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Last Updated On: March 25, 2015

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Business Name: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC
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Corp Phone Number: 405-376-4900
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Average Rating: 1.60 out of 5
Based On: 11 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 19

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Reported Losses: $32,590.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,962.73

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The Alchemist Code

I was given an “No out of pocket contract” by Tate (that cost me over a thousand dollars). The contract promised an aggressive selling campaigns and exposure for the book. I satisfied my part of the contract with several book signing events, and several out of pocket social media site exposure.

It has been almost a year now and I have seen no selling campaigns from Tate. I have seen no accounting of book sales(even though I requested them). In fact other than a few “to all authors” e-mail I have had no contact with Tate. They tried to get me to spend a few thousand for things like movie campaigns, buying more books than I really needed, and a ridiculous editing process that is very ineffective.

When I refused I think that is when they decided they had gotten everything out of me that they could get. At that point I was probably put on their go away list! Self publishers want all their money up front so they don’t have to get aggressive on selling books to make money.

Self publishers are a scam that will get you to pay for services never to be rendered! I plan to publish through a printing company and do the selling myself!

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  • I am also in a very similar situation with these people. They claim to send out press releases, none sent, all and I mean all marketing has solely been done by myself. They claim that your book will also be in book stores, not true. The amount of lies they tell you is disgusting. On my second book I was going to get help from their Ghost writers who are wonderful I signed a contract and paid $6000 on Dec 26 2013. No one even got back to me to even start the project until the middle of April 2014 at which point I had pretty much finished the book myself. In the GhostWriting Contract it states if no work has been done I am entitled to a full refund. I have been trying to get this refund since April but instead I got a nasty email from Mr.Tate who calls himself Dr.Tate (he does not have a PH D). I have Lawyer involved now. Oh their lawyer that they are using has a hotmail account as his Attorney At Law email, found this funny. I too would love to be involved in a class action suit against them. Companies like this need to be shut down to stop them from stealing and lying to innocent people. My book is about child abuse and one of their employees lied about being abused just so he would get my trust to buy more books and then Mr. Tate said the same kind of thing, not sure if that is true but he sure did not treat my book and cause for child abuse with any empathy, especially that he knew that I am giving 20% of my profits to children of abuse charities. How dare they call themselves a Christian Company. They should never mix our Lord and Saviour with their name. We all need to stop them.

  • Hi. My name is Kevin Kelley. I just wanted to send you a quick message about Tate Publishing. I submitted a manuscript to them about a year ago after finding them in the Christian Marketing Guide by Jerry Jenkins. I know a lot of people make a big deal about the $4k up front, but considering the stuff they are supposed to contribute as per the contract (illustrations, marketing, publicity, etc.) it seemed like a fair deal. FF to today. My book was released on 4/22/14. After 2 months of pre-order availability on Amazon.com, B&N, and other national distributors I found out that B&N is pulling my book off their inventory list because of “distribution issues with the publisher.” Amazon estimates shipping at 4 months… So here I am – the author with only a handful of flimsy paperbacks that won’t hold up to more than 3-4 readings, none of my hardbacks have arrived (ordered nearly 5 months ago), and B&N has pulled my books due to distribution issues. I’m either experiencing the worst isolated case of incompetence ever or there is grounds for a national class action lawsuit. Sad that Tate has taken the name of Christ and slathered it all over their company in order to prostitute themselves for personal profit and not the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Is it any wonder with conduct like this from so-called “Christians” that people everywhere see Christians as hypocrites and atheism as the most viable worldview?

  • Why would Tate offer a contract to someone who is not any good in the first place. If you cant find someone to back you all the way its always a scam. Get a real publishing deal. Tate just afford me a recording publishing contract the first thing the so called A and R person seed in the email he sent me (chuckle) was he was sorry he didn’t have time to call me in person (red flag) so he sent me a copy of there (services) whoops my bad I mean contract for my (lawyer) dad nab-it i mean for me to look over and sign. There are literally thousands of companies set up to take money from people who thank they are the (greatest) really that’s the oldest con in the book. Flattery will get you everywhere. I have yet to find one company out there that will get behind a talent and believe in it with there pocket books. How much money would it cost to place one book or Cd in all the major outlets in our nation alone(?) another red flag do you really think that for a measly 5 grand that someone is going to do a real national promotion including TV, Radio, Live appearances and distribution? There is so much talent out there yet only a hand full even get a real shot at fame every year. My spelling and gamer suck and I don’t have to (apoligise) to anyone about it

  • I would rate Tate with a "U" — unsatisfactory, and would like to speak with others who are also unhappy with them. If I am to believe what Tate avers, I must believe that thousands of TV ads generated sales of only about 5 copies of my book. Also, I find it incredible that my book is not to be found in one Christian bookstore in the entire country. It’s available online at Amazon and a couple of other places, but there is not one hard copy in any bookstore anywhere.

  • I signed with tate publishing and received very little support. When I filed complaint with the BBB, it didn’t work either. I simply asked for my refund and they said that they wouldn’t be "able to do that". My book was never edited past the first chapter, the marketing made very little phone calls, (4 calls in one month), I was told they have "1000s" of authors and they cannot always "tend to all of them". I was very disappointed with Tate publishing. As a former missionary who believes in being a blessing to others, I find it hard that Tate publishing’s morals match those of one who seriously considers the Bible and it’s teachings. When I received the "counter" from my complaint through BBB from Tate, over half of the staff that was supposed to be working on my book didn’t even answer my questions and complaints. I forgive and forget, but this one time, I wanted to just let those know what happened to me during my experience with Tate. I pray for those who have gone through the same process as I did, but I congratulate those who were successful.

    • You’re too kind. These people profess to be Christians …so does Obama, btw. However, their behavior is anything but Christian. There is a New Testament injunction against Christians suing each other. Tate takes advantage of that to the max. They ought to be sued for lying, malfeasance, unethical behavior in general, and failure to provide proof that they have done anything for which they were paid our hard earned money. I have just written them off instead. Live and learn. They don’t have to answer to me, but I would not like to be one of them on judgment day. ” Vengeance is mine, ” says the Lord, “I will repay.” ……………and He will someday. Tate will get from the Lord what they richly deserve. Naturally, I can’t post this response all of a sudden …and internal service error. LOL

  • I’m wondering why Rosalyn is so upset with Tate Publishing. It could be that her book was awful. What Christian book uses cuss words in it. It is an immature writing style that has no imagination, anyhow. Mr. Mingle, I would not feel bad about Rosalyn’s book or her comments, as her character is as bad as her writing. She has a history of complaining on the internet for things she did not think through beforehand, whether purchasing products, services or now it seems a book contract. Ignore her she is unworthy of your concern.

    • This is exactly what is WRONG with Tate Publishing. They publish anything …well-written or horrible!
      Had I realized this, I never would have gone with them. No wonder hardly any author’s book gets sold or read. Once it has a Tate label on it, it is automatically relegated to the garbage file by any honest distributor. Who is the world wants to promote junk …and junk is what Tate publishes as long as you can pay for their bogus fees.

  • I can not believe someone from the company (Mark Mingles) reads these and then responses back….weird & embarrassing.

    • Cindy: It’s called professionalism. You are probably just Rosalyn Zografos in disguise. I know your tricks. Stop trying to make others look bad when you are the one with unprofessional behavior.

  • Dear Satisfied Tate Customer,

    Just wanted to point out to you that your use of the words "over night" are incorrect. The correct spelling is overnight – one word. Hope your book is proofread better than your Email!

    • Hello Satisfied Tate Customer, aka Tate Publishing is Aces —

      Dare I believe you are that huge a chump to pay them for a second book before you discover that your first book will never go anywhere?

      I thought I was a sucker. Whew, boy!

    • That was unnecessary, evenn da best of writers gufe up from time to time. That is what spell check and a good editor is fur. Now you have something betur to pick on…. LOL

  • To Mark Mingle,

    I have found over the years that people are quick to point fingers and not take responsibility for their part in failed endeavors.
    I wish I had the numbers that truly reflect the percentage of people that vent their not so legit. frustrations, disappointments and unfounded accusations VS.
    individuals that will take the time to sing praises greatly due the dedicated educators, medical professionals and array of service providers in our commerce.
    For when an experience is a good one, a great one, we are content and go forward with acceptance of met expectations. But when expectations (realistic or unrealistic) are not met, people are quick to take up arms and sling mud. (look at our last presidential campaign)
    Your rebuttal to the above is greatly warranted and appreciated.

    Debra Barnard-Franz
    Dallas, TX

  • Rosalyn, I too would like to join you and make a class action suit with Tate Publishing. Please provide your contact info so we can team together.

  • Rosalyn,

    I am not sure why you are choosing to make posts of this nature. We have provided every detail of the publishing contract you signed, and in my last phone conversation with you I explained we could still pursue more options for you. We have already run a national TV ad campaign for you reaching over 150,000 viewers, have made multiple contacts to the media on your behalf and provided the list of contacts to you, and have contacted bookstores and scheduled book signings for you, several of which, including at national chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings, that you cancelled and did not attend once we had confirmed they would host you. It takes years, not months, to achieve success in the publishing business, and we see it every day with authors that stay the course and follow our plan. I am sorry you did not achieve the success you desired right away, but as we discussed over the phone, we can always pursue more.


    Mark Mingle
    Director of Marketing
    Tate Publishing

    • can not believe Tate replies to complaints online….so funny

      • I think its AWESOME!

        • I think its awesome too that Tate Publishing has enough guts to speak against fraud. Just because a book doesn’t sell doesn’t mean the publisher is always at fault. The book was immature, boring and riduculously infantile in writing. She promotes “Season of Betrayal” as a Christian book but it has swear words in it? And she promotes medicine without a license? Who is this person?


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