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Last Updated On: July 31, 2015

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Business Name: Servpro Industries Inc.,
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On July 4th weekend water was around the toilet. My property manager was called, sent a plumber, was told septic tank. Three days later the renters call the property manager to inform of water in the rooms, i.e. flooding. My property manager phoned Servpro to come out to clean up the water after the septic tank was emptied.

Jeff came in with his Servpro crew and removed the vinyl in the bathroom and cut part of the carpet out of the back bedroom (behind the bathroom). A small area in the living room carpet was cut out also. There was water according to the property manager and Jeff. They checked for water leakage into the subfloor with a device.

After a few days of drying and not being able to get the contractor over, I had my property manager call Servpro back to remove all the carpet and take up the wet flooring (press boards) so the sub flooring wouldn’t stay wet and mold. Servpro came back, Jeff and I discussed removing all the carpet but his suggestion was to leave the living room, since it wasn’t wet, because of kids and the carpet tacks might injure one of the children. I agreed.

My contractor comes on July 14 to start laying the new flooring. The contractor had to remove carpet from the living room and the bedroom across the bathroom (which I was told by Jeff that it had been removed on the second round of Servpro being there). My renter informed me that nothing was sprayed with the anti-microbial spray as I was told by Jeff.

I was charged for 2 rooms ( the living room and the bedroom) for carpet removal and spraying. I have photos from my contractor of the carpet removed from the two rooms. I was overcharged by a substantial amount for work not performed by Servpro. The bill is extraordinarily high for the work done. I sent an email with pictures to the business.

Jeff sent a message back that the amount is the same but they didn’t charge me for certain items. The thing is, my contractor removed 2 rooms of carpet, all but 5 press board pieces and had to remove the debris Servpro did not take away.

I would never recommend Servpro as a clean up service. I know I’ll never use them again.

Jeff and his company are not willing to take off the price of the 2 rooms they didn’t complete. He threatened to put a lien on my house. I never said I wouldn’t pay them, I want to pay them for what they did do, not add charges on my bill for rooms that didn’t get done. Insurance didn’t cover a dime of this and then to get overcharged by a company that didn’t do what they said they did.

I DO NOT Recommend SERVPRO for any type of cleanup. I have a friend in another town that was overcharged for a cleanup Servpro did for them.

Servpro of Corinth/Iuka – 1405 Sawyer Rd Corinth MS 38834 | 662-287-7881

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  • We have had so many problems with ServPro so I started a facebook page with pictures and documentation. Please feel free to check it out, share, and post your experience on this page as well. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what my family is still going through because of them._


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