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800-909-4576 - Aggravation

I have had a call from 800-909-4576 at 4:25 PM, June 3, 3:16 PM, June 4, 10:12 AM June 5 and again at 3:12 PM.

This very aggravating as the caller is not identified and does not leave a message.

My phone number has been on the “Do Not Call” list almost since it’s inception.  I do not understand why these calls can not be stopped.

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  1. This phone number calls faithfully 2 times a day… once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It is a company called Lifeline Screening. Here is their info:

    Corporate Headquarters

    Life Line Screening
    Park Center Plaza II, Suite 200
    6150 Oak Tree Blvd.
    Independence, OH 44131
    1-800-909-4576 http://www.lifelinescreening.com/about-us/default

    I called them when I got home from work. When you do call them back, press #1 to schedule an appt (even though you are not interested). That was the only prompt that finally got me a real person. The other prompts kept me on hold for minutes on end.

    Anyway, the CSR I talked to is named Becky. I asked her to remove my phone number off their call list. Then she asked if we would like to continue to receive info in the mail. I said "No." BTW, we never got anything from them via snail mail. Anyway …

    She processed my request and said we are now off their list and she apologized for the inconvenience. The gal was a very nice & courteous CSR. Hope this helps.