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Credit Card Interest Reduction, Blah, Blah, Blah...

I received yet another call from 214-504-1687 to reduce my interest rate. I actually picked up the call, as I have done in the past, to request that they remove my number from their list because I am on the Do Not Call Registry. And yet again, they simply hung up on me. I can’t figure out which is more annoying: A) Receiving the calls -or- B) Repeatedly getting hung up on. I receive these calls daily on my land line also and it is becoming a form of harassment in my opinion.

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  • guest

    Yep – me too, this number calls, won’t let me opt out or anything, they call me and I get hung up on!

  • get rid of the scum

    I received a call from the 214.504.1687 from McKinney, TX today asked me those questions. He told me his name was Frank Edward. I called my credit card later this evening and asked if they were any offers of lowering interest rates and if someone called on my account? The CSR said no, not today.

  • angry call receiver

    My cell phone is on the DO NOT CALL list, but I continually receive calls from this number which I NEVER pick up. There should be a way to charge them for the call.

  • tom

    press one, get a live person

    then waste their time with a bogus account #….such as discover…starts with 6011

    then give 12 random numbers

    when they ask more identity theft questions ask if they swallow !!!!

  • steve

    proabably not in this country…not a thing anyone can do about it

  • Tracie

    These idiots just don’t give up with their credit card scam. I’ve pushed the number asking them to stop calling and they still call. Reported it to the National Do Not Call List and the Kansas attorney general. I’m so fed up now that I push 1 and blow a whistle into the phone whenever this idiot answers it. Serves them right!!!!!!

    • Josh

      These people keep calling my sons number and I have gotten so annoyed with them that I now play jokes on them. I have my son ask them about pretty ponies, unicorns, chocolate milk, and many other things. These people don’t know when to quit either. These people should not be fined but instead taken straight to prison.

    • Speedy

      I actually purchase $1 Air horns from Dollar Tree, They are louder and do last a long time.

  • Mimi

    I set the default ring on my phone to "silent." Then I assigned ring tones to most of the people in my address book. (People who rarely call are still set on silent). I am never interrupted by scam callers (because my phone doesn’t ring when they call) and I simply delete them when I see them on my recent calls list. It also works for blocked calls, which I get all hours of the day and night. I am on the no call lists, but that doesn’t seem to help. I have been very happy with "silent ring" solution!

  • Debbie

    I just received a call today from this # as well, when I answered they just hung up. Also on the do not call list.

  • Shawn

    These scammers are criminals, and are already making illegal calls so they are not going to stop just because people are on a list. Reporting these calls does not stop the harassment either. They will not stop until they are literally stopped, not by jail time (which they won’t serve) or fines (which they probably won’t pay).
    Whenever they call me, I record the call and tell them what I want to happen to them (the hole they are in gets destroyed with them in it), and what I want to do to them (cuts, stabs, shots, poisons). Most of these calls originate from other countries so legal punishments based here are pointless. The best thing that could happen is for the entire "company" and all their "employees" to be eliminated. As each new group pops up, the procedure needs to be repeated until we are finally rid of this modern day plague.

  • sally smith

    I am so over these people thinking we will buy anything from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    mine is the same complaint as everyone on here. I get the call once every 2 weeks. what can we do to stop this. they keep hanging up on me and you can’t call back.

  • anonymous

    When I answered, I got a recorded message about a special promotion to lower the APR on my credit card to 6%. I pressed #1 to speak to a representative and when a live person came on the line he asked me "how much credit card debt do you have?" I replied, "if this is really my credit card company then you should already know the answer to that question". He then asked "Do you give happy endings?". I asked who this was and he said "this is Michael and I have a big d*%k". I hung up and tried to call back and got a recorded voicemail "the number you are trying to reach is not in service".

    • anonymous

      Report to fbi…they have to investigate. Local pd usually do nothing about such crimes. Fbi wiil though its there juristiction.

  • Irrate Customer

    Got a call to my cell phone — I am on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST. I did not answer the call.

    • jon

      i swear they got our numbers from this list. I get calls all the time and it **** me off! This last one i was in my car and I waited to get through to an operator. I talked very softly until she said, "what?" and then I yelled extremely loud. hopefully they won’t be calling back

  • Julie

    Called my cell phone today and offered to lower my interest rate, I pressed 1 and got some guy on the phone asking me for the credit card # to verify. I asked for his phone # and he hung up.

  • michelle

    i asked them several times if they were calling about my discover card, they said yes.
    finally i said to them I dont have a discover card and stop calling my f*n phone.

  • Guest

    They call several times a week and have been doing it for almost a year.

    This company calls using a couple of different numbers.
    The initial recorded call says they are ‘Credit card services’ press one to get an operator.
    When you confront operator They hang up.
    They also offer a fraudulent chance to win 50k.

    Known numbers:
    I have filed complaints on
    It hasn’t stopped

  • Hpdorf

    Call came in on my cell phone. Nobody answered me when I repeatedly said, "Hello." I’ll report this # to the Do Not Call site now.

  • these people suck

    reduce the rates on my cc and I paid it off a month ago I do not have one this is retarded. I press 1 to talk to a rep and they ask are you interested in lowering your rate? I said no I want to be removed from your list and they hung up. calling back does no good just rings about 7 or 8 times and then nothing.

  • sher

    Who are these people? I tried to call the number back but it rang and went blank..

  • new jersey

    Got a call from credit card services. Collect 5 to 10 of these numbers and call your phone carrier and complain. The do not call list isn’t going to stop them. The companies we pay will. P**s and moan to them to block the numbers from all their customers. If they get enough calls they will do something. I called and kept verizon on the phone for hour and half. I didn’t get any spam calls for 3 months. It time to tie them up again.

  • Maricopa

    i was dared to press #1 to receive trivia on my cell and test my smarts for a chance to win 50k.
    the next msg was to remove my number from their data base..also #1..followed by the standard- 48.72 time to complete


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