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Zapped at the wire

My elderly father-in-law got a call stating there were viruses on his computer. Would cost him $165.00 to repair. So he wired the money to Ranjeet Kumar in Varanasi India.

Another call 3 days later needing to put up firewalls. Oh faithful to make sure his computer stayed working….he wired again another $165.00. After his son found out about this, the laptop was taken to be cleaned. There was so much crap on there from these guys.

The third call came today stating that spyware needed to be installed. The computer was still in the shop – I think Dad’s eyes were opened. We had previously contacted the police about this to put the word out there. Phone number passed on too. Creeps

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  • Have received 2 calls from 661-748-0240 with in 3 days, didn’t recognize number and didn’t answer, they never left msg.

  • AlexM : What’s the scam? Called me twice today, I didn’t answer.

  • The number belongs to a scam artist by the name of Michael Walton

    • What’s the scam?

  • Caller ID Skype User. Lady named Vena called our company and left message
    about fallowing up on a Quote for work and needs to know if we are licensed.
    Gave call back number 626-593-9193


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