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Call and hang up

I have received two calls. One of them 3/10/16 and the other on 3/12/16, respectively. I do not recall signing up for anything.

I have not answered the calls and they are not leaving a message. As far as I know these are unwanted calls. Unless someone signed me up for something out of malice, these calls are unwarranted.

The calls are coming from 1-(801)823-3446.

Call Reporting Comments

  • disqus_H9BGFhaJ8U

    The ghost of Conway Twitty calling from Salt Lake City!

  • strega

    They keep calling my fax machine. This is very annoying…

  • Celia Burlingame

    I saw a missed call from this number so I called back. The initial recording states that I was caller number 17 and to stay on the line to claim my free 2 night Bahamas cruise. An actual person comes on the line and I said, I am confused I had a missed call from this number. They said what number did you call and I ready it back as this one listed above, they said, well, that is not our number. You can either claim the prize or we can go on to the next caller. I said I will take the tickets. He was totally playing along with me stating this is the weirdest phone call he has had in a while. Claiming to be edge97 radio. and to go to to the will call and put in my phone number to claim the tickets. The website is not a real radio station. Not sure if this is a scam or a travel company trying to get you to purchase something additional. So messed up!! I called back and it was a busy signal. A friend called and it said the same thing to them that they were caller number 5. People have too much time on their hands!

  • John Sposato

    I simply did not answer and blocked the number on my iPhone. if I get a number I don’t recognise and from an area code I don’t know I look it up first before I go further.

  • Shogun

    Just received the call at 10:20 am here in Kansas. No Message from caller

  • Joe lewis

    Robo dialer and recorded message letting me know i won a 7 day cruise.


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