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Last Updated On: March 22, 2017

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Business Name: Your American Standard
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35 West Main Street Suite B #106
Ventura, California 93001 USA

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American Standard Online Phone Number: 1-877-395-1296
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Company Contact: Mary Stafford - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.55 out of 5
Based On: 31 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 106

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Reported Losses: $6,271.97
Average Reported Losses: $202.32

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Rent-to-own listing is a FRAUD ( American Standard Online )

I’m in the process of moving from one state to another. Like most people today when searching for a place in a unfamiliar place they turn to Craigslist. So I would actually have to say that this is a double complaint. First off as I was doing my search I came across a few great listings. As I continued my search I called one of those great deals American Standard Online and had a nice conversation with Jamie their rep., and she proceeded to explain to me how it works. Making sure to tell me that there was a fee of $199. Once it was processed I would get an updated listing of properties in the area that I was interested in. Being some what skeptical I ask for their web site so that I could do some research on them.

As I did I noticed the complaint section. So I took the option of viewing some of these complaints. As I did I notice one common thing, that the properties that they where advertising where all ( pre foreclosed properties ). On that note I called a good friend and real estate broker and told him about what I just came across. His first question what did I mean by a pre-foreclosed property? So I told him that this is what was told to me by the person on the phone. Also all transaction between me and them would be done by either phone or internet. So he asked my how would I know if a property was a pre-foreclosed property. I explained to him that they had obtained list from various banking and lending institutions who dealt with these types of properties. His reply was a simple one, no such list is available to outsiders. The only people who had such a list is the banking and lending institutions. Just because a property is in a pre-foreclosed state does not mean that it being foreclosed on.

So I called Jamie back and asked a few simple questions to get the info that I needed. At first she told me that the properties that are on their list are those that are foreclosed. So I again ask what the procedure was in getting in contact with the correct people to try to secure one of these properties. Her reply was that for the most part I would be being in contact with a lending institution and deal with them directly. Then she again told me that this list that we get is of pre-foreclosed homes. An before I could get this list I had to be a part of their program which was $199. Asking how would I like to pay for it, checking or credit card. When I asked how the refund policy worked if I did not find a place that I liked or was a good fit for me, she hung up the phone. Although I did not lose out on any monies, the whole process did waste a lot of my time. But one could say time well spent as I just missed a BIG SCAM. Thanks to all those who took the time to inform others about this SCAMMING company American Standard Online.

My second complaint is about craigslist. Simply put THEY WILL NOT HELP IN ANY WAY. Although I have never seen a disclaimer on their site, they claim that there is one and that every one is to beware that not all adds are REAL. They do noting to protect the people who use their site. So beware of this site.

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Alternate Your American Standard Business Names: America Standard Online, American Standard, American Standard Housing, American Standard Properties, AmericanStandardOnline,, Approval Agent, BankOn.Us, Help Project, Home Access USA, Homebuyer Assistance, Homebuyers Assistance, Homes American Standard, Housing Co-ordinator, DSQ Productions LLC, Standard Housing, The Approval Agent, The Help Project

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The web site I was suppose to return to after a year if they didn’t find me a house; doesn’t even exist anymore and I am out $300

I got scammed $200 sent out letters and some came back others never responded and then some came back vacant! Such a scam been trying to get my money back and am still waiting to hear from someone this is ridiculous and have debated on finding a lawyer about it!

I fell for this scam…called not even a few hours later and asked for my money back. He told me within 90 days from September 1, 2016 now look! Please do something about this.

I will avoid ever buying an American Standard product again. Several years ago, we had two toilets installed to replace the ones we had that rarely failed to flush properly. The contractor chose two American Standard elongated toilets (the elongated was by our request). Within a couple of days of the installation, both of the new toilets clogged and after a number of time within the first week of having to plunge the toilets to unclog them, I called America Standard. The customer service person I talked to suggested that maybe the problem was that the holes underneath the toilet… Read more »

I fell for this useless SCAM. I PAID them and found that what I was sold was a bunch of useless info. I will not be getting my 200.00 back.

I just called them. When they told me that there is no credit check or no down payment, I figured that it was too good to be true. So I googled them and all these complaints came up. Thank god for google. I was ready to pay the 199.00 because I am ready to move like yesterday.

I just spoke with “Richard” who says he is the Senior Housing Coordinator. He was very rude, did not want to answer my questions about how the program worked. He informed me that he was very busy and that he had 85 lines ringing and 15 people to answer the phones. I explained that I was just trying to learn about how the process worked. He told me that it would cost $199 to get into their portals/title search liens,etc.The $199 has to paid up front. He kept asking if I wanted to look at houses today. He said that… Read more »

Call the FBI… I to am a victim and have contacted them I can help with the website to go to and encourage more to come forth we will get our money back

How do i go about getting in on the lawsuit? I was told 2 different times that they had a 90day money back guarantee i logged back in yesterday as the 12th was my 90 day mark, and all the numbers and website were disconnected. I sent an email but i doubt its real too.

Yes please I’m trying to do the same thing. Or get a group together for a class action lawsuit for everyone. I have been scammed to by Ms. Susan Quinn. Now there answering machine is saying “due to unforseen circumstances the office is closed” and there mail box is full and a bunch of crap. They are scammers and I have already reported them to better buisness bureau along with all there afiliations as listed, American Standard American Standard Housing American Standard Properties BankOn.Us Help Project Home Access USA Homebuyer Assistance Homebuyers Assistance Homes American Standard Homes American Standard… Read more »

OMG, I too fell for this scam, I don’t have 200.00 to lose but Here I did it hoping the price would put it out of a scam error but I was wrong getting the money back is being extremely difficult, did any one get a refund at all??

Talked to Ann at 949 751 6814 Wanted $199 before would tell me address of property. Gave me a direct line number to call back after I sign up for the $199. So glad I looked at the complaint list. Just saved $199. No address because there is probably NO property.

OMG! I was ready to sign up today & thankfully my sister told me to look up the company & boy am I glad I did! Thank you all for your comments. As a disabled veteran I surely don’t have the money to be scammed!

Thank you for your comments. I was going to sign up today. NOT NOW!!! It all sounded too easy involving a quit claim with strangers. I have bought and sold several homes. I even used a quit claim with my ex-husband to split property. I smelled a rat. Too bad. It’s a great idea. America really needs something like this to help one another and work our way out of this economic mess. If only someone would develop a program like this and was ETHICAL!!!

my mother and father are disable and live on a very low income they got scammed from these people if anyone has any information on how to get my mother and father money back and how to stop theses people who claim they have been in business for 10yrs shut down please help thank you in advance feel free to contact me at 850-549-3919

Patricia I just read an article in which the victim was able to file a complaint with their banking institution and they returned her monies. Good luck

I tried their services March 2015 as soon as I paid 199 online I was able to access the list of property that are available. I sent 6 letters that day I got the access in 2 weeks all my letters came back. I called cust. service and told them that your services is not working as all my letters came back. I would like to ask for a refund. Well I was told that I am entitled for a refund but they ask me to give one more try I send another new 6 letters to a different property… Read more »

we are going threw the same thing so if you have any information please let us now. cause we won’t to get a big action law suit going on.

Well I am guessing I fell victim to these people…

i went on craiglist and seen they had a add on rent to own 2 weeks ago and like a fool I fell for .Its a shame how these people take poor inicent people money.i work hard and I don’t have money to just let people like this rip me off.ihave 4 kids and that’s taking food out of there mouths.This is some very low down a*s s**t.I HOPE THEY CATCH HO EVER IS DOIN THIS AND THROW THERE A*S UNDER THE JAIL

Here is the creeps new number 805-315-3066. He asked for my credit card info within the first minute of my phone call. This is in the Cleveland Craigslist. They should be ashamed of themselves. I am not falling for something that is too good to be true. Jerk!!!!

So many have been scammed by this company. I reported them to craigslist but they did nothing. Be careful everyone..

Well they are up to their old tricks in London, KY Phone Number Used was 502-785-8790
Same story. Thanks to all of you, if not for all of you i would have been another victim.

So glad I check theses reviews thanks guys they almost got me!! They all need to b put in jail

I just tried to call them due to the craigslist ad I saw …the guy was very nice then started asking for my name…I gave the name but then he asked for my address when I didn’t feel comfortable giving him that he got offended…I asked about the better business bureau he said we r listed got even angrier and told me they were registered with state government and hung up rudely…tried to call back no response …fraud
Number I used was (404) 947-5282

I just got off the phone with my bank Wells Fargo and had them reverse the charge and gave them links to this webpage, another webpage of complaints, a news article from Fox 4 in Kansas City where a family fell victim to this horrendous scam. Like many of you, i went onto craigslist to look for an apartment to rent. Everything but these “rent to own homes” were out of my budget. So I thought, give it a try. The first person I talked to, Christian, convinced me that this was a good idea. To fork over $199 for… Read more »

Sorry to hear that. I work for American Standard Online in the call center. We are all there doing a job. Not trying to con anyone.

We just want our money back. And even you people at the call center have given me the run around and discouraged me in every way from seeking my money. None of you had the common courtesy to accommodate any of your already frustrated customers. Instead you send a email that links to your policy and says more frustrating steps which I have done with no results. Try actually helping people instead of apologizing like the worthless company you work for, or your just as much a part of the problem. you work for a company that scams people and… Read more »

Bull****and u know it

Thank you Shalin, I was looking into this myself. And I even said to the person I spoke with that it seemed too good to be true. Her reply was “Oh I get that all the time, that saying is so old we should ban it from the English language” Umm, redflag number 1. Then after I read your review I realized that the woman was really beefing up everything that you said they did to fail you. Redflag number two. I don’t need a third! I think its a racket and I’m gonna save my money. Thanks for he… Read more »
People, DO NOT buy into this program!!! I have been contacted twice in the past 2 days from people who said that they saw our property on American Standard Online. One person came to my house and the other wrote a letter to us all the way from California (we live in Oklahoma). We have owned our property for almost 4 years now and purchased it when it WAS in foreclosure. Our payments are all current, the property is in good standing and will actually be paid off within a year. It’s unbelievable to me that this kind of stuff… Read more »

just got off the phone with Joseph #2083, I Knew something didn’t set right with me after seeing all the ads with different houses but the same phone number and inside lay out. Any way after talking to this p***k and refused to give out my credit card he asked “why am I wasting My time with you” and hung up. Then after wanting to file a complaint I looked these scam sites up. I so dislike scammers!

Well Well! I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct and searched this out. I also found a bunch of listings in my area that seemed just a little to low priced to be legit. I called and talked to Troy, Operator #2223 at (805)366-3110. He told me how they could get me into a house for just the mortgage payment. I asked for some listings to view. Thats when I got wize to the scam. Because he wanted $199 credit card payment before he could give me any listings. Up jumped the big red “BULL****” flag. After finding… Read more »
Yes, I just called an add on craigslist at this phone number, 330-244-1644, and was on hold for approximately 5-7 min. waiting for a sales rep. The rep answers the phone, and begins to talk and I interrupted him to find out about the add, and he took off talking real fast. I interrupted,again to asked him, why are you talking so fast, but he told me there were a lot of people waiting to be helped, and I had to pay $199.00 fee to get all ther informationand receive a/ url to go to their website to view homes,… Read more »

Just dealt with them. They were so rude when you begin asking questions about the company. Man got mad and said are you going to buy or not and hung up on me. Immediately filed a complaint with the states attorney generals office. I feel bad for those who get taken. Like I am just going to blindly give them $199.00, Not!


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