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Category: Plumbing Services
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Corporate Address: 8847 Lankershim Blvd
Sun Valley, California USA

Phone Number: 800-583-8003
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"MR" Rooter does not deserve respect this time

Sewer is backing up, panic sets in, call Mr. Rooter. They show up the next day on time. But have to find out where the clog is…. so they decide to use high pressure in the pipes. Well after 4 inches of coal black sewer garbage all over the basement , they decide the problem is outside. No apologizes for a horrible, stinking mess in the basement and closets that i have to clean up.

OK so we check outside and they say the clog is there. They drive the backhoe across the yard, leaving a muddy path in its wake. Bye Bye to the grass. They check the old pipe and use the camera to make sure where the stoppage is. “OH AND YOU HAVE ROOTS CLOGGING THE PIPE TO THE STREET”. So they dug up the pipe and its related pieces and refuse to send a root cutter through the ‘GOOD’ pipe.

I am not happy and am looking at a $5,000 bill. I had to insist to the point of getting a manager involved to get the roots trimmed. As consolation he says ‘And you have a 3 year warranty so we will come out once a year to trim the roots if you need it’. Didn’t like to have to fight to get it the first time–i can only imagine how hard it will be to get anything a year or 2 from now.

They finish the pipe installation and try to pressure me into another $4,000 to do the pipe all the way to the street. NO! So they placed the vent pipe and backfilled the dirt with the pipe about a foot below ground level. The comment at that time was ‘ THE GROUND WILL SETTLE AND THIS WILL BE EVEN”.

Well here it is a year later–and it is once again aggravating and fighting. I called because the vent pipe is still 1 foot below ground level and I figure in a year the ground has done all the settling it is going to do. Had a visit from the original Manager Brian right away and he remembered the job and went directly to the vent. It is barely visible with grass, weeds and dirt on top. We discussed the situation and he said he would send out some people to level around the pipe. He made the comment about putting dirt between it and the house to even it out–Good Luck with that–”OH ” he said “the pipe is right up against the house” –good job Einstein…

It is a week and 3 promises later and I will have to call him again to see why no one has appeared and tried to resolve the issue. I have allowed for rain but weather has not been an issue now for 2 days and I also have had no phone calls about “sorry we didn’t make it” “we will be there after the rain” or anything.

I have been in Customer Service for well over a decade and MR ROOTER does not know the meaning of the words let alone how use them.

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Mr Rooter has - six affiliate companies – Aire Serv, Glass Doctor, Mr. Appliance, Mr. Electric, Rainbow International and The Grounds Guys, and is a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group, Inc. which is based in Waco, Texas. The Riverside Company and the Dwyer family bought the company in 2003.

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  1. Agree that service is shoddy and assurances are not kept in my experience. Despite exhorbitant charges, management did not take time to obtain city permit to perform work under the street, and created dangerous traffic obstruction. Recommend only if no other alternatives: make offer 50% of what they estimate, make sure you personally see every necessary permit, and obtain written and picture confirmation of performance.