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Category: Spa Services
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Corporate Address: 7450 Doctor Phillips Blvd #215
Orlando, Florida 32819 USA

Phone Number: 407-355-0804
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Christopher Anthony Salon & Spa, Orlando Fl

I bought a Spa Day Groupon the first week in June and have found it impossible to use. This Salon has advertised another Groupon offer along with a Living Social offer in this short time.

Each time I have called I have been told I must wait about 3 weeks to get an appointment. I called again this morning and was told the first available date is now July 30!

I contact Groupon twice to complain and request a refund and was told I could not have one. I could wait until a time was available or give away my Groupon to someone else. I see why there are so many complaints about Groupon’s customer service.

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