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Last Updated On: August 1, 2016

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Business Name: Camping World, Inc.
Corporate Address:
650 Three Springs Rd
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42104 USA

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Camping World Phone Number: 888-626-7576
Company Contact: Marcus Lemonis - Chairman, CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 5 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 1

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Reported Losses: $24,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,900.00

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Customer Service is a JOKE!

We bought a BRAND NEW 2016 camper from Camping World in Fairfield, Ohio and when we took it out for the first time we noticed it has a warped slide out, the air conditioner unit had a horrible roar, the screen door is warped, the hard outside door hinges are bent, refrigerator non-functioning except on battery and the door latch didn’t work, pieces missing that “comes with the unit”, grommets missing off the stove top that made it rattle, pieces for the shower unit non-functioning/broken, torn canvas in two different areas, wood shavings on outside kitchen when you pull it out or push it back in, a flat tire before we even picked up the unit from the dealer, which actually had a screw in it.

We called the service department to get an appointment to have all these items repaired before we go on vacation August 5, 2016.

We took the unit to them on the date that was set up. We informed them of all the issues with the unit. They said they would have it checked and all repaired by July 24, 2016. We phoned the service department 2 days prior to the date they were to complete it to see if we were still going to be able to pick it up. They informed us they were “awaiting authorization” to replace the condenser in the air conditioning unit from the factory, and it would not be ready until July 27, 2016.

We then made a call on July 26, 2016 to make sure we could pick it up on the date they stated it would be completed. We were told it was going to be at least a “couple more days”. They then informed us “the refrigerator is fixed”.

We called again on July 28, 2016 to see how things were going and they stated, “everything is completed except for the canvas and we are waiting on approval to repair it.” We informed them we would come and get it, go on our vacation, then bring it back for the canvas issue. They informed us that would be fine and to pick it up Saturday July 30, 2016, it would be ready to go.

We arrived at 8:00am to pick up our unit. When we spoke to the service desk, they stated they couldn’t find the keys or the work orders that were with them. We walked around the store while they looked for our missing keys.

An hour passed and we went and checked with them again, and they said they were waiting on approval to fix the tire before we left. (Remember, they stated everything was fixed except the canvas/vinyl).

We then went outside to look around and found our unit was opened ( it is a pop-up) and they were working inside. We were puzzled and so we asked what they were working on and they stated, “the air conditioner”. We were quite annoyed and getting angry at this point.

We both had to work that day, and had already been there for over 2 hours waiting for our unit, that supposedly had everything fixed, and was ready to be picked up. All the while we are out looking around, the service members are standing around laughing, talking and doing nothing. When we walked be up to the building, we saw our unit had been closed and was now sitting next to our vehicle to be hooked up and taken home. We were given NO paperwork from the service department and told when we brought it back and it was all done, we would get the paperwork.

Three hours later we are hooked up and ready to take it home. We get it home and set it up and find NOTHING had been fixed except the latch on the fridge, which is now so tight you can barely get it open. The air conditioner is louder than it was, the fridge still isn’t working, the grommets were not put on the stove to prevent rattling, the slide-out is still warped, the shower unit isn’t fixed, the screen door is still warped, the missing items that “come with the unit” are still missing, the tire still has the screw in it, and the outdoor kitchen still has wood shavings on it each time you pull it out or put it back in.

We paid 18,000.00+ dollars on a unit that is defective, and took it to the dealer for repairs only to be lied to by their service department manager and employees. We are very dissatisfied with the unit, Camping World, and the whole experience. We were looking forward to enjoying our love of camping but instead have a sour taste in our mouths for the camper we fell in love with.

NO ONE should have to deal with and pay for something with this many problems! We feel a full refund is due us, and will be working on making that happen.

Camping World – 5300 Dixie Hwy Fairfield Ohio 45014 | 513-829-2222

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  • Al

    We purchased a 2017 Winnebago view at Camping World Beth Dr., Spartanburg, SC
    We had numerous issues with this brand-new vehicle when we picked it up
    The roof was leaking and water damage to the inside behind the driver side seat and passenger side seat on the panels. The rear slide for the bedroom needs a new motor. The valance in blinds in the bedroom on both windows and the brackets for the blinds on the passenger and driver side in the front of the cab need it replaced
    The battery had to be replaced in the coach
    There were 300 hours on the generator the diesel generator
    The roof was totally never cleaned all the caulking and all the top covers were all very dirty
    There were multiple other smaller items that needed fixed as well
    When I called the dealership in Spartansburg to tell them about all this they could do nothing but offer me a $200 coupon that I can use in their store Well I am from Cincinnati Ohio in Spartansburg is approximately 480 miles and that was the best they can do this is totally unacceptable
    This is not the customer satisfaction whatsoever on a brand-new unit and that was the best that they can do
    I would love for upper management at Camping World to call me direct on my cell phone at area code 859-753-6096 and make this right my name is Al


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