got a call from Sears, who was all eager to do a free estimate on a complete redo with vinyl–until I made them understand all I want is a fairly small repair, to my HARDIEPLANK siding! I made this very clear on the Home Advisor website. I’m going to look somewhere else now.

  • Anthony

    They where SERVICE MAGIC before they where HOME ADVISOR. They had a bad name
    before and as I read all the complaints, they are a bad company today. By the way this is the 3rd time they have changed their name?? MAKING ANY SENSE??

    • I feel you. I’m a new business owner and I’m not even thinking twice about doing business with a company that changes their name so many times. That right there is telling me they have bad ratings and service.

  • Allen

    I just canceled my account with Home Advisor, For anyone thinking of advertising with them DONT!!!!!!!!

  • Randall

    Thanks all! I just got my C-10 in CA. I will stay away from these people.

  • matthew84

    Ive never used or heard of homeadvisor but they somehow acquired my name and number. I have been getting calls from home inspectors on behalf of homeadvisor about a home im apparently purchasing. Im not even purchasing a home, nor have i ever inquired about one. Sounds to me like they are sending fake leads and illegaly using peoples information.

    • anthony

      File a BBB complaint. I own and operate a business . If Home Advisor doesn’t make you
      happy or respond within 30 days it goes down as a unresolved case. After getting a certain number of these unresolved cases ( and if your not happy with the results it goes down as unresolved. You can file on the computer just google filing a complaint with your BBB

    • anthony

      We are a contractor and last year we received over 7 leads in one day. Of the 7 leads
      only 1 was verifiable. The others where disconnected phone #s or in one case we called
      a customer for over a week figuring they where out of town. We finally had 2 technicians
      that where in the area and work for us stop by and see if anyone answered the door and had
      that name and phone #. Come to find out the name was wrong and the phone # given to us by Home Advisor was not thiers??

  • anonymous

    I used the website to submit my request to one company. Next thing I know, without my consent, an account was created for me and my requests where sent to other companies. I have attempted to email homeadvisor.com directly and we will see what they have to say, though I don’t expect much.

    • AJA

      This is true and happens all the time. I used to work at HA and what they do is use affiliate relationships with other websites to drive traffic to them. What ends up happening is they do not announce that you have been directed to their site from the other you where on and so the consumer gets confused and often angry as they feel tricked by HomeAdvisor.

  • Jane

    Yesterday I began doing preliminary research into getting my roof replaced. I completed a few internet searches to start getting familiar with companies in my area, but since I am 1+ year away from wanting to begin the work, I did not contact any of the companies, I did not request any estimates, and I certainly did not provide my name or contact information to any website. To my surprise, I was called by 4 companies today who all left messages saying they were responding to my HomeAdvisor request. Confused and annoyed at this point, I called the phone number I could find for HomeAdvisor and the representative tried to convince me that I had requested their services at 1:30pm that afternoon (a time I just so happened to be busy at work) and she also tried to convince me they had an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau, despite me already looking up to see that they are not BBB accredited but instead have over 580 complaints against them. I am now fully convinced that HomeAdvisor hacked my personal information and tried to defraud the companies they presented my "lead" to. I am DISGUSTED.

    • stephanie

      Yeah cuz companies spend all their IT to personally hack your info and spam you…grow up and join the real world where people do their jobs and idiots like you submit information online and then claim it to be harrassment. Let me guess your husband is miserable to your I am always right attitude, or you are single.

  • Alicia P

    They are dishonest! We have spent over $10, 000 + year to date and have experienced EVERYTHING you guys have. We call the lead back within 3 minutes and the clients have said we were the 6th person who has called from Home Advisor or they submitted the lead weeks ago and the work was already done. That was if we could get ahold of them. Most phone numbers are bad and emails are never responded to. When I spoke to a H/A agent his words were "We cannot guarantee the validity of the leads". What? But u will charge top dollar?

    To the person who said "shame on the contractor" and look at your business… I agree, we did that and I personally managed the leads……. The only thing we learned was Service Magic or Home Advisor are taking advantage of businesses in hopes they wont pay enough attention to the leads to know they are a scam. Bottom line-I wouldnt pay $5 for one of their leads.

    • AJA

      I agree I used to work at HomeAdvisor and because of the dishonest dealings our network of contractors would turn over at a rate of 50% every six months.

  • Georg

    I HATE HOME ADVISOR! You contractors SHOULD be upset with these UNETHICAL LOSERS!!! I called to find a contractor to do a carport at my home in Garland, Tx. The 1st thing the rep asked about was my cell phone number? I told the rep IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS NOT TO GIVE OUT MY CELL PHONE! WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF HANGING UP WITH THE REP, I GOT 5 CALLS ON MY CELL! I prompty sent HA an email, telling them that I am TOTALLY PISSED and I would not be returnind ANY leads from them, especially the ones that called my cell phone, while I’m at work! So you contractors should NOT PAY FOR MY LEAD, IT WAS A DEAD LEAD THE MOMENT YOU GOT IT!

  • TomP

    As a consumer, I contacted Home Advisor for termite control suggestions, making it clear that orange oil would not suffice for this situation. They gave me 2 leads, both that do only orange oil. So they are providing lazy automated search. Of course I got a couple pushy emails about all this other stuff I had no use for. Thumbs down, no value added from Home Advisor.

  • yaacov

    I’ve stopped doing business with Home Advisor because of their questionable business practices. I’ve received lead where I contacted a customer within Few mints of receiving the lead only to be told they already had the work completed. I’ve received leads with addresses and customers names that DON"T exist. About 90% of the leads are customers who won’t pick-up the phone or return phone calls or E-mail. I’ve wasted hundreds of hours of my time and hundreds of dollars with Home Advisor. They also told my customers false information which reflected badly upon my company. They are taking advantage of customers AND contractors.

    • Anthony

      This is fraud. If you can document ( more than one instance ) in your local area, and get with at least 2-5 other contractors that have had this same experience you can go to the attorney generals office. MAKE SURE AND TWITTER AND FACEBOOK information
      about this company. I twitter and facebook 30 minutes a week. Also your local BBB is a good way to put a dent in their corvette. It takes about 30 minutes to fill out online and
      Service Magic ( Home advisors has 30 days to respond otherwise it goes down as
      unresolved ) If you are not happy with your results , it shows 1 unresolved complaint.

      I own a business and ALWAYS RESOLVE my complaints if possible.

  • Travis

    It worked for me. I’m not a contractor but a consumer. I had 4-5 bids on a new furnace. All companies were legit. Competition gave me–the consumer–the ability to choose based on character, cost, and integrity. I’ll keep an eye out for any shady tactics but I got nothing so far.

  • Dexter Robertson

    I was hired by Service Magic contractor to sophit vinle siding @ a Methodist Church. He sold job, got payment for materials, bought half of them, I subbed work, he was paid by church, an skipped out without paying me my last $400. Plus, committee man stated got more material money than suppost to, leaving the church with non refunded debit. Oh, by the way, my quality of work was good enough to do several jobs for them. Photos seen @ robertsonremodeling.weebly.com….. guess yu could say **** payed me.

  • Dawn

    I’ve stopped doing business with Home Advisor because of their questionable business practices. I’ve received lead where I contacted a customer within 2 mins of receiving the lead only to be told they already had the work completed. I’ve received leads with addresses and customers names that DON"T exist. About 70% of the leads are customers who won’t pick-up the phone or return phone calls. I’ve wasted hundreds of hours of my time and hundreds of dollars with Home Advisor. They also told my customers false information which reflected badly upon my company. They are taking advantage of customers AND contractors.

  • Paul

    This company is the biggest rip off i have seen, i joined and quit 3 days later, thank god i
    did , they rip off contractors by not giving them leads that will lead to a job and in return
    you are expected to pay them for getting an email that leads to nothing !!!!!

  • Response

    Home Advisor has false leads.. We received several leads and not one customer called us back and once we got curious, we decided to drive by with the address they gave us, and come to find out the house was barely being built. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!! You will lose your money, I promise!!!!

    • Robert Ganski

      Please call me or email me in connection with your experiences with HomeAdvisor.

      Robert Ganski

      • anthony

        I am a contractor and have experienced fraud with this company

  • Adam

    Home Advisor is great for the home owner, They do everything for you to get the job done. You are able to get many quotes and check out everyones rating. As a home owner I thought it was great.

    Now as i use Home advisor for my buisness I have found the down side to it. They dont let the homeowner no that once you put your info in that many contractors are charged $$$$ for your information. I myself have been charged $$$$ for BAD LEADS. This is were the home owner was goofing off and submitted info with no intentions on getting a quote. There are many home owners that wont even answer the phone.. Home Advisor rarely credits you any money back. Even though I have been charged big money that i never even got to bid on. I still have made money by using this site and word of mouth goes a long ways to satisfied customers.

  • Bev Oliveri

    I went on line to get bids for changing a ceiling fan. I went with 1st Action Electric (Marty) and was very pleased.He arrived on time, was very nice and the job was done pretty quickly. I would recommend his comany to a friend.

    Bev Oliveri

    • Kenneth Smith

      I found a great website that blow home advisor out of the water. They charge a flat annual fee of $250 and you get listed on their website and the customer can reach out to you business directly. visit http://www.qwotester.com

  • Jim

    I called a local plumber number I found online for a water heater repair
    It turned out to be routed through the Home Advisor system with no warning.

    So I went through the steps of having them forward my info on to the guy.
    When he finally called me back he quoted me $350 to replace a thermocouple

    I went to Menards and did the repair myself for $6

    Don’t waste your time with these ‘experts’… bah

  • Larry Morris

    Homeadvisor or what ever, does anything illegal they can to defraud people out of money
    they claim i owe them for leads i never got, for leads i never contacted,im more than willing to pay them
    for anyone they say i called or contacted, but only if i got the leads, what they do is send the same lead several times and then try and charge people as much as they want and for leads they never got these people need to be shut down their nothing more than scam artist.

  • Donna and Fred

    Home Advisor must have sold our phone number and name to many, many contractors. We get from 2 to 12 calls most days. And it never ends. We hired our LOCAL contractor, after seeing that all of Home Advisor’s contractors were from L.A., 1-1/2 or more hours away. Our work has long since been done, but we are harrassed continually with more calls from calling rooms.

  • Robert Pruitt

    I am so tired of hearing these these contractors complaining about Home Advisor. They are contractors failing in their own business. All home advisor can do is to provide the leads, it is your responsibility to make contact and sell. Quit crying and do something positive with your life and business.

    • steve

      Start your own business, sign up with homeadvisor….THEN criticize us.

    • Joe Joe the Plumber

      So you are saying that Home Advisor will let just anybody who will pay them for the leads go out to peoples homes then? Even these contractors who are failing in their businesses, without any pre-qualification? You don’t see the outright fallacy in your logic (or lack thereof)? Please, remove hoof from mouth, then go see a doctor! You seem to be missing a connection between your skull bone and your mouth!!

    • jeremy

      Home adviser does send some legitimate leads, I am a custom home builder, my leads cost about $65 a pop, there are 4 leads that they sent no answer on phone or email from client, what gets even better is my credit card was exspired, and they informed me but they had been sernding me so many bogus leads I never gave them a new card but they sent me bogus leads anyway, these are people that never answer or respond, I cant pay for that, and now they have sent it to collection, we really nead a class action law suit against them, its not the consumer who gets burned, so there happy it is the contractor.

    • Carl

      You’re an idiot with a BIG mouth!

    • Brian

      Hey Robert I am with Home advisor and been with them since 2010. I feel your comment is unjust and a little immature. Yes they provide the leads but half the customers never answer or don’t fill out the paper work correctly so we no we get charged for something we cant even do, or the customer doesn’t even want. Than Home Advisor wont give us a credit because the customer might change there mind in the next year or 2. What a joke. As far as failing on my job that is far from the truth. I don’t know you (prefer not to) but you have NO right to put any contractor or remodeler down unless you know the whole story. So please don’t show your true intelligence until you know what you are talking about.

    • Guillermo Meneses

      Excuse me Robert but I would call immediatly after I recieved a lead and would not get a response from lead time and time again! Others would say they were not ready that they were in escrow and would contact me when they were ready. Guess what? Never heard from them. I can go on and on.

    • mike wells

      Suck an egg

    • Anne-Marie

      It’s not for contractors falling in their own business, its suppose to be additional advertising, but when you get 15 leads and no one calls you back what are you suppose to think, or when you get a lead at 11 PM and you call at 8 am and they claim a service was done on their home overnight you know its BS

    • Amanda Jones

      Obviously your a sucker.

  • jerry

    Home Advisor/Service magic do not make it clear to customers that their information is being sold to contractors. Most home-owners go on the website thinking they are about to get a price form an online calculator type of software. Service magic had so many horrible reviews, they changed their name to Homeadvisor. Do not fall for it!

  • Lee Ann

    I am a consumer and it makes me mad to read these complaints from contractors. I used Home Advisor to find a contractor -Here’s what happened to me- I got an immediate response from about 10 contractors, by phone and by email. I spoke to most of them. A few were unable to do the work that needed to be done(Looking for a painter, someone to lay flooring, a someone to fix drywall in the bathroom and build a small ramp), 2 made appointments and never showed up although one called the next day and said that "He just got busy". The Handyman who did show up built a ramp that was too narrow (he promised to fix it, but never did) repaired the damaged drywall and fixed the ceiling(good job here) and then contracted to paint the bedroom. He charged 300.00 (We started at 200, but he kept adding work that he never completed, to increase the price. He walked off. leaving the job incomplete. and I paid him. He called later to try to add add’l work, but when I told him that I wouldn’t pay anymore, he cursed me out. Unbelievable! Home Advisor customer service was as good as gold. They did everything that they could do to help reach a resolution. When I couldn’t work it out, Home Advisor found another painter who had worked with them awhile. I hate to say this, but look to your own community for the fault in this and quit blaming it on Home Advisor.

    • HomeAdvisor Lies

      Here’s problem with your scenario, Lee Ann… You the home owner were taken care of, but HomeAdvisor promises the contractor that only 3-4 contractors, tops, will receive the same lead… You were contacted, you say, by "about 10 contractors, by phone and by email". HomeAdvisor lies to the contractors, the only ones paying for their service. Sorry, but these contractors have a right to complain.

    • steve

      The problem with HomeAdvisor is that they promise the contractors who sign up to pay for leads, that no more than 4 contractors will get the leads….and here, you get responses from 10….I know this for a fact as I just stopped working with HomeAdvisor for this very reason. I paid $300 for 14 leads.I did get 2 jobs out of it but my profit is very very little. …And, I found that most customers used the 1st guy to call them, regardless of price…I only got a hold of 3 out of 14…I would call in no more than 30 seconds after the lead reached my phone. Leaving me to believe the leads don’t go out at the same time.

      • mark

        I am right there with you Steve. I could hardly get their leads on the phone,much less get face to face with them. Most of the leads were people fishing for the cheapest price. I got one job out of 5 months of leads. All of my other forms of advertising work much better and are WAY cheaper.

        • Just Saying

          Dear Mark and Steve if you read Lee Ann’s post she had quotes for multiple jobs not just one. There in lies part of the problem you don’t read. Second you are responsible for presenting your business in a professional manner. If your not winning bids look at yourself and your business and stop blaming other companies for your failure. I’m familiar with their service and how it works if it was such a bad business then answer this question. How and Why does the company keep growing and retaing service professionals? The ones that fail are the ones that complain and blame the company. That is just a Fact of any business if they fail it’s always someone elses fault after all that is far easier than examining the real reason why they fail.

      • SCOT

        Agreed and in this word is what home advisor is all about GREED !!!!!!!

    • Joe joe the plumber

      So, are you just a poor judge of character then, and HomeAdvisor is to be commended for helping you out of bad judgement? How did you end up with someone unqualified to do the work to begin with, a scamster? Hmmm, thank you for the pre-screening HomeAdvisor! And you paid the guy anyway? What I find "unbelievable" is your taking umbrage at your own lack of reading character! So out of the 5000 contractors that came out, you chose this guy, and we should take your word that HomeAdvisor is the good guys? Sounds like you got what you deserve!!! Maybe ask friends, family, or neighbors next time.

    • guest

      I am a contractor with HA, they make consumers believe they screen contractors and that they are reliable. All they do is sign as many contractors up as they can, the more they have, the more they can charge for leads. It may come as a surprise but HA doesn’t check ANY references. Home Advisor doesn’t care about the consumer or the contractor

      • scot

        They need to scan the home/business owner and let them know that when they hit enter it will be taking money out of contractor pockets

      • AJA

        I used to work for HomeAdvisor and can confirm references are not checked

      • You are so right. This is for Lee Ann. As a customer you should not had went through that much headache just to get work done with your home. Signing up with a business that suppose to give you high qualified, experienced, and trustful business people to do a job for you, you should feel confident that you will not be trashing your money on half work and unreliable workers. This is how I know for a fact that HA is a scam. I’am a new business owner for a cleaning company. I had not registered for a GA state business license, I had not even establish an EIN # nor protected my name. One of the rep. at HA that was working with me for a week, was so quick to convince me to sign up as a contractor with them and she called my phone ridiculously every week. I find it to be a scam for customers and contractors. My business not even LEGALLY establish yet and HA already trying to through leads at me. That is probably why you had so much bad service because some of these business guys probably not even real business men.

      • Tim j.

        Not sure that’s still true I just signed up as a contractor and my neighbor had us repair several issues with their house. HA called to verify every step of what we did and asked for a reliable contact and review. They do check maybe these things in the passed happened not saying they didn’t but they are definitely checking now.

    • Pat Hanson

      Lee Ann
      I have been doing business with Service Magic for years and first of all, they do not want you to think for a minute that once you fill out their on line inquiry, that by the way and by design does not provide you with enough information to convey exactly what it is that you wand done, when you hit submit they instantly bill 6 or 7 contractors for a lead. They have just made their money and whether you are happy or the contractors are happy they could care less. The reason that you may not get a response from a contractor is that when the lead generated and forwarded it may not even be what the contractor was seeking from the service. With gasoline as high as it is today these leads cost the contractor the $75 that the service charged plus the time and cost of visiting to see what it is that you may want. The only one happy with this service is the online business with whom you took the time to fill out the inquiry. Don’t be mad at the contractor he is being scammed too.

    • guest

      I paid for a popcorn ceiling removal…he asked for his money…its the holidays….only cleanup left. Never showed or called has tons of reviews on Home advisor all 5 star… they were matched to his facebook friends. Left the place trashed and never returned call to haul debris or fix screen. Suppose to be prescreened….well I look up this guy on Florida mugshots…there he was with 2 felony arrests. So much for your prescreening!

      • Guest

        Fine….I will gladly tell you this person’s name….he should be pulled from your network or you need to do a better job on screening…you will need to reply back…at this point I will tell people not to use your services if you are not weeding out the felons!

    • william petitpas

      im glad you got an immediate response.but i just started with them,paid my $69.99,and its been 2 weeks,and they do not get back to me.is that fair?

      • william petitpas

        i also called my credit card company,not to let home advisor,charge anymore to my account. its benn two weeks scince i paid,and nothing.its a 2 way street.so i do not see,why customers get involved,unless they got screwed by their contractor.because your satisfied,its not alright,to screw the contractor.

    • Tammie Foster

      Let me fill you in. They say they do background checks and make sure the so call contractors have a license. It’s a lie My friend signed up which he is a felony and has no license and they were sending him leads. You can defend them if you want, suppose a known felony came to your house to do work and something happened? Glad they gave you good customer service, but is that more important then your safety? It’s a scam all the way around.

    • just me

      As a contractor that is licensed and insured with the scope of work ghat you say was done you are lucky it wasn’t three thousand. Do you really know how much it cost a contractor for insurance. Licenses and permits. Sorry you had a bad exsperiance but contractors are always get the blame for customers that have no clue on what even a two by four cost

    • Amanda


  • ken H

    Sounds to me as a contractor who just listened to a pathetic sales pitch from Home advisor. It would be much wiser to engage in advertising on you own and not let some hokie company into your business. companies such as these are middle men who take your money for nothing. Giving an entity controll of your credit card is the most idiotic thing I could imagine. Just do a good job be honest. you will have more business than you can handle

  • John

    Home Advisor states that they screen all there potential new contractors and confirm that they are licensed and no criminal back ground,,,thats B.S sure they might screen them at the time of signing up but they definetly don’t continue to screen them
    I did a background check on a contractor myself and I found multiple red flags
    My msg to all of you is home advisor does not make sure there contractors remain on the up and up

  • J. Stewart

    I have had several jobs denied for credit recently as well. In the past I was able to speak with a supervisor and re-state my case and actually get reconsideration in some cases that helped balance out the losses but recently that has changed. In the past I have been able to get some false leads to write email testimony to me which I would forward to HomeAdvisor proving they were false leads and had no intention of wanting to be contacted. Now I am being told that they will no longer take or make any email correspondence to determine if a lead is false nor will they attempt to make any phone calls after business hours to speak to anyone who has submitted a request for service to determine if it is in fact a false lead so unless the potential client is rich enough to stay home all day they will never be able to speak to anyone to verify that it is a false lead. When Service Magic teamed up with Better Homes and gardens I got several false leads by people filing out what they thought were surveys for coupons and other items to actually have their information forward to contractors how would then contact them as a true business lead. This has started to happen again with HomeAdvisor. One person thought they were submitting to get a sporting goods coupon and was willing to help submit this information to get my credit but HomeAdvisor refused to call the person when he was home n the evenings and stated they do not verify false leads by email correspondence. They are using the internet to market leads but refuse to use the same system to credit for false leads. I had no idea it was this bad. Sadly……My trust in HomeAdvisor has really been diminished.

  • C-T

    Like most of the comments here – be aware of HomeAdvisor and their high-pressure selling techniques. Their service and fee method has serious issues, and does not work for the professionals.

    I got a call recently from a salesperson from HomeAdvisor. He was courteous and chatty. The idea behind HomeAdvisor is good so I listened. However, what bothers me is the fact that we, the "professionals", have to pay a "$57 viewing fee" for "EVERY" leads they send over. I asked several questions about the leads and the logic behind it (shouldn’t the customer looking for service be paying for the "finder’s fee"?). What the young man replied was the reiteration of these standardized answers about how great their company is and how big their legal department is – his replies worry me even more because he obviously does not care about the concerns I had, and only tried to impress me (or intimidate me) with their name.

    Colleagues, be aware. How great a company and how big of a legal department have nothing to do if they are crooks and try to scam your money by sending you empty leads or if they want to "represent you" – once your money is out of your pocket/credit card, it is almost impossible to get it back. (remember, Bernie Madoff also ran a big company and I am sure he had strong legal department, too). At the end, some red flag kept coming up and I refused to provide my SSN to this guy. He kept sending me emails trying to convince me otherwise. His several emails were all just some generic links to HomeAdvisor and had nothing to do with the legal questions and billing related questions I asked about. Once I politely turned down his high-pressure selling techniques, I got a very long message accusing me how I did a 180 on him. Lovely.

  • Jonathon

    Hello every one I am a Contractor and signed up to this site morning of 4/12/13 and they call me at 7:30 am that’s early. Also the suport guy said that he wanted my info of my bank account and SSN that is not right.
    I thought it was going to be ok but then later in the day they sent me a lead on a customer and when I called they did not answer: the first time they did not answer then the second time they answered and some how did not hear me then the third time did not answer. I also emailed them and did not get in contact with them so I was charged with $15.50 so a lead that did not go no where and was probably fake or old, I got charged so I will not work with these guys anymore. Its 2:00 am and I found out that this website (Home Adviser) is ripping people off with lots of money and have bad contractors that are not licensed.
    So the point is that these guys are fake and do not give them your information of any sort.
    To not get charged before the week is over cancel your bank account that you gave them and then you will not get charged with any sort of fees or anything. Please tell your contracting friends that this place is not good.

  • Liz Johnson

    Am a homeowner. Was very taken aback to start receiving phone calls from service providers before I had even registered for anything. It was actually a bit scary to think that these strangers had my personal info so quickly!!! This site should be set up to make it very clear that this will happen. And also one should have the choice BEFORE entering in a phone number as to whether or not to allow contractors to call you. I understand how contractors would want to jump on a lead but it’s very disconcerting to someone who wasn’t expecting it and leads to the consumer not actually having control over which contractor they might want to deal with. I thought I would be given a choice of which contractor I wanted to call. This method would also save the contractors the money of having to call someone for a lead that has no chance of panning out.

    Within five minutes of using this website I had my first problem with it. Five minutes later the second problem started from a call from a contractor who apparently set up an appointment with me that he had NO intention of keeping. Third strike is that there was no place on the homeadvisor.com website to register these complaints directly; in other words they aren’t willing to accept criticism and possibly change or improve their website.

    Three strikes in one day – this site is OUT of my life for good!!!!

    • Mandy Black

      Hi Liz –

      I’m sorry to hear about your concerns. If you want to pick the contractor you want to call, you would want to submit in a request through the "Pro Reviews" section on our site. This would allow you to browse reviews and choose who you want to be matched with. You may also always call customer service at 877-699-4736 to connect with a project specialist. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. You may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

      Thank you,

      Mandy Black

  • Michelle Lax

    I too just tried to get HomeAdvisor to help me resolve a complaint against a carpet/furniture cleaner who I used and they did not do anything to help me. This was Over the Mountain Carpet Cleaners in Birmingham, AL and they left my carpet and sectional sofa and area rug soaking wet. My sofa grew mildew it was so bad. He wanted to come out and redo it but I do not want that man in my house ever again. I sent them the bill and my cancelled check but they would not give me a refund.

    • Mandy Black

      Hi Michelle –

      I sent your information over to our customer solutions team to follow up with you today.


      Mandy Black

    • guest

      Michelle: I am a carpet cleaner with HA, I just responded to another post. HA doesn’t even check references when signing up contractors, all they are in it for is the money. I have to compete with these incompetent cleaners because they low ball every bid and HA doesn’t care what quality of contractor they sign up, as long as they will pay for the lead

  • Chris

    Here is the truth homeadvisor/ former servicemagic will not replace leads generated by there competition. Companies puting in false leads to get contractors info to sell you advertisement. If no one picks up the phone to say they did not put in request you will not get refunded your money. Plus takes time to put in lead replacement. Plus if you get a strange customer you will be stuck with there low rating, wich will effect your sales.

  • Gabe Kis

    I was with Service Majic now Home Advisor. There prices have gone up 80%. They have partnered with DIY Amy Matthews and gives advice to consumers on how to beat the contractor down. They also give the consumer an online cost guide. Clearly NOT professional. They are biting the hand that feeds them. After going to pay per click I noticed that "Home Advisor" uses multiple names in the top Google,Bing and Yahoo searches to trick the consumer into thinking small companies are not credible and that they have a rating system. It’s false a blatent lie. They no longer require contractors to have insurance and I helped a client get back all of her money from a contractor that ripped her off. The contractor is still allowed to stay on with Home Advisor. Home Advisor is a company that Cyber squats they hog all the top paid listings. I am a 5 star rated celebrity contractor that is a regular on network Television. Contractors and homeowner beware .

  • Dave Del Rossi

    I just happened to see a review of a network contractor on their site (5 stars) so I hired him. Now I have to get an electrician in to undo some damage done by him (he will not return calls or emails). So from the consumer side I have my doubts about this company, wish I had read this first!

  • Laura

    I have been with Home Advisor since January. About half my leads have been duds where the number is bad or noone responds to my calls or emails. When I call home advisor, as long as they can verify that the phone number and email are not valid they will refund your money. I had one lady who I got as a lead, she said she wanted a house cleaner but when I called her to confirm and set up a date to meet she said all she really wanted was someone to talk to. I am in the house cleaning business not the counceling business. Of course when Home Advisor called her to verify if she was valid she said she was and they would not give me credit but for the most part I am getting good solid leads and I am happy with them.

  • william

    Took me a while to figure the system out. 10 as soon as the lead comes in drop what your doing and call. 2) set confirmed appointment to visit the customer 3) you have to regulate your leads by turning them on and off. After I get a few leads, I turn them off for a week, day, month, whatever, and I win the bids about 75% of the time. Did not start that way. had a salesperson call me everyday for weeks then he promised all leads would cost only $15 each. That got me going but lost money on leads till I figured it out too.

  • employee

    If you have a criminal record all you have to do is put the account in a friend or relatives name. Call your sales rep. back and they will set it up for you, we don’t really care about that screening, it’s just a facade to con homeowners into thinking they contractors have clean records.

    • Nick Speed

      I am a contractor in the Atlanta area. I have no criminal history at all. There are always ways to beat any system but, for the guys who are at here giving customers true value. This is a great tool and some piece mind for customers.

    • Mandy Black

      Hi "employee" –

      We take thid very seriously and if an employee decides to change the name on an account to a relative or friends name for the professional to hide a criminal background, it is a fire-able offense from our side and the account would be terminated. If you have any questions, you may contact me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

      Thank you,

      Mandy Black

  • pat kane

    I had four contractors come out to my house to give me a price on painting my celling in bathroom’ den and living room and not one of them came back with a price!!!

    • Robb

      Where are you located?

  • susan learn to read

    Susan, you should read before you put in your information. You said you had to answer a bunch of questions…well those questions were about your project, YOUR PHONE NUMBER, YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS, you didn’t mention that did you??

    Learn how to share the WHOLE truth next time!!

  • ExEmployeeisaliar

    Ex-Emp you are an effing liar…you know that crap is made up!! Excite.com?? Really? That is so far from the truth

  • John

    I have been a Service Magic Customer (Now Home Advisor Pro) for a couple of years. Lately, they have been sending me incomplete and bogus client information. When we protest the referrals, they only credit us about 30% of the time. One day they will approve a referral credit and the next day they will deny a referral credit that has been submitted for the exact same reason…..When business gets slow for them, they will load you up with all kinds of worthless referrals and the contractor is stuck with the bill without recourse.

    • Ann

      I joined them last year for a week only. The first lead was good (luckily we sold the job) but the next 2 weren’t. One lady never answered and the next lady said "I just want a idea of cost" she refused a estimate and never called back after we repeatedly tried to reach her. She was just a tire kicker not a real lead. Their response for not reimbursing the lead was "this is potential future work". HOW???? $180 later!

    • Danny

      Hey John, my name is Danny and I am a web consultant for a company in Atlanta. I hear some many different things about Home Advisor litterally EVERYDAY. I even tested it out for myself when search for a landscaper, I was connected right to the call center of Home Advisor, where the lady had told me that the number to the contractor was wrong, then she said that the contractor wasn’t looking to take on anymore new customers, which made absolutely no sense. What business owner in 2013 will turn down new business??? So towards the end of that call I began receiving massive calls from about 4-5 different contractors for a least a week.
      I can’t believe that Home Advisor does not stick to EXACT MATCH as they market.
      What kind of work do you do John??

  • Robert

    Quit crying and blaming HA. You most likely are failing at your own business. Grow up and take responsibility for your failures.

  • kevinplbr

    Kelly if you need some help, email me (nwp223@gmail.com) we also had service magic using our name to channel calls to their call center long after we had cancelled. People, surf the search engines with your companies name and pay attention to how and who is using it, it’s the wild west out there.

  • taim

    Ken, you’re just merely repeating the marketing statement from HA. I bet you’re from HA and you smoke a lot/

  • Tanginamo

    That’s my first impression about Homeadvisor…they give a single lead to multiple contractors and charge each. Assuming they charge $15/contractor X 10 contractors = $150. That’s for single, assuming, legit lead. The "LIAR’s lead"? RUBBISH!

  • Lauren

    Home advisor will let other contractors bid on leads but no more than 3 companies! And only when me, the homeowner asks for more quotes. I love love love home advisor. I think it’s the best way to find local screened professionals. No complaints!

  • Anti-Redbeacon

    Redbeacon sucks – this must be a redbeacon employee saying they are good. I used they and they are terrible and I know there are other complaints too. It was a nightmare and ended up costing me more money to fix everything they did wrong. They messed up the plumbing and walls and much more. I’m thinking of taking them to court.

  • AntiRedbeacon

    Stay away from Redbeacon from Home Depot – they will send you contractors that they pass as qualified, even though they have no skill set and do horrible work. I am now thinking of taking legal action against Redbeacon for the misinformation, stress and cost I have to now take on.

  • j cross

    I am A pro with Home Advisor Yes There are some bad leads but I always get credited. I have also come across some real good commercial ones that led to some big jobs. So I would say Its working for me. One most recent has kept me so busy I had to keep turning off my leads. I ended up turning $15 lead into about 8K. and I am still doing work for these guys.

  • oh Holland

    After referrals are made, the follow-up calls from Home Advisor were relentless and useless. I unsubscribed, then blocked calls from their Colorado and Illinois numbers, but they can call from a variety of numbers. So I finally put a phony number in my profile to stop the calls.

    The referral IU had was good but dealing with Home Advisor in the aftermath has been a royal pain.

  • Mark

    I am a contractor/. Handyman currently using home advisor. I have experienced all of these. I had an existing client that went on the web to get my number. The found it through home advisor but when they call someone from home advisor awnsered and represented my company. They told the customer I didn’t do windows and tried to give away his info to my competitors. Fortunately he was persistent and got the correct phone and contacted me. We since have completed the job of installing 8 windows( not a small $ job). I think it’s great that they get your company out there but they shouldn’t be saying what I do or don’t do talking to a live person. This should be forwarded to me as an exact match so I don’t loose the client or transfer them directly to me. I have since lowered my spending and are cue fly looking into other options. Very frustrating for someone starting out to be led to a high expense with minimal return.


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