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Last Updated On: December 14, 2016

Captain D’s Contact Information

Business Name: Captain D’s LLC
Corporate Address:
624 Grassmere Park Dr #30
Nashville, Tennessee 37211 USA

Captain D’s Customer Service

Captain D’s Phone Number: 615-391-5461
Company Contact: Philip M Greifeld - CEO
Corp Website:

Captain D’s Ratings

Average Rating: 2.20 out of 5
Based On: 27 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 36

Captain D’s Reports

Reported Losses: $661.62
Average Reported Losses: $24.50

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Sorry store

Senior discounts not given at this store, as requested. this is the third time I catered this store, which will probably be my last. The cashier name was Pamela.

This store has a new owner and the people they hire are more interested in talking about their friends instead of waiting on a customer, like they should.

They just remodeled this store but the only thing I saw was a bigger waiting seat for carry out. But I seems like the fish portions have became smaller and the prices have got bigger.

I think Long John Silver store are better quantity and quality, good-bye CPT D.

Captain D’s – Locust TN Lawrenceburg TN 38464 | 931-762-1234 

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  • Deanna

    They have Bugs and bathroom dirty and the workers is Rude and the manager rude talkin about people kids calling them retarded .when the kid not retarted ! I order here 3 time .the fourth time I had hair in my food .Shut them down now .only 3 workers was nice 3040 Memorial Pkwy Access Rd NW, Huntsville, AL 35810
    Captian D’s

  • Deanna

    They have Bugs and bathroom dirty and the workers is Rude and the manager rude talkin about people kids calling them retarded .when the kid not retarted ! I order here 3 time .the fourth time I had hair in my food .Shut them down now .only 3 workers was nice

  • Brianna Blake

    Please bring back the battered fries!!!

  • Brenda

    Captain D’s is Monroe was a great disappointment. Filthy, customer service is horrible with employees ignoring customers and playing around, seem to have no training, condiment counter lacking attention with very little there, no tarter sauce or cocktail sauce, etc. Never, I mean, never going back. I have been so disappointed at the condition on a lot of Captain D’s restaurants lately.

  • Bernadette

    Went to the Wesley Chapel Captain D’s in Decatur, Ga. I normally patronize the Candler Rd. But made the mistake of going to Wesley. I ordered the 10 piece family pack. I asked the cashier if everything was in the bag. Against my better judgement I accepted her answer of “yes ma’am”. Get home, I had No hush puppies!!!, old refried fish and rancid green beans. totally unacceptable!!! I also had to different types of fish, they were battered with the same batter but it was obvious they were not the same fish. I called the location with my complaint, the assistant mgr simply apologized and offered me a free desert on my next visit. There will never be another visit and I’ve stopped payment on the charge. ugh!!!!

  • Ali

    Why did y’all change your fries from battered to straight cut???

    • Fookie Bookie

      This man is asking the hard hitting questions that the people want to know.

  • barbara miller

    we went to captain’s d on Saturday 2/15/14 drive thru and ordered the seafood feast which should include fish,shrimp, crab hush puppies, fries and cole slaw. we ordered double fries because we did not want cole slaw and all we got was fish and the double fries so my husband called them upon arriving home and realize that we only had the fish and double fries he talked to someone name Chris and was told to come in and get what was not on the order on Saturday and today sunday we did and all we got was the crabs shrimp and the hush puppies. I think that we should have gotten the whole meal again and an apoliige. but not this captains d. we will not eat their again. thank you captains d.

    • Jacqueline Edwards

      I went thre the drive thru today and order South/Shrimp DN and corn and bake potato for lunnch. I sat at my desk to eat and all I had was my fish and bake potato and corn called them back and the manager told me to come back and get my shrimp. Are they kidding driving back and I had trouble with the 12 o’clock traffic.

  • Michael

    (This happened a the store in Pensacola, FL on Hwy. 29 in car city)…At 9:43pm (1/18/2014) I ordered a 10 piece and at 9:45 I paid $21.49 (including tax) to the cashier. She quickly vanished after taking my money and giving me change. I proceeded to wait QUITE AWHILE (at least 15 minutes with NO contact with drive-thru personnel). Noticing that the drive-thru window was slightly ajar (roughly 2 inches or so) I got out of my vehicle and proceeded to call out (thru the 2 inch opening) "Hey. Can anybody hear me?" I heard nothing. I called out "Hey! Is anybody in there?" Still nothing. I left and went home. Upon arriving home, I called the store. After explaining myself to 2 front-line employees, I was finally able to talk to the general manager and he accused me of opening the drive-thru window to make contact with WHOMEVER was supposed to be making my food. He told me, "I don’t know what business you had opening our drive-thru window but you’re not supposed to do that sir." I told him "Well now that you’ve not only fuc**d me on my order but now you’re ACCUSING ME of doing something I didn’t do, I guess I’ll just go to corporate." What the hell??!! Save your money and go SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • John Hampton

    Oct 23 3013 Me&my wife& mother went to captain d s in lima ohio the fish and chicken have got smaller and the price went up i knows this promble dont mean any thing to you but just would like to know why i will not be going back becase its a rip off

  • Pat

    Tonight (October 1, 2013) I went to Captain D’s on Nolensville Road in Nashville TN about 7:45pm. Not only did they leave out my keylime pie but gave me totally different side order than what I ordered with my 4 piece fish dinner. I won’t be going back there for a while.

  • kaypeeoh

    I eat at the one in Florissant, and of my family, I am the only one who LOVES seafood. I asked for a "side" of chicken, with my deluxe seafood platter, and they gave me what looked like chiken tenders from a kids meal, for an additional $1.99. Needless to say, I wasn’t satisfied with that, but what really got me was the lady at the front counter. After I was pulled aside to wait for my food, and had waited 12 minutes, I went inside. There was one man in there, with his daughter, who said I could go ahead because he wasn’t ready to order. I got in front of him, with my receipt no less, and the girl at the counter gave me this grimacing look, rolled her eyes then looked at him and said, "Can I help you, um, SIR?" I said, "um, no, he told me to go before him, and besides that, I have already ordered and have been waiting outside for 12 mins." She said, with an attitude, "what did you ORDER?" I told her and she said they had just bagged it up. The crab cakes were burned and, like I said before, the chicken was not what I was expecting. It was an awful experience that should I ever have again…I will be promptly cussing some fast food employees out. disgusting level of poor, ghetto trash, customer service. I lost my appetite and wasted $10 on a meal that I didn’t even want to eat after that.

  • stanley cimazewski

    promotion out side. aint sixteen no more bo rance Thompson that’s what he said.he called fbi.guy flick talk child pornuncle would initiation" michille flicther"

    • Gary Cole

      WTF this guy just say?

      • lani

        must be spam online?!

  • Norma

    We ate at Captain D’s a couple of times a month.or more. Your menu change has sent us else where for our lunch. My husband is very allergic to shrimp, crab and lobster. We enjoyed the catfish and clams. You no longer have clams and the catfish only combined with shrimp. Sorry, you have run us off.

  • Keith B.

    10 year weekly customer of the 2 piece fish filet dinner. Then they introduced the fish tenders with more batter on the plate to make it look bigger. Now the tenders are sliced in half like a fast food burger, no fish, all batter. Ok D’s I’m outta here.

  • John A. Reynolds

    I get take-out at Captain D’s #3531 in Charleston, WV at least twice a wek for me & my wife. She prefers the baked tilapia. The last two times it has been burned and is not too appetizing. I suggest they hire a better cook. John A. Reynolds

  • r crews

    three captain d’s in mobile ala all should serve cajan fish plate

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  • Don

    I saw a wonderful poster of your 4.99 catfish and shrimp dinner at a Pensacola Location. Looked wonderful. I say looked. What I received was one tiny fish finger and shrimp so small i dont know how they could have been butterflied. Captains is nothig like it was.



  • S. Lowe

    The Marianna, FL Captain D’s is very slow and the shrimp salad is not good – lettuce old and brown and the shrimp over cooked. The wait for the food is long in the drive-thru.


    went to captain d’s today.drove up to window to order got soakin wet from rolling down window.don’t have any protection for drive through customers.ordered ten pieces of fish that was all.pulled up to get them.17.00 dollars and some odd soaked in rain we pulled off opened the box.i started to cuss.REALLY looked like 10 pieces of sardens all for the price od 17.00 plus.never will go back to captain d’s again.really you are priceing your self out of business.should at least put some protection up for drive through customers.BOTTOM LINE IS OVER PRICED.KINDLY LIKE PAYING 10.00 PER ROLL OF TOLET PAPER.BAD BAD BAD

  • Robert

    New small fish sucks. I will not be going back until you give me the good old thick fish filets I have always loved. I don’t know if you’re trying to save money or what but I will pay extra to get the regular fish filet size back. Until then, I will go somewhere else. Sad.

  • John

    I have been eating at Captain D’s for over 30 years and have always loved their fish. The last few times I visited I noticed that the fish had been changed from the filets that I have always liked to a new type of smaller "fish stick" or "fish tenders" (as they call them). If I want fish sticks, I’ll go to the market and buy a box. I guess they have lost a loyal customer.

    • Tim C.

      Totally AGREE! Here in Opelika, AL the local Captain D’s is serving this "new" fish. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll go back to the original flaky fish. Otherwise, they’ve lost this customer…

      • SPB

        I agree. I used to love Captain D’s fish but since they changed to this new new fish the most accurate comment is it is AWFUL!! I wonder if they think they are saving money by going to this bad tasting fish. Will be interesting to see because a lot of the people that I know have said the same thing and like me are not eating there any more.

  • T. Gilbrath

    Ate at Captain D’s over the weekend and was appalled at two TV’s in this small dining area,, blasting Fox News while we tried to eat. Checked with the Manager who said they can only get that station and he was told not to mess with the TV’s.. Nobody wants any political views being blasted at them after they paid to eat there. Political propaganda, no doubt about it.

    • Gary Cole

      You are right, Fox is not news, just right wing propaganda.

  • C.W. Caarmack

    My wife and I eat at the Captain Dees in Gladstone, Missouri about twice a month. Sometimes we order to take home. On this day ( Jan 17,2013) I took an order home. She likes the tilapia dinner. She knows what it tastes like. The fish that was in her order was catfish. Either your cook doesn’t know his fish or your vendor slip some catfish in your order.

  • RLP

    RIP-OFF……NEW FISH………….Captain D’S is not serving



  • lanikya harris

    I was in Captain DS on Stateline in southaven with my two year old son on yesterday. We entered the restroom and the cashier exited in a fast pace manner so I looked in her stall to only find out she did #2 didn’t flush and didn’t wash her hands. I immediately grabbed my son and walked out front and spoke to her manager to explain the situation the young lady immediately got aggressive yelling over the counter saying I have GERM X in my purse. So therefore she felt guilty of the situation which could have been prevented if only she was clean when leaving the restroom. I layer got home and thought maybe the toilet couldn’t flush if probably didn’t work OK cool
    …but y not wash your hands before leaving the restroom first your a cashier 2nd u open and close people’s food and drinks with your hands and that was just triffling and nasty….I WILL NEVER EAT FROM THAT CAPTAIN DS ON STATELINE RD IN SOUTHAVEN MS EVER AGAIN ….

  • Gloria Little

    I went to captain d" on Dec.23 ordered broccoli and extra lady came back and said there was no cheese /the cook said it was at the bottom.I ordered extra cheese.there was no extra cheese just a drop on the top.but none on the bottom and the baked potato was hard.

  • ike

    I will now unlike your pages on fb since you post racist comments


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