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Last Updated On: November 19, 2016

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Business Name: Perry Homes, LLC
Corporate Address:
9000 Gulf Freeway # 110
Houston, Texas 77017 USA

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Perry Homes Phone Number: 800-247-3779
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Average Rating: 1.20 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

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Reported Losses: $12,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,000.00

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Dumping water on my yard

I built and closed a home in Cypress Creek Lakes in Texas in December 2015. Perry Homes did not build my home but is located next door. I have complained that there is water standing continuously next to my fence. Now that summer is coming I’m afraid of mosquitoes.

Perry’s solution to the problem was to dump water on my property by adding additional sod 6 inches up my fence.

Vice President Sean lied to our developer in front of me and said they had re-surveyed the lot for drainage and it drained to the street. They did put in new sod but there was no shooting of sloping.

I am now forced to add a French drain to drain Perry’s water to the street at a cost of over $2000. Their response is, “the water is now on your property. You take care of it.” Quite a class act!

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  • Sha

    My husband and I recently attempted to purchase a perry home in a new subdivision called Meridiana. The sales rep summarized the contract for us while leaving out very important information about refunds. Weeks before the home was to be complete an issue with the bank left us unable to close on our new. We were giving a date of 5 months away as to when we would be eligible to purchase a new home. This was a great shock to us being that we put over $10,000 into this home and were told that we would not get a refund not even the portion we spent at the design center. This information came after the sales rep said we would either get a refund or credit to another home, she never once informed us that there was even the smallest chance that we wouldn’t get half let alone none of our money back. Surprise days later contacted by our realtor with the shocking news they would not give us any money back. Just $10,000 given to them and we have nothing to show for it. They even tried to roll the $5,000 we paid at the design center into the price of the house to up the price. The reason we paid the full price at the design center was so that the price wouldn’t roll over into the final price of the house, another way they attempted to screw us over. The president Mark Sharp was not hearing it, not even as good faith that we would still purchase a perry home or that very same one if still available. We explained we were unaware of the issue that was preventing us from closing and if we had known we would have never went thru the steps of purchasing a home if we had known of such a problem. They even placed our home for sale for $28,000 dollars more than what we were purchasing it for, so that let you know they were all about the money and had no good intentions what so ever. They prepare their own contracts to suit them, everything plays into their favor and they don’t have to answer to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU so they can cheat customers out of their hard earned money. Great important details were not explained to us as they should have been and we are deeply disgusted with how they run their business. Emails and voice mails have been left unaswered to get the sales rep to explain her part in this foul and unprofessional way business was handled. I strongly recommend if purchasing a Perry Home take your time and read the long important and unimportant parts of the contract and ask questions, know that if you agree to go forward and purchase a perry home whether it’s your decision to not get the home or some unexpected out of your control circumstance pops up and you can’t close on your home, you lose out on all money given. Make sure you have a 100% final approval before you fork over any money with them.

  • me

    On March 28, 2016, my wife and I signed a contract to purchase a Perry Home. We presented a check for $5,000.00.
    On April 10, 2016 at 7:20PM (13 days later), we notified Perry Homes that we decided to cancel our desire to purchase a home.
    On April 15, 2016, we emailed Perry Homes concerning our desire to obtain back our deposit. To date, there has been no response from Perry Homes.
    During our visits with Perry Homes, when my wife was present with me, Perry Homes stated that any money we put down at the Design Center would be forfeited if we should change our minds at a later date, but Perry Homes stated that we would get our deposit back. We specifically asked Perry Homes twice just to make sure.
    We stated that we would be making an all cash purchase (we even provided proof of funds), but Perry Homes was
    insistent about listing it as a mortgage. Within our contract, one can see that Perry Homes x’d the box for a mortgage with Crestmark, even though we told Perry Homes we were not interested in a loan.
    Our contract contains personal information of another buyer. I’m sure they would be shocked if they found out about this breach of personal information. NOTE: We have made no effort to contact the other party listed in our contract, even though our contract has their full names, the address of the home they purchased and their current home address and other personal data.
    We contacted the regional manager of Perry Homes, but he seems only interested in keeping our money.
    I also noticed on line at the Better Business Bureau’s web site that Perry Homes has a tremendous number of complaints logged against them.
    It’s a shame we were treated as if we were dealing with a bait and switch car salesman like operation. I guess a buyer should be aware and check all references before acting.

    • Heocon

      I had the same problem. Do not buy the Perry house in Aliana. The Sale (G) let us sign the contract on that lot with that floorplan and the next couple days he told us that they can’t build it because it is identical floor plan and elevation with one house away. I mean the sale should know whether they can’t build . They told me we had to pick the other lots. We didn’t like those and they refused to return our earnest money back $5000.
      So Do Not buy the Perry house in Aliana.

      • shahrukh shaikh

        They did the same with me. Did you get your money back.

  • jimmyk520000

    Dummy! You did see what you were buying first?

  • Stephanie

    I wish that I read your post before we signed a contract with Perry Home. We currently has home build in South Lake subdivision in Pearland, TX area and the problem is they sell the lot to us and that lot is really close the power line (I mean a big steel line not a wood power line) that power line is 150 feet away to our future back yard). We started realized it when other houses next to us start building. I don’t feel safe if my future house really close to that thing especially how come my son can play in the backyard. Since they did not do any works on the lot (Not even the foundation) we called Perry and asked to change the lot, and they said we will lose our 10,000 down payment. My coworker and the legal counselor from my company suggest me that I should hire a lawyer to get 10,000 back. I can never imagine that Perry Homes will build house too close the BIG power line like that. Such a night mare

    • George

      I am from south lake , before and after purchasing home perry homes promised for the stainless steel appliances and I got a cheap plastic dishwasher when I talked to the sales person he told me ” u got what u have paid for ” never expected an answer just like this, running time for the dish washer is 2 and half hours even for light cycles . . Lot of electric problems … Don’t buy home from this cheaters

  • Ronni

    We just bought a $300,00.00 Perry Home and didn’t notice the lines, seams, and sloppy paint work on the walls and ceilings. Not to mention the unveven tile accents. The walls are mismatch in terms of texture, dripping paint on doors and surfaces. I complained and complained but now my brand new house looks like a construction zone. The works don’t show up as scheduled and now I have to go back to corporate. I have not been able to enjoy my new home because I keep finding issues. I am not happy with this situation and I am thinking of taken more drastic action against Perry.

  • Houston Guy

    I bought a perry home and had similar problems. Can you drop me an email at so we can compare notes?

  • klvin

    All of which Perry Homes fixed. Recently we’ve had multiple walls & ceilings with seams and nail holes coming to the surface or popping out. bellevue real estates

  • 411

    We purchased our first home with Perry Homes in 2007. We have had multiple issues over the 5 years such as:

    faulty air conditioners – 2 of 2 units multi parts replaced (20 service calls in 6 months)

    warped floors

    shedding carpets

    minor electrical issues

    leaking pipes causing mold

    re-occurring wall cracks

    support bean shft

    All of which Perry Homes fixed. Recently we’ve had multiple walls & ceilings with seams and nail holes coming to the surface or popping out. Perry Home had their drywall expert review the drywall problems. He stated the installation crew did not properly "float" the seams where two peices of drywall came together. I have "air bubbles" behind drywall tape and loose drywall tape in several areas. Seven of 13 rooms in my home has the same type of drywall issues. Despite their expert admitting poor drywall installation, Perry Homes refuses to fix the drywall. It’s an expensive fix to the tune of over $3,000. They would have to repair 2-story ceilings and walls. I am truly disappointed in Perry Homes. With spending over $250k on a home, I would expect better craftsman ship. I do not expect a perfect home but I do expect for this builder to fix what they know was installed wrong. Their defense is, out of warranty out of luck…..

    I will never build another Perry Homes!


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