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Last Updated On: December 12, 2016

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Business Name: FirstService Corporation
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1815 Griffin Rd #404
Dania Beach, Florida 33004 USA

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FirstService Residential Phone Number: 954-926-2921
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Company Contact: Chuck M Fallon - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
Based On: 11 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 20

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Reported Losses: $13,450.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,222.73

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FirstService Residential Not Willing to Work With Home Owners

I live in the Independence housing development in Winter Garden Florida. As of 2016, our county has new trucks for collecting garbage and recycling. With these new trucks they have special bins they provided that we have to use. According to the bylaws of the HOA garbage and bins can not be visible from the road (or alley behind the homes it seems) due to “aesthetic appeal”. I have tried to explain to them that due to having my garage taken up by personal items that belong there, I don’t have room in the garage for these bins. They first suggested getting the smaller ones from the county. I informed her that wouldn’t make any difference since there was simply no room at all for adding anything else.

When I spoke with Kristina Morant over the phone, FirstService Residential did not care about my situation, did not offer any solutions, did not sound caring at all, and could only repeat “make arrangements”. I then sent her a proposal that I felt would satisfy both parties. That was to use a space next to the garage and behind the AC unit (that is already hidden by bushes) to make a hide away spot using the same type of wall/fencing that was used for the patio. This way it creates a space to put the bins, keeps them out of site, and doesn’t force me to park my vehicles outside instead of in the garage where they belong. She said she would take this to the board of directors for their decision.

I didn’t hear back from FirstService Residential on it for over a month. In the mean time I found some garbage can skirts designed for these types of bins to help hide them and I have been storing them in the spot I proposed with a skirt that mimics the fence I was also proposing. Now I have a letter from her again showing the same old pictures of where the bins used to be, along with a new pic of the grass dying under where the bins are now and a threat of fines for not complying with her demands.

They refuse to work with you, refuse to listen to you and instead would rather argue with you, make demands, and fine you for not being a good little lap dog jumping to their tune. Once my niece has graduated from high school I am looking for a new place to live that isn’t ruined by an HOA that doesn’t care about its residents situations, and only about their precious “aesthetic appeal”.

Official Responses from FirstService Residential

By: James Martin On: June 17, 2015

Response from James Martin – Property Manager at First Service Residential

Joanne Picciano and her husband have terrorized the older people in the building and have harassed the cleaning and maintenace staff with name calling and threats. They then threatened me when I had to deal with their rant and raves. She uses social media to further her hate and terror to anyone who crosses their path. I did my job as a PM and the people in the building thanked me for protecting their rights to quiet enjoyment in their home. Unfortunately people like Joanne Picciano are nothing but mean and hateful. Thank you, James Martin

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  • Tom Empson

    I own property in a community with an HOA Managed by FirstService Residential. I have paid the HOA fee by a sure pay system connected with my checking account. The HOA fee was increased and the adjusted amount should have been increase but wasn’t. I had instructed FirstService to when we purchased the house to communicate with me via e-mail but this request was ignored. Because we are traveling half the year, mail via USPS rarely reaches me. When we returned to our winter address I found a series of letters informing me of late fees they were charging as they had not adjusted my surepay amount deducted from my checking. Despite meeting with FSR they have refused to remove the fees even as the HOA fees were all paid in good faith. This company will not admit their mistake in not adjusting their failure to adjust the HOA fees deduction and has stone walled me concerning this complaint. VERY BAD COMMUNICATION AND FOLLOW UP. AVOID THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE

  • ST

    Well this was certainly an eyeopener and generally speaking I believe in giving people 2nd chances. Well my latest with First Service Residential Mgt Company was just very disappointing/upsetting. I am glad we fired this company that no longer handles our complex. My experience is that they screwed up on double booking an amenity room, not once but 2 years in a row! Manning reservations is not rocket science. Not only has it caused so much stress on owners to find another venue on their own on the 11th hour but to wash themselves of any responsibilty is just unprofessional. We also even reconfirmed that they had our booking and the caretaker under them at that time, kept saying “Yes”we have you bla bla bla…and lo and behold come Dec, they screwed it up and double booked!

  • SS

    I have never dealt with such incompetent people in my entire life. The level of carelessness is unprecedented. I Have been dealing with this company for about 6 months now. I made an online payment that didn’t go through for reasons that I still don’ understand, as the bank information provided was correct. I made the mistake to fight the charge of $30.00 as there was no mistake on our side. They do not reply to e-mails, provide you with wrong information.
    I contacted them and was assured that no interest would be assessed and that they will let me know if the charge can be waved. 6 months after, and several e-mails exchanges, the balance is now of a little less than $200.00.
    I called to make a phone payment, because I just don’t want to deal with their unprofessionalism. to no avail. 1 hour into it, 4 transfers and a rep who can’t spell, and I still can’t make a simple phone payment.
    You people really need to reassess the way you make business. There is obviously no communication between you and the properties you manage, and there is no effort on your part to better your customer service.

  • BN

    “No is the easiest answer” “Ignore and they will give up” must be the business strategy. Very poor communication, customer service, followup, attitude, time management, problem solving, cognitive, and critical thinking skills. Can’t imagine how this company continues to drum up business; sales people must be wizards, casting a dreamy layer of value over the nightmare of unproductive, unhappy service teams with 0 agency to make win-win decisions.

    My experience was nothing but frustrating from beginning to end. Further, when I went to the NYC office I was told this particular dept had very strict visitation rules because of previous visitors becoming physically violent… I wasn’t surprised as I am not a crier but I teared up during this process. The VP Strategy & Process Improvement, Adam Bortolussi, worked for Deloitte, seems out of touch with how poorly his offices function.

  • susan

    Anyone have a complaint in Santa Clarita or Los Angeles area? I’d sure love to share

  • D58

    Has anyone had problems with Firstservice Residental in Harford county Maryland?

  • Coco216

    Is anyone interested in a class action suit? I’m in Texas.

    • Shawna Baker

      I am! I’m in Texas as well.

    • Annika Smith

      I am interested in a class action lawsuit…I am in the Suburbs of Houston; this company acts like a dictatorial regime-someone needs to sue them…how do we get in touch?

  • Coco216

    I believe you Joanne, these people are monsters

  • Dean Corrington

    Update to James Martin…….He has been fired from M&M Property Management after stealing the voter ballots that arrived VIA US mail. The old condo board was in collusion with Martin to retain control, and continue to practice unsavory and illegal dealings in Palm Aire Country Club 2.

  • Mor Landon

    Still under First Service Residential, changed over name I believe 2015. With few same people. Some of the people don’t know what they’re doing. Everytime I ask for request to the board, I get pretty much shot down since living in the condo as a homeowner. No wonder why we get turnovers here since 2011 and you wonder why others leave. Now, finally when they got someone on the board who is resident of here went to him first time then he becomes them, playing dirty games, and an attitude. He’s already slammed me on the email as I said my peace of mind to them; and said if I have any other useful questions, to come to their board meeting, right is very boring. Do you think this is considered a professional business that I stated they gossip because I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for this board member to bring up the issue I said on other HOA members’ email. There’s problem with these people and I don’t know how they live like corrupted people. So political and out for themselves, greed!!

  • Jorge

    This is a ghost company that promise too much and do not do nothing. They are allied with a group of Board directors to overvalue all Association projects and in conjunction with some contractors of “their preferences”, drain the Association funds. They have very well “trained” Property and Regional Managers in our Condo, that together with those directors, plan and carry out the strategies they want to get their interests accomplished. This is not a Management company that work like their core values state in the web page, to add value to our properties and work together with the Associates; all the opposite. Good luck if your Association choose First Service as your Property Management Company

  • Dean Corrington

    I agree with the above comment. I also live in PACC2 , and have found Mr. Martin to be a complete a*****e. Mr. Martin was caught at a condo meeting disclosing the amount of a resident who was 2 weeks behind in paying their maint. fees………….he made an announcement to everyone in the room in an attempt to embarrass the resident. Check out Youtube……….”James Martin Property Manager Fail” ………..he was cold busted. I’m guessing the State of Florida was sent a copy to prove what an unprofessional, idiot this guy is. He’s on his way out……..McDonalds is always hiring. Good for him.

  • Arin

    This company is nothing but talk. I used to work for them, unfortunately, and after being transferred to another account, I immediately regretted agreeing to go there. I did my best to tolerate their property manager, who was really just a lazy property manager who was more concerned about what money he was making than the job details themselves. He had no idea as to what to do with the building but was so quick to blame others, whether it was employees or residents.
    There was an incident in which I apologized to him for something, and instead of being a professional, he chose to go the route of degrading me and telling me that I was a waste. He also made sure I knew why I was transferred, and chalked it up to that I was going to be fired from my previous site and that when his supervisor told him I was moving to his site and told him how much money I was going to be making, he regretted agreeing to let me come on board. He insulted me on how I dressed, how I looked, how much I was making compared to others who had been there longer than me, etc.
    He also went as far as having another employee hack into my personal social media account, read through private messages and claimed that since I had sent a message to someone during my working hours, that was basis to fire me. Needless to say that during an 8 hour shift, we were not allowed to take a lunch break and forced to eat at the front desk in front of residents, customers, etc.
    By doing this, people would complain about us eating “all the time” at the desk. Unfortunately we could not finish a meal all at once since the property manager was too lazy to even consider having someone fill in for a half an hour.
    That property manager has truly been the worst person I have ever worked for in my entire working career.
    I pray for him and his boss because to be like those two are, and his employee that he had hack into my personal social media, because they must really be miserable in their own life that they need to find someone who is competent in their job to bring down to their disgusting level.
    I wish them luck in the future. They’re going to need it.

  • Joanne Picciano

    This company is the worst. We have a first service condo manager here in Palm Aire in Pompano Florida, who thinks he’s God. His name is James Martin, and he is a real low life. He talks down to everyone, and can’t manage to supervise his staff. One of his maintenance men lives in our building and hangs out at his apartment most of the day on on the dime of the residents. He handles complaints by telling the complaining resident that they are liars, and hangs up. He’s on his way out, there have been several complaints about him. I can’t wait to see him go, he’s a real clown.

  • Anita

    FirstService is notorious for sketchy business practices, for trying to cheat owners out of money by pretending they never got fees, etc. They also siphon money away from HOAs and lower service and maintenance. We save every single cancelled check — we REFUSE to do any automated billing with these thieves! We’re currently shopping for a new condo and we’ve let our real estate agent know that FirstService, or any affiliate, is an automatic dealbreaker and we will NEVER buy a condo managed by these sleazebuckets.

    • Fred

      Yes, me too send in the payment and they cash the check late and I have to end up paying all kinds of extra fees. I am not going directly to their office and want a receipt.

  • Jennifer

    It’s no surprise I found what you experienced. I have lost 3,000 dollars so far and the number is still accumulating. They put a lien on our house. After the lien, they charge charge $50 every week for consecutive 12 weeks. I asked for their regulations, never called me back. I am going to start lawsuit!

  • Danny

    Yes, this totally happen to me. I got automatic payment. When the price increase i receive no letter or coupon about the amount increase. They should send out letter saying i am short in payment but they never did. Until i called them to ask for my font door color code they say i owe them money.


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