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Last Updated On: August 12, 2016

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Business Name: Chrisley Asset Management
Corporate Address:
3340 Peachtree Rd #1100
Atlanta, Georgia 30326 USA

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Chrisley & Company Phone Number: 678-954-8736
Company Contact: Michael Todd Chrisley - Owner
Corp Website:

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Number Of Comments: 1

Chrisley & Company Reports

Reported Losses: $292.62
Average Reported Losses: $292.62

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Chrisley Asset Mgmt Company owes me $292.62 since Sept 2012

Chrisley Asset Mgmt company is an outsourcer for Fannie Mae foreclosure properties. I am a Real Estate Brokerage that Chrisley hired to list some of their Fannie Mae properties. As the Brokerage I am responsible for setting up and paying utilities for the property and submitting to Chrisley Asset Mgmt for reimbursement. Chrisley rule is you may only submit for reimbursements once the amount exceeds $250 or the property is sold. In my case my $$ amount exceeded $250 and the property is sold. They do tell you that there is a 45 to 60 day turn around time for reimbursements – well that time has passed.

I have contact my Asset Mgr who the 1st of November said that he saw that the reimbursement request was in the system but it takes 45 -60 days. I was happy to know that they had the reimbursement. But now the asset mgr will not return my calls – all numbers have been disconnected. I am not sure how to go about getting my money. I have heard other agents are having the same problem. I have entered the website of the main company below, of course that site doesn’t indicate a phone number.

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  • keidra Walsh

    I watch your show every week & I am such a fan..That being said I don’t like the fact YOU have a problem with women who are over a size 6. I heard that in your first episode & I am wondering how I missed it. I was kind of taken back due to the beauty of your wife. I am just an average woman with average looks who envies your way of life. I am kind of taken back how your kids say they hate their lives when 90% of the kids I know would love it. I work 2 jobs & my fiance of 9yrs. Works 12 to 14 hrs a day. We do everything in our power to provide for our children & Grandchildren as well as kids that aren’t ours…I work for the school system & see a lot of things that your kids would never imagine. I live in a house that’s in a major NEED of work but, our debt keeps us from fixing certain things..My point is there are people like me in Atlanta who would like to feel like we belong even though it is obvious we don’t..There are people like me here where I live in Rome that would love it..Tell your kids that they are the luckiest people in the world to have what they have…A safe warm home, a house full of food, no bills or worries & most importantly parents who love & care for them..I am in no way trying to be out of line I’m watching your Christmas Marathon & I guess I’m extra observant TODAY…I Know you won’t see this but, I am a huge fan of y’all!


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