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543-465-4768 - Keeps calling and is now threatened my husbands well being (To me)

The individual, with a middle-eastern accent, calls himself Ron and has been told several times by my husband that he is not the man named he is looking for. Ron gave 1st my husband then me the social security # of the James he was looking for. Not only did it not match my husband’s it was issued from a completely different state. Ron from 543-465-4768 continues to call and harass us 10-12 times a day on the worst day.

Today I became irritated and told “Ron” that I was tired of him (It is always the same man) calling and was seeking legal counsel. I also informed Ron that we have excellent credit, the social doesn’t match my husbands and my husbands name is a very common name. I then told him that if he didn’t stop harassing us for someone else’s debt that I would sue his company and him personally since he (Ron) is the same individual that keeps calling over and over. He then stated in a low and with a purposeful tone, Well then Miss Bell I suggest you take care of your husband”. His sinister tone and comment sent chills up my spine.

I decided to call the number back and ask for a supervisor and initially an automatic voice stated that I needed to dial a “1″ first.

Finally, I called back with a “1″ before the number and the message stated that I did not need to dial a “1″ before this number…

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6 thoughts on “543-465-4768

  1. Now this idiot is calling my phone. Apparently he hasn't given up. I have never actually answered the call, but just looked it up and found these other complaints so obviously, I will keep ignoring the call!

  2. 3 Days straight, about 4 to 5 times a day this number will call my home. 543 – 465 – 4768 States name unavailable, I answer & get a man who can't pronounce my name. When I asked what company he is calling from, he hangs up. I in return called the number back, when you try to enter the last digit an operator will come on the line and tell you to please check the number and call again. Hmmmmm… Tried over and over with only the same operator. They called back again……. This time I they asked for my name again, but once again it was not correct, After he asked for my name I the stopped him & asked him why when I call the number back that he is calling me, I can't get through, tells me to check the number and try again, he hung up on me!!! HELP!!!!!!!! I WANT THESE PHONE CALLS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Just received a call at work from a middle eastern man who said his name was Jack (whatever), said there was a legal complaint against me, I asked to speak to a supervisor, he was very upset so I hung up on him. He called me back 2 more times, I laughed and hung up again. The next call I received I decided to turn it on him, and when he asked for my information I asked for his, he said I owed money I said you owe money, I said how do you intend to pay, he asked for my social I asked for his. he got upset and hung up… still laughing …..

  4. A man with a middle eastern accent has been calling and asking for a previous employee and when I say they aren't here, he asked my name and said it is a legal matter. I said, Sorry they don't work here any longer, then he hung up.
    Then he called back about 3 more times and asked me the same questions, then I hung up on him. Then he called back about 10 more times and I just picked up the phone and hung up without saying anything. Sometimes, it was from the # 15434654768 and sometimes it said 543-465-4768.

  5. when this person calls our business and ask's for an employee, they get irate when you won't give them that person. they also won't give a call back number either. and when asked what company the work for they hang up, or when asked for their supervisor. They are middle eastern and hard to understand and don't want to listen to you.

  6. It's unfortunate but all you have to do is harass them the same that they are harassing you and i guarantee that they will stop. They will see that you're not playing with them and that you're also not falling for that scam BS of theirs. Trust me. I called them back to back talking sh*t for about an hour,sometimes they will hang up on me, but i called back til they were fed up and they stopped.