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Unwanted and extremely repetitive incoming calls

These calls just won’t stop. The incoming call, from the number (773) 340-4844, is a credit card debt relief company which is trying to reduce my credit card interest rate for me for a fee.

I have ZERO credit card debt so I am 100% not interested but the calls don’t stop.
If you answer and press 1 to speak to a person (pressing 1 means answering ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you want to reduce your credit card debt?’, they will ALWAYS rudely hang up as soon as they realize you don’t want the service. It does NOT matter how nice you are OR how rude your are OR what you say; they are trained to click AS SOON AS they can tell you aren’t going to say ‘yes’ to their service. This way they can get to the next customer quickly as they work on a commission.

They will not take your name off the list, even if you are successful in speaking to a supervisor who says they will.

They also call from:
(313) 247-8168 and
(251) 725-1770

I have tried:

Not answering at all.

Answering but staying quiet (they hang up after 10 seconds if you do this)

Answering and hanging up.

Answering and Pressing 1.

… but nothing helps. They will not stop.


Call Reporting Comments

  • 143jeanne

    I answer with a whistle.

  • Ben

    i got a call from this number just now, didn’t recognize the area code so i did not pick up.
    I’ve received calls from other such numbers and they all seen to show up on this website.
    I don’t think I get called from the same number twice, maybe I’m lucky.
    I will not even try to ‘waste their time’ as it is also a waste of my time.
    Today, however, I am home sick, so maybe if I get another call today I might try and make for some entertainment while I’m laying on the couch watching tv.
    Forget the Do Not Call list, nobody is doing anything about it.
    These asswipes will never reveal their company name so you will not be able to report them.
    DNC is a joke.

  • Danica

    I dont understand why they even waste their time repeativly calling the same person!! I get at least 10 spam calls a DAY, sucks since my phone hardly charges let alone holds a charge and im due anyday now with baby, sure will be **** when i go into labor and they have drained my battery! Selfish of them!!!

  • Sacramento CA

    02/08/2013 1:30pm. Just got a call from this phone number as well. Since I do not have any business or family relations in Illinois (which I seem to remember the area code was from) I did not answer but went right to this site to look up the phone number. And here you are. I then called back and got the following voice mail, "Thanks for calling. The party you have called in unavailable. They will be notified you called. (Hang-up)"

  • Polly

    I hit "1" and got a person who answered "account services". Her name was Lynn – I asked 3 times and then aksed what company it was, and asked 3 more times (told her her voice was garbled and I couldn’t understand) but she never said a company that I could understand.__Of course I got the rude hang up when she asked if i was still making payments on my credit card and I said – no, I dont’ have any cc debt. WHAT A PITA! I tried calling back the number from an unidentified trunk and got a message that no one could help me now but they were aware of my call. It probably records the number but won’t take a message so I couldn’t load it up with crap messages.__At least when they try to call that trunk back it will just rrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggg! not much satifaction – wish all their pants would catch on fire.


    Forget the Do Not Call List—-nobody is paying any attention to it, especially not the government—wasted resources. George on 01-30-13 has the better solution—WASTE THEIR TIME….however, they won’t spend much time with you before they hang up when they figure out that you are being a shill, so I hook them for a bit then launch into a profanity laden tirade to up their blood pressure and even if just a little bit, ruin their day. Had one call me back 3 times and threaten "we know where you live"—when I told them to keep it up and identified from where THEY were calling and that if they wanted to see a black & white pull up out front—-well, never got another call—I’m on THEIR list of numbers to not ever call—for THEIR own peace of mind….

    • Manny

      Where are they calling from?

    • ChocolateBella

      They are not a legitimate company is why the DNC registry is not working. I am having the same problem for more than a year now. They are trying to get your CC info. Don’t give it! They are crooks. I wish I could figure out what carrier they are using so I could file a complaint directly with law enforcement. This is ridiculous!

  • jackie

    Report them to the national do not call list. File a complaint at

  • K.M.

    very disruptive at my business. how can I stop this type of call?

    • Dfowler

      Did a little research, found that the telecom company that issued this phone number is Ymax Communications Corporation. I think that perhaps a campaign of phone calls and faxes may help stop this company for a while.
      Ymax phone numbers are 561-594-2140 and 561-5865-3380 the fax number is 561-722-0433.
      May I suggest that every time you get a call 773-340-4844 that you fax or call Ymax and request that they STOP making their services available to spammers and crooks.

      You can send a free fax thru We wont know if it works until we try.
      Thank you

      This is the message I faxed to their phone provider… I then stored the letter in outlook along with the fax info ..So I can send it to the provider with just a couple of click every time they call me.

      Ymax you issued the number 773-340-4844
      This number uses a robo-dialer to harass the general public.
      I received calls on
      Feb 1, Feb 5, Feb 7, 2 on Feb 9th and 2 on Feb 11th.
      This company will not remove my number from their calling list, I am on the do not call registry but that does not matter to this Chicago based crocks and phone spammers. IF You will simply do a Google search for this number you will find a multitude of people complaining about this number and the practices of this company on numerous websites.
      Many have attempted to be removed from the calling list I have not seen anyone claim success.
      Please reconsider providing your services to companies that harass and defraud the general public.
      Thank you


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