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Last Updated On: February 14, 2017

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Tate Publishing Phone Number: 405-376-4900
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Average Rating: 1.21 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $62,923.88
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Where is my Manuscript and Money?

I have signed a contract with Tate Publishing in June 2016. I sent them the money for the package that I selected with regard to them publishing my children’s book. Yesterday I received the following email:


I would like to inform you that Ryan Tate didn’t pay his employees and your book will never be finished. He has no more employees, editors, designers, printers, and marketing consultants, but he still keep on selling and making promises on finishing your book.


Tim Kelly
Vice President and Director of Production”

I responded to Mr. Kelly requesting advice on how I can receive my money back for my book that was never published. I would also like my manuscript back. I have not received an email back from Mr. Kelly. I have also sent an email to Ryan Tate which he has not responded to.

If there is a class action suit in process, count me in!

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  • Bill Haile

    Ripped me off for 4500 or more. Not counting the royalties they haven’t paid in years.

  • Kat Bussell

    I got an email from Tate Publishing in Sept. 2016 for a contract to
    publish 3 books for the price of 1 book. So I agreed to the contract and
    sent them my money and 3 of my books. Now after recieving the same
    email as Wendy Harvey. My friends are waiting for my books to be
    released for sell at the end of March which is around my birthday.. It
    was gonna be a special birthday, but not now.. I paid $895 for 3 books
    and they have 4 of my books.. They need to be stopped from doing this to
    people, me included.. They owe me, they put me through a lot of stress
    that I didn’t need.. I have severe medical problems.. I will not suggest
    to anyone to publish with Tate Publishing. I wouldn’t give them a high
    rating what-so-ever..

  • Homer Jethro

    Wow, I can not believe all this, I just tried to get in on the class action suite against Tate, I got pushed to call the bar in my state. Anyone else have this happen when trying to get involved with the class action law suit?

  • Jay

    I am filing a class action lawsuit against Tate Publishing. I have the same complaints as everyone here, so I will save you the time. If you want in, then please contact Morgan and Morgan at 877.605.3086 or http://www.forthepeople.com. If we do not unite in this we are going to be the only ones that lose.

  • CL Hughey

    I am also one of the authors affected by this disaster. My 2nd Book with them “Out From the Emerald Woods” made it all the way through the production process and is currently in the marketing process and I can not get any copies of my book to sell. They are telling me that I have to send them $50.00 in the form of a check or money order to even get my files and proof copy. All phones have been disconnected and all email contacts come back mailer daemon.

  • Marybeth Elliott

    Hello, we are also authors with Tate, and also have money owed to us, not having access to our files (unless we sign away and PAY for our own rights.) No way. Does anyone know if there is anything (class action, etc) that is being discussed? Many thanks for any help.

  • Robert Paton

    I’ve almost come to the conclusion that I hate Christians but I’m sure there is some decent ones out there. But Tate Publishers have iced my cake!! I sent a general inquiry about publishing my book with them in November 2016 with their $895.00 contract. Rita Tate called me right back so I sent her a few chapters. Four hours later Richard Tate called me explaining how impressed Rita was with my work and offered the contract. I paid due and signed the contract. Neptalie Ponferrada emailed me with details where to send my manuscript. Mid December 2016 I sent my manuscript to her – then silence. After communicating a few emails of concern, Tate Publishing shut the door. I am disputing the charges with my CC company but I am mentally raged at this company for pulling a fast one on me.
    What bothers me most is my manuscript, Revelations of Grace and Mercy by Robert B. Paton – The Truest Interpretation of the Book of Revelation!! is now on some criminals server! I spent 5 YEARS decoding and listening to the Holy Spirit to bring to the world the real ‘goings on’ of the last days. And It’s not that Global Apocalyptic Nuclear Armageddon Nightmare that is preached behind the pulpit on Sunday mornings!
    I am currently looking for another publisher but now very cautiously. I will not release Tate from our contract because it is my leverage and my protection for my manuscript.
    The Lord said to pray for those that spitefully use you, and I will. But for their own conscience, The Tate’s need to repay what they have stolen and be barred from ever doing this again.
    Grace and Mercy to all of you!

    • Joe Boltersdorf

      Hello Robert, I am a Christian and share your frustration with Tate’s unethical, illegal, and certainly un-Christian business practices. They in no way treat us, their employees, or their service contractors as dictated by the Bible, so please don’t confuse their despicable behavior with how a Christian company should behave. I am pursuing legal action against them for multiple incidents of breach of contract, as are many other authors who have been deceived and ripped off by Tate Publishing. You’re right that we need to pray for them and they do need to right the wrongs they’ve perpetrated against so many people for their own greed and profit. God will certainly heap His righteousness and justice upon Tate and right the wrongs perpetrated against those to whom they’ve cheated and lied. I wish you success in recouping your losses and pray for your peace of mind. Blessings! Joe

  • Dr. Fran White

    From the email notification from Tate Publishing announcing that they were closing their doors permanently leaving 35,000 authors out in the cold, there was no prior notice to prepare violated authors. The next and last email notification from this charlatan publishing company was to provide authors the opportunity to have their files returned under the condition that they terminate their contracts. Our files are being held hostage if we do not comply with their demand to release them from our only weapon for litigation. Would it not be foolish to allow this company to cancel our contracts when they cannot legally terminate this contract unless we violated our terms.

    Do read our contracts very carefully.

    Those authors who are attempting to have their books remain on the Amazon site and have their subsidiary, Creative Space ,continue printing their books, Good Luck!!! Create Space ( who I did not know was under contract by Tate to print some of my books) will not open Tate’s file for you to have all of your file/printing PDFs to recreate your own printing contract. According to Create Space, they cannot violate Tate’s privacy and personal rights to this file even though we all have copyrites and ownership of our Work. How can a publishing company who no longer are in operation and without a license to engage in this business, have any rights to a file and, without a renewed printing contract with Create Space, be allowed to block us from continuing to have our books printed.

    The needed uploads that are required by Create Space to print books are incomplete or unacceptable as per our PDF files sent to us from Tate during the production of our books. The uploads in the Tate/Create Space files are needed but not available to Tate authors!

    In spite of the number of law suits (2 million dollars from Xerox) and non-patriotic actions to fire American workers and then abandon the Philippines without paying their wages as well as unpaid royalties to Tate authors and violations of their contracts, how can Create Space honor this publisher’s files?

    It should be known that the Attorney General of Oklahoma is a Trump nominee and is welcoming complaint forms at this time. Do contact that office for a form to complete.

    Let’s not be abused, bullied and violated by this publishing company!!!

  • Alphonso Lott

    Hay everyone, my name is Alphonso Lott and I am the author of “Doe’s America Believe in Jesus Christ.” I am so very sorry for your experiences with Tate Publishing. Like all of you, I too have been taken and it’s unbelievable that a company like this can get away with so much abuse.

    So, I met a young man at my church who’s name is Gabriel Wallace. Mr. Wallace told me he publishes books and after an hour of conversation he showed me the successes he was having with his own book and others.

    His prices are good and he gets the job done!
    Tate was marketing my book for $24.00 and Gab is doing for $14.00.
    I have several book signings coming up and finally I can look forward to having books to sale! :)

    Contact Information: Gabriel Wallace, Ph: 404/910-7669 or E-mail: gabrielgwallace.com
    Tell I sent you he will be expecting your call, there’s no benefit for me but for you? You get to finally make your dream come true.

  • Tony Russo


  • Hello Angie Cox,

    I clearly understand your struggle too and I’m sorry that you are also a victim of Tate Publishing. I am sadly another victim as well. I worked on my novel very hard from the age of eight and finished it at the age of thirteen. I got published by Tate at age fourteen. My parents have very low income and they saw that this could be a great opportunity, so they paid the expensive fee even though they rarely pay that much for something like that.
    I did many book signings, sold very well in each of them, got awesome fans and many people even strangers coming to me saying that they’ve bought my book and really liked it. It was surely many customers that I’ve had, but my royalties check says something completely different and is greatly disappointing even for my dear parents. Apparently my first checks concluded that I had like a max of a dozen sales. I’m not ignorant/stupid because in just one book signing alone, I sold around 20 books, not including my other signings.
    Then I would check to see how my novel is selling on Amazon.com. The automatic notification on my book’s page would say, (various of times), to the customers that there is one copy left and more are on the way. I didn’t believe this, because my royalties say differently. I called Amazon.com, and they were not allowed to give me info, but the nice receiver of the call was nice enough to say that the loads of books that they have has been selling and that even more shipments were on the way.
    I became very concerned and all this info was discovered within two years. Of course I went for legal action, got a lawyer and we sent complaints to the state government of my state, Missouri and then to Oklahoma. I suppose my complaint is now in record, but I do hope that at the end of this madness, that we all receive justice out of this.
    I’m so sorry for my long response and of course, I haven’t told all the details… but I do hope you can let me into your class action case.
    Thanks so much for reading this message and thanks for lending all of us a hand!

    I.G Orozco

  • I too have had a bad experience with Tate and I am out over 2000. I would like to join the complaint and suit when one i filed. I give them 1 out of 5 and their service is terrible. I order copies of my books since Oct 2016 and still have not gotten them. Other books in production were never completed. And every one of my mangers kept leaving so the projects stalled. They should not call themselves a Christian company for they are robbing God’s people and he will surely repay them in 2017 for what they have sown they will reap with abundance! I am so sorry that so many of us were taken in by wolves in sheep clothing. But it will pursue them until they repay all.

    May God help us who put our trust in him.

  • T W Whistler III

    Direct email from former Director of IT @ Tate 17.Jan.2016::

    Jon Christopher West

    January 17 at 11:36am

    Hey guys,

    I’m sorry for all the issues you have had with Tate Publishing. I’m not
    an author with Tate Publishing, I was an employee. In particular, I was
    their Director of IT for several months. I left because of you guys; I
    had in depth information about the process, production, and issues and
    there was no way to make a change in the company process to better serve
    you. It’s a bad excuse or explanation, but I did not have the knowledge
    or confidence to confront the issues at the time.

    You guys have some things to do:

    – Identify a lawyer to take on a class action suit in Canadian County,
    there are several cases currently pending against the company that you
    can pilfer to get a lawyer familiar with the company.

    – Contact the attorney general office of Oklahoma, the District Attorney
    of Oklahoma was picked for a Trump’s cabinet, so be patient with their
    current chaos.

    – Gather any contract, email, recorded phone calls, names, etc you can
    about your experience with the company. This will be important for the
    discovery process in court and will requested by any class action suit
    or investigation.

    – Itemize every transgression the company incurred against their own
    contract or obligation. By collecting that information here or
    collectively you can better inform common issues against the company in
    the same language.

    Now a selfless plug, I’ve set up a site to collect information and
    support open discussion of Tate Publishing. http://tate.nodejitsu.ninja

    There are some links open court cases, blogs, and this Facebook group. I
    will not share information gleaned in this group on the site unless

    Feel free to reach out for information, contacts, new companies or individuals to work with to fix your book,etc.

    Best of luck for all of us that got BURNED. Go to the link above & contact the AG office & BBB in Oklahoma or your state today. Repeat the above link for discussions: http://tate.nodejitsu.ninja (copy n paste)

    • Jon Christopher West

      Thanks for putting my name on here!

      So, I sent part of the email implied here, but not as an email. I do suggest contacting the attorney general or perusing the lawsuits, but I’m not confident in the BBB to make any change since they are not a publicly accountable organization- they are a company and can be corrupted.

  • Tony

    I would like to join a class action suit. Please keep me informed because I am very disappointed in this company.

  • Tony

    Unfortunately I am one of those authors who was part of the TATE PUBLISHING LIE!

  • T W Whistler III

    Has anyone filed a ‘class action suit’ yet? Contact me if so or not.

  • T W Whistler III

    Has anyone filed a ‘class action lawsuit’ yet??? I have contacted the AG office in Seattle WA State. We are all snowed in right now with a huge freeze. Monday I will back with them. They did tell me last week, if anybody wants to file, there are no up front fees and you do not have to be a resident of Washington state.
    TATE is in full ‘breach of contract’ with me as well. My filing will start on Monday, Jan.16.2017. Join me, leave me a message: itsathought9@gmail.com ASAP.
    If anyone has filed elsewhere, it is best if we all file TOGETHER. More info coming next week. If you do like quality poetry, go to Amazon and type in T W Whistler III. If they do not have my book, just send me an email. TATE OWES ME A LOT OF MONEY AND I WILL GET PAID. WHAT A NIGHTMARE FROM A SO CALLED CHRISTIAN COMPANY.

    • Ericka

      I am highly disgusted with this company. I signed a contract for $900 March 2016 and began the process immediately. My book was finished in September 2016 and released in November . Ever since I ordered my books this month January 2017 I have yet to hear anything else from them. I never received my royalty check that they sent me in my email, acquaintances ordered books as well online and never received them and now I’m waiting for the 100 books I ordered. It’s sad they call theirselves a Christian company and yet they are doing people like this.

  • Mary H Jones

    My experience with Tate has been a complete Nightmare! In July 2015 I submitted a manuscript that was already edited 3 times, and only needed reviewed to publish for layout. Over 16 months passed before Tate actually sent me a “book” and my stomach retched at the site of my illustrations that I paid a small fortune for. It is a book for people 10 and up. The illustrations were in black and white- my choice, but so appalling that you could tell no one from the US had drawn them- they were HIDEOUS. My very first illustration was to be of a little boy on a bike, flipping over his handle bars after hitting a cat, with his dog ( a mixed breed chow and golden) hiding in the bush he chased the cat out of. I got a two headed dog, and some sort of mole looking creature for the cat that I couldn’t even recognize= I lost my mind when I saw it. The other eight were equally horrible and I had them all pulled from my book immediately. I think I ended up with just two or three badly done ones when published. To add insult to injury, my cover was to have a picture of a little red haired girl, a boy, and the dog on the front. THREE times I had to reject the cover art because they could not get the photo’s correct. First time my main character- an IRISH boy with black hair and freckles was portrayed as a kid that looked East Indian????, Second time- dog was a full Golden= NO! Third time- they literally colored a bright red over the little girl’s hair! NOT HAPPENING!
    My book finally launched on Nov 1- great joke. It is now end of December, I still have no commercial trailer, no advertising or marketing posters, bookmarks or post cards, My one book order came late and was incomplete with excuses as to why the bookmarks and posters were not included- got the bookmarks at Thanksgiving- and they were the worst thing I have ever seen in my life- not usable for marketing the book. I have had NO book signing engagements, even though I sent them a list of over 30 places and people to contact, including a television station where my good friend works and had agreed to have me on her show to promote the book! After my second request that she be contacted and a courtesy copy of the book sent to her in Novemeber- she still has not been contacted and never got the book.
    I have requested my copyright paperwork from Tate five time now- no answers. However I was knowledgeable enough to have copyrighted my literary work prior to sending it to Tate. What they did- the shill- was to copyright the layout and the cover art and artwork of the book- which trust me WILL be changed when I send it to the new publishing company. And I WILL have a lawyer contact Tate to cease and desist from distributing my book or representing it as their product for copyright infringement on my literary work. I have over 60 pages of emails between me and Tate to prove they are in breech of contract and unscrupulous.
    Since beginning with Tate I have been tossed from one contact to another and told the person left the company. I have NO idea who my contact is – the last one isn’t answering any phone calls or emails either.
    This experience has been so stressful, disheartening and so very frustrating. And now y’all are telling me the royalties will be screwed up too. God help us. A call for a class action suit is most definitely in order.

  • Richardo Tateo


    richard tate and ryan tate are the biggest scammers. they scam authors and clients and they do not stop there. they also refuse to pay the employee’s salaries. dumb company

  • Charles

    I had a book published by Tate in 2012. I followed sales on Amazon and other sources, and over the last couple years, after selling more than 1,000 copies of my book, I have only received less than $100.00 in royalties. Tate refuses to respond to my queries about my royalties. I definatly will not be using them for my next book.

    • Betsy MacDonald

      They did this very same thing to me! Amazon has me as five star author–I know of approx. 500-1,000 copies sold minimum first few months. You cannot write a review unless you bought a book! Yet Tate refused to pay me for the first four quarters. They had us pay $5,000. last Jan for” book signing in NYC.” That was a lie–scam as well! {I kept flyer.} We were to be at Wald-Orff Astoria, sign at Barnes and Noble etc. None of it was true! Instead they had us give away books in front of a store. I called the book stores we were suppose to be at and they never heard of Tate. However the Tate’s made a big deal about shopping on Fifth Ave! Yeah with all of our money!–Then they act like they are religious?–They are religious scam artists.-They blamed not paying me on Ingram! The bald face lying is disgusting. When I said I have a contract–I was told, “Tate doesn’t have contracts.”

  • Mad as Hell

    Everything bad that you read online about Tate Publishing is true. From the owners down to the employees lie. The recruiters will tell you anything to get you signed on and it’s down hill from there. I’m a Tate author and I’m ashamed to say that. An actual legit publisher is selective in picking authors. Tate will take anyone as long as the person has the money. They offered me a forever contract after I’d pain a huge fee. I no longer pay a fee to have my book published but the quality is so poor that it’s not worth the trouble. I am a serious writer. I work on my craft everyday for hours. I have every intention of making it in this industry but if I stay with Tate, I realize my dream of becoming an accomplished author will not happen. I’ve been asking Tate to let me out of my contract. They have yet to respond. I’m not even asking for my fee back. I have bought books from them and have not received my full order. They have shorted me of books, they have made promises of promoting and advertising my book over cable channels, they have promised that the fee goes toward my publicist and will be refunded once I sell a thousand books. To my surprise, I find that the publicist lives in the Philippines and they do not have the education or training to qualify. Everything they have promised has been lie after lie. And whatever you do don’t demand that they correct mistakes because someone will go in and screw your book up worse because you had the audacity to complain. They are thieves in the night and will rob you of your bank account and your joy writing. I’m moving on and I’m taking my books with me! And they can kiss my… don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

  • Howard Gardner

    My second book “The Church and Terri Schiavo” received high acclaim from the Kennedy/Krieger Institute. They called it “a work of literary excellence.” YET it took Tate until nine months after her death to get it on the book shelves. By then she was out of the headlines. And even then they messed up the manuscript. I had asked them to update the number of abortions since Roe v. Wade from 40 million to 44 million and they changed it to 440 million. Rather embarrassing. Additionally I asked that they add a paragraph to the first chapter. They did but it was riddled with spelling errors.

  • Harry Simpson

    I recently filed a complaint on Tate and saw your complaint. You have outlined Tate’s practices effectively. Wish I had seen this before I used them.. I talked to Dr. Tate three times before agreeing to use them. He stated over and over that Tate was not what they actually ate – A Scam. Wish that these type of company owners would be punished. They are no different than a robber with a gun.
    Harry Simpson, Author

  • Harry Simpson

    Doctor Tate and Mark Mingle
    I an very disappointed with this supposedly Christian company! I am familiar with self publishing companies that sell services, not books. Doctor Tate promised they were not one of those companies, but they are. They republished my book I Must Survive; which received all five star reviews from readers and critics. Their Marketing only is a program for authors to buy their own books at various discounts. No effort is actually made by them to sale books to the public. I did order my book from them on a three for one offer so I could do book signings, but their shipping is as bad as their other services. They play on authors who cannot get traditional publishing. I have obtained traditional publishing for my next two books, but wish there was away to punish these book scammers. Authors just want to get their books sold and instead fall prey to companies that take advantage of their lack of marketing knowledge. Do not use this company or you will soon be writing a complaint.
    Author Harry Simpson

    • Christian D. Roldan

      Hey Harry, my dream is to one day be a Christian author. I was wondering how does someone get traditional publishing? I would appreciate if you could respond. God bless you.

  • Debra Given

    To Tate Publishing/Mark Mingle,

    I just want Tate Publishing to stop distributing and selling
    my books and DOWNLOADS with no contract. It has been nearly a year since I
    cancelled my contracts for “The Elder Effect” and “Vital Perception.” I receive
    no royalties! I called several times, sent e-mails, and even a certified letter
    requesting the total of books that Tate Publishing had on hand. The contract
    stated that I had the option to purchase them upon cancelation of my contracts.
    Since they never returned my calls I am led to believe that they are printing
    them as needed. There is no excuse to be selling the Kindle version! To be
    honest, there couldn’t have been enough sales to jeopardize the reputation of
    the company. So why are they doing it?
    I don’t know what else to do when they refuse to speak with me. I was polite through the entire process and see no reason they would not want to call me back. I just want to count my losses and move on.

    I also have my doubts about the promised commercial aspects
    and honesty regarding royalty payments, but that is history.
    My contract stated that Tate Publishing would return my files. I’m still waiting on them. I also asked, in the form of a formal inquiry, if I could keep the cover art. After all, I did pay dear for the entire process and any services that I did receive. I re-published them with new covers using the last copy of the manuscript that I had. It took me months to go through the manuscripts to make them as perfect as I could since they would not return my files and edited versions. Since Tate Publishing will not call me back, I am asking them to stop selling both of my books, distributing them, or selling the Kindle version.

    It is sad that this is the only way I can contact your
    company. I only hope that you read this and take care of the problem.
    Sincerely, Debra Given (D. L. Given) RE: The Elder Effect and Vital Perception

  • C. Durant

    I had my suspicions with my first book after it was published. Like so many, I believed they were the real deal. And, after all, they did abide by my contract, that was 8 years ago. I recognized then that, even though I was satisfied, I was dealing with a vanity press and not the traditional publisher which I mistakenly took them for. Yes, I can see where an anxious author can be duped by underhanded publishing companies. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to my instinct and because my first experience was a good one, I decided to give them another go because having to self-publish myself was not possible for various reasons. I was able to negotiate the price with Tate, but to my surprise the quality was not equal to the first book. It has been a disappointing experience this time around and I will not do another book with them.

  • Patrick

    I just wanted to and my voice to the mix. I to fell for the scam Tate is selling. All the things people have mentioned are happening to me. I did call the OK Attorney General and spoke with Agent Fullbright (405) 521-3921. I encourage anyone with a complaint against Tate to call the agent was very helpful.

    If anyone is interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Tate I am willing to the the contact point. Let me know at euwlaw@sbcglobal.net.

  • Charlie

    I am experiencing the same problems. I think after awhile folks would pull together and draw up a class action suit against this company. It is a federal offense to offer services, receive payment and not provide those services promised. Breach of contract, folks! But here’s what to do. Forget the royalties. Forget any promises. They are experts on how to skirt around answering direct questions and making commitments. We won’t even discuss getting paid. Instead use them for what they do do. First, never pay them the first offer. Negotiate. The editing may not be the best, but it is better than nothing. Get your manuscript in the best shape possible. It helps to brush up on your grammar. Always check after the editor’s work. They’re human too. Mistakes happen. Fight them for a decent book cover. Don’t let them cheat you out of a good one. They will give you a professional book cover if you insist. Never back down. Push for what you want. Don’t sign anything until you are happy. Then when you get your book, take that book door to door, call local bookstores and get your own book signings. The only publicist you have is yourself. Do whatever you have to to get your book out there. Sell it out of the trunk of your car! Get it in circulation. Look for a literary agent. Don’t give up. Be ware! This company will take anyone’s writing as long as they can collect a large sum of money. They will feed you a dream that isn’t real. Before you take this leap, take an honest look at yourself and ask… do I have what it takes to be a writer. This industry is tough. Loads of writers out there that are talented and can’t get a break into this market. Be honest… take a hard look at yourself and ask… do I have talent to write? If you don’t… please don’t waste your money on a dream that will only disappoint. This company feeds on folks who are not equipped or talented enough to become an accomplished author. But if you do have what it takes… then be prepared to work… and work hard. Writing is a lot of sleepless nights making you into a recluse. It can be an obsession taking over your life. If you want to be a writer then use what this company does offer and use it to your advantage. Once you get your book out there look for other publishers. It’s best to find a literary agent that will promote your book. Get it known, keep improving your work and write write write… you will succeed.

    • Fran Robinson

      Man, WHAT ARE TALKING ABOUT???!!!!!!! Have you read all of complaints here on this page; they are complaints of the past (most prior to your post)!!! We have all been there done that!!! I am also a Novelist who entrusted my all (where my book is concerned) to this Fraudulent company but all you’re going to do is frustrate everyone even more giving advice to what has already happened. Look, I have had books ordered in bulk or just a few here and there; to no avail, getting this company to comply, is like pulling teeth!!! A very dear associate of mines placed an order of over a thousand dollars worth of my books; we both had to call to get the orders out – I finally had to send an email burdening their conscious to finally get the books shipped!!!!! Since almost 5 months ago, I still have not seen a royalty check!!! There was a small order about 1 month ago that I placed for my signing and customer requests – I still have no books… It’s so obvious that Tate Publishing is ran by a bunch of Wicked theives; nevertheless, we will have to continue to pray for God’s Grace for he upholds the righteous. Here is just one (very powerful) of many of God’s promises when it comes to Dishonest gain:

      6. Proverbs 20:18 Bread obtained by falsehood is sweet to a man, But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel…

      I agree, Tate Publishing should be brought into court and dealt with accordingly & they will!!! I forwarded emails to every contact that I have who works for this company a list of bible verses that reflects how God deals with this kind of blatant behavior. I am sending a message that I am going to stand on God’s promises – he will fight this battle for me!!!

      • Truth

        I appreciate your reply. Yes, folks have been taken advantage of by these scoundrels. Tate gives self publishing and traditional publishing a bad name.

        What I was trying to convey is that if a person has already paid Tate for serves such as editing and other various means, to take what Tate does offer and run with it. Beat them at their own game. Take back your power and use Tate for what you can and then get out. Although, getting out seems to be a huge problem. It seems Tate disappears when a person request to be released from a contract.

        That being said, if they are fraudulent then the contract has already been broken and if that is a fact, the contract has no worth. Tate really isn’t interested in the contracts. If they were I think they’d be more mindful of their promises under contract. For example their promise to advertise. Yeah, right!

        Until recently, I only order a small order of books. I usually get all my books. The problem though is that it takes months to deliver. And that’s not even the icing on the cake. There are so many problems with this company that it is hard to list all the insurmountable issues. Besides not following through with promises, their employees make tons of mistakes and it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to correct the errors.

        In the bible Jesus spoke of a foundation. If there are flaws in the foundation, then the whole house has flaws. I think this applies to Tate. The problem begins with the owners and trickles down to the employees. The owners have their employees sign a confidentiality contract. In that contract the employees are not permitted to divulge secrets of the operation of the company. Deception runs deep and didn’t Jesus warn against sheep in wolf’s clothing?

        If it sounds too good to be true… most likely it isn’t. We have all fallen for Tate’s BS. We get what we need from them or we stop buying the books and find another avenue to publish our work. I don’t know about you but I’m not taking their BS lying down. I’ll take from them what I need and then I’m out. Stop giving them your money! Change your credit card info that way they can’t steal your money. Be smart! Use them for what they have and then cut the cord.

        Bottom line, they lie about, advertising, promotions, publicist etc… When do we know when Tate is lying …. when they open their mouth. We know they are a scam. The best thing is to leave them alone and find other means in publishing your book. In the meantime, keep looking for a well established publisher. Self publishing isn’t a bad idea either. Don’t let these thieves rob you of your dreams. Believe in yourself and push back.

        I’m sorry Fran. I was trying to help folks see that they can make lemonade from a lemon. Thanks again for your response.

  • Wenona Clarice Thompson

    @Deborah Tadema
    You are not the only one they have scammed. Contact the OK Attorney General to register your claim and potentially be reimbursed (405) 521-3921. Ask to speak to Agent Fullbright

  • Wenona Clarice Thompson

    I am sick to my
    stomach having ever been associated with Ryan Tate and Tate Publishing. I was one of 8 Book Acquisition
    representatives for about 3 years at Tate Publishing. It started off as a great noble cause and
    much like the authors that are drawn to Tate Publishing, I was excited to be
    working for a Christian company who from the outside seemed accountable.

    I’m writing today
    because as my employment at Tate Publishing grew, I was exposed to the ugly
    truth of Tate Publishing. Tate
    Publishing is a company built around smoke and mirrors. Ryan and Richard rely on that tactic through
    their internal hiring process and in turn through the acquisition process of
    selling to an author. Tate Publishing is
    the worst kind of Vanity Press in the business, they sell authors on the
    perception that they are a “Traditional” publisher but that is not
    the case at all. They sell authors that
    only a single percentage of manuscripts are chosen and that is not the case at
    all. They smere that number by taking
    the percentage of submissions that actually pay Tate Publishing money and count
    that as “accepted” when in fact a contract goes out to 99.5% of every
    manuscript that is submitted to Tate. If
    you are an author and if you receive a contract from Tate Publishing. Don’t
    feel special, everyone receives a contract.

    Most authors appreciate Tate Publishing through the acquisition process. But again Tate is “selling”
    something so of course they are nice.
    Once your money has been received Ryan Tate could care less if an author
    takes another step forward. He has your
    money and the smoke and mirrors fooled one more.

    The Publishing
    contract is a “snake oil” sales pitch from the start. I left the company when Tate Publishing
    changed the contract to state that authors were paying for marketing and
    publicity versus publishing. That is the
    biggest lie of them all. Once authors
    books are publishing the Director of Marketing Mark Mingle directs his staff
    not to answer any author calls or emails unless they are contacting their rep
    to purchase books. Once your book is
    published you will receive an email PR blast that goes to general email
    addresses that do not matter. You will receive a weak book trailer and Tate
    Publishing makes up impression numbers to try and impress the author. Tate Publishing’s marketing department is the
    biggest joke of the Tate Publishing contract.
    They are only there to sell authors their own product and their goals
    are set monthly on doing so. Currently
    the Tate Publishing marketing department monthly goal is $410,000.

    I’m writing today to warn potential authors to
    look elsewhere, anywhere else… Tate Publishing does not and can not live up
    to what they promise up front and in their contract. If you are a current Tate author you need to
    contact the Oklahoma Attorney Generals office and register your complaint:

    They have received
    an overwhelming number of complaints from authors who have been swindled by
    this publishing wolf lying in sheep’s clothing. Also Key Marketing which is
    supposed to be a third party Publicity firm working on behalf of Tate authors “IS”
    in fact Tate Publishing. Seriously, Tate
    Publishing is one lie after another feeding on first time authors.

  • Robert Waid

    Guys, file a complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General http://www.ok.gov/oag/ and file a small claims case at http://www.canadiancounty.org/index.aspx?NID=1066 for 50-100$ – Well worth it to get back you 4000-6000$

  • Trudy

    Tate is a notorious vanity operation and is on Writer Beware’s “Thumbs Down list. Real publishers PAY their writers. Tate just takes all their money while waving the flag and posing as Christian. Just Google search their name + “ripoff” for an education in slime. They outsourced editing to the Philippines because the English-is-a-second-language “editors” there work cheap. I’m sorry you were ripped off. The rule for writers is “Money always flows TOWARD the writer. The only place a writer signs a check is on the back.” Any place that wants your money for any reason is a scam, even when they claim to be Christian. They USE that to rip people off.

    If you want to see the real Ryan Tate — the fake PhD’s son– Google “Ryan Tate rant fires 25 employees.” He claimed it was a lie they were outsourcing to the Philippines, claimed someone had “leaked the memo” — he likely did that himself — worked into a rage, and fired everyone. See for yourself how professional that nut cake is.

    Avoid scammers. Go to “Preditors and Editors” to find who’s a real commercial publisher and who’s a thief.

  • Angie Cox

    I am also in a very similar situation with these people. They claim to send out press releases, none sent, all and I mean all marketing has solely been done by myself. They claim that your book will also be in book stores, not true. The amount of lies they tell you is disgusting. On my second book I was going to get help from their Ghost writers who are wonderful I signed a contract and paid $6000 on Dec 26 2013. No one even got back to me to even start the project until the middle of April 2014 at which point I had pretty much finished the book myself. In the GhostWriting Contract it states if no work has been done I am entitled to a full refund. I have been trying to get this refund since April but instead I got a nasty email from Mr.Tate who calls himself Dr.Tate (he does not have a PH D). I have Lawyer involved now. Oh their lawyer that they are using has a hotmail account as his Attorney At Law email, found this funny. I too would love to be involved in a class action suit against them. Companies like this need to be shut down to stop them from stealing and lying to innocent people. My book is about child abuse and one of their employees lied about being abused just so he would get my trust to buy more books and then Mr. Tate said the same kind of thing, not sure if that is true but he sure did not treat my book and cause for child abuse with any empathy, especially that he knew that I am giving 20% of my profits to children of abuse charities. How dare they call themselves a Christian Company. They should never mix our Lord and Saviour with their name. We all need to stop them.

    • GregAtkinson

      Please contact me at greg(at)gregatkinson(dot)com. I feel your pain.

      • Wenona Clarice Thompson

        I do agree with Greg…
        Angie, You are not the only one they have scammed. Contact the OK Attorney General to register your claim and potentially be reimbursed 405 521 3921. Ask to speak to Agent Fullbright

  • Kevin M. Kelley

    Hi. My name is Kevin Kelley. I just wanted to send you a quick message about Tate Publishing. I submitted a manuscript to them about a year ago after finding them in the Christian Marketing Guide by Jerry Jenkins. I know a lot of people make a big deal about the $4k up front, but considering the stuff they are supposed to contribute as per the contract (illustrations, marketing, publicity, etc.) it seemed like a fair deal. FF to today. My book was released on 4/22/14. After 2 months of pre-order availability on Amazon.com, B&N, and other national distributors I found out that B&N is pulling my book off their inventory list because of “distribution issues with the publisher.” Amazon estimates shipping at 4 months… So here I am – the author with only a handful of flimsy paperbacks that won’t hold up to more than 3-4 readings, none of my hardbacks have arrived (ordered nearly 5 months ago), and B&N has pulled my books due to distribution issues. I’m either experiencing the worst isolated case of incompetence ever or there is grounds for a national class action lawsuit. Sad that Tate has taken the name of Christ and slathered it all over their company in order to prostitute themselves for personal profit and not the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Is it any wonder with conduct like this from so-called “Christians” that people everywhere see Christians as hypocrites and atheism as the most viable worldview?

  • Mpeterson

    Why would Tate offer a contract to someone who is not any good in the first place. If you cant find someone to back you all the way its always a scam. Get a real publishing deal. Tate just afford me a recording publishing contract the first thing the so called A and R person seed in the email he sent me (chuckle) was he was sorry he didn’t have time to call me in person (red flag) so he sent me a copy of there (services) whoops my bad I mean contract for my (lawyer) dad nab-it i mean for me to look over and sign. There are literally thousands of companies set up to take money from people who thank they are the (greatest) really that’s the oldest con in the book. Flattery will get you everywhere. I have yet to find one company out there that will get behind a talent and believe in it with there pocket books. How much money would it cost to place one book or Cd in all the major outlets in our nation alone(?) another red flag do you really think that for a measly 5 grand that someone is going to do a real national promotion including TV, Radio, Live appearances and distribution? There is so much talent out there yet only a hand full even get a real shot at fame every year. My spelling and gamer suck and I don’t have to (apoligise) to anyone about it

  • Robert Johnson

    I would rate Tate with a "U" — unsatisfactory, and would like to speak with others who are also unhappy with them. If I am to believe what Tate avers, I must believe that thousands of TV ads generated sales of only about 5 copies of my book. Also, I find it incredible that my book is not to be found in one Christian bookstore in the entire country. It’s available online at Amazon and a couple of other places, but there is not one hard copy in any bookstore anywhere.

  • Matt

    I signed with tate publishing and received very little support. When I filed complaint with the BBB, it didn’t work either. I simply asked for my refund and they said that they wouldn’t be "able to do that". My book was never edited past the first chapter, the marketing made very little phone calls, (4 calls in one month), I was told they have "1000s" of authors and they cannot always "tend to all of them". I was very disappointed with Tate publishing. As a former missionary who believes in being a blessing to others, I find it hard that Tate publishing’s morals match those of one who seriously considers the Bible and it’s teachings. When I received the "counter" from my complaint through BBB from Tate, over half of the staff that was supposed to be working on my book didn’t even answer my questions and complaints. I forgive and forget, but this one time, I wanted to just let those know what happened to me during my experience with Tate. I pray for those who have gone through the same process as I did, but I congratulate those who were successful.

    • Robert Johnson

      You’re too kind. These people profess to be Christians …so does Obama, btw. However, their behavior is anything but Christian. There is a New Testament injunction against Christians suing each other. Tate takes advantage of that to the max. They ought to be sued for lying, malfeasance, unethical behavior in general, and failure to provide proof that they have done anything for which they were paid our hard earned money. I have just written them off instead. Live and learn. They don’t have to answer to me, but I would not like to be one of them on judgment day. ” Vengeance is mine, ” says the Lord, “I will repay.” ……………and He will someday. Tate will get from the Lord what they richly deserve. Naturally, I can’t post this response all of a sudden …and internal service error. LOL

  • I know Rosalyn

    I’m wondering why Rosalyn is so upset with Tate Publishing. It could be that her book was awful. What Christian book uses cuss words in it. It is an immature writing style that has no imagination, anyhow. Mr. Mingle, I would not feel bad about Rosalyn’s book or her comments, as her character is as bad as her writing. She has a history of complaining on the internet for things she did not think through beforehand, whether purchasing products, services or now it seems a book contract. Ignore her she is unworthy of your concern.

    • Robert Johnson

      This is exactly what is WRONG with Tate Publishing. They publish anything …well-written or horrible!
      Had I realized this, I never would have gone with them. No wonder hardly any author’s book gets sold or read. Once it has a Tate label on it, it is automatically relegated to the garbage file by any honest distributor. Who is the world wants to promote junk …and junk is what Tate publishes as long as you can pay for their bogus fees.

  • Cindy

    I can not believe someone from the company (Mark Mingles) reads these and then responses back….weird & embarrassing.

    • I know Rosalyn

      Cindy: It’s called professionalism. You are probably just Rosalyn Zografos in disguise. I know your tricks. Stop trying to make others look bad when you are the one with unprofessional behavior.

  • Max

    Dear Satisfied Tate Customer,

    Just wanted to point out to you that your use of the words "over night" are incorrect. The correct spelling is overnight – one word. Hope your book is proofread better than your Email!

    • Robert Johnson

      Hello Satisfied Tate Customer, aka Tate Publishing is Aces —

      Dare I believe you are that huge a chump to pay them for a second book before you discover that your first book will never go anywhere?

      I thought I was a sucker. Whew, boy!

    • Richard

      That was unnecessary, evenn da best of writers gufe up from time to time. That is what spell check and a good editor is fur. Now you have something betur to pick on…. LOL

  • Debra Barnard Franz

    To Mark Mingle,

    I have found over the years that people are quick to point fingers and not take responsibility for their part in failed endeavors.
    I wish I had the numbers that truly reflect the percentage of people that vent their not so legit. frustrations, disappointments and unfounded accusations VS.
    individuals that will take the time to sing praises greatly due the dedicated educators, medical professionals and array of service providers in our commerce.
    For when an experience is a good one, a great one, we are content and go forward with acceptance of met expectations. But when expectations (realistic or unrealistic) are not met, people are quick to take up arms and sling mud. (look at our last presidential campaign)
    Your rebuttal to the above is greatly warranted and appreciated.

    Debra Barnard-Franz
    Dallas, TX

    • Debra Given

      To Tate Publishing/Mark Mingle,

      I just want Tate Publishing to stop distributing and selling
      my books and DOWNLOADS with no contract. It has been nearly a year since I
      cancelled my contracts for “The Elder Effect” and “Vital Perception.” I receive
      no royalties! I called several times, sent e-mails, and even a certified letter
      requesting the total of books that Tate Publishing had on hand. The contract
      stated that I had the option to purchase them upon cancelation of my contracts.
      Since they never returned my calls I am led to believe that they are printing
      them as needed. There is no excuse to be selling the Kindle version! To be
      honest, there couldn’t have been enough sales to jeopardize the reputation of
      the company. So why are they doing it?

      I also have my doubts about the promised commercial aspects
      and honesty regarding royalty payments, but that is history.

      My contract stated that Tate Publishing would return my
      files. I’m still waiting on them. I also asked, in the form of a formal inquiry,
      if I could keep the cover art. After all, I did pay dear for the entire process
      and any services that I did receive. I re-published them with new covers using the
      last copy of the manuscript that I had. It took me months to go through the manuscripts
      to make them as perfect as I could since they would not return my files and
      edited versions. Since Tate Publishing will not call me back, I am asking them
      to stop selling both of my books, distributing them, or selling the Kindle

      It is sad that this is the only way I can contact your
      company. I only hope that you read this and take care of the problem.
      Sincerely, Debra Given (D. L. Given) RE: The Elder Effect and Vital Perception

  • Andre

    Rosalyn, I too would like to join you and make a class action suit with Tate Publishing. Please provide your contact info so we can team together.

  • Mark Mingle


    I am not sure why you are choosing to make posts of this nature. We have provided every detail of the publishing contract you signed, and in my last phone conversation with you I explained we could still pursue more options for you. We have already run a national TV ad campaign for you reaching over 150,000 viewers, have made multiple contacts to the media on your behalf and provided the list of contacts to you, and have contacted bookstores and scheduled book signings for you, several of which, including at national chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings, that you cancelled and did not attend once we had confirmed they would host you. It takes years, not months, to achieve success in the publishing business, and we see it every day with authors that stay the course and follow our plan. I am sorry you did not achieve the success you desired right away, but as we discussed over the phone, we can always pursue more.


    Mark Mingle
    Director of Marketing
    Tate Publishing

    • alllymae

      can not believe Tate replies to complaints online….so funny

      • Cristy

        I think its AWESOME!

        • I bought the book

          I think its awesome too that Tate Publishing has enough guts to speak against fraud. Just because a book doesn’t sell doesn’t mean the publisher is always at fault. The book was immature, boring and riduculously infantile in writing. She promotes “Season of Betrayal” as a Christian book but it has swear words in it? And she promotes medicine without a license? Who is this person?

          • Harry Simpson

            Very misinformed. Tate does not market books to sell, their marketing is developing gimmicks for an author to buy their own books.


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