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Last Updated On: March 4, 2016

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Business Name: Birch Manor Condominium Association
Corporate Address:
748 W Dempster St Unit CG2B
Mount Prospect, Illinois 60056 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 847-758-1586
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Property Manager Misconduct

To: Gregg Rithmiller

This is in regards to misconduct witnessed by multiple individual’s that occupied complex of Birch Manor Condominiums on Dempster Street in Mount Prospect Illinois. Ms. Bozena Uryga office manager at the complex has been engaging in sexual explicit behavior at the office during and after hours and blogging invitations to parties.

I am writing this on behalf of myself and individuals that witnessed multiple encounters during various times of days. Ms. Bozena Uryga has been engaging in explicit sexual activities at the office during and off working hours. Office window is clearly visible facing south into the courtyard along the sidewalk, which anyone living at the complex including kids can see inside the office.

This has happened multiple times and questions have been raised unfortunately no one seems to be taking any formative actions against Ms. Uryga. This type of conduct should not be taking lightly especially while residents at the complex can observe this type of behavior.

The other individual engaging in those activities is described as white male in mid-30’s medium build about 5 foot 10 inches always wearing baseball hat backwards and have been seen leaving the office during lunch and evening hours.

Below is a quote from Ms. Uryga’s blog which was found by one of the tenants stating invitation to parties at the office, it raises the question to what type of business is she running?

1. Bozena
Thanks Adam! :)

Let’s have it in my office just to keep creative energy circulating. The place I work for is called “Birch Manor Condominiums” and is located on Dempster St. across from United Airlines office building. The address is 748 W. Dempster St. Unit #CG2B in Mt. Prospect.
Once you drive through main driveway to the parking lot you may go left or right, go around to get to the North side. There is a small office sign near the building. Call me if you have trouble finding it. My cell: (847) 902-7522

Did we say 10 or 10:30?
I would ask you please take a look into this matter at once, should you require further detail information, please contact me at once. I would like to remain anonymous during this process. If need to be I can be reached at the e-mail address below.

Official Responses from Birch Manor

By: Bozena Uryga On: September 16, 2013

This come as a response to the complaint filed on this website. My name and my other personal information were displayed to the public along with the malicious and false accusation with no merit or prove. This website displayed a defamatory statement which falls into the category of intimidation, defamation and sexual harassment. I am requesting this post to be removed within the next 48 hours. This matter is being turned over to the police and I am starting legal action for publishing untrue statement that damages my good reputation.

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  • Dean

    OMG! This association does not follow the law. I recently called the office and spoke to a lady (name begins with a B) and informed her that I had no heat and that the law states the heat should be on as of September 15th through June 1st in (un-incorporated Mount prospect, IL). She had the nerve to tell me that the heat will not be turned on until it gets below 63 degrees in her unit and that I should replace my windows. Not to mention the tempeture outside at night was reaching 50 or lower. She stated she lived down the block from me when I never mentioned which unit or building I was in. I informed her that she and the association needs to follow the law. She got mad at me and hung up the phone. I called her back and called her a name and told her that I would be taking further action. So I did, I called the Cook County (building and zoning dept) and filed a complaint against this office and the lady. I couldn’t believe this lady’s attitude and when I asked her who her boss was and she refused to give it to me and said she was the owner/boss/ board of directors. They REFUSE to answer their telephone because this office does not like to deal with complaints, reality and the law. They don’t follow their own rules and I would not recommend Birch Manor Condo’s to anyone including my own family. Be careful and keep looking elsewhere. ****, to think what if I had an infant or a sick person living with me. . I URGE YOU TO KEEP LOOKING BECAUSE THIS ASSOCIATION AND OFFICE ARE RUDE AND DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW!

  • Danuta

    property management is covering up wrong doings.
    Ms Uryga’s new post
    This is the original post
    (3rd post from the bottom)


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