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Tate Publishing is aces!

I have read a number of the complaints that have been posted on the internet over the years involving Tate Publishing and they hardly represent the experience I have had with them. I am a retired attorney and have been spending a lot of my time researching and writing on historical events. My first effort was turned down by a number of academic publishers because they did not want to take on a new, unproven author. I accepted that and moved on to research the publishing industry further, contacted Tate and entered into a contract in 2012.

As of now (April 2013), my manuscript has been with them for a few months and is in the editing phase. There are additional steps that need to be taken and I am not expecting to see anything for the public for several more months. It has been a long process so far, but one I expected in light of what it takes to get a credible product out onto the marketplace. These things are not whipped out over night and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their research and consider more fully what it is they are doing, their own abilities, and question if they have realistic expectations of the process. I have never run into any problems in the year that I have been with Tate, finding that all of my e-mails and phone calls are quickly and fully answered. In fact, I have enjoyed the process so much that I recently signed a second contract with them for my next book.

I am sorry to hear that there are others that have had problems with Tate, but I can only wonder if is because they have charged ahead too quickly without fully thinking about what it is they were doing. Writing a book is a difficult thing and if a writer wants instant gratification, then publish it yourself. If you want a team to work with you, then I highly recommend Tate Publishing.

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User Thoughts About Tate Publishing

14 thoughts on “Tate Publishing

  1. Why would Tate offer a contract to someone who is not any good in the first place. If you cant find someone to back you all the way its always a scam. Get a real publishing deal. Tate just afford me a recording publishing contract the first thing the so called A and R person seed in the email he sent me (chuckle) was he was sorry he didn't have time to call me in person (red flag) so he sent me a copy of there (services) whoops my bad I mean contract for my (lawyer) dad nab-it i mean for me to look over and sign. There are literally thousands of companies set up to take money from people who thank they are the (greatest) really that's the oldest con in the book. Flattery will get you everywhere. I have yet to find one company out there that will get behind a talent and believe in it with there pocket books. How much money would it cost to place one book or Cd in all the major outlets in our nation alone(?) another red flag do you really think that for a measly 5 grand that someone is going to do a real national promotion including TV, Radio, Live appearances and distribution? There is so much talent out there yet only a hand full even get a real shot at fame every year. My spelling and gamer suck and I don't have to (apoligise) to anyone about it

  2. I would rate Tate with a "U" — unsatisfactory, and would like to speak with others who are also unhappy with them. If I am to believe what Tate avers, I must believe that thousands of TV ads generated sales of only about 5 copies of my book. Also, I find it incredible that my book is not to be found in one Christian bookstore in the entire country. It's available online at Amazon and a couple of other places, but there is not one hard copy in any bookstore anywhere.

  3. I signed with tate publishing and received very little support. When I filed complaint with the BBB, it didn't work either. I simply asked for my refund and they said that they wouldn't be "able to do that". My book was never edited past the first chapter, the marketing made very little phone calls, (4 calls in one month), I was told they have "1000s" of authors and they cannot always "tend to all of them". I was very disappointed with Tate publishing. As a former missionary who believes in being a blessing to others, I find it hard that Tate publishing's morals match those of one who seriously considers the Bible and it's teachings. When I received the "counter" from my complaint through BBB from Tate, over half of the staff that was supposed to be working on my book didn't even answer my questions and complaints. I forgive and forget, but this one time, I wanted to just let those know what happened to me during my experience with Tate. I pray for those who have gone through the same process as I did, but I congratulate those who were successful.

  4. I'm wondering why Rosalyn is so upset with Tate Publishing. It could be that her book was awful. What Christian book uses cuss words in it. It is an immature writing style that has no imagination, anyhow. Mr. Mingle, I would not feel bad about Rosalyn's book or her comments, as her character is as bad as her writing. She has a history of complaining on the internet for things she did not think through beforehand, whether purchasing products, services or now it seems a book contract. Ignore her she is unworthy of your concern.

    • Cindy: It's called professionalism. You are probably just Rosalyn Zografos in disguise. I know your tricks. Stop trying to make others look bad when you are the one with unprofessional behavior.

  5. Dear Satisfied Tate Customer,

    Just wanted to point out to you that your use of the words "over night" are incorrect. The correct spelling is overnight – one word. Hope your book is proofread better than your Email!

    • Hello Satisfied Tate Customer, aka Tate Publishing is Aces —

      Dare I believe you are that huge a chump to pay them for a second book before you discover that your first book will never go anywhere?

      I thought I was a sucker. Whew, boy!

    • That was unnecessary, evenn da best of writers gufe up from time to time. That is what spell check and a good editor is fur. Now you have something betur to pick on…. LOL

  6. To Mark Mingle,

    I have found over the years that people are quick to point fingers and not take responsibility for their part in failed endeavors.
    I wish I had the numbers that truly reflect the percentage of people that vent their not so legit. frustrations, disappointments and unfounded accusations VS.
    individuals that will take the time to sing praises greatly due the dedicated educators, medical professionals and array of service providers in our commerce.
    For when an experience is a good one, a great one, we are content and go forward with acceptance of met expectations. But when expectations (realistic or unrealistic) are not met, people are quick to take up arms and sling mud. (look at our last presidential campaign)
    Your rebuttal to the above is greatly warranted and appreciated.

    Debra Barnard-Franz
    Dallas, TX

  7. Rosalyn, I too would like to join you and make a class action suit with Tate Publishing. Please provide your contact info so we can team together.

  8. Rosalyn,

    I am not sure why you are choosing to make posts of this nature. We have provided every detail of the publishing contract you signed, and in my last phone conversation with you I explained we could still pursue more options for you. We have already run a national TV ad campaign for you reaching over 150,000 viewers, have made multiple contacts to the media on your behalf and provided the list of contacts to you, and have contacted bookstores and scheduled book signings for you, several of which, including at national chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings, that you cancelled and did not attend once we had confirmed they would host you. It takes years, not months, to achieve success in the publishing business, and we see it every day with authors that stay the course and follow our plan. I am sorry you did not achieve the success you desired right away, but as we discussed over the phone, we can always pursue more.


    Mark Mingle
    Director of Marketing
    Tate Publishing