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Business Name: G4S Secure Solutions USA
Category: Security Services
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Worst Company to Work for in the "WORLD"

I worked at G4s for approx. 4 months. During that time I did an outstanding job for the company. The main focus of my duties while at G4s was Bank Security Officer. This involved standing for 8 hours in front of the Bank of America, in all kinds of weather, stand in one spot, no eating or drinking while standing. You got one half hour break and two 15 minute breaks during those grueling and painful 8 hours.

On Jan. 3, 2014 at the Bank of America Fayetteville Street Raleigh I was assigned that post. The purpose was to watch for Protesters and report any type of protest that may be going on in front of the bank. During my 8 hours at the Bank of America the only thing that occurred was four people taking pictures in Front of the Bank. “NO PROTEST” Two days later I was called into the office and asked why I didn’t do my job. My supervisor ( Capt. Inca) said that I did not call the proper authorities in regards to the protest. I told the Capt. that there was never a protest of any kind. He did not take my word for it. Capt. Inca said that I could never work as a Bank of America Security Officer again, for delectation of my duty.

What I did was to track down the Raleigh PD officer that was on duty that day. She will confirm what I said, NO PROTEST. Also I talked to the Head of Security for the Bank of America Plaza, again he said there was never a PROTEST. Also I pulled the Radio Traffic Report for that day, the only call they had was a 911 hang up call.

The only infraction that occurred during my 8 hour shift, was I had to sit for 20 minutes. My feet, legs and back where killing me, it was bitter cold outside, plus I never took my half hour or two 15 minute breaks. That was above and beyond the call of duty!!

The story gets better as time goes on. I was transferred to the CAT Bus Terminal Downtown Raleigh. During the first 4 hours of my shift, myself, Capt. Pena and two other officers had to subdue a very strong and defiant person. This meant taking the person to the ground. This person was on top of my left arm while I was trying to pull his hands out from under him. I thought it might be possible the subject may have a gun. Finally we got the subject handcuffed while an angry crowd stood and watched. The crowd wanted to tear us apart. Capt. Pena just stood there with the subject while the crowd was advancing. I yelled at the Capt. to move the subject to another location. He did as I asked, but was not to happy because I took over control of the situation. That evening Capt. Pena calls me in the office and says he is going to write me up. I said, WHY, the reason was the Good Capt. had told me to call Raleigh PD. No way in hell could I have called anyone while trying to subdue the subject in question.

The next day I was back at work and we (Capt. Pena) and myself started talking about tasers. I know that Capt. Pena was trying to get tasers for all his officers. I offered to bring in the one I have so that Capt. Pena could take a look at it. Next day I brought the taser in and showed the Capt. how it worked. After that I left the taser on the desk upstairs because we are not allowed to carry them. Before my shift ended, I picked up the taser to take home. The taser was never again on CAT Property. Guess what comes next, the Capt. writes me up for bringing a taser on CAT Property?? So far two write ups in a day and half.

Next day at work, day 3. We are suppose to make rounds every hour and log them into a Secure Trax Device. That day I tried many times to log in and scan with the Secure Trax, it never did work. Write up number 3!!

Two more days on the job and I get a call from the main office. Bring in my gun and badge because G4s no longer needs my services. (FIRED). This was after 5 days at CAT. No one can judge if a person will do a good job after only 5 days. Capt. Pena did get the female officer that he requested.

Lets talk about Capt. Pena and his Nazi Storm Troopers. That is what the terrified customers at CAT call Capt. Pena. While on duty with Capt. Pena this was a Sat. he arrested, searched and gave a man a no trespass ticket for giving him(Capt. Pena) a HARD LOOK. This poor man with his two teenage sons where just walking through the Bus Terminal. The man was looking at the GEAR that Capt. Pena was wearing. Nothing More, Nothing Less. During my 20 years as a Cop, I never heard of anyone being arrested, searched and handcuffed for giving someone a HARD LOOK. If I am not mistaken the Capt. violated the persons Fourth Amendment. Something needs to be done. The people at the CAT Bus Terminal are afraid of being arrested, handcuffed and searched without probable cause!!

Please, if your ever considering going to work for for G4s give it a second thought. If you do a search on Google you will find that it is the Worst Company to work for in the WORLD.!!

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31 thoughts on “G4S

  1. G4s is terrible I was hired as a new HR manager and was let go in 20 days of being there for no reason nothing. Asked office manager why all she had was this dumb look on her face and said that she really couldn't say. Take it in mind I was always on time always completed my work and always done what they asked of me . Not to mention I had left my previous company to come and work for them. Luckily I got that job back. But I definitely will be issuing a class action lawsuit against this company. Everyone please stay away!!!!!

  2. I would advise anyone thinking about working for G4S to think twice about it. I worked in a management position for nearly 8 years and made it known that I was contemplating retiring within the next year. Shortly after that, I was told I was being removed from my position, being given a lesser, non-management position at a much lesser salary and someone else was going to be hired to replace me at a higher wage and I was supposed to train the new person. Mind you, there were never any complaints about my work, I received the highest scores anyone could get on my performance reviews for the past 5 years, passed internal audits with flying colors and when they sent a representative to investigate my work, they could find nothing wrong. Only after filing a complaint with the Sr. Vice President of Human Resources was my job saved because they knew this was one they would lose. I'm told this brilliant decision came from the CEO of G4S whose name is Drew Levine. I met the man once and was in his presence for about an hour; we barely spoke to each other and he made such an EXECUTIVE decision. Perhaps he didn't like what I said that all employees should have one benefit plan. The perception this company wants to give the public about how much they care about their employees and they way their employees are treated are two different things. I've seen first hand how employees are treated and "cheated". I've seen how they're retaliated against if they speak up for themselves. As long as you're a "yes sir" person in this company, you might survive. They're so proud of the 1% and 2% annual raises they give overhead employees. What a joke! You can work your butt off next to a person who does as little as possible to get by and in the end, both of you get that same 1 or 2%. There's no incentive and certainly no gratitude for doing an outstanding job. I was discriminated against for my age and because I was a female in a predominantly male workforce. In 2008, our General Manager requested a $5,000 yearly increase for myself and another manager who was on the same level as me (a male) because he felt we were both underpaid. Our Regional VP approved the $5,000 increase for the male and denied mine. No reason was given to me when I asked. You may think there was something wrong with my performance that I'm not telling you. No, there was nothing wrong. I still believe it was because I was a female and I was not one of those "yes sir" people. I would never recommend this company to anyone if they value themselves as a person. With a turnover rate of 51% last year, would you want to know why?

  3. April F Crews please email me ASAP. I also would like to start a Class Action Lawsuit against G4s for the same reasons that you wrote in your reports. Ron (crof4829@yahoo.com)

  4. My god, what an appalling Company! They are all two faced spineless, useless individuals, who do not have a quarter of a brain cell to function with. If the face fits; no matter how thick that person is they are in and you, the one who is capable of doing the job with your eyes closed are out!

  5. West virginia is as pathedic as all the above comments. the General Manager is an a**l. Narsacistic lier. the Officer all make fun of him, He follows the office manager around with his little school boy crush. Neve goes out to try to sell jobs. just harrassess everyone.
    He expects you to work 70 hers a week for forty hours pay. He has lost nine thousand hours since taking over and he still blames everyone else but him and he's the reason.I don't think he's read the ethics code. but he treats people like crap and i think that's what g4s wants. had to be his karma.

  6. It was okay until the client syndrome kicked in. Position in a large state facility was great with pay, health care and all the overtime you could handle. Then the cutbacks started and you and the company became a third party. You no longer "worked" for the primary client .

    Dissention was always making its way around the different posts in the place and seemed to fluctuate like a never ending dark cloud moving around. Guards were quitting, transferring or being let go almost every few months. The primary client contact was a power monger and took things too personally despite being a county official. Again the contact mattered more than the guards. This was a million dollar account and the rotating door was a given here and the supervision was ready to throw you under the bus and hold the door open for you and let the next one in.

    I held out for over a year trying to except things for what they were. After which I could not do it anymore and allow this place to degrade, belittle and run me into the ground so I asked for a transfer. That is still pending' I may move on while they fiddle about. Mind you that is what they do with employees wanting to leave, are looking to move up or are on the notorious "part time on-call" status. They hope you will give up and quit or they will terminate you under some "wet-ink" policies.

    It was incredible to see something that you only hear in folk lore like conversations and read in novels and see on television. Never in my life have I seem such favoritism, bias, and personal vindictive actions in this company and the clients they attain contracts with. Maybe someone was fortunate to find a place with company and a client with a decent reputation but not here in central Florida. This was my first guard job and I will never, never do this again.

    In my final closing this is my feelings about this type of job. It is not a profession, it is not a career.

    Why? Because none of the following exist. Incentives, raises, career advancement (outside of being a uniform guard all your life), commensurate pay, off-duty paid training (on-line or class room), seniority in time with the company, actually caring about your needs and trying to find a balance, realizing you have a life outside the job and the biggie.. PENSION. A 401K or IRA account is a redundant subject here.

    When a company tries to tell its clients and possible employees they are a profession with high standards in all areas they should be able to be held accountable for such statements. They call you a professional and you have a career now. That is fine, after I put in 20 years what will you give me when I leave? A gold watch and return of my hard work in a pension?


    Shame on me for taking myself seven years to realize this.

    However, sometimes you have to try to see where things go with a good attitude but when companies like this being nothing more than the American version of cheap out sourcing your desire to do the best you can get washed away after a while. Yes, you move on and try again or do something else.

    So if you are starting out in life looking for a JOB, not a profession guard work is fine. If you are between jobs guard work is perfect. If you are on your way to retire in life or are already retired guard work is perfect. Unless you got really lucky and were blessed and found a guard job with all the above things I mention that were not then you are that tiny small percentage that got fortunate.

    Because after some research and talking with many people that had worked or are working with many different guard companies I have concluded that most if not all in the major guard job work stream are the same.

    It does not matter what kind of fancy title they give you. How sharp your uniform is. How big or little your company or if it's on the fortune 500 list. You are a number that makes money. You are part of that black line on the chart each month and if you start to dip into the red you are history. No matter how many way-to-go's you did one oops will cost you. Because the client does not want it to cost them. They do not care whether or not the issue they have with you is capable of being resolved or corrected they would rather just get rid of you.

    The contract driven guard work force will never change. It has not changed since its conception. Therefore, I give you this advice and I give this with sincere heartfelt meaning. Go in doing this job with an open mind to allow you to be able to move on because you will get disappointed at one time or another. Three things to remember when you go in to apply for a job with a contract guard company. Commensurate pay, raises and pension you will not see on that application you will be filling out.

    It's a job people. Except that and you will be able to figure things out as you go along.

  7. I've worked with them since 2005 off and on. They are not a bad COMPANY TO WORK FOR. JUST CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS MAKE IT A BAD NAME. DON'T TAKE CARE OF THEIR BUSINESS.

  8. G4S employee Marshal Wiliams ,working in tag and registration office in Plantation Florida is the wrst guard i ever met ,hi is wery not profesional very rutand nasty to white peoples .Guarding this office hi is almost sliping on his chair and lisenig loudy music from his i pod.Hi tray to force mi to seat screming on mi .I complain to the office supervisor,and hi repremend mr Wiliams ,after this hi come back to waiting room showing mi smaili face.Mr Wiliams not supous work in public place like this,becouse his terible atitude.Please excuse my english .I now seven lenguiges , and i start lern english four montsPlease respond for my complain.Thank you

  9. I've worked here for almost 3 months now and it has been terrible. I'm forced to walk outside for 3rd shift (2300-0700) without a coat (they refuse to send me one and I'm not allowed to wear a personal one), in the pouring rain, in 25 degree weather, and without any kind of rain gear. I filed a complaint and the HR lady is very sweet. I really trust her, but the Operations Managers (OM)! They will screw you over and blame you for their mistakes. Doesn't help that my OM was the CPT at my post just 2 weeks before I was put here. Ugh.

    And my husband was involved in an accident at work (also a G4S employee) where he was stabbed with a dirty needle at the courthouse by a homeless, drug abusing, homosexual man who shared his needles with other men and women like him. Obviously, they sent him to the hospital and put him on drugs that made him so sick he couldn't work for 4 weeks. They told him that he would get Workman's Comp to pay for time lost, but when he got back, they said they made a mistake with the paperwork so he wasn't getting paid. To "make up for it" they would pay his fee to get his armed license (which is something he was wanting anyways). So he went to the class and everything and we STILL had to pay for it! Oh… and then we got the doctor's bill ($625) and the bill for the $860 drugs they had to put him on. They messed up that paperwork too. Don't trust them… Isn't worth a $9/hour job…..

    • Hi my name is Miles . I am a Veteran who was also recently just terminated from G4S after I made a complain about being sexually harassed because of my sexual orientation. This I the worse company that any Military Veteran could ever work for.

  10. G4s secure solutions IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IS A BIG JOKE. I am permanent employee employed for 7 years, just because the economy here is terrible. There is a tremendous amount of VICTIMISATION FOR FEMALE EMPLOYEES. Mr. Sheldon Jack. The CRA (Central Rostering Offiser) Thinks he runs the South Branch.. Numerous employees complain about him to no avail.. i will post alot more complaints about G4s Trinidad in time to come… But for now… IF FEMALE EMPLOYEE DOES NOT SLEEP WITH THE CRA OR THE SUPERVISORS , THEY SEE HELLLLLLLLLL…. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP REMOVE THESE PEOPLE FROM THESE POSITIONS…………….. Just do a survey in Trinidad south office and that will prove this is true..

  11. G4S is a very.very bad company to work for. they practice an extreme amount of favoritism. cheat its employees out of money and overtime, and lie about health benefits. i am amazed that the news media, department of economic security, and federal legislatures arent all over this company. i have worked for different security companies through out my years in this field, and never have i found a security company as currupted as G4S secure solutions. perhaps, we all should ban together, take the time and write to the different news channels throughout the nation. send emails to other security companies, post notes on the telaphone poles of major intersections, and provide well written facts about this companies poor business ethics.

  12. My problems started when Bank of America took over Chicago's beloved Lasalle Bank in 2008. Armed Securitas security officers sat at podiums inside the bank and protected employees and customers with courtesy and pride, thrilled to work for a bank that treated it's people with kindness and respect. Bank of America and G4S Wackenhut came in and tossed us outside to stand year round all day on unforgiving concrete in the heat of summer and sub degree temps in the winter. Now in 2013 I can hardly walk because of feet, knee, and ankle pain including a torn meniscus. They monitor cameras to make sure we stay outside and treat us like lepers. If Boa and G4S get stuck by lightning and blasted to the depths of **** right now it wouldn't be soon enough. I could go on but I'd be typing til the end of time.


    • I agree, I am a Site Supervisor at G4S and they have an employee here that is buddies with the client. She gets anything she wants and if she doesn't then I get lies reported about me to the client. they are trying now to secretivly remove me from this site as I had an investigation conducted by the GM due to the tardiness of this employee. He said he should write her up but then it turned to lets secretly remove the supervisor fromt he site. the GM and her now are close and she reports everything to him now as well. there has been 8 Captains who have been through here in 4 years due to this person. Favortism is a must and other employees suffer for it. The favortism is becuase the supervisor will lose their job is this employee don't get what they want. they turn to the client with lies….now I am being removed secretivly? This I think is unlawful….

  14. Every General Manager lies to its staff and officers. It all emanates in Anaheim where the lies are distributed throughout California. G4S Vice President Mark Tuji is a spineless user who barks orders and makes threats through his cronies. I worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Riverside G4S and it is the same in all those areas. Staffers are mistreated; Tuji and Nataly punish staffers for questioning authority. G4S will eventually drift back into the shadows like all the rest

  15. Just got fired by these people. No reason given and no chance for my defence of what I am accussed of. They hope I will just go away. nope, will not happen. getting lawyer to find out why I am terminated and will problably sue them. worked for them for 7 years and supervisor for 4 of those. This company claims to be Military frienly, but only if they want to work for low pay and no benefits. Feel like weight of world is off my shoulders. They rip off both clients and employees. guess it is time for a lawyer.


    • Problem with getting fired is that it is a question proposed employers ask if you've ever been and why.
      Can't answer and you will not be hired as the firing employer holds all the cards. The employer should've given you the option of resigning or termination. This type of thing is not just at some dumb **** company as G4S. I can happen anywhere even if you work for the government.

  16. I don’t think I like the people who hired you. They are supposed to create a work environment where you can work peacefully. You could have turned down the offer before. You knew what you were getting into! I hope you get justice! Thank you! free weed

  17. I have read all of these complaints and, I must tell you, they all seem par for the course. What is it with this company? They turn their head the other way when there is a problem. Why? It is because many of their low paying, hard to fill posts are brushed to the side. My post is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I am out of here as soon as I find other employment.,,,I have been here 6+ years too long!

  18. G4S Anahim office will not even consider someone who is currently working on a site for a position that pays more money if you aren't a member of their good ol boy network. They will not even let you speak with anyone about current openings. If you call the office to speak with someone they will just direct you to the web site, but as soon as the web site reconises you as a current employee it will error out. I have spoken with sevral other employees who have had the same problems as I have. The reason I choose G4S over other security companies was because of the advancement oppertunities, and after working here for two years I am told that I am pretty much stuck where I am… and that I should be luck to have a job? WOW if this is the best…

  19. I came across you others complaints while googleing the g4s security solutions in louisville KY, THE LOUISVILLE OFFICE HAS GONE TO HELL SINCE BEN LEFT. Guards post please need our jobs in louisville ky without harrassment!~There is no branch manager in the louisville kentucky office,there are 2 want to bes in their one does the schedule and hiring and has not enough backgropund whatsoever his name is Billy, and OMG the next one everyone is calling and going to call corporate on is Kevin hugues,he is a mere 11 a hour in office training officer, but calls himself and training superviser, he harrasses, G$S get rid of this guy,check his facebook page he does not mention you as his empoyer,check him out all the way to california,, IT WENT DOWN TO, he harrasses the women, and older guards he discriminates againest, HELP MORE LIKE HUMAN RIGHTS HELP HERE.

  20. I think this doesnt only happen in Michigan. i know somebody working for G4S in Ossining, NY and because he doesnt do what his co-worker asking him to do – like NOT putting all things on blotter, this person JASON GARCIA has taken it personal on him by sexually harrassing him and involving his wife who is out of the country with a libelous comments. JASON GARCIA also told him that his supervisor backed him up and this is where favoritism come into play. This person who is working with honesty got fired because of JASON GARCIA's unacceptable working ethics. For me, I rather be fired for my honesty than compromise my dignity, however there are legal actions going on with this. Anyway, G4S America should do something on this, these people ruin their credibility as a security services. You should not hire BAD people if your objective is to protect your client.

  21. Most Recent G4S Consumer Complaint

    G4s Wackenhut / secure solutions – bad company

    Posted On: Jun 11, 2012

    Posted By: Justice

    I echo the comments of this poster above. I have personal knowledge of dealing with Denise Pollington and the much-dreaded Sue, who is one of the most mentally ill people I've ever met in a working environment.

    Ms. Pollington is pure trash, and if her lips are moving she's lying. G4S in Livonia, Michican has made a profession out of lying to people.

    Their office manager, Kevin Baker, is much the same way. Before he lies to you, however, he will browbeat you with his huge masculinity and try to make you go away.

    Very bad people. Very, very bad. Avoid at all cost. And they won't pay you on time. Full of excuses, but mostly they're full of deceipt and totally unprofessional behavior. It's an absolute disgrace, and I can't wait unitl I read about the FBI raiding their offices.

    Just don't. Picking up dog **** is better than working for these professional grifters.

  22. Mr. Robert cecil of G4s technology in torrance. Making up lies to try to gain hookups from a newly promoted general manager and in the process causing an employee to be removed because of your disqusting scheme is by all means is a dishonest act that will catch up to you. Its called karma. Yes, i still have that email you sent april 11, 2011.