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Category: Social Networks
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Hong Kong People's Republic of China
Email: support@zorpia.com
Company Contact: Jeffrey Ng - Founder and CEO
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Zorpia's calls are being forwarded to my cell phone

I am getting Jeffrey Ng calls forwarded to my cell phone. When someone calls 415-598-8999 the calls are forwarded to my cell phone and I am getting text messages from people very upset with Zorpia.

Zorpia finally emailed me back asking what type of messages I was getting and then never solved the problem or followed up.

I am still getting the calls and messages.

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User Thoughts About Zorpia

4 thoughts on “Zorpia

  1. i would like to cancel my account from zorpia .yesterday i tried and i got the message your account is terminated but today again i have received the message pls cancel delete my name from zorpia

  2. I received a notification that a "friend" had signed me up on Zorpia – went to the site to terminate whatever had been done and I can't get rid of it. Every time I try to enter anything anywhere it tells me before I can do anything I have to upload a picture. Cannot terminate account – have to give a reason and then they try to walk me through my imagined "problem".
    I just want OFF of it!

  3. your joke of a site and phishing practices SUCK!

    do not appreciate you pretending to send messages on behalf of people, in this case my wife, that do not even have an account with you.

    Quit trying to steal names and inflate your member numbers so you can make impression dollars—google and others will pull your cord soon enough!