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Filed Under: 458 Area Code
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City: Eugene
State: Oregon

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No clue who is calling me from 458-201-0231, But they are annoying !

No clue who is calling me from 458-201-0231,But they call every day sometimes 5 times in a day or once every hour.

They don’t leave any messages, And if I call them back no one answers nor is there a way for me to leave a message, But rather a strange error message.  or they just hang up before it rings.

I have added them to my contacts list on my cell phone so I’m able to have it set to ignore and it goes straight to my voicemail.

But yet they still call! Seems they are in need of a life!

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  1. Same here as previous responses. This number comes up as "marketing fraud" on my end. The number is 458-201-0231. I do not answer and they leave no message.