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For the last couple of weeks now, we have been receiving phone calls from a MRSI (Spokeo). Robb-Calls we think. We would have told them off but there is never anyone on the other end. Phone number that comes up in our caller ID is 1-513-562-1300.

This is becoming an annoyance, so could you please help. Oh, and when we tried to call the above number from our caller ID, we get a recording that says this number is discontinued.

They just called here from that number less than half hour ago.

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  • MindlessGonzo

    got a call from that number, similar setup. Lady on the phone was pretty decent. Surveyor asked about ethnicity, tobacco use, internet use, home phone use, and then work/income. Survey concluded (at least it went longer than another surveyor who didn’t accept “no TV watching at all” as valid TV viewing per week). Will save this page and report if they call again.

  • J Gott

    If it’s from MRSI, that’s a market research company.

  • Excalibra

    Received one call today from this number, caller ID says MRSI and the area code is out of state for me and not one I’m used to receiving calls from.
    So, I didn’t answer.
    Fortunately I have all calls logged on my equipment, so I’ll monitor this and see if I get more.
    If I do, it’s either a report to the FCC or a simple block on the number. Easy and takes a few minutes of my time.
    Certainly not worth making a big deal about. It’s like a persistent fly that keeps landing on my arm. If it does it too much, it gets flattened: end of problem.



  • kmkirb

    I’m sorry, but most people posting here that are complaining have absolutely no clue as to what the National Do Not Call Registry is all about. It was never meant to STOP ALL CALLS. The DNC was only meant to reduce calls, but in no way limits many of the companies that are still allowed to call. I highly suggest getting informed & the only way to do that is go back & read all of the fine print on the DNC site. All surveys, political affiliations, & others are still legally allowed to call. Another thing, you can thank technology for all the dead air when you think no one is there the majority of the time. If you were NOT so impatient, many times there is someone there, but due to late connections you can’t hear them YET but they can hear you. Another thing, in most cases, the caller is not allowed to leave you a message. They have to talk to you personally as there are questions that need answering, & a voice machine is not going to provide that, so there’s no point in leaving a message. And finally, the person making the call is a real live person just trying to make a little bit of money in this disgusting economy where we no longer have jobs thanks to offshoring, outsourcing, credit checks that is simply a discrimination tactic to refuse jobs to qualified people, etc. These callers literally make pennies per hour, but ONLY if you listen to what their bosses have instructed them to say. If they can’t at least let you know why they are calling, hence hearing the entire script, they DO NOT GET PAID ANYTHING IN MOST INSTANCES. Truly, must you be that mean & cruel to deny people a paycheck when there aren’t many alternatives to finding work these days? I’d rather be kind & human by listening to someone’s script, spiel, offer, etc., & know that I am helping that person to receive a tiny bit of pay, than forcing them to go on government assistance. And finally, after listening to the person, you can always kindly ask to be put on their own company’s DNC list.

    • onedgeabouttelemarketers

      Oh, give me a break. I don’t give two s***s about their jobs or how little they get paid. In a perfect world, those jobs wouldn’t even exist. Go get another job. Digging ditches is more reputable. I run an office and these a******s call everyday. I don’t get paid to put up with their bs. I have a job too, and guess what? My job is more important to me than their jobs. I don’t have time to answer meaningless phone calls. My office is fast paced and these fools take up valuable time. It should be against the law for them to do this.

    • sickofyourcalls

      My cell phone has a wonderful phone blocker. I have a zero tolerance policy and I block all spam on the first offense, no exception. This includes ALL charities, ALL politicians, etc. In addition, my default ringtone is silence, you only get a ringtone once your number is stored in my phone.

      The only reason that I’m even visiting this site is to check whether or not a number is spam when they don’t leave a message. Now confirmed, this number is blocked, permanently. If you are a spammer, then you NEVER get off of that list for any reason. Even if you sold the number to my grandmother, it stays on the list. I love you grandma, but you now have the number of a spammer, if you want to call me, get a new number.

      I’m posting this in case other people have these features and don’t know about them. Really, life is SO much better with ZERO unwanted calls. My goal here is simply to help put everyone in the industry out of a job. The DNC list is pointless, it’s just a list that confirms to politicians that your number is real. Technology at the consumer level is the solution.

    • fish2fish2

      Mean & cruel to deny people a paycheck? Boo Hoo. Get over yourself. I pay for the phone so I will decide who to talk to. You can be the sucker who keeps them all in business.

    • Julie Lynn Collins

      You cannot be serious. Harrassing people in the privacy of their own homes, on a telephone that THEY pay for, is not a “job.” It’s a nuisance. Since you think it’s such a great idea, I think we should all forward their next call to your number.

    • Excalibra

      That’s all fine and dandy. Yes, I understand when you tell us that the people who are making the calls (via a predictive dialer or whatever) are doing a job that doesn’t pay them diddly.
      I get it about offshoring outsourcing and the rest.
      I understand that companies rely on this kind of activity to survive.
      I get all of that.

      But that has nothing whatsoever to do with this problem.

      The important thing you are apparently incapable of getting to grips with is that the people who are receiving these calls did not ask for them, they do not want them, and their lives do not revolve around the telephone. It is not a problem of their doing; they are the victims of it.

      If that is too difficult for you to comprehend, then you should get out more and meet more people; you show strong signs of not having a clue about them and what it is like in the real world.

      Of course, you may well be actively involved with this kind of business. As an apologist for it, you fail for the same reasons.

    • Anonymous

      you are invading my privacy when you call. If I want to buy something I will go to a brick and mortar store and purchase it. You need to get off your pitty chair and get your a*s out and get a real job instead of pestering people all day. Your credit is your decisions you have made it has nothing to do with you pestering and pestering people. personally I will block you and I will not feel bad about doing it either!!!!!!!!!

    • ✓ᴡɪᴛɴᴇss

      You are a disgusting idiot. The harassment is so bad that all my ringers had to be turned off. There is an elderly sick person here that needs sleep. You probably never considered that possibility, have you? You are invading peoples privacy. I have had to get rid of my phone number because of people like you.

  • Greg

    I have a call blocker that blocks calls by area code. My phone never rings, but the call blocker does track these jerks so I can see they tried once again & again & again. Once in a while, I look at the blocker and smile when I see activity like this.

  • Saad & Karen

    I would like to add my voice among the people are being harassed by this company MRS from Cincinnati OH.. We are getting calls from them every day. We do not answer them. Then they do something and all four of phones start beeping noise. I have to go to each room and turn them off. I am surprised that no one can do anything about it. Any suggestion is welcome. Karen & Saad, LA, CA.

  • MRSI – Marketing Research Services Inc. Both my Hubby and I are signed up to receive invitations to participate in a Smoker’s Panel here in Chicago. We get $25 cash and 8 plain white packs of no named cigarettes with numbers on them like "E5" and a colored dot sticker on the bottom (2 packs per color). We are given 4 sheets of questionnaires that we have to fill out after smoking enough of the cigarettes to answer a comparison likeness grading scale of 1-5, 1 being nothing like your regular brand and 5 being same as your regular brand. You have to grade compared to your brand you smoke such as: harshness, aftertaste, burn rate, if they went out the same or more or less than your regular brand, etc. After filling out the survey paper on one color, you call their toll free number and answer the questions by pushing the numbers that you wrote on the colored paper. After that call you will be instructed to "begin smoking the next pack".

    • dgmcshane

      Well…smoke up. It’s just a matter of time.

      • KBW

        i know this is a bit off topic, but my younger sister who, like me, started smoking as a teenager, unlike me, didn’t have a strong urge to quit (I quit in my 20s). she used to say, “everyone has to go from something, mommy couldn’t avoid cancer, so I’m picking my cancer.” [our maternal grandparents passed of cancers due to occupation or genetic pre-disposition, our mother did everything “right” but developed a blood cancer and passed away several years ago].

        anyhow, one morning in May 2014, my then-22yo nephew came running to my house, their house next door was on fire, and his mom didn’t escape. luckily, my nieces were in school, but their entire house was destroyed, and my sister couldn’t make it to a window, where the fire started, blocked her from using the windows in her own room, and the fire was so fast moving and strong, she barely made it to the next room before she passed out from smoke inhalation, where she passed. the fire investigation, along with what my nephew witnessed in the house before he jumped out his window, led us to one conclusion: after putting the girls off to school, she must have sat down to have a cigarette before getting around to get ready for the day, and fell back asleep on her bed.

        Smoking can take you more ways than just cancer. it was 3 days before Mother’s Day – her daughter was only 1 month from high school graduation, all of the pets died in the fire, the kids lost everything, including my other niece who she was raising, our brother’s daughter, who had just lost her mom, our sister in law, a year and a half before. she lost everything we had for her to remember her mother by. I’m glad i quit, getting close to 30 years ago. sure wish my sister had – no one got a chance to say goodbye, not even her son, who lives with survivor’s guilt.

        that’s just a little story, neither here not there about the caller. i have them blocked now after reading on here about who they are. the Do Not Call List IS supposed to block callers with whom you have not done business, or to whom you have never had a business relationship or given permission to create a business relationship. These telemarketers are now breaking the laws, and creating their OWN “do not call” lists, contacting us then saying, (some at least), “if you don’t want to be on our list, let us know.” When I got on the federal and state “do not call” lists, that was supposed to be your first warning. I can’t stand how toothless that law has become.

  • james r. sisyare

    they make it impossible for you to block the calls and the calls are not for anybody living here….. additionaly the calls are not aboput an opinion pole at all ,they are really a collection hound who will drive you nuts. they call here about twice a day and the calls are nt for us at all… if I could find a lawyer to take a case I would start a class action lawsuit to break their bankroll for good…..thiosd groupe and others will call toi anger you about a relatives debts so you will call the relative to complain that you are being harassed for their debts. totally illeagle on their part but near impossible to stop them….. may they all loose every cent they ever earn from this nasty thieving enterprize………

  • SAW

    Sick of the calls from 512-562-1300, they call my home sometimes 2 to 3 times a day, plus late at night , they have called me 6 times in the last 3 days. this is not acceptable. I am going to file a complaint with my states attorney general .

  • Eric Silveira

    MRSI (Market Research Services Inc., Cincinnati,

    should be brought to their senses regarding their

    call center activities. If you have been harassed by them, send your complaint to:-

    That Better Business Bureau, of which they are

    a member, should hear your complaint.

    Every harassed person should do this, NO EXCEPTION.

    • Melissa Kinsey

      Dear BBB,

      Please add my name to the list of those who have been harassed by MRSI. I read online that this "business" is a member of your bureau. I have received calls twice daily for several weeks from 513-562-1300. This Sunday I received a call from that number at 5 minutes to 9:00 p.m., after having already received a call from the same number at 5:11 p.m. I don’t appreciate being harassed in my home daily, especially on a Sunday evening. If I wanted to answer this call, I would have done so 20 calls ago.

      Melissa Kinsey
      St. Louis, MO


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