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Business Name: Destiny Research Center
Category: Psychic Services
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Corporate Address: 1285 Baring Blvd PMB 409
Sparks, Nevada 89434 USA

Company Contact: Maria Duval - Psychic
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North stone magnetic pendant - Destiny Research Center aka Maria Duvall

One month and a half ago I send two orders there advertise “North Stone Magnetic Pendant”

(1)$35.00 money order

(2) 96.00 bank check.

I wrote two letters of inquiry and receive no reply.

Thanking you for your cooperation in assisting in recovering my money.

Ronald Feurtado

Additional Information:

Alternate Business Names: Destiny Research Group, DRG, Marie Duval, Destiny Research Center

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4 thoughts on “Maria Duval

  1. I just left some information on how you can get your money back from Maria Duval @ Destiny Research Center in Sparks, Nevada.. Call your bank get all the information from the back of your check, including all the numbers, call the bank who cashed the check and give them the story ,and VOILA you have your money back.The bank in Texas was soin ad understag that I received my money in less than (1) one week. BELEVE IT OR NOT,IT HAPPENED. i AM AFRAI D TO GIVE YOUY CONTACT NUMBER BECAUSE MY TELEPHONE WON'T BE ABLE TO GET A BREATH OF Fresh Air. A.A.

  2. Thanks for the info. I just received a letter from Maria Duval for the North Stone Pendant..Glad I went to my money saver….The Internet!!!! A.A.