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Business Name: Magzine Direct
Category: Publishing Services
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Corporate Address: 8285 Bryan Dairy Rd #150
Largo, Florida 33777 USA

Phone Number: 800-890-8180
Company Contact: Ray Delacqueseaux - Director of NPE Operations
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They Never Answer Their Phone!

All i wanted was to cancel my subscription to Shape magazine. After waiting for more than 15 minutes on the phone, somebody answered.

When i gave her all my information, she told me to hold on and transferred me to a voice mail! That was just so rude!

I tried calling again and again but they never answer their phone!

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Alternate Contact Info & Company Names: Magzine Direct - Quality Magazine - 2207 Concord Pike, #511, Wilmington , DE 19803 888-471-8647

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16 thoughts on “National Publishers Exchange

  1. I have been receiving unsolicited magazines since about two weeks and just received my bank statement, listing one of the magazines which I did not order for which I am being billed over $33.00! I would appreciate any response as to what I can do to stop this scam! I did find out that this is being done by National Publishers Exchange!
    Thank you!

  2. Add me to the list of victims. I'm getting bombarded by issues of US Weekly, Allure, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. I didn't order them and they're using 2 versions of my former married names, one of which is misspelled. I haven't seen any bills yet, but now I've got to check every credit card and bank account. This is infuriating!! Of course, I am an attorney, so it'll be very satisfying when I sue these idiots.

  3. recently on the computer, a message came in to try ( free) for a certain amt. of time, various mags. Already, they have started arriving and I never o.k.'d the order…………I have no idea what will be arriving. I was able to head off FORBES mag. but pls. check for any other listed and get back to me……………203 661-4960 ok=??? 16 Park ave GREENWICH, CT. 06830 PATT SLOCUM THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TRIED CALLING 1-800 890-8180, THREE TIMES AND HELD ON FOR AN ETERNITY, SO AM TRYING THIS….PLS. CONFIRM….THANK YOU!!!!!!

  4. I just started receiving Marie Clair, US, Readers Digest and Shape Magazines which I have NOT ordered! I too called the magazine companies individually and they told me the same thing, that a company Agora-NPE was the ones I needed to contact. So far no one answers the phone and I just sent an email. My question is who is paying for these magazines??? I sure hope they don't have my bank account information or credit card numbers. I haven't noticed any purchases. Does anyone know how they get our address and who pays for these?

    • I would like to know the answer to your questions too Cathleen. I recently started getting Yoga Journal and Nylon magazines….never ordered them….the magazine people each have said the order was through individual agents like this NPE and I have to contact them to stop them. I haven't noticed any charges on my credit card but I don't want these subscriptions to keep going…even on a trial basis and then they'll try billing me for them.

  5. I have just begun receiving a mag that I did not order and am going to report it to the Fraud Department of my bank if they continue to send any magazines.

  6. I am going through the same as most of you.
    I am disabled and on a fixed income. This has the potential to destroy me !
    Please give me a number or any idea to make these magazines stop comeing,
    I was lied to with a phone call also.
    Thanks, Tim Hunter Carmichael Ca.95608

  7. I am getting 4 different magazines that I did not ask for and I don't have the money to pay for. I don't even know what account they would be taking this out of. What can I do to stop receiving the magazines? I have placed all four magazines on hold with the companies. Please help me if you have any suggestions on what to do.

  8. On hold and have been for a while with AGORA-NPE MAGS. My husband started receiving magazines that he says he did not order. I called the magazines directly and was told to contact AGORA. They don't answer. I am trying to cancel the subscriptions.

  9. NPE (National Publishers Exchange) is a magazine distributor. They do not seel the magazines. Whoever sold you the magazines, whether deceptively or not, then placed the order through NPE, which make sure that you got what was ordered. Your complaint is with retair, not wholesale.

  10. I am getting numerous different magazines in the mail sometimes 6 at 1 time i called about the $100.00 Wal Mart free gift card and gave them my bank account number stupid me! I am saying that money is coming out of my bank account EVERY month so i am closing that one and opening a new one i get Shape, Glamour, Kentucky Living, Reader;s Digest and ect… I will not allow another place to have my bank account # But they have gotten me for at least $430.00 dollars so far!!!

  11. My wife gets Architectural Digest…in her married name that she hasn't used or had since 2006. How do these idiots put her old last name (and she's been married twice since that old old last name) at our address–one we only moved into two years ago!!?? We wrote and asked that they switch her last name, but they haven't and so I tried canceling the magazine and was told I needed to contact these people directly. No skin off our back as zero money has been taken, but it's the principle of the thing, you know?

  12. I just received ESPN Magazine today. Contacted ESPN Mag about it, they told me National Publishers Exchange put the order for 1 year subscription through to them. Gave me the number, called, had them cancel it and had ESPN suspend my account so I can't get anymore. But NPE told me they got the order from some Western Readers Service and gave me the number to them and a reference number. Called them, I got an automated machine and was told to leave my name address, ref number if possible and the magazine. So I did but I'm thinking of trying to find a number where I can talk to a human. So stupid. I'm not paying for something I don't want.

  13. This won't sound like a holiday greeting but you must know my situation. My son hasn't
    lived at home for over two years now, he doesn't even have a car, yet he continues to receive
    "The Car And Driver" magazine. I am 78 and have no interest in the publication. I must
    have you stop the delivery. S omeone else undoubtedly would enjoy my son's copy.
    It MUST be stopped. His account No. is #CDB/1069297909.
    Thank you for your help and interest in my problem.