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Business Name: JDM Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Category: Religion
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Corporate Address: 1973 Ormond Blvd
Destrehan, Louisiana 70047 USA

Phone Number: 985-764-2000
Company Contact: Jesse Duplantis
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facebook impersionation followed by phone text by Jesse Duplantis Ministries

yesterday, Saturday aug. 10, 2013, through today the 11th. I follow jesse duplantis ministries, desterhan Louisiana, i was befriended, and accepted, then ask to send 200.00 to a woman in spokane, Washington, who needed help w/ her hospital bills., i was told that she had cancer.

i did wire the money through western union # 9922260538, i was able to stop the pick up of money, but it did cost me 33.00 to process payment. i have since received numerous phone texts from two different numbers, wanting me to open a bank account, fidelity bank nigeria, and deposit 500.00, so they could then give me the trust of a sum of 8 million dollars. i became suspicious when i could not get the minister, jesse duplantis to call me, instead of just text.

the names and numbers of phones are as follows……….

Jesse Duplantis 707-722-8242, the second number is 949-441-1439, name Seth Pastor Prowl, he said he was an associate pastor for Td Jakes Ministry, Dallas Texas.

i fell prey to these two people. they do have my web address and phone number, should i do anything else to protect my identity, i am fran ratliff, my phone number is 979-559-1687, and my email is

please assist, and i have full confidence that you all will find the persons stealing identity and stealing money.

thank you, and best regards,
fran ratliff

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