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City: Washington
State: District of Columbia

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240-210-7111 - 2 rings and you pick up and they hang up

They are calling 4 or 5 times a day and when you pick up the phone it goes to a static call and then they hang up.

Even if you let it go to the voicemail it still does the same thing.

I want these people to stop calling my house

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3 thoughts on “240-210-7111

  1. They just called my house today…A few times. When I answered they asked for my husband, who was busy at the time and so I asked who it was, he gave his name which I didn't recognize so I asked what company he was calling from and he refused to tell me. So I asked him to not call back as he wouldn't speak to my husband if he wouldn't even tell me the company and he replied with "Hope you enjoy all the calls your going to be getting" I then called him a b***h and hung up and added him to auto rejection on my phone. We pay our bills, we do not have nor have we ever had anything in collections at anytime. A lot of complaints about these people

  2. The telephone call originates from Receivables Performance Management (RPM). They are a Collection Agency calling delinquent debtors about delinquent Direct TV accounts. A Google search on their name returns 1000s of complaints. RPM uses as many as 25 different telephone numbers. RPM first started calling me on my cellphones and at home in mid-February 2012 until the very last call on December 24, 2012 at which ALL calls have suddenly ended as of today Monday, 14 January, 2013. Perhaps it took RPM 10 months to figure out that I never had a Direct TV account in the first place. Comcast/Xfinity has been my TV, Internet and telephone provider since March 2000, and before Comcast my provider was AT&T for the previous 25 years. Not ONE time between February and December did I ever receiveany demand letters or notices to my residence. The absolute burden of proof in a court of law that I owe the debt is with RPM and not me. I'll report back to this forum should something further develop. Bottom line is to NEVER communicate with, deal with, bargain with, negotiate with Bill Collectors or Collection Agencies. Signed Mr. JS, Monday 14 January 2013 @20:55

    • I agree, they have been calling my number for months. I never answer because I know who I owe money and I am not late or behind with any payments. I also have never received any demand letters in the mail. you are right the burden of proof is with the company calling. No bother to me with the phone ringing. Ringer is off and I screen all my calls.