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Business Name: Supercuts, a division of Regis Corporation
Category: Hair Salons / Barber
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Corporate Address: 7201 Metro Blvd
Edina, Minnesota USA

Phone Number: 888-456-2887
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Butcher cuts at super cuts

I walked into Super Cuts in Shirley NY I told the hairdresser CHRISSY that I wanted ONLY the top trimmed

Well she didnt listen & While I was off guard she proceeded to cut the side of my hair below my ears & I screamed at her She cut a lot off

I had to complain to the manager

I will report this Salon & WONT QUIT UNTIL she is FIRED! There are too many COMPLAINTS against them

montauk hywy shirley
11 clinton mastic 11950

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One thought on “SuperCuts

  1. Super cuts/ Regis Corp. has the worst hairdressers in the world. I went to my local salon in W. Melbourne, Fl.
    to just get a trim, the person who cut my hair ruined my hair with a razor an took all of my beautiful full hair off.
    I went home crying. I called Regis Corp. who owns these horrible "chop shops", they do not take much responsibility for their people. Their district Manager was rude and cold about my disastrous hair cut.
    The regional manager is just as bad gave me 2 free hair cuts. Wow! It's going to take at least a year or better to correct his mess. I will have to wear a wig…………….. I am mortified at their lies, telling me in a letter that this never happens and it was just an isolated incident, and how they strive for excellence. Bull Crap!!! PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING STAY OUT OF SUPER CUTS, YOU WILL NOT LIKE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, AND THEY WILL NOT CARE……. If you have had a bad experience also and live in the Brevard County Area of Florida Please Please speak up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!