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Business Name: Your American Standard
Category: Real Estate
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Corporate Address: 35 West Main Street Suite B #106
Ventura, California 93001 USA

Phone Number: 1-877-395-1296
Company Contact: Mary Stafford - CEO
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American Standard Online - Scam!!!!

I used to work for American Standard online. I loved this job I was making so many sales making $600 a week at one day I get this angry person calling saying they were scammed by this company this is all a scam I want my money back blah blah blah so i began getting more and more of this calls and I wondered why is this happening so i started researching the company and was so surprised with what I saw!!!! I can not believe I was taking money from all these innocent people.

I went to the supervisor the next day and told him what was up and he told me all these things that sounded like the company is legit and the people are the ones who dont follow instructions so i was convinced until i spoke with my dad who knows a lady in real estate and thats when i decided not to go back.

Not to mention they hire people off the street anyone who walks in gets hired most of them are drug addicts or have been in jail . it always smelled like weed in there the money is the only reason I stayed the time i did im sooo sorry to those people I signed up.

DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE SAY!!! THEY WILL TRY TO BRING THE STARS AND MOON DOWN FOR U JUST TO TAKE UR MONEY ITS ALL FAKE … and no they are not located in ventura or carpenteria they are in santa barbara on milpas and gutirez st right uptairs from the soccer store i cant really remember the addres but I think its 408 n milpas st they read of a script …. I still have it memorized ..

Hello this is American standard online my name is _____ how may I help u? are u interested in rent to own? well what we do is we have these home that are nearing foreclosure. there is no money down because you are not applying for a loan what u are simply doing id taking over an existing mortgage payment. there is a fee of $199 for the title search to make sure there are no back taxes on the loan to ensure u a free and clear title. It usually take 24-48 hours to change the loan into your name. The $199 is full refundable by following the terms and condition after the 90 days now whats ur first name?

Until they finally get you to give them your card number then you never hear from them again and costumer service is all crap they are just next door hanging up on the people that want there money back

Additional Information:

Alternate Your American Standard Business Names: America Standard Online, American Standard, American Standard Housing, American Standard Properties, AmericanStandardOnline,, Approval Agent, BankOn.Us, Help Project, Home Access USA, Homebuyer Assistance, Homebuyers Assistance, Homes American Standard, Housing Co-ordinator, DSQ Productions LLC, Standard Housing, The Approval Agent, The Help Project

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57 thoughts on “American Standards Online

  1. SCAM – Internet Real Estate Rental/Credit fraud

    Well known "Pre foreclosure"/credit repair/money for rent Scam
    Primarily markets spamming Craigslist nationwide, using multiple proxy servers, IP address and phone numbers

    Most adds contain one generic "photo bucket" inside picture of a high end home priced between $800-$950

    Text always includes "Move into a home exactly like this one".
    Run out of Santa Barbara, CA

    Posts in excess of 100 times daily across the nation falsifying their identity to Craigslist with proxy servers, multiple IP address and phone numbers. As each Craigslist IP becomes marked prohibited spam, thus easer to flag, they use another fraudulent account to repeat the process.

    Recommendation For a Useful Local Rental Home/Apartment transaction site on Craigslist:

    -Flag all post, send email to Craigslist ""

    If each community consistently flags these easy to spot fraudulent listings, the cost of maintaining staff, proxies, becomes too expensive to continue fraudulent posting in your market.

    Communities that keep blatant fraudulent spam off of Craigslist benefit from a credible locale place to transact real-estate rentals at much less cost than conventional advertising.

    Allowing these type frauds to post scams aimed at those who can least afford it, drives credible customers with recourses away from Craigslist.

    Current Scam Sales numbers

    Principals of Scam Operation
    Mr. Ronnie Brooks, Manager
    Mr. Mike Davenport, Customer Service
    Ms. Susan Quinn, Owner

    Better Business Bureau Rating

    Company neither manages or owns property for sale or rent, has no ability to alter credit.

    There is no connection between any home depicted and homes accessed through a list of homes in pre-foreclosure.

    The Foreclosure list is actually publically available without charge at any local Bank or County Recorder's Office.

    "Bad Credit" "No problem" in the unlikely event a victim finds a property that the owner agrees to assign assumption, the bank isn't involved until a payment is late, missed or otherwise learn the primary loan terms were violated which generally contractually invalidates the entire transaction.

    Alias Company names
    America Standard Online
    American Standard American
    Standard Housing American
    Standard Online American
    Standard Properties
    Approval Agent
    Help Project
    Home Access USA
    Homebuyer Assistance
    Homebuyers Assistance
    Homes American
    Standard Homes
    American Standard Housing Co-ordinator
    Housing Coordinator MDSQ Productions LLC
    Standard Housing
    The Approval Agent
    The Help Project
    Your American Standard Online
    Your American Standards
    Your American Standards Online

    Other Scam sales phone numbers

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  3. For anyone who used a credit card to pay for this, please dispute the charges with your creadit card company or bank. More than likely you could get your mooney back going that route.

  4. Thanks to everybody that posted their experience with American Standard Online. I won't be joining this list of disgruntled people.

    Denton, TX

  5. The worst thing about this whole mess is that its difficult to recover your money because they want to make you wait after 90 days before they refund, if they really do it. 100% chance they wont !!!!

    That's because you would have to have 5 denial letters and send it along with your letter of request for a refund via certified mail and IF they find it satisfactory, they will issue a check. Guess what, they will have every excuse as to why it was not satisfactory.

    I remember engaging in something like this a few years back only to find out it was a bunch of hype but definitely lesson learned.

    There is NO true reason why you cannot review the property that is listed without having to pay for a database.


  6. This program is such a scam!! I tried diligently for a year to try and get a response from home owners, even contacted american standard to get advice on how to go by getting results and they just sent more addresses that resulted in more returned mail!! When I fed ex the copies of returned letters they still wouldn't grant me a refund! Such a mistake trusting these people. They take advantage of people wanting to do better for their families and get them into a home. They took $200 from my family and i hope someday somehow they pay for it

  7. I also called. I have discovered that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are it's a duck. Well I was proven right with all of these comments. Sometimes even when in hard times we still look for and want to believe in that silver lining or perfect answer. I am so glad I followed my gut and viewed this sight. Wish all of you well.

  8. i just paid $199.00 for this crap and eveything on the list is a scam! I went to my friends door step and lmao! her house is NOT IN FORECLOSURE! SO I AM SO SURE THIS IS A SCAM.NOW I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK! IN THE MORNING!

  9. Am glad I found this some lady name Teresa what trying to spam me once I read this i called back and messed around gave them fake card info and more lol these people are very stupid. I thank you guys for this

  10. Someone from this "company" posted an ad in my local craigslist, I was skeptical but we called the number and my husband fed me the name on the voicemail so I could google it. Some fancy website and this website popped up. My husband thought the fancy website looked legit and I said "yeah TOO legit". Glad I kept looking. Also noticed that if I refreshed the CL ad the graphic would change between three different jpegs. Tried to trace the source of the jpeg and got nowhere, since flagged the ad as spam.

  11. I am so glad that I found this blog. I called today and spoke to Mark and was gave the same pitch as everyone else. I also called a few people from this blog and other blogs with phones numbers listed. I have found out that this is a SCAM. They get your money and if you call any real estate company that has heard of it they will advise you not to do it. They are basically just going through and finding people and putting there names on the list. I spoke to one women who find the home of her dreams only to knock on the door and a little women came out and said the house had been paid off since 1970 and didn't know anything about it being forsale.. Thank you all fo the wonderful information. I am just sorry that you all got took for the money.

  12. I found an ad on Craigslist and called. Morgan Graham, ID #2043, gave me the same pitch everyone else received. As he was giving me the pitch, I Googled the company and found this blog. Thank Goodness because I was going to give him my credit card info!!! I'm sorry some of you got taken by this company. I do, however, appreciate you sharing your stories and warnings, and am glad I can share my experience as well.

  13. I'm glad I found this site because I seen StandardCapitalus on craigslist and spoke with Terica # 661-644-5054 and was all excited about getting signed up with them becuase she seem real and knew the location well on where I wanted to move for a price $ 300. fee for their searches!!! I'm glad my husband told me to do a little more research…I had my hopes up too…I asked her to if they (were a scam) lol like she would of said YES. it seems has they charge everyone different prices..huh..I looked up her number and states Valencia and she said she was based out of Santa Barbara….what's funny is I asked Terica too if her number was from Valenica , Calif. I don't think she knew I know Las Angeles area well! lol…Thank you everyone keep these post going and hopefully soon they will be out of buisness!

  14. thank you for all the post, i almost paid the 199.00, and it would of been off of my child support card as well but if it would of gave my children a nice home, it would of been worth it, as usual, too good to be true!!

  15. This company now goes by the name Standard Capital US. DO NOT use this company.

    If you go to you'll see the customer service # is 1-877-395-1296

    if you go to… you'll see the customer service number is (888) 270-1073. If you dial both numbers they go to the same v-mail.
    The websites are completley different and they use a different address:

    Standard Capital US
    1072 Casitas Pass Rd. #106
    Carpinteria, CA 93103

    I called Standard Capital US and spoke to customer service rep Mani Operator #2073 who gave me her direct # 805-392-9176 (the 805 area code is for the Ventura County).

    I expressed my concern that this company may not be legitimate and she asked if she could send me an e-mail which I gave her and she told me to do my research to make sure I felt secure and then call her back. Of course when I started looking around I found no info on them at all, because they are brand new, until I found a report on American Standard Online and in a response someone stated that they now go by the name Standard Capital US, whcih is when I discovered the two customer service #s go to the same v-mail.

    If you're not sure about this, call the two numbers in the morning before 8AM PST and you will see what I am talking about.

    • Yes, you're correct. They recently changed their name to Standard Capital US and are registered with the BBB.
      This is just a clever marketing ploy. So they can claim the BBB's good name to fool customers. But they have a F rating as the result of 13 complaints. Not including all their complaints reported under the old name. This is how most scams operate just like a Hydra. You cut off one head and it just grows another one. Beware!

  16. What’s up, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing data, that’s really fine, keep up writing.

  17. ok do anyone know how to take this company down. i just called and they said the same thing about denial letters. think its time to put them all over the internet and tv. time to set these people straight

  18. Thank YOU for all your comments. I was going to get into this program today until I checked with BBB and your followups. I can't thank you all enough for all your help and hope you all get what this company needs. a BBB reward in court.

    • i was looking on cl and found this number. when they answered the lady was fumbling with the phone, she kept drifiting away as if someone was coaching her, she stated she was in this program too, asked me if i wanted to sign up i informed her i wanted to do more research, glad i did its sad the way they are scamming people! here are some more numbers to add to your list 855-258-9449 and 805-86-6797 cynthia. if you look at several picutres the houses are the same for different areas. BEWARE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU GIVE OUT YOUR INFO. If it looks too good to be true it usually is!

  19. I figured this place was a scam when our local Craigslist showed a 4br/2b house for $575.00. But I called anyways and talked to a Mr. Neal, after talking to another guy who told me he was in California and that was why he didn't know the correct pronunciation of my city. I wonder when a person isn't forthcoming with their full name. Anyways, when I told him the listing i was referring to he didn't hesitate a second to say i could get into that house. He obviously didn't have time to look it up. Then came the pitch for the $199.00. Glad to see from on here that my original thought of this being a scam was right. And my wife says the one good report on here is probably from someone in the company. Thanks again for this blog.

  20. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!! Called and asked for the company name and the agent sais "What's your company name." then hung up… FRAUD!!!!!!!!!


    • Hi Jodie,
      My wife and I have been looking at this program and have been skeptical. I see that you have the only positive review and was wondering if you could send me the information on who you worked with. You can reply to thank you.

    • Hi Jodie,
      I have been wondering the same thing. I already signed up with them and am now nervous that i fell for the scam. We found a house and want to move forward, could you tell me your experience on finding one online that you liked to move in?

      • hahaha this "jodie" is full of ****… ive been in the process of trying to get my money back for 74 days, almost to the 90 day return policy. please PLEASE do yourself a favor and stay away from this scam. my story is like everybody else's on here. the only i can do is that i have issued a master card dispute action working with my bank and american standard to keep this transaction on the radar so my bank will stil dispute this even after 90 days.

    • Hi jodi my name is paula im curious i gave american standard the 199 and have done everything they have asked of me and so far i am dissatisfied how did you do it

    • You people are retards Jodie obviously is part of this scam hense all the capital letters, someone that was a happy customer wouldnt use all capitals to empasize their frustration with all this **** talk, someone that is offended and that thinks their scam is going to get compromised from all this back publicity would… Do not do this I just found out about it a half hour ago and it is clear that its a scam… Do your research people

    • thank you Jodie for the positive feedback, I was skeptical at first about this program and after reading all these negative comments I was disappointed but my gut won't let me give up.. $ 200.00 is nothing compared to real estate fees, and I drove past some of the houses some of them are already vacant.. I am going to try it regaurdless $200.00 is nothing to lose. I will keep everybody posted

    • Hello Jodie, my name is Carmellia , I am new to the program, I hear so much bad feed back, I would like a little info from you, i have been with this company since 11/2013, I have only sent out 25 letter I have not heard anything as of right now back from anyone, was it a struggle for you, because I know i have to be persistent. Please if you can give me some pointers.

  22. Scary I spoke to some lady today from this company and my red flag was that she didn't explain the process she just said" we give a list of pre forclosed property and you take over the payments of the mortgage. So that will cost you $199. how do you want to pay" I was taken back by her forwardness and told her Im on my off week of my pay period to give me until next week. Thank **** it was and I waited. I am so thankful for these blogs. Im on a tight budget like everyone else I cant afford to toss $199 on a gamble. Thanks everyone. I have a family of 5 with a disabled husband and daughter with Autism. This could have turned into a nightmare.

  23. I call in today 11/26/12 n when I told the guy that I needed to talk to my fiancé about the $199 fee he ask me why I needed to talk to him!! I explain why n he quickly told me the website n hang up!!

  24. I too was skeptical of this apparent great offer. They get you with bad credit ok, and your job is your credit. I realized it was a scam when I noticed Mary the rep was rushing to get me off the phone when I kept questioning her about their website and this program. Her answer to me was that they were recognized by the BBB. She gave me a direct line to call back should I be interested, 1-805-451-1592. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! I was lucky and saw right through this scam and hope others will too.

  25. 537280 539314I only wish that I had the ability to convey what I wanted to say within the manner that you have presented this info. Thanks. 407763

  26. My husband & I found what we thought was this wonderful program to find us a home for us and our children and grandchildren, We had talked to a Daniel Navarro with American Standard online. his phone number is 1-805-364-0343. Agent ID# is 343.

    The damage to us after paying them the $199.00 dollars out of my child support to find something nice for my children, turned out to be houses that were for sale by real estate companies, and homes that were still lived in and supposedly in pre-forclosure. The real Estate companies that we talked to said " I HOPE YOU DIDN'T PAY THEM ANY MONEY"!!! tHE PEOPLE STILL LIVING IN THE HOUSES OF THE ADDRESSES THAT WE WERE GIVEN…LOOKED AT US LIKE WE WERE CRAZY AND HAD NO IDEA WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT.

    Myself, husband, & children feel as if we have been violated in the most vile way that a person can be violated. They not only hurt us, but more so my children, it was their child support that was used after we discussed it with them to go ahead and use their child support to find us a home of our dreams to live in until we die and were able to pass on to the children!!! My Husband and & I are totally prepared to work with others diligently to end this company and it's employee's from taking anyone else's dreams away from them. We are also dedicated to help whomever is willing or already prepared or preparing to make sure that this company involved with this company are jailed with a maximum penalty that can be imposed on them.

    I am using my real name, because i want these people to know who i am and the harm they have done and the punishment that we are seeking to end this. If this entails going after the homes they live in and their l livelihood that support their families then that is what shall be done. PLEASE HELP US PUT AN END TO THIS COMPANY……AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE.


    Tamara Mansanarez

    • I spoke with a lady today 01/02/2013,with the name Mary @ 805-451-1592. Mary said that if I didn't find a property that the $199.00 was refundable. Have you received your refund?

      • nope lol. 5 letters of denial from the "homeowners" like it say in terms and conditons and also the they take 10% of the $199.00 for "process and handling fees" i havent heard of anyone getting a full refund yet.

    • I am with you. I want to fight to close them down they took our money. I was wishing that this would be a break in our lives but i guess I was wrong. Tell me what I have to do to help close them down and not let them hurt or take anyone else's money. I am also leaving my true name here so they know that its me..

      Santos Rodriguez

    • me and my family are going through that same problem my name is edwin domenech jr i can be reached at 6109696643 i would appreciate a response back cause i would like to help get back at them and the los of my childrens $199

    • I was taken by these people too..I will never see my money..I so wanted a place to call home..renting is getting old, and I'm really disappointed to find out these people can get away with this..We work so hard,yet all this company has done is TAKE away our TRUST,and Dreams of owning a home..They are doing this all over the country.We live in Warren, Mi.We will be looking to buy a home in a yr, the right way..Hope they catch them-heard they have multiple #'s, and multiple people all the time, and keep moving from one place to another,so that they DON't get caught..**** bless and thank-you for sharing your story-gave me courage to share mine..Hope you have found your special place..Rochelle Avery.

    • Never ask a Real estate agent !!! Of most of them don't want you to know about this program if even they know about it they will tell you not to do, only because because they can't get a commission and are disqualified from purchasing a home for themselves. I know about this and just re-registered for my 3rd year as I am always looking for deals. You first must understand there is only a short window of opportunity to take over one of these homes before it falls into foreclosure. I have purchased many homes and flip them and not only does this provide me information on properties in the stage of pre-foreclosure which is very difficult to find but the have provided me with proper legal documentation which would have cost me several thousands of dollars to have done by a Real Estate Attorney. I might also add the Title searches are performed by this outfit under some special contract with Chicago Title a very prestigious title firm. I would say that on a yearly basis the title searches if paid to have them done on my own would would run me over $4,000 or more. So when I read these complaints, I have serious questions as to the real motives for these complaints and as one person who depends on the services from this firm…I am really appalled and extremely annoyed that you have you are claiming what your claiming because if you put the tiniest bit of your time energy into this you would have a home, It amazes me that you spent more time make these claims and if you had taken time you would see like I have that you can do it as well! The internet is a funny place its amazing to me how everyone just wants something handed to them on a silver plater for free! That 199$ was probably the most important step you have ever taken in your life and you completely missed out on your opportunity!

  27. I pay 199.00 send like 30 letters and they only tell me they did not received any answer, keep sending soon you will be having and answer. Yes they told me before a month i will be moving to my house and is already 3 months. I wish if can see this before I pay them for nothing just to take my money

  28. Thank s to you all I was going to give my money and I'm on disability so I'm on a fix income I wish I Could buy a house GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  29. Thank you so much for posting this information! I just now contacted this business and they really sounded like the real thing, if I wouldn't have contacted my father I would have just gone ahead and gave them my money. My dad encouraged me to look into them and Im glad that I did! Thank you again!

  30. Thanks for posting, I was wandering why I couldn't find them on google under American Standard. I was about to sign with them, but decided to do a little more research on the company, only negative comments so far. Thank You for saying me time and money.

  31. my husband and i just found your site after we registered with these guys and began looking at houses. i thought i did deep enough research about this kind of thing, guess not. we want to be added on the force of people to form a class action suit against these frauds. please feel to contact me. my phone number is 360-224-8822 i like talking to live people

  32. I've signed up with them for about three months now and have not heard from them after me sending out letters to some home owners. when I call american standard, they told me to send out more letters and if I'm not succesful with in the three months then my money is refundable. I wish i had seen this site before i signed up with them.

    • it seems to me its a boiler room operation so these guys will disappear before you know it. they say california but they could be in turkey.

  33. Thanks to everyone who took the time to warn others about this company. We almost took a bite of this "too good to be true" deal but thanks to folks like you I was convinced by the post to Back Off! I can find better things to waste $200.00 on. Shame on american standard and its employee's for taking advantage of people! **** don't like ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!