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Last Updated On: August 16, 2016

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Business Name: Gio London Amar Wholesalers
Corporate Address:
639 Southdale Rd E
London, Ontario N6E 3M2 Canada

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Gio London Phone Number: 519-668-9999
Corp Email:
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 5

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Reported Losses: $1,400.00
Average Reported Losses: $700.00

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Defective E-Scooter, No response nor reply

Houman Mourad,

This is Jamal Jalali. You sold and delivered me an electrical Gio Scooter on October 30, 2013. Next day, October 31, 2013, I called you several times and I reported that I have several issues with the scooter. Since last contact, November 04, 2013, I attempted to contact your store again many many times but I didn’t hear you. For unknown reason(s) you refused to answer. The scooter you sold me has several issues:

1) I took it for the first ride. It ran out of fully charged batteries after just 16km!! I had to haul it back home!! You told me this scooter has two batteries and can easily go around 80km. These brand new batteries should not die that quickly. They are standard batteries.

2) The blue button under steering bar does not make any difference to the speed. You told me the scooter has two speeds and the blue button adjusts the speed either up to 23km/h or 32km/h. It still goes nothing more than 23km/h. Where is 32km/h speed?

3) The odometer is not working and displays weird values. It does not display the actual distance as well as the battery life.

4) You did not provide me with the scooter’s paddles and told me they are stored under the seat but there is nothing but batteries. The scooter should have them and you cannot sell it without the paddles. It is illegal!

5) You sold me the scooter and a helmet but you didn’t deliver the helmet to me. You told me you forgot but I can come to your store and pick it up. You never made yourself available to complete your sale and fix the issues I have.

I called you many times but you didn’t pick up. Also I texted message and emailed you but still you decided not to respond. I need an answer and I would definitely like the above issues fix as soon as possible as. Most of the issues are directly related to its one-year warranty. If you are unable to fix them, I want to return it; the scooter is completely defective.

I gave you enough time to fix the scooter and provide me with the paddles and the helmet. Now I have no choice but to continue with my compliant to the Ministry of Consumer Services.

Please treat people the same way you would like to be treated. Thank you very much.

Gio London Amar Wholesalers, Houman Mourad – 25 Dundas Ave. West Mississauga, ON, L5B (647) 772-4312

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  • Simon Black

    well everything that’s said on hear is true, i got a scooter from this guy in 2011 and had problems with it, since the store was called a gio store this is what i thought i got, i din’t find out for months on end that what i got from him was not a gio at all but a dragon, when i got this bike it sat here for months on end before i got the charger,was it a layaway when i did get the charge and tried to charge it up it didn’t charge, beleave it or not the charger was dead, when i did get a new charger it took 6 months, this is when i found problems with it, their was no blinker and no horn, the battery was right dead, when i told them this they told me that they tested the bike, so how could they have with a dead battery and a charger that did not work, when i told them this problem then i started to have problems with amer, so i took my problem up with gio and found out that it was not a gio bike and that they could not help me, since i got it from a gio store it was not a gio bike, so i got a hold of dragon and told them my problem a year went by with no word, finely after many emails they came back and told me that the warrenty was up and they could not help me, i did get a horn and blinker from another company but they had the be spliced into the bikes wiring, so i got a bike with no horn or blinker and they said it did have them, the batteries where really dead and would not hold a charge so i had to get new ones, i got this bike for 999.00 and i had to spend another 500.00 to get it on the road, so yes this guy is dirdy as they come, ray from espanola ontario

  • Alex

    They are the same people that have 1010 ebikes in Scarborough.Three different business names To do their scam. I Almost went to jail because of him and her…do to anger but they are not worth it…

  • John

    My recommendation is don’t buy anything from this business. They are very dishonest and untrustworthy. I purchased an item from them and it was a piece of junk. When he couldn’t fix it, he offered to try to sell it for me. Now he can’t find it and I am out the cash. When I look on the GIO web sight, they list 4 dealers in Ontario and this place is not one of them.

  • RAY

    Gio London honours there warranty without any questions asked but for an example if your riding your bike and get a flat tire because you drove over nails or sharp glass warranty does not cover that!!!! Gio amar wholesalers makes money when they honour warranty so there are no reasons not too…also six months layaway the only business that makes it easy to buy a bike 6 months but you can not hold an atv for 8 months and then say can I have my deposit back because 200$ was a small price to pay for not honouring the agreement and held a bike for 8 months extended not 6 but 8 and still did not honour agreement while lots of people wanted to buy that atv as you know every year new atvs come out so gio London amar lost 1000$ not 2oo $ like custumer complained without explain how he lost his deposit after 8 months not 6

  • Crap buyer

    This is not a surprise to me,this homan guy is probably the biggest scammer in london,even if he says something on tape,guaranteed if you were to call him on it later he would deny it.He doesnt honour his warranties and you could buy a much better e bike from ALL of his competitors he is making lots of money from other peoples misery.


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