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Last Updated On: May 1, 2016

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Banned from Friendburst I don't know why

I did nothing wrong, I am so sad. I made friends with some cool people,
who I miss so much! never sent any comments that would hurt anyone!

I really miss my friends! on friendburst! wish I had a chance to talk to them again!
miss them! there!

what I don’t understand is that a lot of people on friendburst, send nudes and erotic comments to there friends why don’t they look into that! They don’t get banned?

something is not right!?

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  • Barbara

    Yeah! Friend is shut down!!!! Too all of the Administrators & secret police bullies that controlled the site and were allowed to spy on other’s e-mail and profiles, please stay away from all the other legit sites that allow for different opinions and beliefs! May I suggest meeting secretly in the dark of nite at your select friends homes to collaborate you narrow opinions and attitudes…I’m am soooo glad that site went the way of the do-do bird!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IAMRCx

    FriendBurst is no more…just like I predicted would happen elsewhere on this site….those of you who supported this site financially and emotionally, were all left holding the bag….no warning…nothing…that is how much your Kevin cared about you all along.

  • Morelle

    I was on Friendburst too I was Aphrodite ,but with a phishing on facebook and hotmail I must changed my mail , I contacted Kevin no reply , by a address of friendburst for problem the same no reply , on facebook again nothink , retryed 2 a other accompt on Fiendburst the 8.8.2013 Pin-Up 1 day that i can to go on after Mysterious Girl it’s really a problem on this site and no possibility to have a reply by Kevin for close all my acompts thank you

  • DUB

    FriendBurst is shut down as of this morning.

  • Michael j. Ward

    I am Hlad, That friendburst is closed for Good.Yes, Missy they banned me, for no reason at all. I do, have a life!

  • Deborrah

    I just have to say that I’ve been a member of FRIENDBURST since 2011, and I am a Christian, and post as such on my Friendburst page, Kevin has known this from the very beginning of my membership, and has NEVER asked me to remove anything or gave me any flack over my Christian beliefs or what I post in bulletins, comments or on my page. YES there are other "religions" on Friendburst, and Wicca is one of them. You will find that on EVERY social site that is public…that’s what America is, yes, it was based on the Christian belief, however, people came to this country to have religious freedoms…
    Friendburst has been an awesome social site for me and all of my friends…I haven’t had any problems with ANY of the people on Friendburst, not from my online friends or any staff or volunteer members either… By the way, Friendburst isn’t closing down after all, Kevin has decided to try & go forward and build Friendburst better then ever….Kevin has gone out of his way to make this site a safe and fun online social site for all of us.

  • Matra Redding

    Friendburst has announced that the site will be closing by September 1, 2013. After all the damages that this site has caused many good people, my best friend being one of them who was banned, blocked and deleted for absolutely no reason, or for maybe just being a genuine person. Being that it is a pagan site that practiced wiccan beliefs, exhibited vulgar, erotic nudity on a daily basis, but when a genuine artist exhibited creations showing the body in artistic respectful ways he was sent warning notices that he would be banned for his artful expressions at the same time allowing bondage, vioence and even death comments of threats against some people. Showing bias towards overweight people or women who were not created to look like models, no acceptance for any one worshiping the true and living God. Any one who didn’t accept the concept of fairies or reptiles. The acceptance and exhalation of one man who had multiple fake profiles under which he would run the degrading site through his own personal agenda. I can’t believe it took so long to be removed. The damages have already been done over the past several years, as we find now that the lingering members who hide behind a false sense of commitment and love towards each other are now praying for the site to be able to continue it’s negative agenda. False exhibitions of love, friendship and loyalties when in the same breath comments of death, obesity, age, and b*********y still creep. A cult following of a few people who have no other interests in this life but to spread lies, deceptions and false promises. I’m pleased that this website will be closing it’s gates, it should have been yesterday in my opinion. These self centered people who have absolutely no life should find more positive venues in which to express their opinions, stop bullying and ganging up on normal people and ask God for forgiveness for all of the hate, pain, and sorrow that they have unleashed over the past 4 years. The damages have already been executed and done, and they can’t be taken back now. Maybe in time after they have been long gone my best friend and all others that they have offended and abused may recover. As for her, she will not, and has issues with trusting people now in life, feels insecure about her image as a woman, and feels rejected. She is in counseling now due to my help because of all that she has endured there, and maybe one day she will be alright. Evil does exist, and there are toxic and hateful people in this world we now know from a place that used to be called Friendburst. Maybe they will pay for her counseling now that she is no longer the person she used to be before she joined this toxic site. I’m glad it’s over, and I will be by her side to help her heal.

    • missy

      Hey ‘matra’ why dont you use your real name ? we know each other and i know how twisted your mind is , nice try again lol..this i quote These self centered people who have absolutely no life should find more positive venues in which to express their opinions, stop bullying and ganging up on normal people and ask **** for forgiveness for all of the hate, pain, and sorrow that they have unleashed over the past 4 years.
      First Friendburst is 3 years of age so at least check your stuff before posting crap and you are the one that need forgiveness , **** is awaiting for you , and your hate towards others , you were the bully and stalker and this i why you got banned along with others like you , You have NO life what so ever and spend your whole day online stalking , we are ‘friends ‘ on a social network and have been for years , do i need to say your REAL NAME ? That could be very interesting dont you think ?..Yeah maybe i will very soon along with all of your hateful post regarding a solidarity network that do not tolerate bully like you ;)

      • IAMRCx

        Missy, the only way you could "know" this person’s real name is because you are an admin…doing more of what you do, using fake profiles to spread more of your deceit. That is the reason the bullies on the site get away with it and when someone stands up to them, they are banned for being "troublemakers"……the cyberbullies there are the admin using fake profiles to get rid of anyone who they don’t like. You people are so pathetic that you use scams like telling people you are shutting down, just to get those who believe every word you say to give more more to you "to keep it open". Just so you know, people are on to you….your days are numbered.

  • Grace

    friendburst is a wonderful site and i am a member for life.

  • justsumgirl


    • missy

      watch your words justsumgurl , you will gt in trouble soon

      • Fiona

        she gets in trouble in all the site ,liar and troublemaker

    • user

      You got caught posting **** on boomer ..caught caught !!! and now you pretend that someone framed you ? LOLOL..Know one thing , right now your ‘friends’ on friendburst are celebrating your depart lol..
      This is what you get for stirring s**** about others , Have a taste of your own medicine now and oh by the way be careful everybody because she is now on and this is her profile ………….. Let the show begin with that fake gurl

    • justsumgirl

      do not make any threats to me.

      so what i joined shmoozezone is that a crime? are you stalking me?
      that right there is internet stalking which is a crime.
      people like who ever you are don’t matter to me. my real friends do.
      so go on celebrating and know that i am too. :)
      this is my last time on here i have no time for nonsense…so entertain yourselfs with your lies. **** knows the truth and one day you will stand in front of him and he will confront you or whoever with your lies. peace:)

      • user

        there was no threats in my post just in your head , !!!
        You’re the one that should worry about standing in front of **** not me lol..

      • user

        Oh and posting false accusations against people on the internet is A CRIME just in case you forgot ;)

      • Fiona

        here it goes again with the stalking bull.. no one is stalking you ,you a liar that want attention ..get a life!!

  • justsumgirl

    I was banned because i do christian blogs and that is a pagan site. but im happy i was going to delete my account any way. if your a pagan you will do well there. just make sure you use emails to talk they look into your mail also.
    if your a christian they look at the word of God as evil. my friends i brought with me over there are leaving too.
    don’t see that site going to far at all.

    I found out the one admin tried to frame me on a site i was not even on. they are on boomer with fake accounts. so if you get banned don’t be sad be glad. :)

    • justsumgirl

      before someone comes on here and lies my blog was about the occult. and a man who was giving Bible scriptures in the video.. real harmful huh???? and it was posted for friends only.

      • missy

        It was not a blog it was a global bulletin you’re such a liar lol choose your battle

    • missy

      JUSTSUMGURL you are full of it , all religions are welcome on that site, i am a Christian ans never had a problem blogging there , your friends told me that you got banned from every networks because you are a **** digger
      Everybody knew that you were fooling around with a married preacher and YOU accused him to b a pervert because h was sending you pics of his genitals lol
      You talk to much and to the wrong people lol..

      Your accusations are nothing but BS and knowing friendburst you will get in trouble with their lawyers Good luck

    • user

      Toni i remember you from Multiply , you’re nothing but a drama **** cut your crap you got banned from so many networks that the only place you can feel free to post is on complaints site lol..You and your imaginary stalkers LOL..

    • Gladis

      I know you too Toni you’re nothing but a drama queen ,one one end you pretend to be friend and on the other end you gossip and talk against your friends from Multiply , screaming STALKER STALKER when you are the stalker lol..Get an life we all know what you are and who you are and what you are capable of .
      SHAME ON YOU SINFUL FAKE CHRISTIAN get back to your married preacher Ritchie , home wrecker you are justsumgurl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Friendburst must be so glad now that they got rid of you and your fake profiles too !

    • Matra Redding

      Get counseling like my best friend did, maybe the damages can be fixed. Good luck

    • Fiona

      you was banned because you wish death to people that have different opinions ,that is not being Christian ,you are and hypocrite liar that need a life ,you are the evil one.
      And you was the one that try to frame anyone that gets on your way.. and you have been banned from many sites .. poor baby ..sheesh

  • missy

    Bkluelady i saw your blog you were wishing the DEATH of somebody this is why your blog was removed and you got the boot !!!

  • missy

    Tammy , wake up and smell the breeze !!! the man you are talking about was as delete from the site 2 years ago.., and you were a real trouble maker on friendburst and they got rid of you too

    • Matra Redding

      How cold hearted and mean can you be? Can’t you see that she has been abused? Are you so brainwashed. I’m glad that place is closing down!!!

  • missy

    all of you got banned for reasons why dont you go and stay on boomer , on friendburst they do not tolerate trouble makers , they are in control and they keep the real members and people happy , get a life

    • Barbara

      Friendburst has finally met it’s timely demise. That site banned my husband because he disagreed with “Prominent Members” in a damned blog. (smh) Then even though we all had separate accounts they banned our whole household from the site. I’m glad they were shut down. Good riddance to bad rubbage I say (LOL) (LOL)(LOL) services them and the rest of those self righteous folks all to well.

  • michael j.ward

    I was banned today, without any reason or warning why? Michael j. ward

    • missy

      I saw your profile adding friends but no profile pictures added , friendburst do have rules and the number 1 if you are active you must upload something as a profile pic , i am sure you were sent messages about it but if you didn’t reply to the admins you simply got deleted , frienburt does not tolerate ghosts profiles

      • Michael J.Ward

        No one Told me that at all. This is Something, that you are coming up with now.

  • Yup

    I visited FB for the first time ever today. I signed up. A few hours later, even though I had posted nothing, I was banned.

  • Juanita

    I was banned for no reson can you tell me WHY?

  • Tammy Smith

    I have had my profile deleted by Friendburst several times without warning. The "black" screens they put up to block people they don’t want to log back in have been used on me over the past year. I have been barred because I exposed a man there who has numerous fake profiles, and comments to himself all day and night controlling and taking over the web site. This man has a terminal illness (A.I.D.S) advanced stages, and is dyeing soon and uses Friendburst as his play ground to post explicit sexual comments, he has had wiccan spells cast upon me with the help of several of it’s members, and he has also been known to threaten people with violence with his posts and pictures. He had threatened me on several occasions in which I complained to Kevin Heath, and I was threatened by Kevin, and his "lawyers" and my profile was immediately deleted, and the black screen was put up to prevent me from ever logging back in. He is delusional and The Administrator Kevin allows him to control this site feeling pity for him and his sickness. In the meantime he is a public threat and a nuisance who has taken over the site because he can’t function in society having A.I.D.s. and remains at his computer posting pictures under multiple fake profiles there. He actually runs the site, and is helped by many of it’s members and staff to do so. If it is any one who could get legal counsel after all that has been done to them on this website it is me, and the worst part is that an Administrator allows a dangerous element of society to verbally abuse, bully and threaten it’s vulnerable members such as me. It is a dangerous place, and should be shut down! FRIENDBURST.

  • Jenann

    i just did a new page and i think u all BLOCK me and when i go to the link it is black i would like to come back on here i have not been on about 2 years this is a new page

    i dont know who i would get BLOCK . i had to get some one to make me a new page and i still can not get on here


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