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Got mad when I said no

I received the call today, and a lady answered talking about the simply straight my husband ordered.

Then transferred me to a guy named Micheal. He asked for my address and credit card number. He kept telling me about offers. I told him I was not interested in any of it.

He then repeated himself and I told him that again I”m still not interested and he got mad and said okay bye.

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  • Trip Affleck

    two calls in one day after ordering the Yoshi Grill Mat. both times the callers kept thanking me for my order and saying they just wanted to confirm my address, but they only knew the billing address, not the shipping address. and they wanted me to know that i would be receiving some other free trial in some coupon scam ‘for only $1’. i told both callers that i did not want any extras, no free trials, no nothing; just what i ordered. one of them was agreeable, and one was a jerk. watching my card like a hawk.

  • Louis Fleming

    My wife received a call from this number today and answered it because she was expecting to hear back from a company named Metabo from some items she purchased. She said the person on the phone said they needed to verify her card number so it could be processed. She hesitantly gave it to him after he insisted he was with “a very reputable company”. Bottom line, he wasn’t with the company. Fortunately she realized her mistake and closed the card and ordered a new one with the credit union. At this time, don’t trust this number and shouldn’t ever give your card information to anyone over the phone.

  • Erin D.

    Received 2 calls on 11-28-14 from 866-379-2003 on my cell phone. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. The first call was at 3:30 PM, the second at 4:06 PM. After reading other comments, now I am worried that my card numbers are going to be used. I don’t know by who though, I don’t shop much.

  • u1530

    CALL FTC FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION ALSO GOVERMENT DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. If you already listed on the do not call registry they are in violation.

    • John Jarvis

      The do not call registry is a joke, a law that has never been enforced in my experiences. I’ve registered at least three times and the unwanted calls continue to roll in. I’ve blocked over 100 so far…at least most newer smart phones have this feature. Our government has been by of and for big business for many years now.

  • JC Yep Yep

    I purchased some knee braces from Copper Fit and they sold my information to another company that offered me $100 in fuel vouchers, they just wanted to charge my card $1 for a trial period for some useless discount club. I refused to give them my credit card over the phone (’cause that ain’t smart).

    • John Jarvis

      The identical thing happened to me after I purchased a trial OTC medication online. A few days later someone called to “verify my address” and “give” me $100 in fuel coupons for $1. I hung up on them…
      This situation is totally outta hand…

  • David

    Same deal don’t purchase any thing from the stufz burger maker they called me to offer me a "free" 100 dollars in fuel vouchers they were going to charge my card which apparently they had on file already one dollar and as long as I opt out I would not be charged etc etc. I told them do not charge my card and do not send me anything buff we will wait and see if that works. I almost want to "lose" my card and get a replacement so they no longer have the current info and they cannot accidentally charge me.

  • Anne

    Never have I been so harassed by a 800# in my life. It started after I placed an order on-line from an info-mercial. That seems to be the trend from all the comments. They must sell our information immediately. I add the number to my contact list on my cell, and clicked the option to send directly to voice mail. Not sure what else to do. Buyer beware. Don’t answer the phone whatever you do!

  • Amy N.

    This number keeps calling me. I don’t know who or what it is. A message is never left. I don’t answer my phone if I don’t know who it is. STOP CALLING ME!

  • Terry Toro

    Also ordered the CHILLOW the other day and when I took the first call from this number I didnt realize who it was. He tried to sell me something else to try out and I told him I was not interested. Calls have been coming in at least 10 times a day and into the evening. go away.

  • Babs

    receiving 5-10 calls a day and NEVER leave a message,

  • Victim

    If they are calling your cell phone, add the phone number to your contact list and name it SPAM. Then go to the profile of this contact and add them to your "Reject Caller" list. Your phone will never ring although you will see them in the call log as having tried to call. Hope that helps you.

    • Jerry

      Another option — at least for Verizon Wireless customers (and I’d guess other companies’ customers, too) is to add the number to your Block List.

  • Erin

    I too have had issues with this company after purchasing tickets from I just wanted to post this and let others know that they sell your info and credit card number. I started receiving calls from them and the reps mislead me to believe they were calling regarding my tickets. They knew my name,my credit card number,what I had purchased and when and the dollar amount of my purchase. They were rue,threatening and outright demanding. Steer clear of who overcharges for tickets with many added on service,printing,shipping and processing fees I overpaid each ticket by $130 because they were sold out elsewhere and then they sell my info on top of that. Way to say thanks for an almost $700 concert ticket purchase. Only TicketMaster from now on for me.

  • Meliss

    Yup, order the Chillow from TV the other day, this number has been calling non stop ever since. Crap!!

    • Amy N

      Me, too! Ugh! Can we call our phone company to block this number?

  • mgf

    I too started getting calls from this place constantly after placing an ordering. I save the # then blocked it!

  • Corp Receptioniar

    Oh I am going to be highly irritated at SWIVEL SWEEPER if this keeps up. I placed an order for one two days ago online. How sleazy of them and how amateur of me to not look for the testimony of "we never sell or share your information"!

  • Doug

    Mine also began the day after I ordered the wraptastic (online order) after seeing an infomercial. At least 3 calls per day. I also don’t understand the point because there’s never anyone there when I answer. I have now blocked the number on my phone…we’ll see if that works.

  • N. Nolf

    I blow one of my duck calls into them the second I answer. Figure that should give them a clue. I am going to call AT &T tomorrow and block them at any cost. Thinking of a few more noises like a toilet flushing, Rod Stewart and the Duck call. Nothing wrong with Rod but don’t want them to start enjoying it.

  • cjps

    Started on April 8th. Have received 21 calls in 4 days.

  • Kathy

    They call all day, every 1/2 hour, never leave a message (they call up to 9pm) – they need to stop!!

  • Sher

    i just called them back. they answered with Hi and my name. thanked me for a order i made and wanted to verify my address. then send my out stuff to try for 14 days see if i like it blahblahblah. told them all i want is what i ordered and nothing else.

    • Mad Woman

      Same thing just happened to me.. They called me 6 times today and I ignored call.. Well they just called and woke me up so I called back.. Lady said ‘hello, Sharon’…ugggg.. She said she was with Bake-A-Bone.. I ordered this product to make natural treats for my dog. I told this ‘lady’ I was sorry I ordered it and asked she NOT call back.. I. Sure I will be harassed again!

  • Sarah Jones

    I ordered something online a week ago and tonight I got a call. They already knew my name and asked to confirm my home address. Stupidly I said uh yes. Then I started hearing about all these "deals" and cash vouchers I would soon be receiving. Is it possible for them to charge stuff onto my credit card?

    • Mad Woman

      I hope not! I ordered Bake a Bone dog treat maker and I am getting non-stop calls..Uggggg watch your credit cards! How could I have been so dumb!

  • B. Godsey

    I answer then hit # repeatedly until I get a busy signal. This often causes their auto call system to kick my number out of their system. LOL

  • Judy

    I ordered a New Wave Oven and now this number is calling to sell a membership trial with “free” $60 gift card……I answered the 3rd call to find out who they were…..will see if they call again now that I told themno.

  • Shay

    started getting a call from this number 2:52 pm cst today march 4th, 2013 and already have called me 4 times and all 4 times I have missed this call. and of course they do’t leave a message. I tried to call back and it says call fail. I hope that they don’t call me back. After reading this information from everyone else on here it seems everyone is having the same problems. I will have to look into somethings and make sure that I have opt out of everything that i have ordered online I usually do.

    • Andrea

      Got same call I think they are using your cell number to get personal information SCAM for sure

  • Susan

    I started receiving calls from this number after I ordered the Insyler. I told them I was not interested in anything else and to stop calling me. I continue to get at least 10 calls a day from this number. UGH

  • Out of patience

    I to order the Magic Bullet. Whenever I order a product over the phone I usually tell them IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS do NOT give my info out to other agencies. It usually works but I got sloppy and forgot to mention it last time. So today I started getting calls (7) FROM Cassandra from Magic Bullet. My rule is "I don’t know you, I don’t pick up. I looked it up on-line and see I’m not the only one. Blocking doesn’t always work because they just call from a different number. My 2 tricks are when making ANY orders to State you don’t want your info shared with ANYONE else and that I tape my calls to protect MY rights. Second is that whenever I get calls like this blocking them doesn’t always work BUT if I change the incoming ring tone to SILENT. This works better then blocking, I don’t know why. The thing is not to engage them. Don’t talk to them or make threats. They just change phone numbers. This has worked the best for me. I just remember NOT to get lazy by forgetting to tell them NOT to share my info. Also. if the ask for a phone number DON’T give it. They have no use for it other them to add it to the info they sell to 3rd parties.

  • Dave

    I started getting call from 866-379-2003. After reading some posts I figured out that its because I ordered some slippers from the Stompeez website. If you look at their privacy policy statement (there is a link at the bottom of their website) it says they can collect your personal information and can contact customers about about your product orders, improve the content of our Websites, used to customize the content and/or layout of our page for each individual visitor, used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes, shared with other organizations to help them contact consumers by email and/or telephone for marketing purposes, disclosed when legally required to do so, at the request of governmental authorities conducting an investigation, to verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our Websites and applicable laws or to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our Websites.

    It seems to me their Privacy Policy Statement should be call their NON Privacy Policy Statement!

    If you Google the company name you can get their address and contact information. I suggest you start calling them as well.

    Here is alink to their site:

    Here is a link to their Privacy Policy Statement.

    PS, I will be returning their product as this is B.S. !!!!!

    • David

      I’m in the same boat will be returning the product I purchased as well

  • josie

    at least 6 calls a day and I have the answering machine on 24/7 & they never leave a message. THANK GOD FOR THE ANSWERING MACHINE, only answer known callers.

  • Anne

    I started getting these calls after placing an order for the Magic Bullet portable mini-speakers.

  • How Annoying

    I too just started receiving never ending calls from this number. Thanks for this info. It’s very helpful. I do think it has to do with placing an order on QVC, HSN, or AS SEEN ON TV. I would be doing THAT again. Hope they stop calling. I just keep hitting ignore. UGH. What a pain!

  • Syracuse, NY

    I also have been receiving approx 6 calls/day from QRI. The first time I answered and the man from QRI thanked me for ordering the "Wraptastic" which is a TV Infomercial product and then he offered me a $500 Gift Card to any store for $1.00. I immediately told him to STOP with this scam and hung up. I truly believe my TV info purchase has triggered these calls from QRI and I am not happy about it. Not sure what to do to make the calls stop. I will be monitoring my credit card for any unfamiliar purchases.

  • N. Smith

    I received six (6) calls yesterday alone from this QRI number. I even blocked this number on my phone. So the phone rings once and stops.
    It’s started yet again this morning.

  • Shirley

    My sister in law has had 31 calls in 6 days from this #, ridiculous. It comes up QRI on caller ID, seems to be Quality Resources LLC, according to blogs, a telemarketer. I don’t know what prompted these to start Nov. 20, but will check with her as to any orders (other than her usual QVC and HSN masses), that she may have made. Most of these blogs seem to have some things in common, as orders for something off of As Seen on TV show items. Some referred to other recent buys online. If these are generated from a call, I don’t know how the recipient can ‘opt’ out of alllowing other associates of the seller to make offers, except to keep complaining on these blogs, and try to get complaint to BBB or some other government source to come down on them. Calls are coming in 5-6 a day, from 8am to 10pm, some 30 min. apart. Never a message left.


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