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B.S. Calls

I am receiving several calls a day from this number.

Either they hang-up or if I answer I get a recording stating “this is not a sales call. The call is very important. Please do not hang-up an agent will be with you shortly”.

Waited 4 min and no response.

Another call a live person responded and asked for my wife. My wife does not use my phone. So I hung-up.

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4 thoughts on “614-729-6040

  1. This IS for Victoria's Secret WFNNB cards. I just answered the cal finally – they were looking for someone of course who was late on their bill. Wrong name and I told them to please remove the number as it is not that person.
    This number will call MANY times a day, if you do not have a credit card with them, I suggest you just answer it and explain to them that they are calling an old number and that it's YOUR number now and to please stop, or ask to talk to someone in charge after listening to the phone prompts if it is computerized.
    YOU can stop these calls. If it's YOU – then pay your bill.

  2. Commenity Bank or the WFNNB actually collects credit card payments from a lot of mail order companies such as Victoria's Secret, Roamans, etc… So if you have a credit card through any company such as these, you are actually paying them through Commenity/WFNNB. Confusing, yes, but the trend of today

  3. This number keeps calling my phone 614-729-6040 . . no message . . but the keeping calling . . I have no idea and it better STOP!!!