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Last Updated On: March 26, 2015

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Business Name: Diamond Resorts Holdings LLC
Corporate Address:
3865 W Cheyenne Ave
North Las Vegas, Nevada 89032 USA

Customer Service Contacts

Corp Phone Number: 702-804-8600
Company Contact: Stephen J Cloobeck - CEO
Corp Website: diamondresorts.com

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.21 out of 5
Based On: 69 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 215

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $11,052,829.67
Average Reported Losses: $160,185.94

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Is Diamond Resorts International a Rip Off, Fraud or Have They Scammed You? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

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They told me that my husband has to be there. I am divorced.

Diamond resort international is a total scam. They promise me 2 dinner for me and my daughter. They told me that they would be in the NY area to teach me how to used my points system. When I get there they asked me if my husband is in the deed. I said no me and my daughter. They told me that your husband has to be there. I am divorced.

The woman said I have to go and ask someone if we can be there, I told them I want to leave and to refund my $100.00 that was put on hold. that was a sale pitch to buy more points. I have 10,000 points and I cant used it to properly because when you tired to book a vacation the points is not enough. For some resorts the points is about 30,000 which is crazy, they charge so much money for the maintenance which is about $1896.00 DOLLARS.

I just want to get rid of this resort but no one wants to purchase it.

Please beware of this scam and do your research before putting any additional money. I just wish I didn’t put this burden on my daughter.

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More About Diamond Resorts International

Diamond Resorts International | Diamond Resorts Holdings LLC | Diamond Resorts and Hotels | Officers:
Stephen Cloobeck - Chairman and CEO
David F. Palmer - President and CFO
Frank T. Goeckel - SVP Business Development and HOA Management

Diamond Resorts International is a vacation, travel and accommodations company. Members of Diamond Resorts have exclusive worldwide access to THE Club, which is a member benefit program, which utilizes a point based system to help book vacation packages that are tailored to users, and for use as currency within the travel destinations. Diamond Resorts International currently holds a perfect rating with the BBB, but have settled over 300 disputes to do so. View Related Claims for Diamond Resorts International: Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf

Consumer Comments For Diamond Resorts International

  • We purchased in September when on the island of Maui. We too were pressured and were in a hurry as we had an engagement. They laughed when we mentioned the three day right of recession, so we assumed a recession no longer existed.(granted we realize we should have checked over the paperwork for the seven day right recession that existed) We were told that when we retired and traveled in our motorhome it would be a perfect way to have a break and say in one of their resorts. We mentioned we have a dog and they said no problem they have pet friendly. Well they have a total of four or so, two in California and two I think in Arizona, doesn’t do us much good for the rest of the country. I have been trying to put together a trip to use our points and none of the places we want to go has availability including the place we purchased at. My husband is so livid I don’t even like discussing this with him as he gets so upset that spent this much money for absolutely nothing we can use. We are approaching retirement and need every dime we have :-(

  • My husband and I were actually wanting to get more information on timeshare because we travel so much. However, after the pressure to sign, SOMETHING, so we ended up signing a contract for THE Sampler package. Does anyone anything about this? We thought we were interested but talked more about it and are starting to feel we have made a mistake. Is there a way out of it if it’s only been a couple days?

  • Yes, this is good old American manipulation. Diamond tries to shame you into thinking you’ve got to make a commitment. And, yes, somehow 90 minutes quickly turns into 3 hours. One salesperson after the other; the last one to speak to us in Maui was a real jerk, slamming his fist on his paperwork when we said “no” for the last time and then leaving without a word. Gotta stand up to these jerks.

  • I want to thank all of you for posting your experiences. I was seriously looking into buying a time share with Diamond. I will NEVER do this now!!! I realize you have all been through an awful ordeal, but your willingness to share and warn others is very much appreciated.

  • If anyone knows about a class action suit I want to know about it. We have owned since 1998 with Polo towers and also Monarch grand later. We combined all our time and can’t seem to get any time available either. We do know that there is alot of the property rented to non owners . We have failed to get any “free” upgrades when in fact there are vacancies that we are told need to be left open for non members rental. What is up with all this? We are sliver owners which we were told would also give us a special person in reservations to meet all our needs. It is all bunk and we are sick of it too. I have known people that have call the bluff of timeshare and not paid maintanence fees without any suit or action from Diamond resorts. If anyone knows a way out of this mess please post it!

  • Diamond resorts are liars. has anyone had success in getting rid of it.

  • We had reservations for New Year’s at The Cancun Resort at 8335 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas Nevada 89123 was the last straw. The staff at this
    property seems to be suffering from Timeshare buyout! The employees
    were not very friendly, nor the the least bit helpful, they are more
    interested in SELLING Timeshares then in making a positive impression.

    Most importantly they put us in a room that had NO HEAT on December 30,
    2014 on of the the coldest nights of the year in Las Vegas Nevada.
    We were told that they had no room to move us to because they were sold
    out, that night they did not send any maintenance or staff to
    investigate, never offered any space heaters or extra blankets! Just
    told me how to work the thermostat. We could see our breath in our
    room! The cold near freezing temperature in our room at the DRI Cancun
    property caused intense discomfort and undue suffering for my husband
    and I who both have medical disabilities that the cold aggravates. We
    got no assistance, help, compassion, empathy, understanding from anyone
    staff and I made several calls for help. We could not get a room
    anywhere else in Vegas, we were just left to suffer and turn on the gas
    stove, open the oven door and risk gas poisoning in order to try to get

    • I think this is silly. I am not a fan of Diamond but I think Mr. Cloobeck would have gotten right on top of this and fixed the situation if he found out about it. His card is on the front desk at the resort next time contact him directly by email he or his corporate staff will take action.

  • Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman and Chris Carlson are
    the executive producers. Of Undercover Boss featuring Stephen Cloobeck and Diamond Resorts International. I wonder if they would like to do an Exposé Now? contact them at CBS. com and lets find out

  • I’m looking for an Attorney to File a Class Action Suit Against Diamond Resorts International, since they went Public (DRII) without notifying the owners. I do not understand How they could give away my ownership to shareholders? ? ? ? I just drafted a letter to the Securities Exchange Commission, and mailed it today.

    • Hi XfireCapt, I am trying to do the same thing, preparing many letter to send SRI, BBB, Credit Bureau, the attorney General in Nevada an California, Federal Trade Commision,, and so on. Please contact me, I can share more information with you and also I want to file a Class Action lawsuit too. Thank you so much.

  • Went through the salespitch a few days ago. Was a pressure pitch but not a lot of pressure.
    Once they showed me the numbers (About $18K for something called Silver, make the “downpayment” on a DRI/Barclays Credit Card at 0% for 6 months, plus a 1K/yr maintenance fee), they wanted me to sign up for $350 per month for 10 years. Looked like quite the Ponzi scheme to me. Interesting this is allowed, given this company is listed on the NYSE.
    I basically led them along, acting like I was interested in buying and at the end said no. Got handed over to “Corporate” and was offered a “Starter/Trial” package for about $3K for 11K points to be used over 18 months, to which I said no. For 90 minutes of my time, I got $75 and a free breakfast.

  • dont by of them they are a scam ,,stay clear of this company

  • I regret the day we ever bought into this ripoff company. We are out so much money that we didn’t have to waste on such a crappy company. The maintenance fees are ridiculous & like others have stated, its virtually impossible to book anything that you want. So frustrating & infuriating. Like throwing good, hard-earned money down the drain. My advice to others…DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

    • I’m a silver owner The amount we pay in maintenance and club dues are outrages. When we try to book we alway have a problem because these fees need to be paid before you can make reservations. As my family review our cost the almost $3000 in club and maintenance we pay we can just rent a week in Diamonds rooms and not have the monthly mortage fee. Last year we they wanted to review my account while on vacation a few ladies and me decide to tell them the only thing they can do for us is pay our maintenance fees. They gave us our $100 and we were out in 10 minutes.

  • as time goes on we are more disenchanted with our Diamond Resorts Timeshare. The annual fees are outrageous and every time we go for an owners update we are told that what we thought were the benefits of the timeshare are now things that are detrimental and the only way to make it better is to invest another $10K in their program. We love the resort at Poipu in Kauai but since we are not owners in Hawaii it is difficult to get a reservation. It feels like every time we try to reserve time at a Diamond resort it is booked. The sales pitches are horrible. We were recently in Vegas and the sales person was super friendly until they realized we were not buying and then was rude. Mr. CEO Stephen Cloobeck you should be reading these complaints and doing something about this – especially since you are now a publicly traded company. The options in Europe are horrible. You have not lived up to your promises! I filled out the survey from our last owners update and even though I expressed my concerns, I have not heard from anyone. Are you reading these?

  • Liars

  • We got rid of our Diamond Resorts timeshare in Sedona, Az. by donating it to a non-profit organization in California. We gave the necessary info to our attorney, and he did the rest. It cost us under $1,800.00. Our maintenance fees went from $395.00 a year to nearly $1,000.00. Our same resort could be rented online for $700.00 by anyone. Four friends of ours have done the same as we did. Just remember, NO company is going to sell your timeshare for you. Our friends lost $4,000.00 to a company that wanted that money upfront to sell their timeshare. Lotsa luck.

    • PLEASE tell me the name of the non-profit in California – or any other places you think will take this. I can get an attorney and do the same. Our fees are over $1500 now and no end in sight. pam@pampetty.com — please email me back if you see this.

    • Hi dugger, cuold you please the name and phone the attorney that helped you? my emai is uruguayaenla@gmail.com I am trying to do something before die. Diamont Resorts is a real scam. Thank you so much

  • want to get rid of timeshare? write a detailed letter to DRI corp explaining health issues and reasons you cannot travel %90 of time will take back but I make it clear only Us collections Hawaii collection California collection which are just point based anything deeded you will need to sell as this takes having to transfer name on a deed. US members only

    • My wife and I are both in our 70’s, and have health issues that prevent us from traveling for long distances. I explained this in a letter to Ceo Stephen Cloobeck, but NEVER even received a reply. I was told to Try “Foreclosure in Lieu of Payment”. I recently drafted a letter to the Securities Exchange Commision since the company went Public (DRII) without notifying the owners, or compensating the owners when they turned our ownership over to share holders.

  • People, do not buy a timeshare. It seems like a great idea. My husband and I just went through a timeshare presentation and all the things they said were wrong. One of the presenters tried to jerk at our heartstrings by saying that he recently lost his little 2 year old nephew and he wished he had spent more time with him. And a Wyndham timeshare would have helped with that? Outrageous. If you want to know more about how this works, look into how a sale is structured. They give you the value, and then, after a really long time of asking if you could see yourself using that presidential suite they just showed you (which takes more points than you can imagine and are buying) then they spring you with the price. Like “ownership” makes it all better? Come on. Don’t believe it. The salesperson then brings in a manager to tell you about the price. Do not show any interest – even if they say, what if I could drop it to half that. the key phrase is “what if.” Listen carefully. “What if I could” means they can’t do it. Show no interest. Timeshares are great – for them. They get your money up front. They get to invest it. And they earn the interest on it. Then you have to pay maintenance fees of 900 FOR LIFE! That’s what “ownership” gets you. You would be better off saving your money, earning some interest on it, and then spending it when YOU want. Look at the fine print. You own almost nothing. You can will your $900 per year in maintenance fees to your heirs. LUCKY THEM! I hope that gives you the motivation to not buy. We walked out of our Wyndham timeshare presentation with a $200 gift card. Woohoo! But then again, we’re both really cynical people who aren’t easily pressured into ANYTHING. At one point the salesperson said, “Are you making excuses?” I said, “Excuses are for people who feel guilty. I don’t feel the least bit guilty.” Left her a bit speechless. You may have guessed that I don’t have a lot of friends. It’s true. But the friends I have are very good ones.

    • Wow, seriously, my salesman said his wife died of cancer ….blah, blah, blah. I did NOT make that up. I bought my timeshare (then Sunterra) in 1999 and have regretted it ever since. But I will say that Diamond Resorts has come a long way and is much better managed with internet options and such, but at a price! I am at Mystic Dunes Resort right now and they wouldn’t allow me to attend their bullshit session because my wife couldn’t attend. She has MS, and I did NOT make that up.

  • I think the lesson here is that you ought not ever buy. Just say no, get up and tell them you are not interested at all and they are disrespecting your time when you were promised to get out of there by a certain time. Ask for the gift and go. I feel for anyone that thinks going along with buying is the way to get out of there. Don’t do it.

  • I went through a Sunterra (now Diamond) sales pitch that took a good while. It is amazing the lengths that they go to to pressure you to buy. It is insane, these people are professional liars and are very good at what they do. I and my wife left without signing anything. Afterward I literally couldn’t believe I got out of there with a $100 gift card and without signing anything at all…I second guessed myself a little since the urge to sign was so intense but for all the wrong reasons, the whole thing just felt wrong…it was so mesmerizing in the worst way possible.

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    • You have some serious issues. Being a liar is chief among them. I hope no one fell for this.

  • I bought in to Diamond Resorts International on a Sunday I tried to get out of it the following Sunday. I tried calling but the offices were closed,for two days, also you had to cancel by FAX, this was difficult to do . I missed their cancellation cutoff day by (1) day. They would not let me cancel the agreement. In order to use your time you have to buy points. My 2500 points will get me a 2 day stay here in the USA. You need over 8500 points to make any stay , worth while,that would be 7 days. At $8.00 a point that would be another $10,000. dollars. With rising maintenance cost per year in excess of $800.00. it’s just not worth it. I unfortunately bought in a year ago, I have not used the membership. Such a waste, that I could not really afford.

    • Contrary to other postings on this site, it is possible to get out of your contract to purchase a DRI membership, but you must act quickly (about 10 days) after you join. I did it and found DRI to be polite, cooperative and not at all argumentative.

      My wife and I visited a DRI resort, listened to the sales presentation and impulsively decided that one of the plans matched our desires. We signed the “Purchase and Sale Agreement” (P&S) and returned to our home in another state. While en-route we changed our mind and decided we had to ‘get out’.

      I carefully read the P&S and found it contained a generic ‘Cancellation’ clause telling how to ‘rescind’ (cancel, get-out-of) the purchase contract. Simply stated, I had to notify DRI of our decision to ‘rescind’ IN WRITING, to a special address, within X Days.

      Most states in the US have laws enabling anyone to rescind real-estate contracts signed within their state or signed elsewhere by their residents. Attached to DRI’s P&S were reprints of these laws for the state in which the sale took place and, since we reside in another state, a copy of our state’s law.

      The key point of these two (or three) clauses is that they told me how to cancel (“rescind”) a contract and how many days I had to to it. I carefully read and compared both DRI’s requirements and the two state requirements. In addition, I went online to the web site of the state(s) involved and found the pages for the State Attorney General (the title varied by state). The sites contained links to contract cancellation instructions. I noted the AG’s name, his title, his office mailing address, the respective law’s statute number, and required procedures. (I found DRI’s P&S attachments were accurate re-statements of the state laws applying to my situation.) In my case, the states specified similar actions but different time frames. I did what they said to do but chose to do it in the the shortest time stated.

      I wrote a letter to DRI stating our desire to rescind the P&S agreement (The wording I used in my letter is shown below) and send it by registered US Mail, return receipt requested, to the DRI address specified in the Cancellation Clause. I mentioned that if DRI didn’t fully cancel as required, I would file a complaint with the state’s AG. I made sure the letter was postmarked and received by DRI, as specified, within the required number of days. My cancellation clause said I could also send notification by FAX, which I did, and I also sent one by e-mail. However, the US Mail letter is the one that counts! The others are only advisory. I sent a copy of my letter to both state’s AG by ordinary mail.

      The day after I sent my FAX, I got a telephone call from DRI confirming that my request was received and was being processed. Several more telephone calls and e-mails happened later, but none were argumentative. DRI was rather pleasant about the cancellation process and I received a cancellation confirmation letter from them and from the finance company and a refund of my deposit money all within the time frames specified by law.

      Part of my closing expenses were paid with a cash advance/loan from a new credit card account DRI opened. My recision request asked that the funds be returned and the account closed. DRI said that they would return the funds, they couldn’t close the account as it was mine. I just waited through two billing cycles and the statements showed return of the finds, and a zero balance. I then telephoned the card company and closed the account.


      Here’s what my letter looked like:

      Date: Mmmmm dd, yyyy
      To: Diamond Resorts U.S Collection Development, LLC
      {address in Cancellation Clause}
      From: Mr. & Mrs. John Doe
      Subj: Request to Cancel and Rescind Purchase of Membership Points
      On {date}, we (John and Jane Doe) completed documents to purchase {number of} membership points and {number of} bonus points in Diamond Resorts U.S. Collection for a price of ${number}. The sale took place at Diamond Resorts’ Sales Office in {place}. Membership/Account number {number} was assigned.

      This letter is to inform you that we wish to CANCEL this purchase under the terms of {state of residence} {statute number} and any similar {state where signed} law.

      Accordingly, we expect that within {smallest day number in DRI P&S and state laws} days you will cancel, rescind, and return to us all applications, agreements, contracts, notes, or negotiable instruments associated with this purchase (Purchase and Sale Agreement Addendum, Paragraph 4). We also expect that the ${number} charged on {date} to the {bank name} credit card opened in our name will be repaid and the account closed.

      Should your actions in executing this cancellation and rescission not meet our expectations, we will file real estate sales transaction complaints with the both the State {of residence} and State {of sale} Attorneys General.

      Under separate cover we are returning the vinyl tote bag presented to us along with the books and directories it contained.

      /s/ John Doe /s/ Jane Doe
      cc: {residence} State {sale} State
      Office of the Attorney General Office of the Attorney General
      {address} {address}

  • The salesmen wanted $37K to buy into timeshare at Mystic Dunes in Florida. I laughed out loud and told the guy I was paying $67 a night to stay there. Do the math.

  • Have you people never heard of Hotels.com?

  • Bazar Sales: while is Las Vegas we went to a Diamond Resort sales presentation. We were greeted by a middle eastern man who needed a shower bluntly he smelled and was rude. He kept grabbing my wife and shouting he was the one. Mt wife is from the middles east and does not like to be touched by strange men I told him to stop or I would call the metropolitan police!

  • We owned monarch for over 13 years no problems now with diamond they did not tell us

    Please if there is a group getting a lawyer I want in.. What they tell you at the sales presentation is not so. So now I have two to take care of financially I was very happy with the Monarch timeshare.

    • I have owned at Riviera Beach and Spa in San Juan Capo since the resort was built (nearly 30 years ago). Since Diamond took over my HOA fees have increased about 25%. I had a terrible time getting anyone to return my calls. I feel that I am stuck paying their fees, but am filing complaints with the BBB in both Orange Co, CA and Orlando, FL. If there is a Class Action I want in too!

      • I am writing letter to attorney General in California and Nevada, BBB, DRI, Federal Trade Commission, and so on. Please contact me, I also want in a Class Action, I sent an email to another person commenting this complain because she found an attorney. my email is uruguayaenla@gmail.com
        Millions thanks

  • We were told if we change to Club our dues would not go up much. They when up the same as everyone else and as a senior it make it impossible to own my time share. Mr. Cloobeck said on tv he care about time share owners and sent emails to see why this happen. Never got a answer and was told we had to pay it or we would go to court. We .been a member for years and now we will lose our timeshare because we were lied to more than once. We had always paid on time and feel we were taken for a ride Why isn’t Mr. Cloobeck not answering his emails from owners and helping them out???

    • Whats his email, I want to tell him whats on my mind

    • Try “Foreclosure in Lieu of Payment”.

  • When Mr Cloobec was on "Undercover Boss" I saved the 2 episodes that I recorded. I was at that time impressed with him. Not so much now. It appears that if we book our home resort about 10 months in advance there is a pretty good chance we can get something. If we try and go to another resort in Florida, Arizona, California it appears that there are no units available. How can this be when we try all different months? I believe as another patron stated that these rooms are rented out for a higher rate.

    • I have spoke with many folks in the eevator at Polo Towers. Most are there for three free nights provided they attend the sales seminar.I was looking for another owner to see if any were left. During Rodeo week in December, many people are just there renting.

  • Hi what can one . My wife and I are platinum members (50,000 points) ant at that level we are supposed to get certain benefits. One was we ccould always upgrade to a larger room if available for free. Well our old friend Cloobeck just changed the rules and is now charging 50 dollars. Oh well that means he has just devalued our points again. It seems that our friend is now and has been renting out rooms while telling us the resorts are not available he makes more money that way. Please remember that if you go to a sales presentation and buy points you have 5 days to change your mind. Just carefully fill out the recession form found hidden in the back of your paperwork Do not call the sales office just fax it in. If you get talked into a Sampler Package you are stuck and cannot get out of it.
    All the best/the knower


      • Take them down Jimmy…

    • What form is that called to fax in to cancel. Is it 5 business days or 5 days.

  • yes we would also be involved in a class action suit. We bought many years ago and changed to points, but can never get any timeshares. We once ask for any thing in Florida and we were told nothing was available. we can NEVER get what we want, even if we give them a BIG window of places and times. We are fed up and want to get rid of this timeshare. DON,T ever buy a timeshare. Thanks for letting me vent. Nancy B

    • I’m finally glad to see someone else with these comments!! We have spend enough money we could of bought a nice vacation home. We NEVER get to go where we want when we want. A lot of the places are not handicapped accessible to code. We have a daughter in a wheelchair and there is NEVER a place were we can all stay comfortably.

  • A Strange Sales Presentation: my wife and I went to a sales presentation (up date) at Polo Toweres in Las Vegas. We were greated by a old woman who showed us around and then started to tell us the story of her lile she related to us that she came to Las vegas as a young woman married to a drunk and abusive husband and went to work for Mr. Cloobecks father at Polo towers. She said she devorced her husband and Mr. Cloobecks father took her under his wing and watched her children in the office while she worked for him.She did so well she won the gold sales ring (one of four). She said taht Mr. Cloobeck and his family call her Auntie. My wife a sucessful business woman asked her point blank " What deos this have to do with Time share or point sales? She repied I just want you to know what a wonderful man Mr. Cloobeck is!". She also pointed out that a picture of Mr.Cloobeck with Mr.Obama is on the Power Of Yes presentation running 24/7 in our room. I asked are you trying to tell us that Mr.Obama The President is officially endorsing Diamond Resorts. She said " think what you want they are close friends" My wife said this is outrageous, unethical and possible illegal to say such things". We did not upgrade were outraged and are prepairing to write a letter to Mr. Obama about this. I have come to understand that Mr. Cloobeck gave over 200,000 dollars to the democratic party, for what it is worth. We saw the same old woman durring our week wearing the same dirty clothes, so perhaps she was some homless woman they just hired for the week.


  • Rember in the US at least you have between 3 and 7 days to do a recision of contrack. Cloobecks sales thugs have got to show you the form if asked it must be in your paperwork by law. Make sure you follow all directions on the form closely. It cost Cloobeck about 500 dollars US for each recision so lets get hundreds of people to listen to the sales pitch, sign up get their gifts and then do a recision, just to screw with this jerk!

    • it does not hurt the millionaire it hurts the rep that is feeding his family and is selling what he was told was a good product everyday of his work day

      • I,ve worked at both diamond, ilex and sun terra (all now diamond) and I can tell you some real stories of drugs and sex and criminals and lying to customers and laughing about it. Believe me these salesmen do not believe they are selling a good product.

        Diamond is now coming after me for a ilex timeshare I had years ago, paid in full, but expired due to maintenance fees. If they should continue I am writing the whole story down for amazon, believe me it will be a good read.

        I will have lots about the evil Pamela and her husband who was arrested for prostitution, and way more stuff that no one has ever heard of. This info will really help the class action lawsuit.

        • Please put more on the Web about these scammers. People must be warned!

        • What class Action Suit? Can you provide more Info. I’m interested. I just drafted a letter to the SEC since DRII went public, but failed to notify any of the owners. How can that be legal? ? The reason they went to the point system, is there is NO LIMIT as to how many memberships they are allowed sell, where the number of timeshares was limited. And that is why Folks are unable to get reservations anywhere.

        • Ex employee…I need to hear these!! lol

  • We certainly agree with all of the negative comments against Diamond. But in addition to all those, we were served with a letter stating we had not paid the maintenance fees of the units we had traded to Diamond and they were suing us for the past years fees! I had the letter from Diamond stating the transfer to Diamond had occurred a year and a month previousl I sent a copy of everything to Diamond and received no further response– no explanation, no apology , nothing. Hopefully the fees were paid and we will not have further litigation.

    Also, after we had paid the maintenance fee to Diamond, several months later they charged $1000 to the same credit card! No notification, no explanation! We were traveling to some of our other properties we have outside Diamond and paid it when our son who was getting our mail called us and told us we had a bill for something like $1200 so even though I thought it was really high, I paid it via internet banking. When we got home and I saw the bill, I called Diamond and never did get an answer except they would look into it. Never did get an answer but I sure got another bill in January for another $600. They (Diamond) tell me there is NO WAY we can get out of this terrible contract, that when we pass away our children have to keep it up! NO WAY CAN THEY AFFORD THIS!
    My husband is not willing to lose the 20K we paid (and are still paying off at our credit union). I still think it is worth a lawsuit to try to sue to get out of this and get some of our money back. How about a class action suit??

  • posted March 5, 2014 We are in the same predicament that most of you all are in Attended a Diamond Dinner Event at the Embassy Suites(River Walk) on January 9th of 2014. We signed up but then the following day my husband and I reviewed our finances and decided that we should CANCEL our contract. WE in good faith called the Sales Manager(FRANK Messinger) and explained that we had reviewed our finances and had decided to not go through with it and we wanted to cancel. He stated told my husband let me see what I can do with the number guys(Finance) .We waited later the evening of the 10th of January my husband and I received a call and he(frank messenger) gave us some new numbers. Which in turn we did not like because although it lowered our payment it extended the term of contract from 10 to 20 years. We had Frank Messinger on Speaker and my husband and I said no Frank KILL the contract. Meaning to cancl the contract. He said ok will do. We took it in good faith that he would BAD MISTAKE. Well folks guess what, I called Florida Connection to see what was available for Orland Florida Disney trip they directed me to Diamond Resorts. I explained how we had cancelled and they said unfortunately no the contract is going through. This was an on going battle and finally we got directed to some person who stated to fax and email her a letter stating that we wanted to cancel the contract. We did and spoke to QA person MBrockmeier. We explained the situation and he stated to my husband that we were well within our RECESSION period. We asked to cancel the contract. Of course the Sales Manager has no recollection of this as we beleive its for personal profit. But wait the story does not end here, So to much ado,,, we get our assessment fees statement for payment today and we recalled and made note that we could use our points to pay for the Assessment fees well guess what folks the representatative told us this was no longer an optionn. Again MIS LEAD?MISREPRESENTED by the SALES REP. He told us we could. We have sent letters and continue to send letters to the hospitality management about misrepresentation by the Sales Mgr and we have no other alternative but to seek legal action at this time. I have read a few of the comments and agree I think this is all a sham and for some such as our Sales Manager for personal profit. Really would you want sales people that sham you and paint you a pretty picture to conduct business like this and represent your company. I am looking for folks that attended the dinner in San Antonio to see what they have experienced. I am sure it has not been pleasant OR TO TAKE ACTION ON DRI. Anyout there that attended the Dinner in San Antonio, texas Embassy Suites and is experiencing issues with DRI please contact us at emontemayor3@satx.rr.com

  • We are in the same predicament that most of you all are in Attended a Diamond Dinner Event at the embassy suites(River WalkON on january 9th of 2014. We signed up but then the following day my husband and I reviewed our finaces and decided that we shold CANCEL our contract. WE in good faith called the Sales Manager(FRANK Messinger) and explained that we had reviewed our finaces and had decided to not go through with it and we wanted to cancel. he told my husband let me see what i can do with the number guys(Finance) .We waited later that evening of the 10th of january my husband and I received a call and he gave us some new numbers. Which in turn we did not like beause although it lowered our payment it extended the term of contract from 10 to 20 years. We had Frank messinger on Speaker and my husband and I said no Frank KILL the contract. Well folks guess what. I called Florida Connection to see what was available for Orland Florida disney trip they directed me to Diamond Resorts. This was an on going battle and finally we got directed to some person who stated to fax and email her a letter stating that we wanted to cancel the contract. We did and spoke to QA person MBrochmeier. We expained the situation and he stated to my husband that we were well within out RECISSION period. We asked to cancel the contract. Of course the Sales Manager has no recollection of this as we beleive its for personal profite. But wait the story does not end here, So to much ado,,, we get our assessment fees statement for payment. We recall and made note that we could use our points to pay for the Assessment fees well guess what forls the representatative told us this was no longer an o[yion. Again MIS LEAD by the SALES REP. He told us he could. We have sent letters and continue to send letters to the hospitality management about misrepresentation by the sales Mgr and we have no other alternative but to seek legal action at this time. I have read a few of the comments and agree i think this is all a sham and for some such as our Sales Manager for personal profit. Really would you want sales people that sham you and paint you a pretty picture to conduct business like this and represent your company. I am looking for folks that attended the dinner insan Antonio to see what they have experienced. I am sure it has not been pleseant.

    • Esther, contact me at Timeshare Insights. I

  • The presentation misrepresented what I was going to get. I was told I could go to hundreds of destinations. It turned out I could only choose from a small list of cheap places, which I could get for free with exchanges with other timeshares I have or purchase at a third of the price. Then I was told that it is what it is and I have to deal with that list. Very upsetting. Very unethical.

  • Did you know that Diamond Resorts has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (Southern Nevada division where its headquarters is)? File your complaint with them and they could possibly settle the dispute on your behalf.

    • B.S. – Diamond Resorts International is not even accredited by the BBB in southern Nevada. The BBB in southern Nevada has received 540 complaints in the last three years about Diamond Resorts though!

  • My friend and I used/was given another friends time share to use as they were unable to use it – while we were out fir the day, someone entered our place (without our knowledge and NO notification) and left the door OPEN and all the lights on. After checking the room, I noticed the SAFE was missing! Fortunately I had not used it!!!! I then called the desk and they informed me they were changing the safe and were "SORRY!" I feel they are under obligation to inform residents when they plan to "enter their PRIVATE SPACE" am I wrong??

    • What are you afraid of? Having people know you are Inconsiderate. You must approve of what others are saying?

  • I went to the orlando resort, LIKI TIKI, they told me my timeshare was worthless after the diamond resorts purchase/takeover and i had to ugrade… to keep it. I told him i didnt care they could take it. the next months i used my time share with out a problem. But the next time i used it i got sales calls to my room AT 730 8AM IN THE MORNING. I DISCONNECTED THE ROOM PHOME…LOL


  • We have owned Worldmark and it is a dream compared to Diamond Resorts International. I too like one of the other comments have yet to book any time at all with Diamond. Always there are no vacancies for the time period I want to book. This does not matter whether it is within a month or a year. I am so sorry we left Worldmark. DRI is a JOKE!!!!!!

  • As Mona, above we were "informed" of the Monarch Grand Vacation takeover by DRI at a "sales presentation" on a timeshare vacation for which we had traded via Interval International using another property that we own.

    High pressure sales and a total mismatch ( salesman was unbelievably ignorant of the psychology of reading body language) with our personalities resulted in my Husband and I feeling insulted and very unhappy. We ended up buying into the sampler plan from a different sales person when we told them that we already had vacation planned in a few weeks that would use our Monarch property ( Cancun in Las Vegas) and that we could discuss at that time the transfer of our "time" into the DRI "family". Our understanding with DRI was that if we decided to "buy-in" during our planned Cancun Las Vegas vacation stay the Sampler $$ would apply toward the purchase price.

    We kept our part of the deal and we actually purchased into the DRI Collection during the vacation . Here we are over a year later and DRIwill not honor the deal because they say we had to schedule the vacation through the Sampler program and a previously planned use of the properties does not count even though we discussed the plan with our salesman and bought in good faith.
    Perhaps Mr. Cloobec could help us with this but getting through to him requires endless phone transfers and the patience of Job — no one is empowered to handle anything and we have yet to speak to him. There is no customer service — I am convinced that this is a real sham.
    We own several timeshares and use them yearly and have never had problems booking, trading, or gifting vacations . We have yet to successfully book or use DRI — there is always a reason the places we want are not available. I’m beginning to think DRI is like the Wizard of OZ ( much ado about nothing).

  • I saw Undercover Boss and Cloobeck was so compassionate about the employees and giving employees tons of cash and paying off an employees mortgage, is he a charlatan?

    • Big Sham for TV We have diamond and it a pain in the A** to make reservations and the hold time are terible and if you voice upset they hang up on you and you lose all the effort you put foward … I guesss we are just the mortage payer

  • If there is a class action suit filed, I definitely want to be included!

  • Hey let’s all run for the Board can’t hurt. – we our owners.

  • we are from the UK and bought our timeshare in 1998 when it was tempest in Florida we started of with a 2 bedroom then up graded to a 3 bed lock off because of the family now diamond has bought it over we have now been told that we have to pay tempest and diamond as well so we are paying 2 mortgages and we cannot afford that . I would like to know if that is against the law I thought if you bought a company out you didn’t still have to pay the company that was bought over

  • They will promise you the world to get you to sign up. I am currently upset because they told us that we got lucky because we were buying out the couple that just left who were moving up to gold. That meant we could get their 15,000 on top of the 15,000 we would get as silver members. The goodies kept coming to convince us to sign up. We got 2 interval certificates each for a 2 bedroom and each for a week stay. We also got a week stay free at diamond. Now it turns out that if you do not get all of that in writing at the end of your purchaser’s contract they will not honor it. I found it extremely hard to get those coupons to work and literally spent hours and hours trying to use them before I lost them. I managed to book every coupon. Then when I went on my main vacation and had to attend a meeting because I signed up fro perfectly cut events which was just a way to get you to move up to gold at the members property update breakfast, I was made aware of several things. One that they had used my bonus 15,000 points for the stay free week coupon. And that if the sales rep had not added that I was getting the 15,0000 from the couple we bought out then I needed to write some letters. That was after they told me if I could come up with the coupon they would honor it. So that was fraud alert right there. And during the member update which turned into a 4 hours buy or we will keep you here till you die. They changed many things or good things kept happening first they showed us how much the value went up. And how lucky we were that we bought when we did. Then I mentioned that originally they had said if we decided to ever move up we had a year to do it under the original contract prices. Then they pulled out the paper work saying they had tried to call us but we were on a special tele marketer block. And they would offer us it at that price originally stated and what a savings to move up to gold. In the long run we noticed that the sales pitch last year that we got a steal at 35,000 for silver membership was not true because we bought out a couple , it was the price. So now because of that sales rep’s B.Sing to get us to sign up we have used our precious points for a stay free week and those were the 15,000 points deposited. Such b.S. I am thankful we did not sign up for gold. And we did buy another 15,000 through the sampler but I am so mad it is really hard to get a vacation anywhere else except at the properties you buy in to. And if you do it really quick. They are really well orchetrated. The guy behind the desk is listening to everything and is the assistant to the sales rep who will lie so well you will believe everything and trust them. I feel like they are a legit bunch of con artists. And if we do move up to gold holy cow how the maintenance fee increase.I should feel good and I do not. They stole one of my last vacation days using it for their further scam and when I became aware of the points being used for a previous vacation that was all I could focus on for my last day of vacation. Also, when I pointed out that it said it was 6,000 points for that trip to the person on the phone they changed it to 15,000. I have a screen shot so maybe I will incorporate that into the letter I am supposed to right about the sales rep misrepresenting. Definitely do not sign up. Also, I love the way they can not believe you can not afford such a deal and further that to show you how they are going on a wonderful vacation and so is the guy behind the desk. Surely, you can afford one too thanks to Diamond.

    • OMG! My papers say I have 10 days to cancel. I just wrote the letter and am mailing first thing in the morning. I am now out
      $1600 but I hope the cancel it.

  • If there is a Class Action Lawsuit – count us in. We have an issue with the new Diamond Resorts – We never heard of them until recently. We have a points based timeshare through Monarch Grand Vacations/Pacific Monarch. We had auto pay scheduled and working since 1994; we never stopped our auto pay! Just found out recently that the auto pay was somehow stopped mid 2012 and that we owe over $2,500 in dues and late fees as we "fell through the cracks" when Monarch transitioned into Diamond Resorts. We never received any notice of the transition nor of non-payment for over a year. AND, there is a new $50 quarterly "Club" fee that we don’t know what it is for! We were told we HAD to pay this unless we requested to "opt out". We knew nothing of this and show some "Club" fees in our past due notice. We tried to resolve this huge bill, but a very unfriendly Mr. Brooks at Diamond Resorts Financial Services (888-990-9689) told us that our only option was to pay it in full within a few payments; he said we could not go back to auto pay until the $2,500 debt was settled. Umm…sounds counter-productive to me. Since we live on limited retirement funds this is not a realistic resolution. WE ARE VERY UPSET! At this point we would love to group together for a Class Action Lawsuit! We don’t think it is right that a company can change hands and send you a "Late Fee" notice for past dues over a year later. We loved the Timeshare, but are very disappointed with this new Association.

    • we agree We understand the point fees but what is club dues and us base standard assessment. we are also very upset with the scammers who sold us diamond. we were happy with monarch

      • Same here…. We had MGV, we were able to get rooms with-in a week notice, now with all the Diamond people I can’t get anything. Not only that, we are still paying maintenance fees for the MGV loan and the new DRI loan…that’s double dipping maintenance fees for the same resorts. We were told that the DRI maintenance fee also covered that of MGV….WRONG!!!!!
        I tried keeping up with everything but I want out.

    • If you find a lawyer count us in..We have had Monarch for over 8 years and loved them..never had a problem getting a room on the date or resort we requested…Diamond took over..I have just spend 4 days and I don’t know how many phone calls to be put on hold for over an hour or told that number is no longer in service. On line, no matter what resort or what date everything is fully booked…Last year we were at one of the Palm Springs resorts we stay at alot and had the most horrible room when I asked to be changed as my husband is handcapped and to get to this room we had to climb 6 outside stairs, We were told that we can only have the rooms set aside for Monarch members and theose room are not the best..WE LEFT.

    • I was with Tempus Select and had over 4000 points in 2012 and this would equal out to quite a few weeks but I was told that in October they got rid of the point system and that everyone only had a week per year. I pay about $300.00 a month and $1100.00 per year for a total amount of 4700.00 a year for one week which I will not take. If a class action lawsuit is filed let me know I will participate.

    • HI Mona, my fiancé and I just got sucked into this DRI trap.I saw that you mentioned a Class Action Lawsuit. Have you had any luck? Power in numbers, I’m in…

  • Please read this and really think! If i pick up an rattle snake and it bites me, Is it my fault or is it the snake’s fault? I bought into DRI and I knew what I was buying. I know fees may change and I could get cheaper deals! I work hard and have the cashflow to buy things. DRI employs a lot of people and creates cashflow for micro economies I could lose my money. Be acoountable. Do your homework! If you don’t have the money don’t spend it!

  • If DRI gets no more money the Ponzi will collapse on the ones last to hold on to their properties.

  • Joining the list of complaints. Horrendous experience at a timeshare upgrade presentation by Diamond, and "gifts" for attending have cost us more than it would have been to pay gift vacation on our own. Since then, after turning down upgrade, can’t get through to membership office to deposit points–have been cut off five times in two days, twice after 20 minutes of waiting on hold.

  • Jo in Hyattsville
    I bought the upgrade story. Boy am I sorry. If there’s a group getting a lawyer, count me in. DRI needs to be out of business!!!

  • Nov 29,2013 I called one month and ask that my 2400 points be deposited with Interval International As of 2 weeks ago, this had not happened. This morning I CALLED AGAIN ONLY TO FIND THAT THEY STILL HAVE NOT BEEN DEPOSITED. i THEN CALLED THE 800 NUMBER AND HAVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 45 MINUTES. WHAT DO i HAVE TO DO JUST TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN

  • This is the least of my issues with my membership and that is the inability to Log In. According to their files it appears I do not exist and yet I have a paid membership. In addition it appears that with my paid membership little privilege derives as a consequence of ownership. I am unable to make reservations for the accommodations I have paid for, I suppose that is to be expected in that we have already paid for our ownership so we are no longer important. In speaking to one of their customer representatives I was informed that we could call up 48 hours in advance but accommodations were based on availability but I and my wife called three months in advance and we were informed that there would be nothing available for the dates we were interested in reserving, so honestly what good is my ownership?

    Please be advised that I am not their greatest champion if in the course of my stay at one of their facilities I could not in good conscience recommend ownership to any perspective owner, quite to the contrary I would recommend against ownership especially at Diamond Resorts. This feeling of alienation arises from Diamond Resorts less that personal touch and its’ inability or refusal to go the extra length for one of their owners. Unfortunately, this has proven to be the worse investment experience I have ever had.


  • we joined DRI August 4, 2013 we were told all we had to do was call them and trey would book "our perfect vacation" we are Interval what a bunch of RUBBISH!!! We tried for TWO years to get our trip to Scotland, we got plane tickets to England NOT Scotland, and we were promised a free week stay any where we wanted to use it in Europe, we were told that was fine, we saved our points for TWO YEARS and NEVER GOT ANY HELP with planning our vacation we gave them a very wide selection of dates and still nothing from DRI.
    My husband finally booked our vacation but not through DRI because DRI was useless and we had to use the plane tickets before they expired! To even book anything with Interval you have to pay a FEE of $174.30
    DRI keeps calling asking for payment I said why all you have done is lie BAD Faith and BAIT AND SWITCH and according to UNDERCOVER BOSS July 5, 2013 Mr. Cloobeck stated that DRI has ONLY ONE chance to give it’s members their dream vacation and the thing that MR> CLOOBECK hates the most is his members being MISREPRESENTED OR MISLEAD!!!!
    Also DRI staff who call about billing say my name is NOT on the paper work which it is it was put on when we went and signed up August 4, 2011.

    We are cur

  • Has any one got a address for this company please

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  • I believe many of you should really read before you sign. I’ve been an owner since 2007, i’ve had to change a couple things along the way, and contacted Stephen Cloobec. Whether I communicated with him directly, or his staff . . . absolute wonderful resaults. My time share is in Maui, have been there 5 times and have never had a problem. I’ve gotten the floor and area i wanted each time.
    In fact, at one point, I contacted Steve for some ‘special needs’ i had for one particular trip. He handled it, as well as contacting the General Manager of Kaanapali Beach Resorts, to make sure all would be taken care of – DONE. He gave me a direct line number for the GM in case i had any problems. There has never been an issue or problem.

    • Can you please email me the email address of Mr. Cloobeck? Thank you so much! I hope to have as wonderful of an experience as you have!

    • lol paid DRI shill. you think anyone believes you’ve talked to the CEO of this company just to keep getting ripped off? you’re full of BS, quit trying to scam more people. there is nothing good about DRI and they need to be taken out.

      • I agree Kevin! Bull____!

    • I have been a happy member since 1995 and all most always received the floor I asked for. ‘At that time I was hotel owner and had a room number on my contract and received the room but maybe on another floor. BUT since 2010 and a timeshare member I have never received a room I asked for even with more than enough points. I obviously don’t have the clout you have.

    • so your ok with the extra fees. we were never told about

    • Mr. Cloobeck we know this is you!

  • My husband and I have a very long story with our dissatisfaction with Diamond Resorts. If anyone ever figures any way out of this really bad investment, please let us know.

  • Just booked a week at the Atlantis in the Bahamas with my Diamond ownership!!! whoo hoo! I’ve been trying to get into this resort for 8 years with my other "crappy" timeshares with no luck!! Definatley the easiest timeshare to use is Diamond!!

  • We are concerned. We purchased a timeshare Club Navigo January 1st, 2013. We used a partial week this weekend, in Ormond Beach, FL. While we were there we were informed we must attend a presentation because there was new ownership with Club Navigo..and they pointed to there badge Diamond Resorts. I said nice, but we have our contract, which gave us 6 weeks the the first 2 years and 2 weeks every two years after that and a certificate for a free cruise for up to 6 people anywhere Interval has a cruise..it’s a certificate. We refused going to there meeting, because A) we did not want to go..they can mail us info on any changes, and B) it’s my vacation time and I had no time left to spend with a Sales rep. We just locked into a $10,000.00 contract and paid our yearly maintenance dues and taxes for the year. I am very concerned after reading all this, that we may have no rights with our money, agreement and contract. No one should try and force us to attend a sales meeting if they are not crooks…


    • When you find out David, I would also like to speak with him! Please post any contact information if you have it!

      • call 714-687-6160, they are the Anaheim Call office center. They focus mainly on getting people to come down to their timeshare meetings over there, but I know they have direct contact with Mr. Cloobeck. As a former employee, they are absolutely the best company to work for, but not to be a timeshare holder of. I would call them now.

    • David and Judith we feel your pain but have experienced something completely different with the contract. Send me your email and I can post my husband and my experience with DRI. We can be reached at emontemayor3@satx.rr.com. We are in San Antonio Texas

  • We just went to a sales presentation in Vegas, the pitch was horrible, we were pushed from one sales person to the next all with a slightly different angle, no real high pressure but none of them were very nice people and the "last chance" guy was creepy and a little too aggressive, I was interested in the product but in the end the sales pitch just got me mad and at $18,000 a little pricey. You don’t get the price until the last 10 mins to stop you just walking out. Then "last chance" guy drops the price and gives you 15,000 free points to use at other resorts to "think about it" ( the original sales woman insists you have to purchase right then, according to Nevada state law !!!) overall not nice people, they smile a lot until you finally say NO ! Good if you want the free gift but go in fully intending to say no and stick to it, don’t give them a bone just keep on saying that it is definitely not right for you.
    We did get $125 in gambling credits which you get in tokens which you have to play but you can keep your winnings ,plus a limo ride ( one way !) you only get limo back if you buy, otherwise they give you cab fare ! They say two hours but it is nearer 4 by the time you finally get your gifts.

  • Diamond resorts resorts are shameful crooks who exploit the unregulated timeshare industry lost more then $20k to date. Az Sedona is among worst.

    Planning to default as should have had option at ixl bankruptcy. Any legal advice?

    Must be hungry attorney even in Az who could make money on lawsuit and or advice.

    Stop the scam. Any consumer laws or complaints in Az?



    • We purchased last spring from a crook/Diamond Resort Agent in Arizona, and were told our maintenance fees would never go up, I went to pay them today and was told the fees "fluctuate" yearly, and they go up about $30 a year. THAT’S NOT WHAT WE WERE TOLD AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE!!!! We were also given one free week for signing up, and we too have to pay "taxes" for this free week which is almost $200 in taxes!!!……that’s not free!!! I’m very disappointed, and regret wasting my money on this!

    • you know why you don’t have any attorneys jumping at the chance to take up your case? because your an idiot and can’t read, attorney would be wasting his time with you. dip s**T

      • You have to be a sales rep for the company because you sound like one of their "dip s**t" scumbag salesmen.

  • I just found this web site due to a bad experience with a jeweler….however I am a "Diamond Resorts" owner and have been since they rescued me from Sunterra resorts. That’s a whole other story. Diamond Resorts has been the saving grace for our family’s vacations. We LOVE IT! The program works better than our other two ownerships at two BIG NAME companies. Additionally, the last time we went on an "update" we got a workshop that showed us how to use what we already owned. And gave us a complimentary price hold. I wish I would have seen Diamond Resorts before we bought our other two!

  • IMy family and I just upgraded our Pacific Monarch ownership into Diamond and we are loving the new benefits and new access. What a great company. We feel so much better about our first purchase and about timeshare in general.

  • Are there any attorneys willing to take on these liar, cheats? Everything they have said and done appears to be misrepresentation;out and out lies FRAUD. 6 months since I was shuttled over to them from Monarch on the pretense that Monarch would soon no longer exist, NOT TRUE! I can get no straight answers and when they do answer, they stonewall and pass the call on to a non-responsive number.AND I can get NO reservation! PLUS MAINTENCE TURNS OUT TO OVER $3000 not at all "similar to Monarch" I AM VERY INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION SUIT. PLEASE CONTACT ME

    • how many people should it be to consider it as class action lawsuit?

    • We’ve owned at Greensprings and Powhatan plantation in Williamsburg since 2003. Up until Diamond Resorts took over I could easily rent my summer condo weeks for $995-$1200/week which would leave me enough surplus to not only pay my maintenance fees, but also make a decent income from the deeds. NOW .. as an owner I’m LUCKY of I can break even, cannot even GIVE them away and have tried to quit claim the deeds back to the resort.

      I just emailed the following attorneys: http://www.girardgibbs.com/timeshare-attorneys/

    • I had misrepresentation also twice from Diamond Resorts. I was told I was buying the two bedroom I was staying at Sendona thru Interval and later found out I only have enough points for a studio somewhere and not at the resort I thought I was getting. I was taken again with the sampler package. I was told I had to give them $1,500.00 to turn my other resort (Mystic Dunes) into point. After I paid them, they wanted $7,000.00 to change my resort into Diamond points. Why would I want to do that when I told them I can not afford Mystic Dunes maint. anymore???? Now I find out the sampler had a time limit and they want $99.00 to extend two weeks or 10,000 points to go to only a selected few of their resorts, not one you want to go to. I am fighting with them now.

    • Please contact me, I’d like to get in on a law suit: Jo Nichols 301-559-0916.

    • We would love to get in on a lawsuit. Diamond has lied to us several times, and we cannot get a call back to discuss any problems.

      • I would like to get in as well! We just got screwed out of $3000 in Maui as well. I would love to get a big group of us to hire some general laborers to picket outside either one of their resorts or their corp office. As long as they are on the public sidewalk, it is 100% legal (I’ve looked into it). I would toss in some $$$ just to expose these cheats and liars. Anyone interested????


  • I have had a time share at Powhaten Plantation for over 15 years and love it. It got even better when I paid to transfer to points. I have had some fabulous vacations and I am looing forward to many more years. I feel that as long as you are flexible with dates you can travel any where. I have even traded for 2 three bedroom condos in Orlando and taken my whole family on vacation. Fees have increased at all timeshares not just Williamsburg.
    At one point, I thought I had made a mistake about going to points and was informed I could switch back. After checking it out, I decided to stay with the points and have never regretted it. Just try to be flexible on your dates.

  • Their latest attempt at gaining clients is amazing….we have just returned froma weeks stay in alcudia mallorca….one morning after coming out of our resort a spanish gent stopped us and gave us "scratch cards" for free….. i asked if there was a catch to which the reply was "no", he gave myself ,my husband and 2 children a scratch card……. my children had won t shirts and i apparently had won the star prize..which was either an ipad, a digi camera, 500 euros a holiday and something else however we would have to go with him to the Garden Lagos hotel to collect our prize and just go over a survey….we would be asked some questions about our relationship etc and homelife !!!!!!!!!!.. we got there and was greeted by one lady who took our personal details and was informed that we were now in the system which meant we were not allowed to be appraoched by diamond for 3 years if we declined…..ok…..then a gent came out with his wife and took us for a "walk" around the surrounding area of the hotel….like a hush hush talk…..he then preceeded to take us back to the hotel….talk alot about his personal life and then went on to ask us pretty much the same questions as the first lady and then some others ..we were told the talk would be about 60-90 minutes……we thought that woul;d be ok we would still be in time to get to the market at the alcudia old town…..no infact we were there for "3" hours…..we were then taken on a slow walk upto look at some of the apartments on offer…we were actually quite intrigued and liked it alot…….we actually thought it might be a good idea…however we had not got to the money part yet….after this we were taken back to the restaurant…we were then told how much it would all be..no mention of being tied in …no maintenance fees….just a joining fee of £3995…..for 3 years £795 on the day and then £110 per month for the next 3 years…… we said no we were not interested… it was a substantial amount of money….and they insisted and insisted and still we declined….. then in a sour tone it was have you got scratch cards…… we got 2 tee shirts and the star prize was…………" A FREE HOLIDAY WITH DIAMOND RESORTS"…..ONLY IT WAS NOT FREE WHEN YOU READ THE SMALL PRINT YOU HAD TO PAY FOR DIFFERENT THINGS IN ORDER TO GET IT AND GO TO ANOTHER DIAMOND RESORT PRESENTATION……………NO THANKYOU………PEOPLE PLEASE BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is a marketing gift given by the marketing company……….has nothing to do with Diamond ownership.

  • I don’t know what you all are talking about………..I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Diamond ownership!!! It’s definately the best timeshare program on the planet. I’ve gone to some fabulous destinations that I wouldn’t have been able to go to with out it!! And have saved a fortune! For example, I just stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Club in Maui using my points. without my ownership I would’ve paid $480 per night!!!
    I recommend learning how to use it.

    • The "rack rate" listing of $480 per night is not the average price people pay to stay at this resort.
      You can book it through Hotels.com for $209 per night any day.
      I just stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Club through points and my room was musty and dated.
      They are renovating that place and anything below the 9th floor is dumpy.
      The cash value of the points we used at KBC was around $100 per night, and that was a deeply discounted 1BR mid-week.
      We also stayed right next door at the Aston Kaanapali for only $110 per night through Priceline and it was a beautiful room (with a full kitchen) — and we didn’t have to hassle with points and calendars.

      • $209 per night is still $1463 for a week. I don’t know when you stayed there, but I was there in Jan/Feb & the room was beautiful!! If you use this ownership correctly you might like it. Some people will look at life as the glass is half full & other people will say it’s half empty. & also, booking through diamond is way easy!!

    • Would you like to buy additional points 4000 annual pts for 3k?

    • Do you do tutoring? II only have 5 years of college (dean’s list) and can’t seem to figure out how to find a property that I would like to visit that is available when my husband and I are. We feel we were held up for over $10K … without looking down the barrel of a gun. How embarrassing!

      We would LOVE someone to tell us how to make this work … since apparently that is our only option. If we don’t use it we still can’t lose it!

    • Hello Mr. Cloobeck

  • We stayed at a Diamond Resort In Hawaii, did not buy at the time. Received a promo 2 nights 3 days, very hard to schedule or use. Got a date that would work for everyone and asked for a additional night, they said that is another number. Needless to say 20 minute wait for someone to pick up the phone only to hang up on me, called back to wait another 20 minutes to find out they could not help us because we weren’t staying at a diamond resort it was a Holiday Inn and they don’t book or have rates for that Resort or know which one they would be putting us in. We were told by Diamond Resorts to call the other Diamond Resorts number to be told they can’t help us. I have never had such a bad time setting up anything in my life, so if your Diamond Resort works like that I would not recommend anyone to buy in to this. We were going to look again, but at this point I’m not even sure we are going to stay with you, if is hard to relax when booking is so difficult……………

    • Keyword is "promo"…..this is given by the marketing company…has nothing to do with Diamond ownership.

  • I was miss led by this scoresence web site and was charged a 1.00 and than 2 months after the 7 day free trail they took out 29.95 from my acct!!!! Know i’m going to get my 29.95 back because they should not have taken it out.. web sites like this just want your money!!!!!!

  • I’m in the same boat as many of you. I feel DRI is a rip off!!!

  • I am astonished at the usury that this company employs. We are one of the many who sold a deeded timeshare at a single resort to buy in to what seemed like a reasonable alternative with more flexibility. Besides being handed a terrible sales agent, who literally wasted OUR ENTIRE DAY on vacation….the followup was a disaster. Payment notices NEVER received resulted in two years of "late fees, collection fees, notice fees, points collections fees". All of this – by the time I realized I’d never heard from them for a while – resulted in total ADDITIONAL fees charged in one year of 32% on top of the original charge. IN addition, they cancelled 20,000 points that had accrued because our account was 2 months late at that point. I have never dealt with a company that was so blatantly aniti-customer and anti-consumer. And now they tell me I can’t even get RID of it…I have to give or transfer it to someone else so they can accumulate these horrendous dues. On top of that, we’ve never used the program because there’s never anything available that appeals to us. What a scam!

  • We are in the same situation with the ILX buyers. ILX went bankrupt because of poor management and sold out it’s members to an even worse company. Our situation is that we paid cash for our membership and are now fed up with DRI, we have even offered to just quick deed the property back to them for nothing. They won’t even do that. This company is as crooked as they come. When you talk to a representative on the phone, they are just a bunch of desperate people needing a job and have absolutely no morals nor values. They will lie to you with any guilt or shame whatsoever. We are open to filing a class action lawsuit, just don’t have the know how. Anyone out there know a good class action attorney.

    • there is an ongoing class action lawsuit against DRI We owned in the Hawaii collection, at Poipu beach. we received our yearly maint fee paper and to our surprise we were looking at a 5,340 payment for "water intrusion" at the resort. Each owner is subject to this fee and cannot use the week you have unless fees are paid a lawsuit was filed and they are still in the process of ironing everything out. Bottom line go to "angry owners ,poipu beach" on facebook. and read on make sure you have a few days to read though. We had to leave our unit go.

  • How can my elderly parents get out of this? They no longer go on holiday and they cannot afford the maintenance fees, but they are "old school" and desperately worried about getting into trouble. What would happen if they just stopped paying them? Can anyone help? Thanks for reading..

    • My folks are older and no longer use their Thousand Trails membership and they were able to get them to just take it back. Start with asking Diamond Resorts to take it back and if they won’t take it back, just leave it on their doorstep. Deed it back to them as a gift. :) Good luck to your folks!!

  • SCAM ARTISTS!!! We were lied to on multiple points during the sales presentation, while we were served alcoholic beverages. Were suckered in under falls promises of
    “greatest investment I will ever make into my family” – LIE
    fixed fees vs hotel industry rising fees – LIE
    I will have no problem refinancing the crazy 13.9% loan from them – LIE
    I will have no problem getting any rooms i want – LIE
    Maintenance fees will not increase more than 3-5% -LIE
    This vacation/timeshare investment will go up in price – LIE
    I will have no problem selling it for allot more than i paid for – LIE
    Suntera (now diamond) will bye it from me if i want to – LIE

    Of course all of these things are not in contract that i signed.
    But who reads contracts on pre-honeymoon vacation?
    I have stopped making payments to them 2 years ago, after going over $15,000 into the hole for this crap!
    Wrote them letters, called tons of times before, they ignore the real substance of my complains and deny any wrongdoing.
    They are just greedy bastards that think they can mess with peoples lives and not gonna get some major KARMA.
    I sit on $14,000 “debt” that they say i owe them for virtual points to something half way around the world, that i do not nor have been using ever. They will not this crap back for FREE!
    SO WHY WOULD ANYBODY BUY THIS s**t for 20k+ if they company would not take it back for FREE and people are trying to dump this doodles on Ebay for $0

  • Someone needs to do a Class Action suit because so many individuals have lost money and are held hostage by DRI because once you own their is maintenance fees that equal the amount of money one would spend on a hotel if vacationing for a week.


    • My Name is Patricia Holden please contact me at holden603@bellsouth.net
      I have been misrepresented too.

    • We’ve owned at Greensprings and Powhatan plantation in Williamsburg since 2003. Up until Diamond Resorts took over I could easily rent my summer condo weeks for $995-$1200/week which would leave me enough surplus to not only pay my maintenance fees, but also make a decent income from the deeds. NOW .. as an owner I’m LUCKY of I can break even, cannot even GIVE them away and have tried to quit claim the deeds back to the resort.

      As a result of Diamond Resorts taking over, these summer deeds have done nothing but drain my pocket in the last few years! I would LOVE to know HOW Diamond Resorts has the authority to increase the maintenance fees by almost 80% .. while generating millions in income!?! Janet & Patricia, please keep me in mind during your attorney search – sjschultz1@msn.com

    • I have problems with DRI with selling me points that I am lucky to get a studio for but told me I was getting a week at the room I had in Sedona that was a one room. Also got scan to do a sample to get another resort I own into points. The sample does not help you get other timeshare converted into point. The sampler was another $1,500.00.

    • Why can’t we file pro-per? Who needs an attorney? Clearly, based on this webpage alone, they are in breach of contract. As an owner myself, I was baited and switched with the ruse of "take a class, learn how to utilize your points", when I drove a hour and a half one way for that class (both my husband and myself) we were pressured once again to BUY more points. We left! I used to own WorldMark Timeshare and loved it. I am kicking myself in the a*s, regretting any business deals with DRI. As an owner, I was denied the right to bring water to the pool and forced to buy water at $3.00/bottle, was guaranteed my guest would have a comfortable BED (being disabled), called 3 x’s and assured it would be a BED. Seriously, does anyone really want a lawyer here to fill in the blanks?


  • Everything that has been posted here is true! Purchased with Epic in 1999. We were told become bronze members with Diamond and you will have more booking power. stupidly we did. Now we can’t book at all! And it is true no availablity but expedia books in the same resorts! interval international books get aways in the same resorts! They have our money and now they want more and more!

    If anyone finds away out of this post it on every forum possible.

    Oh, and btw they have taken the number off of the diamond website.

    Do not buy with diamond. As Cher would say "if I could turn back time!"

    A frustrated and **** off owner

  • We went to the DRI presentation on 3/30/13. We knew what was going to happen, but getting $100 and a free vacation for attending sounded good. What was supposed to be 90 minutes turned into 3 hours. The ‘scam’ sounded interesting because we travel a lot and figured with upcoming plans and vacations we already take, this may be a great thing. Then came the down payment and closing costs discussion. We make a decent living, but we weren’t trying to fork over 5-10k right then and there and I didn’t even want to fork over $1000 without thinking it over. After a while things just started getting aggravating. They offered to get us the credit card and then they kept trying to insist we put it on one of our current credit cards. No way! My husband was very thorough in that he was comparing how much it would take in points for a week or a few days to our usual travel locations vs getting a hotel at a chain WE choose. He also figured we didn’t want to do this for life, we don’t care to hand it over to our kids, we did NOT want more than 10-15 years obligation as we may not feel like traveling everywhere by then. They came back with 37 year term and we decided we’d have grandkids by then, no thanks, that’s just too long. Then the surveyor came to the table. I knew this wasn’t just someone trying to find out how well our salesperson performed. She was very nice and funny and talked really fast making the sampler package sound wonderful. I looked at the locations and they were all Arizona, Nevada, Orlando & Williamsburg, VA. Then she quickly added in there that each time we go to one of the sampler locations, we’d have to sit through a 60 minute presentation as they will want to see if we are ready to convert. My husband clearly noted he didn’t want to sound petty, but he did not want to pay the $ and sit through 60 minutes every time we vacationed during the sampler timeframe. That’s when our nice, funny surveyor handed us our ‘gift’ voucher with an attitude and bounced without a "have a nice day" or anything. Now we are reading these nightmares and are glad we didn’t go through with this.

    • You were smart. The hype does not live up to the presentation. No one answers emails. You cannot get out of it once you pay it off. And you must pay the maintenance fees because you have already invested too much money. It is a sad commentary of capitalism. I learned a valuable lesson though, "If it sounds too good, it isn’t good at all". It is pressured sales.

    • Dont go on a tour then , It is called Sales. It was ok to take the $100 Dollars. Wow

  • as soon as we checked in March 2013 a lady named Patricia from diamond resort said that there is a presentation for update of the resort for about 45 min. we agreed to attend. when we were there the smiling agent was trying to pull out our records that took him like 30 minutes or so. only to tell us with a sour face that he cannot entertain us because we have to pay our yearly maintenance fee which is due in april 2013. we told him that it is not april yet. but he insisted that he cannot do anything. we told him he was wasting our time and we were very dissapointed. He handed us to a new agent who was compelling to buy more points with a low dollars. but we didn’t and he gave us a rough attitude like from angel to a demon. we were very dissapointed of this resort thing!

  • As a current |DRI member paying extortionate maintenance fees I am looking for anyone who has successfully managed to get out of this club, if so how did you do it ?? I was told if you had holidays booked you were able to rent the weeks out if you were unable to travel, this does not appear to be the case after speaking with Diamond today.

  • We were mystic dunes bought by DRI. We weren’t advised of the change then told we had to spend $10,000 to become a DRI member. Very hard sell for the sampler. We won’t pay one more penny to this timeshare nightmare. Count me on ant group action. I live in the uk

  • We just bought a sampler pkg today while on holiday in Vegas and now we’re doing our homework and feeling some scepticism with some degree of hope it might still work out. Anybody seen an out clause within a short period of time? We paid the full amount, just under 3000$ with our credit card.

    • They appear to have you by the shot and curliest ! We got had as well, only for $500.00 deposit. Wrote it off as an education .

    • Suggest you try to get out ASAP! If you cannot get out from this sample package, by all means DO NOT PURCHASE any additional points! They will tell you that you get more benefits and ability to book if you buy more but it’s total BS…no Added benefits regardless of what the sales people tell you! I bought additional points in Jan. ’13 after being told a MASS OF LIES during sales presentation…just found none of what I was sold is true and NOTHiNG I CAN DO. ABOUT IT !!!!! RUN !!!!

    • We fell into the same trap with the sampler. Right now I am feeling very stupid!

    • You got away cheap. We paid $16,000. dollars back in 2003.

      • Did you manage to get out?

    • Hi Thea,
      I bought a 15000 point sampler package and was worried after I bought it too.
      Plus, the sales rep made a lot of false statements about how we could use it and what comes with it.
      But all in all, it has been pretty decent — as long as you can tolerate the hassle of making reservations with their points system, and sitting through a new presentation every time you stay at the resorts.

      We have been making the most of our sampler points by staying in the studios or 1BR and booking 5-night stays mid-week (points are 10% of the listed amount that way) We’ve stayed at Branson, Palm Springs, Maui, and have only used up half of our sampler points. (However, at every location we have met very nice couples who have horror stories about their ownership and warn us to not buy into the points system.)

      So don’t fret your purchase too much — just enjoy the destinations, and keep the experience as a reminder to not purchase an actual ownership, where you’re locked into rising maintenance fees and all the other nightmares!

    • You have 5 days by Nevada state law to cancel, do it now !

    • we just bought the sampler and i am reading all the negatives about diamond. I still have a week to decide about this, for I have not paid in full.
      someone tell me what you think…i am planning 4 short trips with the 15,000 points, but two of the trips show there booked on the expedia website. No room available. Are these the same rooms?
      Help, let me know about Diamond

      • IF HAVEN’T ALREADY, DUMP IT LIKE A HOT ROCK! Their "product" is a complete misrepresentation between sales and use… I recently (12/13) purchased a few (2500) DRI points to use in conjunction with ownership I have elsewhere, anticipating the conjunction with DRI’s "Club Select"… as a "promised" "easy way" to get the most out of both… it’s been a downhill slide since the promises.
        I SAY THIS IN RETROSPECT (and requested it at the time, to be talked out of my req.), DRI, "SHOW" potential buyers how the online system works… that’s rhetorical… and perhaps not an easy solution, BUT they don’t show because they DON’T WANT BUYERS TO SEE… most would walk away, and they’d RARELY or NEVER make a sale. SHAM!

    • I had a similar experience. Recover one half pf my money by using the Better Business Bureau.

      • Jane, could you please tell me how it works?

        Thank you

    • Purchased one of their scams….received threating calls from office….advised them that I have the money and dared them to have their employee come to our property to collect…….Never heard back and its been 3 years and still waiting

  • My father bought a a Platinum membership 50,000 points and he paid it off as soon within a week of the contract signing. His maintenance fees are over $6000 per year. In all fairness he has gotten to go on several vacations here in the US just in the few months of signing. he is still trying to figure out how all the point systems work and we were told that if he books his trips less than 59 days in advance then he is only billed for half the points and that it is always less points if you book it yourself online.

    I thought it was a pricey membership but my father is a combat veteran who has paid his dues and if this makes him happy then I want him to do what makes him happy. He has always wanted to travel for leisure and if this is the best way he can do it considering all his other physical and medical conditions then so be it.

    I do think for the $75K price tag that he paid cash he should be treated like royalty I would think…but maybe I am biased since he is my Dad…but I do not think the customer service has been all they claimed it would be when they wanted him to sign..other than that he seems happy with his purchase thus far.

    • As a soldier of fortune ! I have no qualms of taking care of this CEO ….just say the word !

  • As a long time very unhappy member of DRI, My only comment is. Send your complaints to your local state representitive and especially to the Federal Trade commission. Be sure to provide Facts with your complaints…Their has to be a legal way provided for us to get rid of
    As a side note points for use are worth .04 cents each, But the maintaince fee is charge at 12 cents a point… 15000pts x .04= $620.00 VS 15000pts X .12= 1,800.00 Maint fee, plus the ridiculous club fee of $250.00…. I for one am seriously thing of not paying anymore….

  • Glad I found this site, as I’ll be watching for increased annual maintenance fees. I feel fortunate as we bought a deeded week (not points) at the Ridge in Sedona for $1.26 on Ebay, with annual fees of approx. $600.00. Good deal so far. When I last visited they wanted me to convert my deeded ownership to their points program. After reading this I’m glad I didn’t.

  • I have read all the other comments and people are right. Everyone please stay as far away from this company as you can. I own 15,000 points and people are right you can’t make reservations half the time to places you want to go. Kloobeck is a thief and most of their sales reps are lying thugs with no morals. If you buy you are stuck with this for the rest of your life with no way out. My maintenance fees are $2,700 a year now. I can go online and rent rooms at these DRI resorts cheaper. And the kicker is that when you go online at DRI there is no availability, but the travel websites are renting out rooms for the same time frame you wanted to go. I really don’t know how they get away with it. I was an idiot for purchasing this. Kloobeck I hope if **** is real there is special place they have reserved just for you!

  • Just went to another presentation in Sedona. We have been to a dozen or so and every time they have told us the point values have never and cannot ever increase. Well I say BULL! They have gone up and up and availability has gone down. It is time we organize a boycott and picket their presentation locations or something. It’s bad enough that the fees go up and you can’t unload, but to increase the point values so to render points not even worth the yearlies???? Too much! Does anyone have evidence of what point values for a week here or there were say 3-5 years ago? I would love to present them with the facts right after they lie.

  • We own a piece of two resorts with DRI. We were told that it was common for them to finance the deal, then we could go home and negotiate a better rate with our bank or Credit union. Our bank and CU told us that no one lends money for timeshares! The bait for us was One, no two, no THREE free Interval weeks any where in the world. We thought we must be the luckiest people in the world, but we could not use even one of those weeks before they expired. We were told to call again for availability, then there was none. I asked if I could get a week in Iceland in the middle of winter and was told that it was a great place to go. Now our maintenance fees approach $1400/year on top of the loan payments. Time to find a way out of this mess!

  • I just finished a weeks stay at Diamond Resort International. The service was fantastic, we really had a wonderful stay. I felt the sales pitch could have gotten a little out of hand if allowed to happen. I never felt that we were being over-powered at any time as far as sales pitch. Some people do not do their home work before going into a business deal. Remember! If it sounds too good to be true, then you need to think twice before signing the dotted line

    • I syou Name Mrs. Cloobeck?

    • You must related to one of the owners !!!

  • Stay far away from this stuff. It is horrible and a rip off. It is all a scheme. Big huge scam. We were duped into purchasing an overpriced Sampler package for $1600. The total cost of staying at the same resort for one week would have been less than $1,000. Don’t do it! Don’t do it!!!!

  • Stay far away from this stuff. It is horrible and a rip off. It is all a scheme. Big huge scam. We were duped into purchasing an overpriced Sampler package for $1600. The total cost of staying at the same resort for one week would have been less than $1,000. Don’t do it! Don’t do it!!!!

    Everything is fake. Our sales representative actually set out pictures of his "family" to lure us in to this mess. The next day my husband walked into the office, another sales person was sitting there with their fake "family" pictures.

    They will tell you whatever you want to hear. Stay away!!!

  • I’m not sure if Diamond Resort timeshare ownership fits all the definitions of a Ponzi Scheme, but it sure reminds me of one. When will they stop selling ownerships? When do they reach the point where there are no more resorts with available space? Seems to me they are there now, but they keep on selling!

  • how many of you points owners have been asked to convert to fractions ownership ? It seems to me we are being asked to pay for something we have already paid for and for what ? the chance to get some of your money back during or after 15 years if you want to , but not all the money you put in and what happened to the money we soent in the first place to buy the points !!!????

  • WOW " I thought I was ripped off, you poor soles; I wish all of you the Best, I just printed my compliant forms from the Office Of The Attorney General, For the state of Nevada, BUT before I go any farther I will talk with Mr S.J. Cloobeck person, who has called but I was unable to talk to them till this Friday. So please pray for me, Thank You all for the info, Rich S.

    • Richard,

      Let us know how it goes. I am considering doing the same thing.

  • I attended a presentation on 12/31/12 and was sucked into purchasing, "The Sampler." It was not very much money, but I do not have very much money. They also tried to suck us into a 10 year contract at 21.9% interest, which I did and will not fall for. What the Sales people did not inform us was that as Monarch Grand Vacation owners we were offered a similar thing for our points, but a raise in Mainenance Fees for $200 per year. Now, I broke the contract on 1/3/13 sending them a Certified Letter that they have received, (per USPS), a Fax that they received on 1/7/13, (they acknowledged) and sent another letter just in case on 1/7/13. I have not received any word on my $349…but people have been tricked for more money than that, and I have a recouse to go to court.

    • Hi Erich, I am in the same situation trying to cancell the 3 yrs contract. I am wondering if you could please provide me the fax number you used to send your cancellation letter.
      Thanks a lot!

      • Lily, I am a member of Diamond just sitting here reading all the sad stories. I have a number from 8/2010 I hope this helps. 702-765-8693 address on my cancellation notice is Diamond Resrots Hawaii collection Development, LLC
        Attn: Rescission Coordinator
        10600 West Charleston Boulevard
        Las Vegas, Nevada 89135
        They will give you the run around but be strong. and may **** bless your efforts.

  • I wish I read all this befor my husband and I purchased the DRI. We bought it in Oct. 2012 this is very scary!!!

    • I lost on a Sampler package and will talk to a agent about it from Diamond Resort’s International, S.J. Cloobeck, did not really care for my story, and how it brought back sad memory of my service days. Good Luck and **** Bless

    • I get 5k points a year, paid $8k for a 1 bdrm villa in Vegas originally, converted to points for $7k in Jan 2011. I liked the way it was before, but I am making the best of it. Maintenance fees per yr are about $1200. We are going to Hawaii this year, value $1500. And I’m getting several rooms in vegas, value $800. Could be better could be worse.

  • Shame on you Stephen J. Cloobeck. You are just another Bernie Madoff. Lying, cheating and taking advantage of people who only yearn to add a little pleasure to their lives. You deceitfully have made prisoners of thousands that contracted for something better. Like the Madoffs, may you too pay the price for your lying and cheating ways.

    • I agree.

  • I hve been an owner with my ime share for many years. I started out with Epic which was taken over by Sunterra which was taken over by Diamond resorts. I started with maintenance fees with Epic of 250.00. This year my maintenance fees came to $999.00. For that much I could purchase another vacation and travel where and when I want to. There is never any availability with this time share. They have got to be kidding, right? Mr Kloobeck; you need to think this one out, cause it is really becoming ridiculous and no one can afford yur ridiculous maintenance fees. 1000.00 minus one dollar? c’mon!

    • I thought I am the only one not getting availabilities with this resort .So it seems there are a lot of us & I feel so much the same way like you said. Maintenance fee is increasing every year. I pay over 800 dollars/year & yet I can’t enjoy my points because either there’s no availability or it’s too many points needed to book a vacation. I remember when I asked them when I first bought my points of 2,500 for $10,000 what is the average point to book a vacation & they said whoever that agent was that I could find 500,800 to 1,000 pts to use. So I thought 2,500 pts I can enjoy a few vacation in a year but NO,NO,NO !! They are really a huge scam & i don’t know how they sleep at night !

      • Exactly! Just went to another presentation in Sedona. We have been to a dozen or so and every time they have told us the point values have never and cannot ever increase. Well I say BS. They have gone up and up and availability has gone down. It is time we organize a boycott and picket their presentation locations or something. It’s bad enough that the fees go up and you can’t unload, but to increase the point values so to render points not even worth the yearlies???? Too Much!

    • This whole Diamond Resorts is a joke. The biggest joke is their claim to "CUSTOMER SERVICE". I did not convert my FL ownership to points and probably will never do this after reading all of this. I have called 5x since Feb. 19 with a total hold time of 67 mins. I have called both the 800# and the 407# (resort we own a week for), 2x left a voice message since they said they would call back within 24 hours, never received a call back. Called this morning and finally got a call center for them to tell me that there is no availability for their 980 condos for the week I wanted to use from 2012. When I wanted to offer the call rep info on dates/times/hold times I had called he transferred me back into the holding que to listen to Stephen J spout about how great their service is.

    • I am in the same boat! Everytime I try to book at own resort we can never get a room. And we too started with Epic. And the fees just keep going up. This year is it was over 1,300 Started at 325
      There should be some law on this.
      If anybody has any answers let me know
      Vickey scan1147@aol.com

    • I was given this time share by my Mom. They put all of the add on like the The clubwith out my approoval. But they will not remove it.

      Since that time the maint. fees have more that doubled It is at 1700.00 now. I get nothing more today than I did when Mom gave it to me, except a bigger book showing all the places I could go but when you call for reservations everything is booked except Orlando. Can not afford these prices on a fixed income. Don’t know where to go from here.

  • This the first time i am visiting Las Vegas and I feel so stupid I even attended their presentation for close to 3 hours. They won’t even let us research into things and get back to them. Luckily didn’t sign any contract whatsoever. The guy was a typical saleman with no morality left in him whatsover. What thugs! How do these bastards sleep at night?

    • We just left after 2 hours of pressure–they actually told us that we weren’t ALLOWED to leave because we had a discounted hotel rate which I could get cheaper on Expedia. Thank goodness that our instincts were good and we left and told them to stick it and their 100 dollar gift card. VERY BAD high pressure pseudo truths.

  • My husband and I purchased a time share through ILX and the company went bankrupt. Diamond Resorts International (DRI) bought them and our membership was transferred to DRI. We are very dissatisfied with this company! They have increased our maintenance fees every year by a very large percentage. They have taken away discounts that we originally had. Even though they bought out ILX we are not entitled to stay at DRI’s resorts. We can only stay at the resorts we had with ILX. If we wanted to include their resorts it was some ridiculous amount of money we would have to pay on top of the already overpriced maintenance fees. I called DRI today to cancel my membership and was told I can’t, this is a lifetime membership. WHAT?!?! I asked what would happen if I don’t pay my fee and was told I would be sued and would be charged the lawyer fees on top of what I owe for the maintenance fee. I said I did not ask to be with DRI, I signed up with ILX, I don’t like their company as they are a big rip-off. I told the rep to buy back my timeshare as I don’t like their company. I was told they don’t do that and I would have to sell the timeshare then to get out of the membership. I have been searching the Internet to look into DRI and every website on complaints for them is the same. All the reports on them have the same complaints that I do. I want out of my membership! I want them exposed for the scam artists that they are. I’m not a wealthy person to begin with and with the maintenance fees going up every year as much as they do I’m not going to be able to afford to pay them. Then I’m going to be sued and lose the excellent credit I have? How can a company get away with this? They need to be stopped!

    • we also purchased at IXL varsity clubs in tuscon and it is worthless have you learned anything new about diamond that could help me..

    • This same thing happened to me, we need to ban together and get a lawyer.

      • In the same boat , anyone answer you with the same idea about banning together? Count me in, anyone suggest a good lawyer ?

      • I think we all should! The same thing happened to me also.I wished I have read all these also before I bought mine.

    • I’m in agreement. My credit is very good, but every year the fees go up in price and it seems like a huge scam. The one thing I forget is to pay the fee and they like that because they can send a late fee which is total BS. I spoke with a supervisor today who explained it was my repsonisbility to pay the bill evey year and I should call them when i dont get a bill. He said this will teach me to pay the bill on time. I have immaculate credit and work hard to pay my bills ontime and this guy was telling me he wouldnt waive the late fee. I cant stand being taken advantage of and this is realy pushing the limits. I am willing to begin a class action law suit to recoupe or get rid of my time share. I never asked for them to buy out ILX and I would be fine with walking away from them. This gives them the right to increase our fees without doing anything and we cant walk away.

      • I’ve decided enough is enough, but like most , have limited resources in going up against a multi million dollar corporation. I’m just starting this crusade and frankly know little of the law in this regard. anything you can share in regards to path forward in being rid of this albatross, or contacting a laywer who can actually help ? I’ll share whatever I can learn as well. Lots of entities out there that imply needed relief is at hand for a few grand upfront , and a lot of lip service, as stated i’m just starting this crusade, but find it interesting that "real help" is extremely hard to find… Thanks, please share what you find out , I’ll assist in any way I can

    • We’re in the same boat. A couple of days ago my wife called DRI. The person she spoke to was demeaning to her which made her furious. DRI claims they warned us we would loose 6000 points if we don’t bank them. We received no correspondence to verify that claim, and now the 6000 points are gone. It won’t end well for DRI if they don’t clean up their act and stop ripping everybody off. These are con artists who need to be stopped.

    • Yes, my story exactly and I m fed up! I now live near Los Abrigados in Sedona where I have my time share and I think I will take up residency in the parking lot and tell their prospective buyers what a rip off place they are. I am also seeking an attorney to aid in this matter.

    • DRI has switched us from the weekly trading format to points. We had no choice and do not like it. Is this legal? I am now forced to pay for something I did not sign up for.
      If ILX went bankrupt then why were we not allowed to terminate our contract?

      • We are also in the same situation. Stupidly bought from ILX, but liked the every other year option and los abrigados. We were FORCED to change to points- no options, and the annual fees now cost more than if we just booked a week there on our own. At this point in our lives we no longer care about our credit rating, and after DRI told us they do not buy back nor do they help to sell, we decided to just turn our backs and see what happens. We refuse to pay our annual 2013 fees and will not log onto the web site. We bought a deeded piece of property, not points, and we believe that they have no legal action that they can take against us. We’re "IN" if anyone wants a class action law suit…

    • You have stated my case to a T. I also bought from ILX. And now DRI has tried to get me to cough up ten’s of thousands of dollars for the "privilege" of using their resorts. They even took away some of the basic resorts that ILX had. They basically screwed all of us…sounds like a class action lawsuit is needed. I told them they could have the timeshare back. I just want to get as far away from this company as possible. They said I would still be responsible for the fees.

    • We feel the exact same way. We would love to know how to get out of this situation; am even willing to lose the money we put down (no small sum on our budget)!

    • Soooooo, they saved your original investment with ILX? Hmmm better than losing your investment or paying a lawyer. Just sayin…..GO ON VACATION!

    • I also have a deeded odd year timeshare. Have not been forced to use points but I guess they are using them on their end. I still book 7 days but would like out of this. As others have said the maint. fees keep going up and I now live on a fixed budget. Have no idea how to get out of this mess. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  • I have been screwed by Diamond resorts as well.. I certainly wish I had researched this better and had seen these things before I agreed to a contract. I went to Avila Beach and wanted only to get some information. I was talked into a contract with all the bells and whistles..only time to pay less,etc. I called when I got home..going to cancel within the time frame due to unimployment..they asked me to wait..would hold the paperwork..give me till after the first of the year to decide…, Low and behold they submitted it anyway and I have a payment to make with no income. i called and have not been able to reach a live voice in weeks until today,, He states there is nothing that can be done..,I signed the contract.. I told him they asked me to wait and not cancel and they would give me time. to see if I could indeed keep it.. I am filing with the Better Business
    Bureau and may have to get an attorney..which I cannot pay.. I have no income after next week and that $400 needs two pay $1600 in bills… Ha.. What a dishonest company..I am so sorry i even wanted information.. they say no pressure..but they certainly do.."only time you can get a good deal..no sign on fees..etc etc..

  • Who in ****’s name is paying for all this coverage and prizes? We are trapped in a contract that we can’t get released from and the rates keep going up and up each year! Steven Kloobeck is spending our hard earned money as he pleases and trapped new customers in a closed life time contract and they don’t know it. The Diamond Points on ebay cannot be sold or given away, because noone wants to be stuck in the merry go round of higher and higher yearly maintenance fees for Mr. Kloobeck. Please boycot Diamond Resorts International. Contact your local Better Business Bureau and Attorney General’s office with complaints if you are a Diamond owner. This is not the last you have heard of this. Signed, Jeanie Bowser for Donald Underwood

  • I’m a Diamond resort "owner", an "owner" of what is unsure. During the sales presentation I was told with the points that i was purchasing I could stay at any of the locations that I had said my family and i travel to. There would be no problem in booking anything in southern cali along the coast or in Hawaii….ha ha ha! Not once have i been able to stay at any of these locations!

    When you try to book travel arrangments the customer service rep then tells you that they are so sorry, but everything is booked up and the locations i’m looking for are rarely open. Completely different from sales pitch.

    I have asked for a manager to call me after having difficulties with booking, it took someone 34 days to return my call! Really…wow!

    I have never felt more scammed in my life than purchasing this crap.

    I watched undercover boss and Steve Cloobeck is so full of himself and inconsiderate of what he is doing to these families. He may beable to throw away 1000’s of dollars, but I can not.

    I’m sorry for all that have made this mistake as i have.

    • He is a big freaking liar, cheat, snake, but very, very wealthy at the expense of all the people he has ripped off! I am one of them. I will gladly join a class action law suit against this fraudulent business!

      • I would like to join the class action against Diamond resorts. They took away my Pacific Monarch Grand Vacation ownership by converting my points into Diamond . But in order to do that, I had to buy 5,000 points from DRI. That’s another $ 15,000 loan! It’s a ripped off! We all need to come together to get our money back from Diamond Resorts.


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