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Last Updated On: January 31, 2017

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3901 E Roeser Road
Phoenix, Arizona 10012 USA

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Average Rating: 1.11 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $200,994.00
Average Reported Losses: $15,461.08

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Real Estate Nightmare

In the spring of 2013, I was downsized by my company and began looking for options. I received tickets to a free real estate seminar sponsored by Dean Graziosi, and went to the presentation. It was interesting, and the presenters said to learn more, attendees should come to a weekend presentation where you would learn some of the secrets of the real estate investing business. You had to pay for that one, and that was the first of many expensive opportunities.

At the weekend seminar, you did learn some basic information about real estate investing, but were invited to invest in one of several levels which would give you a free time in Las Vegas and much more information. Like many other “great opportunities,” you had to make a decision during the weekend in order to take advantage of the specials. I reviewed my finances and decided to invest.

Dean Graziosi set up the trip to Las Vegas, and since my niece lived there, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see family while I was there. When I went to the seminar, Dean had a number of presentations, including opportunities to purchase properties, land, and trust deeds which supposedly had been researched from all over the country. I purchased a property in Detroit (what was I thinking?) and a piece of land in Florida. It has turned out the Detroit property, although it had a tenant when I purchased the property, has had a series of expensive repairs, and the original tenant skipped out, taking many of the things in the property with him.

On the vacant lot in florida, I have to pay a monthly water and sewer fee plus taxes so haven’t seen any positive return on that.

At the Las Vegas three day presentation we were told when we purchased our first property, we would get $1,000 back. Once I did that and submitted the paperwork, I was told I had to do it within the first 30 days. Because it normally takes time to set up a closing and take care of the paperwork once you get a buyer, that would be unrealistic, since you usually don’t have control of the dates banks set up for closings, even if you are lucky enough to find a property and a buyer right away. That is assuming you don’t have to do any renovations either.

I became a member of the Inenr Circle, which was supposed to give me unlimited individual coaching. My coach, Randy Bailiff, was to call me weekly to check on progress. We did link up a few times, but many times he was away presenting a Boot Camp, and after a while, he never called again. I left email messages and phone calls, but did not get the calls returned.

At the seminar, Dean also recommended you sign up with Veil Corporate and get an LLC. No one mentioned that the LLC has a yearly renewal fee, and there were no instructions on how to use it, especially since it was set up in Utah and I live in another state.

It seems that once Dean gets your money, that is all. The property management company that manages my Detroit property has not been especially helpful either with information and I have to take the initiative to find out the stat7us. I even took a trip to Detroit to see the property, and found out it is in a marginal area.

I funded the properties using a real estate IRA. The company they had on site, AccuPlan or American Estate and Trust, charges every time I authorize a disbursement and my original contact stopped returning my phone calls when I tried to find out information. I guess the person assigned to my6 account either died or quit, and it has been hard to find a designated person to work with.

I would advise anyone interested in real estate to work directly with a reputable real estate company and to only invest in local properties where you can check on the status.

Dean Graziosi AZ Phoenix, AZ

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  • Kathleen B

    If you bought land from them in one of the “buying summits” best check to make sure the title of the land has changed to your name. It appears they are not filing the title change (especially in Florida) and then reselling the land right out from under you. And, since the title is not filed, the tax bills are sent to them, not you and now, you are overdue in tax payments. This is all a big scam.

  • PFred60

    They don’t give a d**n about anyone’s wellbeing. They put all these videos about various sob stories up and have you all watch them and make you think the tax liens and the other opportunities they throw out there are so easy to do and will make you SO much money. The ONLY way they are making their money is by getting all of us schmucks to sign up for their seminars and buy all the crappy liens and other properties they are selling. He recruits some promising people to be speakers for him. I also have a feeling they stick a couple people in the mix of things and give them a story to say how successful they are and how much money they’ve actually made. We bought 3 liens and we only got $$ out of one. What they don’t tell you beforehand IS, the tax liens you just bought will cost you to go after the property to get the $$, you may not be the first lienholder on the property so you more than likely won’t get a penny out of it anyway. They have an answer for everything and are constantly selling. At the first seminar, I was given two or three names and emails, along with their phone numbers if we had any questions about anything. I was never able to get in touch with any of them once we left that hotel conference room. Funny thing is (and we should have taken our wallets and ran), when we were there, someone came in and sat for part of the seminar and then started telling people what he had gone through dealing with Dean and his clan previous. They kicked him out so fast, it made your head spin. They didn’t want any of the attendees hearing what actually goes on. We got bilked for about $30,000.00!! They talk people into borrowing money from friends, relatives, their 401K’s, and their own retirement funds. I’d LOVE to start a class action lawsuit against his company and get some of my money back. If you are reading this and thinking about attending his training, RUN THE OTHER WAY!! You can make more money putting what you have into the bank. If I knew then what I know now, I’d be a richer person. They don’t care how they screw you over, they are there for the almighty dollar ending up in their own pockets.

    • Ricky

      I took a $40,000 loan out of my 401k and have yet to be able to make a real estate deal. Everything taught to us could have been learned in day or two. It was totally overpriced and I’m kicking myself for getting suckered into this. I would love to get my money back!

  • vito

    This fool is a scammer. How gullible is the general public to buy into this nonsense? Has everyone already forgotten about that other POS Armando Montelongo and his stripper wife?

  • Ling Li

    I used all my saving 40000.00 and my credit card limti of 15000.00. and I can’t do anything about it. because I don’t know what to do. help please. thank you anyone

  • Mike

    I read all this while sitting on the toilet taking a crap. I though it was dry ironic that all I was reading was a bunch of people talking crap. I’m sure if it didn’t work for you because you didn’t work hard and expected everything to be handed t you on a silver platter. Investments are a fish and you need to do your own due diligence and research. Real Estate is a tough thing to jump into. I can teach you se very sound strategies, but if you don’t implement them; its your fault not mine.

    • PFred60

      We worked our a***s off for a long, long time and every time we tried one of their ideas, we got a door slammed in our faces. The banks don’t sell foreclosures for pennies on the dollar and you can’t get people to just sell their house to you because you are the good guy. I work full time besides trying to keep up with all of that stuff. My husband is retired and did all the running all day, every day for a 6-9 months. It kept costing us more every time we turned around. ITS A FREAKING SCAM.

    • Joe

      Exactly this is a real business like anything else you get out of it what you put into it! People need to stop watching these “reality house flipping shows”!

    • Nina

      Like sitting on the craper

  • Ryan

    after doing a search at the library, I found one of these books called “Profit from real estate right now”. I wanted to learn about real estate so I thought I should check out a book and start reading. After reading 9 chapters from this Dean guy, and doing some research about him and his program online, I feel like I have been taken advantage of for wasting my time reading the 9 chapters from the book. now granted, I have not fell victim by attending the seminars and wasting thousands of dollars like a lot of unfortunate people have, I just thought that I would put in my two sense, so that maybe my review can help prevent someone else from getting scammed… if I saw this guy in public, he would get a real good piece of my mind, from all the people he has ripped off.

  • Ryan

    after doing a search at the library, I found one of these books called “Profit from real estate right now”. I wanted to learn about real estate so I thought I should check out a book and start reading. After reading 9 chapters from this Dean guy, and doing some research about him and his program online, I feel like I have been taken advantage of for wasting my time reading the 9 chapters from the book. now granted, I have not fell victim by attending the seminars and wasting thousands of dollars like a lot of unfortunate people have, I just thought that I would put in my two sense, so that maybe my review can help prevent someone else from getting scammed… if I saw this guy in public, he would get a real good piece of my mind, from all the people he has ripped off.

  • Keegan

    Folks, I am trying to get a list of everyone who has been deceived by D/G. We need to prove to an attorney that there was deception on their part and that they knowingly lied to us about what their company cod or would do for us if we paid for this membership.

    Go to my Facebook page and hit LIKE.

    • PFred60

      Did you ever get any takers? I tried to find the page on Facebook, but it must have been taken down. We were bilked out of more than I care to say.

  • Semore Lipshitz

    I encourage everyone send me a thousand dollars and I’ll tell you to jump off a cliff.

    People help me make money before you throw it away!


    THERE IS NO VALUE FROM DEANS PROGRAM. I went to the program and went to the las vegas buying summit thinking that I would have the opportunity to buy property before everyone else in the program but by the time I was able to get information on properties they were no longer available. For the amount of money he charges you can buy a house…I fell taken advantage of and no given any value. I am still in the group everytime i call for help they are only concerned about looking up deans site NO GIVEING LEGITIMATE RESOURCES. They do not know new regulations being implimented and are not getting the new information out. This is a horrible idea for anyone else to do. I hope to save everyone precious time and money. DO NOT DO IT!! I HAVE THE MATERIAL ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!

  • tglaser2013

    We went this weekend in Seattle and we learned a lot. (good and bad) We chose not to invest in the system and asked if we could work on the things we had learned so far and come back , they said no. we wanted our moneys worth and said we would like to stay for the rest of the seminar (last half of third day). Deno said no and claimed we were negative and had negativity that we were adding to to the classroom. we spoke to no one. clapped when asked to clapped. followed directions. we promised not to say our concerns but wanted to stay for the rest of the class. They said to leave or they would have us removed by security. We still said we wanted to stay, would not cause a scene and they proceeded to cause a scene by calling security ( a guy with a name plate – no business card or security id) we still said we wanted to stay and again said we just wanted to learn any more things that he was teaching. the hotel called police and we were escorted out! Although they lied to to the police saying we were being negative, all we did was say no "it wasn’t our time" just like Deno said it may not be everyone’s time.! Now I believe they are liars. They use Christianity talk and bring God into it but when I said something about God, they said "how dare I bring God into it." I believe they are out to sell "they’re system’ and if you don’t they turn on you like a "wolf in sheep’s clothing!’

  • Rich B

    I attended one of his seminars last year and after reading all of the complaints just reconfirms my gut feeling that this was a scam. Dean’s weekly videos are very inspiring but I’ll use that inspiration in starting my own business not fairytales that cost people their hard earned money. Thank you to everyone who took the time to post their experience with this get rich scam!

  • John Galt

    I register people for these Dean Graziosi events. Frankly I feel it is your choice to do such a thing and I am just the middle man. People should NOT pay for these if they don’t have the money. Don’t quit your day job and go all in to invest in real estate. Most of the time we who register people for events get to hear all the complaints and insults from unhappy customers. Please do not take it out on the poor people that are registering you for events that YOU want to attend.

  • Gregory Clark

    If you gave Dean your hard earned money then you are a victim of your own weapon’s grade stupidity! Nobody with half a brain would fall for this bullcrap in this day and age. Let me help you, Carlton Sheets, Dean Graziosi, Rus Whitney, etc. make their money by selling you hope not by selling info that will make you money. You Are The Income Not Real Estate! Understand.

  • tom babauta

    hello everyone, you probably don’t know where I am from and I will tell you. I am from a little island called Guam. We are way out in the pacific area. Matt Davis was our instructor and I can tell you that he was very upfront and informative. To say the least that he just wanted our money is not true. I sat down one on one with him and asked him straight where he was in his life and where he is now. Had it not been for Dean’s group he wouldn’t be where he is today. He actually went bankrupt trying to do deals on his own. 7 years later he is clearing 7 digits. Now think about this for a moment. Is it really Dean’s program that doesn’t work? or Is it the idea that you think you don’t want it to work? I tell you what, I paid good money to get educated and the fact here is, it was worth it. I feel confident enough to go out there and put a deal together. And to be able to get transactional funding to support my deals is the icying on the cake. Listen guys, I’m a God fearing man and I know God wouldn’t lead me down the wrong path. I was told have ‘faith’ and not ‘fear’. I prayed to the good lord to give me something to change my life and not only did I have my prayers answered, he sent people who cared about our success. So, I take my hat off and give the upmost respect to Matt and the crew who gave us hope when hope seemed lost. Thank you Matt, Adam, Chad and the rest of you who came to our little island with the belief that we can change our lives and have the same success…Si Yuos Maase (thank you) tom babauta

    • loene

      That’s how I feel . If you just want to b***h don’t join. You have to have positive attitude to make it work. success is not called laziness.

    • letjusticerolldown

      So how did it work out?

  • Rick

    Dean states on his Facebook page that "at least 12 people will become millionaires after reading my new book and I personally invite you to become one of them today. I’ve boiled everything down into the exact steps you must follow."

    12 People? Not 11, Not 13? Well I wasn’t one of the 12 and with those odds it might be hard to find one of them…

  • victoria

    I tried to come up with the 39,000. to pay for the advanced training. I get every personal loan I could, maxed every credit card, and pleaded with every family member to invest in me. I called the team with the bad news that my husband and I couldn’t come up with all the money. They said how much could you get? I said 9K. they said can you do more. I said I have one more card that will not increase my limit and only has 300. they said here is what we can do…..We will give you training every week on the phone, an online school and we will still give you access to the transitional funding. I thought I was being given a deal of a lifetime. Getting special treatment. I was so excited. Then all I got was an extension of the book. "look on craigslist, call land lords, and make a buyers list." the phone calls were rushed and was more or less."ok so lets look at craigslist together" "that a good one, you should call on that one" or "so what are you working on, Ok , good keep it up." I was also told that this education was a tax write off. Its a business write off. Not education. When I tried to use their "transitional funding" money, I was sent to another lender. Everyone had up front fees and expected me to pay for appraisals. I HAD NOTHING LEFT. they made sure of it. He wasn’t investing in me. They just wanted every penny out of me they could get. In the tree day seminar I was told that privet money was out there. Then my coach says 100% financing does not exist. Everyone wants money. I HAD NO MORE. They say we need you to have skin in the game. All I can say is sorry I have already been skinned. I am now full of debt, information I already had and on my own. When I asked for my money back they just gave me a new coach. I WHAT MY MONEY BACK. I being told to write contracts but didn’t know how. All the forms that are on line don’t work in my area. I was told to negotiation and but had no earnest money to lock things up. I know we don’t always need it but a lot of people want it. If I wanted to spend hours watching videos and reading stumbling through this busyness on craigslist, I would have.

  • Brett Weichbrod

    These people should be in jail, and likely will at some point. I attended the introduction presentation and had to walk out halfway through because I was just disgusted by what I was hearing. This is a scheme and they trick you into believing you are at the start of hitting the jackpot. I’ve been an investment consultant for many years and can tell immediately this is a rip off. Only reason they haven’t been shut down already is because they claim they are educators and not investment advisors. Please avoid this at all costs, you will only be ripped off.

  • TDMW

    We went to Direct Buy a few years ago. Almost purchased a membership. Actually placed it on our credit card. We fought & got our money back. I haven’t noticed the ads lately. Have ppl wised up? I signed up to attend one of these events. I will not attend; it’s just another scam. They prey on people who want to believe. Some do succeed, but nothing is foolproof or riskproof. Some insurance companies do the same thing. We want you to pay this so you can MAKE this! The people calling you are victims themselves who need to make good on their "investment" so they sucker you. Shame on any corporation that preys on hurting people! And shame on a government that doesn’t have regulations protecting consumers! There are some good products out there, but they are confusing, as there are proponents and opponents of everything. Be careful, people! Never buy anything that doesn’t have an express money back guarantee. If it’s a membership of any kind, make sure you know EXACTLY what you’re getting, never go beyond a few bucks a month or year. WE NEED consumer protections. Unfortunately, we consumers are the ones who must DEMAND them.

  • Dissapointed

    My husband and I attended the 3 day workshop of Dean Graziosi’s program. The instructor was very convincing, so my husband and I decided to purchased the Diamond package. Since mu husband’s money wouldn’t be released for another a week, they told us to put a deposit as much money we could get, Fortunately we put a deposit of $3,000. They have been calling us everyday asking when we were going to send them the $37,000. Until we got suspicious about it, and concluded to cancel our purchase. We called one of DG’s staffs, he instructed us to return the materials, and promised to refund us in 1 week, once they get the materials we sent. They did get the materials, but we didn’t get any refund from them. My husband emailed them again, this person replied and said that they all ready refunded us 5 days ago. We called our bank if there was any pending transaction, our bank said NO. They are liars, but we are not gonna sit back and forget about our hard earn money. We are very upset about it, if anyone wants to try DG’s program, I will tell you the truth, his program us a scam.

    • Bill

      Did you get your m0ney back?

    • Rosemary Fernandez

      You are lucky that you only lost $3000 on this SCAM. I paid the whole $40,000. Charged it on my credit card because I did not have the money to pay for it. My Credit dropped by a 100 points on doing this.

      The class was worthless! Useless seminars! I bought a Trust Deed for $45,100 with my retirement money at the Buying Summit at Vegas. I got interest payment on that money for about 1.5 years. Then it stopped. I have been trying to get back my $ 45100 for the past 5 months. So, far I dont know if I will get it back. These people should be in jail!

  • F. Williaams

    A group representing Dean Graziosi was here in the Maryland area. The offer was free CD of two books by Dean Graziiosi which was never provided for those who stayed the entire time while the presenters kept stalling to sell products and a 3 -day workshop. What a shameful act of Mispresentation.

  • Nora

    Went to a free seminar they held in Minneapolis, MN. I did not attend the 3-day workshop only because of my financial situation. Afterwards, they have been calling me non-stop. I just recently spoke to a gal representing them and she was a big "B*TCH" trying so hard to sell me on continuing the program. Then she was assuming and telling me that if I don’t get involved with the real estate program then my life WILL fail and I WILL be miserable. I was like, "really huh, if you know so much about my future then why didn’t you call me before I went to the **** seminar to tell me not to come because I was going to regulate you and your stupid real estate program?" Then we both got into an argument and I told her how unprofessional they were especially her because she was talking back to me being a smart ****. Hopefully, that call will end all of their calls to me. If they try to contact me again, it won’t be pretty.

    • PFred60

      Be glad you didn’t go, we did. We are out at least $30,000!!

  • Dana

    I attended this same seminar from Matt Davis in April as B-Rye. I commend B-Rye as the summary of events is fairly accurate. I too witnessed Matt’s fortitude on Day #3 to confront "negative" forces in the room so attendees’ minds were open and receptive to the life-changing information shared. What’s not mentioned is the misunderstanding on the part of some attendees which precipitated the needed correction. At no time in any of the meetings was it stated that an actual deal would be completed by the end of day #3. Some believed this to be the case, and their misunderstanding was beginning to affect others.

    I appreciated Matt having the guts to take this head on. I could tell it wasn’t easy and comfortable for him, but it was the right thing to do. We spent good money to be there, and didn’t need to be affected by negative drama in the room. I applaud Matt’s corrective actions as he was courteous and firm.

    I wish B-Rye would see what I see. I’m in my 50s, and have been involved in many enterprises and big business at senior levels. I’m a seasoned senior executive in an organization of 80K people and am familiar with legal, tax, HR, and property nuances. I know about the "psychology of the seminar". This isn’t my first rodeo, and I’ve been around the block a few times. And folks, this weekend was a life-changer for me and my family. In fact, on Day #3 I went up to Matt and thanked him for helping me and my family. Same training–different result. Go figure.

    Doesn’t hype from a "feel-good" weekend seminar usually dwindle by the following Wednesday? Well, Wednesday night was last night and we figured out how we can take a property we own and NET $57K in the next 3 years….very realistically. I am more excited about the training received and the upcoming training than I was a few days ago. The value is there. I just pray people have the vision to see it. "Man without vision shall perish". It is our choice.

    • Frederick

      Oh you SO work for the man. If not, you got LUCKY or are stupid

  • hai

    I try to get my money back after i when to 3 days workshop fill up with alot of story,but i need a letter from one realtor already when to 3 days workshop and had the same problem i had (say 3 days workshop is a scam).If any realtor see this,please help me so i can get my money back .Thank you

  • Mark D

    I saw the TV Infomercials. Like the rest of the media realestate guru’s, going back 30 yrs when this started
    with the "no money down lot…" such as Mr. Lovelace, Carleton Sheets, and Rus these people sell emotion.
    They know most people do not like their jobs etc or dream of being a real estate investor. They use this. If what they know is so dynamic, why are they selling it to the masses? (Not to do good…) but to make money.
    If their system is so esoteric, why share it and give competition the edge? The testimonials need t o be investigated like testimonials from rip off TV evangelists (there was always more to the story…). Both the R.E. guru’s and TV evangelists (the dishonest ones….) sell hope. Problem is it feels good at first but the faith and love is long forgotten after the seminar-revival passes the collection plate! No refund. Mark D in KC

  • Rosemary

    We feel the same way RIPPED OFF!!! Did they provide a lot of material; yes. Did they tell you that each person/business that will be in contact with you will cost thousands of dollars; No.

    I admit that the amount of material provided is over whelming but informative. Was it worth $60, 000 to date I can say NO. This so called "MENTOR" does nothing but tell you to do your next assignment. When I call the Help Line which they highly recommend, no one has an answer and being from Canada confuses them even more.

    These Seminars in Las Vegas are created to make you feel excited and able to conquer the world but once it is over you feel even more lost and confused. Sure they say they are paying one’s airfare and hotel room for 3 nights but when you look at the amount of money most people have spent.

    I ask this:

    "Who is really paying for the "free" airfare and Hotel Room?"

    We have paid for this "Privileged" Invite as a part of what we have spent, not because we are a part of "The Inner Circle" or Elite group of individuals.

    I now understand why Dean Graziosi and the rest of his team are all millionaires, they have us to than!

  • Aundrea

    I attended the 3-day workshop this weekend. Although the speaker did talk about what this opportunity afforded him & his family, it only made me pay more attention to the information and the training.

    As a person who believes in myself & the ability to follow instructions, I only wish that they had enough faith in us to have a payment plan. If I had the money, I would have purchased the advanced package.
    So I will take the information I did receive and earn that package & treat myself with absolutely No regrets.

    • David

      Aundrea……I attended a one day seminar this past weekend, and til this day I wish I could have joined the 3 day weekend workshops because to me it sounded like a true honest opportunity as long as you put the effort on it. I did not join because of not having the whole amount available that day. My question is, is it all worth it, do you really get your money’s worth?.Because if all they said was true I truly would like to join come their next seminar, can you tell me your true honest oponion, I just dont want to pay for something just because it sounds too good and then get dissapointed… you really get the transactional funding they so much talked about? the tuition reimbursement once you sell your first property? as well as the 12 month support and all those bonuses..?…….I would greatly appreciate any feedback, thank you so much…..

      • hai

        don’t do it because i just when in 3 days workshop and i didn’t learn anything wasted my time and money.After i when in 3 days workshop they want me to pay $18997 for gold,24997 for platinum and $39997 for diamond for advance training .I think this a scam

        • Anna

          It’s a SCAM. My son and I purchased the Diamond package. Our one on one mentor came and was disappointed that I made appointments to see properties. I ended up cancelling 2/4 because he deliberately got lost and was too late to see the properties. He was classroom bound and was always late each morning. He only gave us useless assignment in the hotel room where we had to figure out the CMA. We did not go to the Las Vegas buying summit meeting even thought we paid for it. We lost more than $40,000 in total. Dean’s program does not work.

      • B-Rye

        I also just attended the 3 day seminar. I strongly urge you not to do it. The info was vague and undetailed, and half of the seminar was a hard sales pitch.

  • JJ

    I spent the weekend learning the system and it is awesome. Money well spent.

  • Trifid Slayer

    I have waterfront property in Arizona for sale. Pennies on the dollar.

    • Michael J

      send me info on your waterfront property. Michael J

      • DanP

        Am selling the Brooklyn Bridge want to purchase it very low low in price.

        • F.Williams

          Well I formerly register a complain and Dean Graziosi and his staff responded with all the items I did not receive. I did not pay anything, just attended a free event. The book is very informative and the material is legitimate. I rate them 10 Stars!!!!!!!!!!

  • one in the know is his own bullshit website…. propaganda and more lies

  • snei

    File complaints to Dean Graziosi scam artists at

  • Janice Goodwin

    I agree with much of what Michael Regay said in his comments. I paid my money and went expecting to have the 2 1/2 days filled with information. It was filled, with stories and pictures of the presenter’s lavish homes, his children and the wonderful places he took them, plus the opportunities he gave them. That and his "advertising" for Dean’s costly programs took up half or more of the time we were supposed to be LEARNING. The little information we received was incomplete and rushed as a result of his bragging. The training and mentoring which was implied in the one day seminar was the carrot to stir you up.

    • Curious2013

      All of the complaints I can find seem geared on the fact that he takes sums of money for a seminar where no one learns anything. How was the book(s)? Just curious here.

      • B-Rye

        What books? No books came with the purchase of the seminar. I have not read the books by Dean himself. The audio CDs were vague and short (like 20 minutes each), and had very little info.

        • Joe Mitchell

          Ha ha – their ‘lavish’ houses are not from their system but rather the $3k and $30k fees you pay to listen to their scam. That is the ‘system’ – sucker a bunch of people to paying for a system that does not exist. They are geniuses!

  • Justin Case

    If you are interested. I have a large bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Let me know. Owner financing available.


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