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Stop callin my cell phone!

Dis dude been callin my cella phone so many times and it be p****n me off. Stop callin my cella phone!

Some dude in Utah trying to get me to buy some place in freakin New Jersey of all places!
What ams with these dudes. I got a kid, and you treatin me like that? Dis is no way to be treatin a father!

In conclusion, my cella phone is my cella phone and I don’t wanna buy nobody’s stuff I didn’t ask to buy. Period!

Call Reporting Comments

  • I simply did not answer and blocked the number on my iPhone. if I get a number I don’t recognise and from an area code I don’t know I look it up first before I go further.

  • Just received the call at 10:20 am here in Kansas. No Message from caller

  • Robo dialer and recorded message letting me know i won a 7 day cruise.


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