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Last Updated On: August 26, 2015

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Business Name: PepsiCo Inc
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700 Anderson Hill Rd
Purchase, New York 10577 USA

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Average Rating: 3.50 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $45.00
Average Reported Losses: $15.00

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Pepsi - Empty soda cans

For years I have been buying Pepsi by the case.

lately I have noticed empty cans (no holes in cans) they have been canned empty

since I have been a loyal customer could do something to make up for my trouble

Consumer Comments For Pepsi

  • angela

    bought pepsi that smells like disel fuel and one botter has a tangy taste like lemon. both came from a pizza place.product#1223000,123110 one 2 litter was cherry favor the other regular. i have been drinking pepsi sence i was a teen i am now 51 so i hope someone checks it out. loyal custmer.

  • Penny

    its ok not to post. it…i’ll post on facebook twitter pinterest and any other sites i choose to if i don’t see it here.

  • Penny

    Really? I mean Really? how tight does a bottle cap have to be? I cut my hand trying to open the dang thing…..then had to use channel locks to get it open…this has been going on for months the caps have gotten tighter and tighter…..what is the problem? do you not want us to drink your product? just say so…it’s lots easier to drink a coke when you can at least get the bottle opened….and i pity old folks with arthritis….they are gonna die of thirst if your product is their only choice…..I have been a pepsi drinker all my life….but here i come coke….enough is enough

  • Judy Johnston

    What has happene’s to Pepsi???Countless times I have gotten flat pepsi’s they taste like lead pencil’s.I have always perferred pepsi to coke,but I don’t want to risk it again. I had to recently pour out 2 pkg of 12oz pepsis.I have had can and bottle’s taste that way. I have never bothered to return them as I don’t like the hassel,It’s just easier to buy cokes.. I am not usually one to complain but it has happened more often lately than not.


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