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Last Updated On: September 8, 2015

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Business Name: Servpro Industries Inc.,
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Corp Phone Number: 615-451-0200
Company Contact: Randall Isaacson - President
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Reported Losses: $108,721.66
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Didnt do the Job and then Lied

I had a leak in the basement.(8/11) Rusty Very hard water went everywhere, about 2 to 3 inches deep. I called ALLSTATE, They sent out Servpro. Next Day 8/12 they hooked up a bunch of fans and a dehumidifier. They did NOT extract any water from the saturated rugs and carpet. Later on the evening of 8/12 we began to smell a musty, damp mildew smell through the entire house. It is a colonial. Later we went upstairs to bed and our eyes began to water, our 4 year old started coughing, we went outside.

I called the adjuster the next day, Thursday. She sent us to a hotel until Monday. The wool Rugs were taken out and CRDN Was called by ALLSTATE to come out and assess and take the rugs for cleaning. She noted that smell wasn’t right. The blowers had blown the smell through the vents and she got approval to also take the bedding and towels, exposed cloths, window treatments etc.. She said they don’t do carpets but the carpets will absorb that Oder and will probably need replacing. Especially the living room where they have been traipsing in and out over the carpet with wet shoes.

So Monday She would Not give an extension on the hotel. We had no bedding, towels, shower curtain, blankets, pillows, clothes, etc.. Serve pro told the adjuster it was dry and the smell was gone. He also told the adjuster CRDN didn’t have to take the clothes. Threw them under the bus. So the adjuster then called CRDN and put a hold on the cleaning. ALLSTATE would not pay for this, servpro said it was over kill. Although they had not been upstairs to the 2nd floor.

Anyway, CRDN called and said they were going to do the cleaning for FREE, because, it had to be done for the Oder, and 2, because it was the right thing to do. Then Drew from Servpro told the adjuster ” well there’s a smell but it is from the 2 small dogs” , Now he’s changed his story again, ” Well there’s a smell, but it is coming from there AC.” Really? 1st there is no smell, now there is but its caused from the dogs, no, now its caused from the AC. Or after talking with several builders and contracted could be caused from the improper clean up, not taking out damaged drywall or paneling or particle board and then using high power fans to blow the stench into the furnace and vents that then circulated the smell through the 2 story house, now everything stinks.

They cleaned 3 of the 4 couches down stairs. 2 were my mother in laws who is now gone. They cleaned one of hers. The one of hers was all snow white. they turned all of the welt cords brown. Drew then tried to leave without saying anything about it. I asked him about it, he said it was for adjuster. Meeting with the insurance adjuster, Agent and servpro tomorrow between 9 and 12.

This stinks. It has been one BIG nightmare. I would NEVER recommend servpro or all state.

Servpro – 44480 Grand River Ave #106 Novi MI 48375 | 248-344-0044

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  • We have had so many problems with ServPro so I started a facebook page with pictures and documentation. Please feel free to check it out, share, and post your experience on this page as well. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what my family is still going through because of them._


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