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Standard Capital US Money Scam

I read about this on craigslist. How to get into a home ASAP without any money so I called the company they told me everything I wanted and needed to hear.

I paid them my $200 the same day and I started looking for houses well needless to say the people that I was sending letters to knew nothing about this program and very upset that their info was put on this website. I contacted this company and they told me that it’s public info and they can use it if they want to and than hung up the phone on me.

So I called back to cancel my membership and demanded a refund and they told me there is a process to go through and no one has ever gotten their money back.

Lets just say this has been going on for 9 mo and I still have got no calls from them nor received my money back.


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  • Jessica

    I think these are the same guys that used to run a similar Craigslist scam. This was about 8 years ago. They claimed to be a company called Pro Bar Express (no longer in use). They would sell these bartender kits to people who wanted to get their license for $198. Of course the kit never comes in the mail and no refund either. I feel for it and never got a refund. The guy I talked to was Daniel Barajas. I also spoke with an Adam and a Matthew. The "company" was in Santa Barbara CA. Here’s a link to the BBB profile.

  • nancy

    This company is definitely a scam!!!! I lost my $199. Do not give them any money!!!!!

  • paula

    Just an update….. I did get my money back!!!! Thank god!!!!!

    • vanessa

      how di did you do it ??? did you have the denial letters

  • Paula

    I was dumb enough to fall for it!!!!! When I first called the girl who answered the phone made it sound so good and assured me that I would find a house in a few days. To make a long story short…. Once I paid I got access to website. There I found that they ha no houses in my area. And I found out that I would have to mail these letters out and that was just doing to much to get a house. I then called back and told them I didn’t want to use their services. The Rep stated that It would be 90 days. I said NO… So…. I received a check today in the mail sent certified for 125.00. I took the check to 4 places and nobody will cash it! I called and talked to someone and told them that I am having problems cashing their check and she told me that it was not their fault. So I am going to try one more place tomorrow. If nothing I am calling that number someone gave for law enforcement!!! IT IS A SCAM!!!!DO NOT DO IT!!!!

  • Anon

    As we have all fallen victim one way or the other, regardless of our efforts, none will receive the money back. Everyone is posting empty threats about contacting Lawyers and other Entities, it is all pointless (most of you aren’t even intelligent enough to use spell check). The only way you stand a chance of getting your money back is to dispute the charges through your bank. You have accepted to their Terms of Service which states very clearly the refund policy and that their listings are obtained through 3rd parties and they cannot be held responsible for ANYTHING. I lost the same $199 and through much research I discovered this company has been operating for 9 years under multiple names, American Standard Online, Standard Capital Us, Anchor House Financial just to name a few. There is absolutely no Federal or State Law they are breaking, while immoral and unethical, Legally there is no recourse. Chalk up your losses people.

  • annamaria

    Thank **** I looked this company up on the web first! I almost went for it! thank you all for sharing your stories…..but shouldn’t our law enforcers do something about scam artists like these?…this is wrong!

  • Sonja

    WOW, thank you all for the truth, I was all hopeful to find a home for myself and my family but with my credit that will take a while. I am happy I did research to find out that this is not a ligit company, so sad that there are people out there so willing to take advantace of others. I hope there is a company that can help both foreclosed homeowers and people with not so good credit.

  • Laurie

    I also got taken by these people. The rep Daniel Barajas told me that if I wasn’t satisfied after 90 days that I would be able to get my money back except for a fee of $49. They never did have a home in the area I was looking for. I called several times and was told that "they" did and they would make sure it was put on the web page. Of course it never happened! To lie and cheat people is just BS, are any of these companies out there honest anymore. I will go in on a class action and I am turning over all my info to the Dept. of Justice.

    • Jessica

      I was scammed by a company about 8 years ago called Pro Bar Express. They also have an ad on Craigslist and they got $198 from me. The reps name was also Daniel Barajas. I never did get the money back. He would tell me he was sending me a check for my refund and then send me a confirmation email but he would always get the address wrong. Like if I said 123 Cherry Street he would say he sent the check to 124 Cherry Street.

  • ashmarie

    if you want to email me your victim info we can have them put out of business. if they stole your money, please let me know! or

  • ashmarie

    currently on phone with the carpenteria sheriffs department. anyone willing to provide documentation to them as proof?

  • Bella

    Just an FYI – the only type of loans that are "assumable", as they claim, are VA loans. They say you would get a Quitclaim Deed to transfer title, which would be the way to obtain title in that type of transfer, but they kept using the term "assume the existing loan" and the only credit check would be proof of income. Which means what? You pay the former homeowner your "rent to own" money so they could pay off their existing loan? Fortunately, I’m in real estate and figured out that it was a bunch of crap. They of course told me to discuss with my husband, and gave me a cell phone number to call back on. I’ve reported them to a brokerage firm and they are turning them in. Let’s hope they get shut down!

  • Fred Hernandez

    Their real address is 401 North Milpas, Suite E, Santa Barbara. To get action on your complaint, contact the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office: Joyce E. Dudley, 1112 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Tel: (805) 568-2300.

  • Investigate

    Contact your state attorney general’s consumer affairs division and ask them to investigate. If you live in a one-party-consent state (google that) record your phone calls to this company and document their false claims. Ask them if the people listed in their report asked to be listed. Ask what it takes to get ownership of the homes they list. Ask if your money will be refunded.

    Companies acquire lists of preforeclosed homes from public records then sell those lists as if they represent the people on the list. They do not. People who have bought lists like this say they were instructed to contact home owners on their own.

    If you work at a place selling lists of preforeclosed homes under false pretenses, beware. You may be liable for whatever fraud you commit during your employment. You may need the job, and like the people who hired you. That’s how they get employees – they may instruct you to hang up on people who give you attitude. Maybe you believe what the company that hired you says. When you get a paycheck, it’s easy to believe and look the other way. Consider cooperating with law enforcement. Document whatever lies you may be instructed to tell.

  • kenny

    Oh! boy am I glad that I did a little research before giving them my free $199 this morning. I call and asked the guy who I spoke with yesterday and he said they are totally legit and registered with Federal Trade Commission. Well.. I’ve been a victim of scam so I am definitely being extra careful…

  • Kisha

    I just called about a beautiful house listed on craigslist. I spoke with a male by the name of Christian, he gave me some fast talk, when I started to ask questions because my husband just gave me a list of numbers to call for rental homes. Christian said talk to your husband first before you give us a charge for 200 bucks on your credit card. I said wait a minute sounds like a scam, he hung up. While I was on the line with him he had another call placed me on hold, sound like a cell phone. That was the first indicator that this may not be a legit company. Very unprofessional, Im glad I stuck to my uneasy feeling. He didnt get me.

  • mzkp

    I am so happy I came across this site. I too like many people have not so good credit history and have been denied for a home loan. When I came across this site on Craiglists I was quite astonished at the cheap price listings for homes. This all sounded too good to be true while on the phone with the representative so I searched for complaints while on the phone with them. After reading these comments I hung up and of course they’re continuously calling my number now.

    So sad to know that they’re taking advantage of those who are in a hard situation of not being able to obtain home loans. I hope everyone who has been scammed out of money escalates this issue as far as possible!!!

  • Fran

    Something has to be done about this! I all so been a victim of this scam by a fake company by the name of standard capital us. I want my money and I’m sure all of you do also. SO EVERYBODY DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO STOP THESE RIP OFFS !

  • Jaded

    Thanks to everyone on this site for confirming what I thought. I too saw their ad on Craigslist, called and heard how easy it would be to find a home and then purchase it after one year with all the rent and former owners equity being applied to my down payment. I am sorry for everyone that got suckered and want to thank you for coming forward and helping the rest of us.

  • Bonnie

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments. I had seen a house on craigslist and thought it was a great deal so I called and spoke with Adam. He seemed nice enough however, after reading the comments, I’m glad I didn’t pay the $199.

  • Amber

    I saw a listing for a few houses on craigslist that were really nice and below the rent that I would have thought they would be going for.Therefore, I decided to give a call to see what it was all about. I spoke to a representative who gave me the run down of the company. He then proceeded to ask me for a $200 registration fee. I then told him that I was not comfortable doing that at the moment. I then proceeded to ask him why I had never heard of the company before, he quickly caught an attitude and told me to look it up and then proceeded to hang up. I called back and got someone else, who apologized for their behavior and then gave me a number to costumer service. Make a long story short after researching this company it is 100% a scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • Standard Capital is a lie. I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet Fraud Division (IC3) and the BBB for Santa Barbara. I have not head from IC3 but the BBB did hear back from Standard Capital. Here was their response

    In response to Deborah Fernandez’s complaint
    Ms. Fernandez located an advertisement posted by our company and willingly contacted our company and registered with the service. The company was more than willing to assist Ms.Fernandez in locating suitable listings.Ms. Fernandez was provided extensive foreclosure information for the listings on the website, also the contact information for the homeowners keep in mind Ms. Fernandez did have an option to review our terms and conditions prior to registration. Once she became a member she had the option to accept or decline the terms and conditions. As per our Terms of Service the registration fee is refundable after 90 days.

  • Jayme

    i just cancled the charge on my card. :)

  • pamela

    Thank you to all of the posters. i will not waste my time or money on this fraudulent company.

  • Kaitlyn L

    I have also been scammed by them. If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit, I’m in.

  • Lorie

    I’m so glad I listen to that little voice inside that told me if it sounds to good to betruje it probably is, I called and
    got Ricard (805)861-0388 but something saidn check bbb and i did they have no listinf of this business. I checked the website and found everyone’s complaint. Boy am I glad I check before I went thru with it. I hope have get these people preying on the innocent.

  • Lisa

    I called this supposedly company they were nice but I felt like it was too good to be true that is why i told him I need to discuss this with my husband before I could give any info and he said he didn’t know how long these home would be available in my area but I said I still need to talk to my family before I make any decisions.

  • Lisa

    Thanks to all of our concerned consumers who posted comments. I just got off the phone with a representative and fortunately did not give my information. After I read their website, I still could not see any benefit in their services. A list of pre-forclosures for 199.00???? No thank you!

  • Darnell

    I signed up for standard capital and paid 199.00 as well. Once you pay and get access to the full site it tells you not to approach any homeowners. Well i drove around looking at the houses and they were all for sale or ran down houses. One house i drove past there were people on the steps. I asked them and they said that there house wasn’t on any rent to own list and they have been living there for years and werent planning on moving and werent in jeapordy of foreclosure. This is clearly fraud. I missed out on other houses because i was interested in so called houses on the so called rent to own list. I was so eager i ignored all the signs. Don’t fall for this scam……….

  • Luis

    As I am reading all these comments I am waiting on the phone to speak with a "supervisor". I have been waiting for three months and have not heard from any homeowner out of the 20+ letters I sent out. Please if anyone is thinking about giving out your money here DO NOT do so!! I now have a broker agent helping me buy a house and she is also a lawyer and told me the this is illegal and no one should ever ask for money in advance. I am hoping to get my money back and I will not stop until i have an answer!

  • Lori

    I myself spoke to a gentleman named Daniel and thought he was very helpful and not rude by any means after he told me about the $199 and listened to my concerns and answered all my questions and told me told me this is how he got his house.He explained to me that he was going to send me what he could about the company and I was the one that came on this site to see what complaints I could find. Just because. I have not yet given my money and will look further into the company, but was treated with respect and curtousity.

  • Yvette

    Thank you for everyone’s posting. Just today, I called and talked with company representative Richard 805-861-0388. He was very nice but insisited that I could get a home within 2-4 weeks if I paid $199 for this listing of homes. I told him I would like to research this company first. He talked about quick claim to procur the property and private land deeds. He really sounded like he was really going to help me get a home. Thank you for saving my hard earn money. Thank you.

  • Harry

    I am also ripped by this company. I knew after few days of sending letters and no reply came. I asked for refund as Paul Eliano Phone 805-319-3697 about the policy for refund. I was told that I have to wait 90 days before I can ask for $199 refund. Now am stuck and the they are asking for 5 refusal letters which I never got any response from homeowner.

  • Liane

    I almost got suckered as well! We (my fiance and I) saw the post just last night so I decided to give them a call today. We’ve been looking for a home and thought maybe this was the ticket. But as I was calling I was doing an internet search on the company. When the rep came on i paused in my search and spoke to the gentleman as he filled me in on what this was all about. He was very polite. While he was getting my info he got to the payment part and i paused. I asked if i had to pay the $200 now (i had thought he was just sending me the info about how everything works and maybe some info about how many houses are typically available in my area). He said yes, I wouldn’t be sent anything until after i had finished registering with him, including payment of the $200 which would be totally refundable if i didn’t find any homes that i liked (although he stated people generally find something and move in within a few days). This sounded quite wrong to me, so i said before I do that I wanted to call my fiance and let him know what i was being told about the listing to see what he thought about it. (i knew that if this was a scam the rep would either push me really hard for the money now, or just give up). Wouldn’t you know he hung up immediately! I didn’t even get through the whole sentence before the guy banged on me! I finished my internet research on the company and you guys confirmed what i already figured out! Thanks so much!

  • Felisha

    I am so glad I looked into the company before giving my debit card info! I cant believe how many people they have ripped off and nothing has been done about it!!! we are a military family and was looking to buy a home since we were young and dumb and have not had the best credit history, this sounded amazing and I was so excited that this would give our family a fresh start now that we are older but THANK GOD I knew something felt off when they were pressuring me to pay199.00 in order to get a house list…. I pray that they nail theses guys to the wall and no more families are hurt in the process!

  • Shanae

    Thank you for the information everyone! I knew it sounded too good to be true! The representative Chad, seemed very nice and even gave me his cell phone number to contact him, but as I explained, I would do my research!! And I’m absolutely grateful that I did, because I’m not in the habit of just giving away $199. I’d rather waste it on retail therapy :)

    Thank You Everyone!

    -Smarter Than That

  • Vanity

    OMG, thank you SO much. I just got off the phone with Matthew Price, one of the reps for this company. I too stopped him when he asked for my debit card information to "secure" the list (his words). I told him I first would like to do a little research, and this is what I came up with. Again, thanks good people!

  • Ziggy

    I cannot comment on a home buying process through standard capital as I did not get that far. Instead, I called just asking for some information about the company. The customer service representative was incredibly rude. When I told him I would not be sending anyone money without first signing some sort of contract, he hung up on me! Which is for the better I now see.

    Dont do business with these people!

    • mphan

      I am in the banking industry and my mother trying to help me out of a sticky situation gave me the number to speak to standard capital. While I was speaking to them and asking about the whole process including "when the homeowner walks away, who owns the house?, because a bank cannot rent a property to someone until they decide to purchase the home. there has to be a owner agreeing to sell to you and you have to be pre-qualified. I started to tell the gentleman this (who did not like how knowledgeable I was and kept trying to speak over me ) he completely disconnected the phone. they are 100% a scam.

  • Claudia

    Thank you for posting. I almost got suckered in. But before I sent them money I wanted to do more checking. I really don’t Craigslist as it is and this posting just reaffirms why I don’t trust Craigslist.

    • Mario

      I just got off the phone with a gentleman from US Capital named Derek Smith. He provided just as I read from the previous 26 comments a run down of how company works and stated he created was the founder of the business

  • Taney

    I agree with Santos! I didn’t quite give my $199 away with out a search; however, it was a low blow! I have reported this company/advertisement to Craigslist though. They need to know that every few months they can not just take advantage of a hard working, United States of America citizen and get away with it. I have taken this to the BBB, Craigslist, and my attorneys. Which I very nicely CC’d my attorneys in my initial email t Standard Capital US. Which I may say, received no response. However, in my second email to them, I did advise a nice gal like Cynthia to look for a more appropriate customer service position. I also offered her my, soon to be, current position at the company I work for in Western NY; with a legitimate web address. Hoping she will not hesitate to relocate to a real customer service position.
    Sad to say people, such as Santos, get suckered into the BS this country is becoming. The law will prevail. The US laws usually do.

    A wonderful, not so gullible family from NYS!

    • d. King

      I almost got suckered in and ended up here because I have learned that when it sounds to good to be true; it usually is. The guy was nice and luckily for me I have about 6 months before I am going to try to invest. I am not even going to call his direct number back because I am really upset with the fact that he got our hopes up high. But the use of logic and reason has definitely saved me from a scam. I do not take kindly to losing $200 so thanks for all that I have read

      • Colleen

        d. King
        i did the same thing.
        so true.. when it sounds too good to be true.. it usually is.
        i think i am most disappointed by how much fun i had talking to the customer service rep i spoke with. He was really nice, and seemed very genuine and real, but now I find he was attempting to scam me.


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