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Last Updated On: January 9, 2017

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Business Name: magicJack VocalTec Ltd.'s
Corporate Address:
60 Medinat Hayehudim St
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 USA

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magicJack Phone Number: 972-970-3888
Company Contact: Gerald Vento - President CEO
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.41 out of 5
Based On: 93 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 150

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Reported Losses: $206,850.92
Average Reported Losses: $2,224.20

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MagicJack "customer service": One hour and fifteen minutes with no resolution

Jen: Hi, my name is Jen. How may I help you?
Elizabeth K: My MagicJack isn’t working – when I pick up the phone, there’s no dial tone.
Jen: I see
Jen: May I know where the device is plugged in ?
Elizabeth K: I tried turning off the router for three minutes (did that several times) still nothing
Jen: i see
Jen: May I know where the device is plugged in ?
Elizabeth K: Give me a sec… I’ll look
Jen: Okay, sure
Elizabeth K: ether net port at back of router. It’s always been plugged in there, and it hasn’t been disturbed.
Elizabeth K: I checked our account – paid until Jan 2017…
Jen: Okay.
Jen: May I know what telephone set are you using? is it corded or cordless?
Elizabeth K: cordless.
Jen: I see.
Jen: One moment please…
Jen: Please follow these steps.

1. Disconnect the battery from handset(s)
2. Disconnect Phone Cord from Magicjack
3. Disconnect Phone cord from base unit
4. Disconnect AC adapter from wall outlet
5. Allow to sit for 3 mins.
6. Reconnect Phone Cord to base
7. Reconnect Phone cord to magicjackjack
8. Reconnect AC Adapter to wall outlet
9. Reconnect battery into handset until you click or feel the plug snap
Elizabeth K: Ok. You want to wait, or shall I get back to you if this doesn’t restore service
Jen: I can wait
Elizabeth K: OK
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Jen: Take your time.
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Elizabeth K: No luck
Jen: Okay.
Jen: Can you change the power adapter instead? You can use your iPhones charger.
Elizabeth K: I don’t have an iphone charger; I charge through computer
Jen: i see.
Jen: Have you tried plugging the device on the computer?
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Elizabeth K: No. But I have a power adapter to charge my my camera. Interestingly, the Magic Jack charger has none of the required markings typically found on all electrical devices….
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Elizabeth K: OK, tried different charger…. no luck
Jen: Okay, I guess we need to try fixing it using your computer
Elizabeth K: Ok, what to do?
Jen: Plug the device on your computer.
Elizabeth K: what about the plug to the back of the router?
Jen: Just plug the device directly to the usb port of your computer.
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Elizabeth K: OK. now I get a dial tone. So it seems that it works…. let me try making a call
Elizabeth K: OK, I can access my voice mail, so I suppose it works….. as long as it’s plugged into my computer directly??
Jen: Yes, please.
Elizabeth K: Yes, please what?
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Jen: Can’t you just keep it plugged into your copmputer?
Elizabeth K: No, I bought the little device so that I don’t have to keep it plugged in to my computer.
Elizabeth K: Also, keeping it plugged into my computer means that I have to keep my computer plugged in all the time – not good for the battery. Also, can’t receive a call if not plugged in.
Elizabeth K: Sorry, not an option
Elizabeth K: seems to me. I need a new Magic Jack plus unit. Do you agree?
Elizabeth K: Hello?
Jen: yes,
Elizabeth K: What are your thoughts?
Jen: But we no longer offer the magicjack plus.
Jen: We have new device offered.
Jen: The magicjackGO and Magicjack Express.
Jen: You can visit our official website at to check the products and its p[rices.
Elizabeth K: Fine; send me one that gives the same capability. That is, one that connects to the back of my router.
Elizabeth K: Prices? I paid for this one and it’s not working. Please send a replacement.
Jen: Okay.
Jen: Please wait while I check that for you
Elizabeth K: Thanks, Jen
Jen: Sure..
Communication with Jen has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
You will be requeued in approximately 1080 seconds.
Communication with Jen has been restored.
Elizabeth K: Are you still checking?
Jen: yes
Jen: here it is
Jen: We have determined you need a replacement device, but your device is outside the one year warranty. We charge a fee of $24.95 to ship a replacement device to your US address. (Only if applicable, and an additional $6.00 to ship your replacement to a Canadian address.) When you receive the replacement, just plug it in and you will be prompted to select the device you wish to replace. Your remaining time and telephone number will automatically transfer.
Elizabeth K: Jen, I paid for the device once. I’m not going to pay twice for the same device. Furthermore, the thing weighs less than an ounce…. $24.95 to ship???
Elizabeth K: Please send a replacement. Free.
Elizabeth K: Jen, I don’t mean to be impatient, but we’ve been chatting for a long time. The issue han’t been resolved.
Jen: I am sorry Elizabeth, you purchased the device long time ago. It’s already outside warranty. And that is the policy for the replacement of the device outside warranty.
Jen: As much as I wanted to help, sorry but I have no control for the charges of replacing the device.
Elizabeth K: I don’t care what the ‘policy’ is – I have one of my own: I don’t pay twice when the item breaks.
Elizabeth K: Then kindly connect me to the next person in charge. Thank you.
Jen: Okay
Jen: Please hold, I am transferring you to a senior agent.
Elizabeth K: Thanks again, Jen
Jen has disconnected.
Carmella: Hi, my name is Carmella. How may I help you?
Elizabeth K: Hi, Camelia. Chatting with Jen, it seems she’s determined that my MagicJack power adapter is bad. I need another.
Carmella: Hi there.. Welcome to the Higher Level of Support. Please hold for a moment. Let me read your chat with your previous operator so that I can assist you right away, Thank you.
Carmella: Thank you for patiently waiting Elizabeth , To clarify, is your MJ Device is currently connected to your computer?
Elizabeth K: Yes. Seems it’s the only way I can power it.
Carmella: Is it okay with you if we will check your device first for us to properly check the problem
Elizabeth K: Ok course; please do.
Carmella: Please follow this steps for me
Carmella: Please click Apple Icon then choose on “About this MAC” under the top left hand corner of the screen, a small window will appear. Click on “More Info…” and then “System Report…”.
Communication with the Oracle Service Cloud Chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 1080 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Elizabeth K: I don’t see anything marked system report…
Carmella: May I know what you see there?
Elizabeth K: Three main headings: Hardware, Network, and Software
Elizabeth K: Under each main heading are other sub-headings, but nothing called system report
Carmella: May I know if you click the About this MAC?
Carmella: May I know if you click the About this MAC?
Elizabeth K: Yes, I’m telling you what comes up in the info box
Carmella: May I know if you are using USB Extension cord the time you plug in your MJ Device connected to your computer?
Elizabeth K: Yes, it’s 3″ long.
Carmella: I see. Please remove the USB Extension cord you used then please plug in the MJ Device directly connected to the USB Port of your computer.
Elizabeth K: Why? The phone is working using the extension.
Carmella: Is the dial pad up on your computer screen?
Elizabeth K: Yes, it appears when I plug in to the computer. But now there is a dial tone – the phone is working – so, I dial from the phone.
Carmella: I see
Carmella: Thank you
Elizabeth K: I believe I need a replacement power adapter.
Carmella: When it is connected to router, is there a blue, green and yellow lights?
Elizabeth K: It’s been plugged into the router for quite some time, and it’s always worked. The router and/or connections have not been disturbed. MJ works if I plug into my computer, but does not when I plug into the adapter and connect to the router.
Elizabeth K: Therefore, I believe I need a new adapter.
Carmella: Yes Elizabeth since it works fine connected to computer and no worries, we will replace your power adapter and you may get a replacement by just login to your account then hover your mouse to SHOP tab then click Power Adapter.
Elizabeth K: ….and it’s a FREE replacement, yes?
Carmella: No need to pay for the adapter, its free only, you only have to pay the shipping cost of $5.39 and we will send it to your address
Carmella: It will be on Express Shipping and will typically be delivered in 2 – 4 days after shipment.
Elizabeth K: Sorry, I don’t think that’s entirely satisfactory to have to pay to mail a replacement for the one that died – I already paid for it, and I think it should be sent for free.
Elizabeth K: Off the subject, how long has his ‘chat’ been going on?
Carmella: As much I can give you a free replacement only Elizabeth but I can’t since its already in magicjack policy..
Elizabeth K: I have a policy too. When I buy something that fails, I either get a full refund or a free replacement.
Elizabeth K: Your choice.
Elizabeth K: ….how long have we been chatting?
Carmella: I understand your situation with this Elizabeth and you agreed the policy of magicjack before you used the device , Please CLICK HERE :
Carmella: Aside from this, is there anything else you want to add or clarify?
Elizabeth K: You didn’t answer; how long has this chat lasted, in minutes?
Carmella: I assist you 25 minutes
Elizabeth K: …and how long did I dance with Jen? another twenty-five minutes?
Carmella: 30 minutes in Jen
Elizabeth K: So, I opened the link you sent. Please direct to me to where it says that if the adapter fails, I have to pay to have a replacement sent…
Carmella: Please CLICK HERE :… (URL deleted by me – Eliz.)
Elizabeth K: ?? this brings me to my account page
Carmella: Yes Elizabeth , you need to login first for you to proceed on replacement
Carmella: I will guide you on that
Carmella: Are you login now?
Elizabeth K: OK… yes, I am
Carmella: Do you see SHOP Tab above
Elizabeth Kt: Yes..
Carmella: ?
Carmella: Hover your mouse to SHOP Tab then in dropdown list click Power Adapter
Elizabeth K: Yes, it’s in cart
Carmella: Click Add to Cart then click Checkout
Carmella: click Checkout Now
Carmella: Then follow the steps to complete the order
Elizabeth K: Yes. I see a $5.39 charge.
We already discussed this, didn’t we?
Carmella: Yes, Please click Complete My Order
Elizabeth K: If I do, then my credit card on file will be charged, yes?
Carmella: Yes
Elizabeth K: NO.
Carmella: The order will not be completed without the card on file
Elizabeth K: Look, Carmella, how many times do I have to repeat?
Elizabeth K: You will either issue a free replacement and pay the shipping, OR issue a full refund to the card on file.
Elizabeth K: ….and if we keep going, we can cancel the MJ subscription and you can give a full refund for that, too.
Carmella: No Elizabeth , in Terms of Service in magicjack, there is a replacement fee for power adapter
Elizabeth K: Sorry, Carmella. Please bump this up to the next level of management.
Thanks for your help.
Carmella: You are now chatting a manager Elizabeth and I am the last person who you can chat with
Elizabeth K: Then give me a phone number to speak with a person. This ‘chat’ this is tedious.
Carmella: We only do as chat support here, we do not have a Phone number yet that can use to call.. and Please be inform also Elizabeth that Our annual license fee is extremely inexpensive, enabling consumers to reap substantial savings. magicJack devices contain small electronic components like other electronic products they could become damaged. Our warranty processing fee helps recover our costs to program, process and ship the replacement, unlike other carriers who may recover these costs through their monthly recurring fees or paid insurance plans.
Elizabeth K: Your replacement costs were already calculated into the price of the device. These are made in China for a cost of ~ 14 cents each.
Elizabeth K: Back to the problem. I functionally don’t hav the service I paid for. If you won’t work with me, cancel my MJ subscription and give me a refund to the card on file.
Carmella: I understand your situation Elizabeth and there is nothing we can do here since its already in magicjack policy with regards on warranty replacement and the license of your device cannot be refundable since the license is already used from its original purchased
Carmella: We can only refund the license as long as you did not make any calls yet from the time you place an order of the license
Elizabeth K: OK, thanks for checking, Carmella.
I’ve cut & pasted this entire conversation for use in online forums regarding Magic Jack customer service and support. It’s a good read, and I think it could serve as ample warning that Magic Jack purchases cheap Chinese equipment, and then when it burns out, charges you to help “recover your costs” (another term for double-charging).
Carmella: Please be inform that the main cause of power adapter why it got damage because of shorcircuits, sudden power outages,
Carmella: Is there anything else I may help you with today?
Elizabeth K: Carmella, if there were any short-circuits, it would be in the device itself. There are no moving parts, and I’ve repeated myself at least four times – it has not been disturbed. It simply quit working, Chinese POS that it is.
Carmella: It cannot be damage without a cause Elizabeth ”
Elizabeth K: Yes, the cause is likely that it’s a cheaply-manufactured component.
Carmella: That is not true since you used your device for long years
Elizabeth K: Long years?? What exactly are you talking about?
Carmella: You’re device registered last 01/21/2013 and there is no problem with the device and it may cause that there is a power outage happened
Elizabeth K: You’re really stretching for a reason to not accept responsibility for your cheaply-made device which prematurely FAILED.
Carmella: I understand your situation and I respect your decision .. Is there anything else I may help you with today?
Elizabeth K: Yes, send a new adapter to replace the one that FAILED. Or, refund the full price AND cancel my subscription with a full refund. (By the way, this is really going to be an interesting read on the MJ forums…)
Carmella: I repeat myself Elizabeth, there is nothing we can do here for free replacement power adapter because its already in magicjack policy with regards on warranty replacement, you need to pay for it and the license of your device cannot be refundable since the license is already used from its original purchased. We can only refund the license as long as you did not make any calls from the time you place an order of that plan
Elizabeth K: I repeat myself, Carmella: MJ failed.
Send adapter (free) OR cancel service and issue full refund. Or put me in touch with next level of management – no more chatting.
Carmella: I am a manager here and I am the last person who you can chat with
Elizabeth K: No more ‘chats’ – put me in touch with your manager
Carmella: I believe that I have already provided you all the information needed; I would like to ask permission to end this conversation with you. Thank you.
Carmella has disconnected.

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  • jasonbourne23

    I read the reviews first, so did not get the five year plan and good thing. My MagicJack Go worked fine for a year and when I renewed the second year, it got an Invalid Serial Number error after two months. I could not call out. After talking with a few representatives and doing what they said and still getting an error, they wanted me to buy a new MagicJack Go. I only had it for about 14 months and all of the lights work. I get a dial tone, but cannot call out and keep getting an error. I tried connecting it directly to the computer and same thing. MagicJack isn’t reliable enough for the money. If you can go year to year and get decent service, then you are lucky. MagicJack is not reliable enough to keep putting your money towards it.

    Cheap. Works as advertised for a limited time. Easy to set up.

    The call quality varies. Then I got errors several times with the subscription over the course of a year, so had to chat with their customer service online several times. Sometimes, you can fix the errors yourself by reading the FAQ so do that first. The product is not reliable so it gets a hardware, software or quality failure. There could be problems that customer support can fix, but it will take patience and at least an hour. Usually, expect more 2 to 3 hours. You’ll have to decide whether to put more money towards a new product or not. It’s not trustworthy for a primary phone service. I would not recommend if you have a business.

    Not Recommend

  • Mags Willis

    I installed a NEW MJ+ today. Entered my name and email. But the account name is someone else’s name. I chatted for awhile with them to fix it. They could not help me and acted like it wasn’t possible. They even show my previous addresses from 10 years ago in my account. How are they getting this info? They show the previous person’s old phone number next to my new number and ask if I want to reactivate this. I want an investigation on how this can happen.

  • charlie_wit

    I have been a Magic Jack user for a long time (at least 8 years), and I have always been very happy with the service it provides and its operational low cost for the end-user, to make free calls domestically (US and Canada) and internationally at very low rates. To this i want to add 3 more things, I have purchased another of these devices and couldn’t be happier, and I have nothing to do with getting paid for my positive comment about M.J. I am just trying to share my own personal experience. As far as its customer service, I agree I would like to have a live person answering a Customer Service # but, at least they have a good chat. One time, I requested something not common about switching M.J. numbers and other things, and even though initially the helper was not that knowledgeable finally she transferred me to a gentleman Victor that took a lot of time to understand my request and try to resolve it obtaining the best possible technical solution to my request. At the end I called him a genius and a victorious Victor. Unfortunately I couldn’t place a very positive post about my experience-review after solving the issue and ending the chat.

  • Jackie Kidwell

    I am so glad I read all these complaints about the Magic Jack ! My cousin recommended I get one to help with phone / computer bills, what a joke that would have been ! This MJ thing sounds like a good way to funnel money down the drain, and God does it ever sound complicated for the average Joe ! If it sounds too good to be true it always is, thanks everyone for educating me on this, MJ sounds like a nightmare !

  • just installed Mac os 10.11, elCapitan. Shot my formerly working magicJack all to hell. On web-chat, including screen-sharing, control active, for about 2.5 hours yesterday. The 4th in a line of fine CSRs told me that: MagicJack is not yet compatible with elCapitan–probably because of the way they snuck it into the world clandestinely, alerting no one in the developer community, marketing, support, or even sales communities.
    CSR “Cara” was the soul who identified the incompatibility. But she wasn’t at all “certain” in her description, along with “you’ll be the 1st to hear when it’s fixed/upgraded.
    Their upgrade “upg980.dmg” launches, starts translating/scripting, and then quits without completing. Maybe they’re distracted by the stock market?

  • cadcoke5

    I think the main goal for their technical support is to delay you with useless suggestions to resolve the problem, untill the device warranty expires. Then they want to sell you a new one.


    Paid $59 + shipping, then $10 to port my number to them. They discovered VERY LOW CALL VOLUME and if someone hangs up and tries to call you back such as a dropped call or something like that they get a message stating the “MAGIC JACK CUSTOMER IS UNAVAILABLE”. Like I want everyone to know I got a magic jack.
    Well, then to get my number back they HELD MY NUMBER HOSTAGE FOR ANOTHER $30 as a PORT OUT FEE! I mean really, who does that?
    I am now on Ooma, same technology but works very well with great audio quality.
    If you like the idea of VOIP then try Ooma.

  • Jabezabella2013

    Don’t even think about buying this product! Purchased in 2012, it worked great for the first few months, and then the service rapidly went south. The cost is no longer $20 a year…had to upgrade to a newer device in 2013, (Magic Jack Plus) thinking that would solve the stuttering digital breakup that made conversation incomprehensible, ended up paying over $50 just for the last years service, that included a $12 911 fee. called the recently established customer service phone number for help with audio clarity…the Indian accent guy was hard to understand, but told me the computer had a virus he could fix if I just gave him access to my computer…after he downloaded some software into it which did not resolve any of the problems, I got an email billing for $200 for a program Walmart sells for $20. Called him back and after much ado he removed the software. Now using it on a different computer and having the same audio problems. Mostly we use it to find our cell phones when we misplace them, and for a home phone number when it is required on paperwork.

  • TD

    Used Mj for a few months then they keep sending notices 5-6 mths in advance for renewal . Went to renew at appropriate time and instead of extending contract he just sold me an “up grade” to a different model and never applied my money to the contract. He basically tricked me to make the commission. Complained but got nowhere. Now after 3 mths I am getting a system error. I have been on the phone with “chat” for literally 5-6 hrs to no avail. When they tell me to check different web sites and it takes me awhile they disconnect me. Very unhappy with MJ. Any competitor??? to use.
    I have spoken to at least 6 different people. Never saw such poor customer service. I guess as long as people buy it they can do what they want.

  • Dude

    Everyone must know and understand that all of majic jacks support for America comes from America. If you get someone on the other side of an 800 number and they have an India accent. HANG UP!!! They are rip offs. I have and the federal Attorney Generals office going after them. They will tell you that they will only charge you 30 or so dollars and then take 200 plus out of your account. And because they are in New Deli India, good luck getting your money back. You will have to close that debit or credit card and get a new one. If you have a magic Jack phone you can open a online “My Magic Jack” It’s a web page that lets you turn on or off different apps for your phone. One lets phone calls come in and out. Or just lets the phone be used for calls going out. Or to turn on your answering machine. There service has gotten better. But make sure you are on the official web site and that the call is coming from or going to the correct company.

  • Frank Willkie

    These baters are nothing by lieing a-hoes. They called me, I had to call back. I get cut off. I call again,. and curse them out. they called anyway, block their number.and. therefore, they never got through. don’t fall from this scams. their numbers are from out in the burbs of every city. fact. Phone Companies are downtown. not in the burbs, where it was once all farm land.



  • watersw

    I’m on my third MJ device in less than a year. It works fine when it’s working but the support people are very difficult to deal with. When you have to replace a bad MJ device they charge you almost $12 for shipping and handling which includes a small charge like 58 cents for support then send it to you via snail mail so your phones are down for a week. In quotes is a clip from my chat online with the support person
    “Chris: MagicJack is dedicated to ensuring your complete
    satisfaction. We will replace your magicJack no questions asked within the
    warranty period as long as there is no physical damage. There will be a $11.80 non-refundable charge (for Shipping and Handling charge + regulatory expense and/or administration cost). Do you agree on this?
    Me: Cant I just return it to the store with the reciept and
    exchange it
    Chris: Nope, that is not possible because the trial periods on
    that device was up.
    Chris: And also, we are the only one who can process the
    replacement here from our system.
    Me: How long does this take
    Chris: As a prioritized Mail you will receive it with in 2 or a
    maximum of 5 working days.
    Me: This will be my third device in less than a year
    Me: How often do these go out
    Chris: Okay, you want to take it or not?
    Me: you are rude
    Chris: Nope, I am just clarifying it Wesley
    Me: How often do these go out
    Very hard to get a straight answer and not very pleasant.
    Good Luck Might want to think twice or maybe even three times before subjecting yourself to the “Support team”

  • Drue Corbett

    I finally got so fed up with MJ that I ported out. Guess what, they charged me 30.00 to do so. This has been a nightmare and I would never encourage anyone to try this. I put up with it for 4 years and had constant problems. My friends have been frustrated as they can never be sure they can call me. This product is a joke. If you want friends, you might try it as you will get to know support very well; not that it helps with the phone, but you can meet people!! You get what you pay for, and this MJ is worthless. Never again and I would not wish this on anyone. Glad to be out of it.

    • Paula

      I have been pondering this device for over a year. This morning, after watching a commercial, I wrote myself a note to look up customer reviews. I AM SOOOO GLAD THAT I DID!!!. Your review, along with the MANY others confirms that I will keep what I have. If it sound too good to be true, With the exception of God’s love…….it MOST LIKELY IS. Thanks to you and EVERYONE who takes that precious time to give feedback for others.

  • Mike

    Don’t get it – picked up a Magic Jack from Radio Shack about a month ago and requested they port my Verizon number. They emailed me it could take up to ten days, they did it in four. I then called to cancel Verizon but they already knew because my number had been ported to MJ. Anyway, as soon as I got it from Radio Shack and plugged it into my router I could make calls even though I could not receive them. Once my number was up and running I was home free (practically) and no longer on the hook, so to speak, with Verizon for $40 odd Dollars a month. So what are all the complaints about? It works like a charm – Very Very Pleased.

    • cadcoke5

      While all companies will occasionally have a defective product, the real test of a company is how well they handle the defective units or problems with service. The MagicJack company’s failure to handle these situations appropriately is the reason for all the complaints.

  • Larry Bean

    I have one of the Magic Jacks when they first come out and I also have the new Magic Jack plus for 2014 and I have not had one single problem with either one =They work for me each and every time with no signal loss or no loss of audio no choppy service as I have read about in some post’s=my internet is Earthlink DSL=I have the plus plugged into my wall and internet and use it all the time and my other plain magic jack, I take with me on the road=I have never had a problem with either one=I’m not saying that they all work this way as I can only say I’ve been with magic jack since they have come out and they are both working as they were intended to do for me= I would recommend these to everybody=I’m satisfied=I would say that most people should check out there internet connection or maybe there computers before hand. =myself I run 4 (four) computer’s in my home one XP and three win 7 all the time on a Unmanaged internet switch box instead of a router, and my magic jack plus runs as well with no problems= I’m very well satisfied with both my Magic jacks =sorry people have problems=maybe I’m just lucky I don’t know but=then if I was lucky then I would have hit a lottery a long time ago=have a great day=Larry Bean

  • Jackie

    My MJP was working until a month ago. Now all calls to my phone go to voice mail. I can not call out (no dial tone) and I can not receive calls (because it goes to VM). I have spent hours with "support" which is really no support and I have not been able to use my Magic Jack Plus for a month. Has any one been able to solve this problem. Prior to this, MJP worked great. Have been using MJ for several years without problems, except for customer NO support.

  • S Bartholomew

    I used the earlier version of MJ for 3 years with few problems. I then purchased the MJ+ because it’s advertised to work without the computer. I installed and registered the unit. I then discovered it would not work either with or without the computer. There was no dial tone. I kept getting an error message when I picked up the receiver. Finally I went to live chat, spent over an hour being shuffled from one techie to another. I gave up, requested an RMA and sent the unit back. it has been nearly a month, I am still waiting for a refund.

  • Tim

    Here’s another SCAM with magic jack – in 2012 I bought a brand new MJ Plus from their website. It came with 1 yr. FREE service. Then the subscription expired, I contacted their Live Chat and chat with 10 different people. Every time each different agent kept telling me that my "account is under review". I asked them under review for what. They all said they don’t have full access to my account to advise what’s the account is under review for.

    I told them that I wanted to continue the subscription. And wanted to make a payment on their website for another 1 or 5 yrs. of service. So, I made a payment via CC on their website and their system never processed the transaction. Then I contacted their Live Chat again and they all gave me the same BS excuses that my "account is under review".

    Got fed up with their incompetency on the support. One month past by and never gotten an email from them on the resolution. I bought a New MJ Plus from Best-Buy and registered it in 3/2013. Then this past weekend was the expiration of the 1 yr. service. However, two weeks ago I chat with their Live Chat agent and asked when is the exact date that my current subscription is going to expired. The agent told me 3/15/2014. On the same day two weeks ago, I received an email from magic jack, with a special 48 hrs. special promotion on the renewal, with 5 yrs. $90…something like that. I grabbed that deal on the same date and paid online. Then yesterday, my MJ Plus stopped working. I get a message "sorry, there’s a system error. Please try again later".

    It seems like they set up their system to let your subscription expired and then you have to contact their Live Chat. And they all give you the same line…"account is under review". But they don’t know what it’s is under review for. This will make you feel annoyed – that you will have to buy a new device to start your service again. And not to mention that you have to change your phone # again every time.

    • No Lyes

      there is a way to reset your Magic Jack, so that you do not have to by a new one. at least that is what i gathered from googling MJ

  • ani

    I bought a new magic jack plus recently and I wanted to port my number. They said I can make calls but not receive call for 7 to 10 days. It was OK for me but I made only couple of calls before automatically disabled my magic jack plus. Now customer rep said it is system reviews will solve it as soon as possible

  • Suzee

    I have had regular MJ for 5 years and have been satisfied for the most part. I purchased the MJ + in December and it worked most of the time thru February. I have not changed any of the connections, but now I get an error 1 message which means check the internet connection. Haven’t had any phone service (other than Tracfone) for 3 days. Tried customer support but, really I can’t stand wasting all that time. It would be nice if a product could be made that is reliable and daily usable. There is a great problem with merchandise quality and customer service in the electronic products these days.

  • Karen M

    I bought my Magic Jack Plus in July. It worked ok for a few months, but then stopped working all together when plugged into the outlet.
    It would only work when plugged directly in to my computer, so I contacted someone on their help site, who could only suggest unplugging it (which didn’t help)
    The quality of the calls were not good – I could barely hear the other person that I was speaking to. Exasperated, I gave up and switched my land line to Verizon. After having recently paid for another 6 months of service, Magic Jack charged me a $30.00 "administrative fee" to port my number to Verizon!
    I will never buy this product again and would not recommend it to anyone else. I wish that I had read more reviews before I purchased it. It seems like many other people have all had similar issues.

    • Fred F.

      Have had my Magicjack for almost a year with minimal problems.
      P.S. I like paying a $1.70 a month.

      Fred F.

    • andres

      mine working without computer so far, my only complain is that ithis thing is getting too hot to the touch im afraid that this thing get my apartment on fire..seriusly

      • Jabsdna

        I have the same problem and they have sent me a new adapter and it is the same way. I contacted them today and they said it was supposed to get warm I told the guy it is NOT warm it is HOT and he still said it was safe. I told him I do not want anything this HOT in my house so he said he will send me a different unit, but I have to pay almost $12 for the shipping. I’ll just wait and see what happens to that one. I am getting very irritated with these people ! Good luck with yours.

        • Leon

          I spent too much time on the phone the other day with customer support but finally had a new one on the way ($11.95 later) I asked, “Has anyone ever told you guys that this thing gets hot when it’s plugged in? She asked what do you mean? I said “It gets physically HOT when it’s plugged in. She said no one has ever mentioned it. Really? She said maybe thats why your unit went out. I said no,… ya think? We,… ALL OF US need to get the word out and if anyone think their fire was caused by this,… CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

  • iqnamicslifeimprovementcenter

    I first bought Magic Jack in 2011. As they came up with new models I bought them. I am on their last model Magic Jack PLus 2014, which I bought last July. It is the third model. The first two were satisfactory. Service was not great, but got problems fixed. But since I got this last MJ Plus 2014, last July, things have continuously deteriorated, with various problems, if is not one thing it is another. Losing connections happen at least once per call, especially on long calls of an hour or more. In January the main problem was that the other party could not hear me for the first few seconds. I would hear them say hello, but they would not hear me. That seems to be fixed now. But I learned to never say never. Then in the last month, the other party has been complaining about a beeping noise in their ear. I cannot hear it. A couple of times the audio or voice was so distorted that we could not understand each other. I have been on their chat customer service line maybe 15 times or more since last Jly. At least three or 4 times I was on chat for 6-7-8 -9 hours. Every time they go through the same procedure, first you get level one techies , and if they can’t fix it they transfer to top level techies. They have installed the 980 update many times. They have remote controlled my computer and tried everything and cant get it fixed. When the going gets tough, their customer service people are professionals at giving the run around. If you try and ask for compensation, or something like that, well they will drive you insane. If you ask to talk to the big boss, they will ignore that and say something irrelevant. What actually goes on is too complicated and twisted and insane to explain. I have to say they are a bunch of rogues, a bunch of crooks. Scam artists. I live in Canada. And it is too difficult to deal with them from here. I would like you Americans to straighten them out. Don’t waste time with Better Business Bureau. They have erectile dysfunction. You have to call dept of consumer affairs in Florida or call the equivalent with the feds. Or call both. You just have to figure out the right route to go. And have them straighten Magic Jack out. Don’t quit until you get the job done.

  • Diana

    In the boat with all the others very rude customer service with their made up names disconnect you please wait till I send you to senior agent best suited for this issue just filed a complaint bbb then I read how they are paid by the companies I guess its true because mj has an Aplus rating do you believe it

  • ramblinroze

    Does anybody know if you can keep your phone number if you "leave" magic jack and go back to your previous phone service? I know you can keep it when you go to MJ…but cannot tell about going back if I don’t like MJ>

  • dan

    Magic Jack is in business for one reason- to make the owner of this scam company tons of money. He hides out in Florida somewhere reaping the benefits. He outsources his "live chat line" to some foreign country for probably pennies and rakes money in. If you have a problem with the service or the unit, you will NEVER get any satisfaction from them guaranteed.

  • TRRao

    Magicjack phone 630 230 7117 installed in India for making calls to to my sons in US is not working for last four weeks.
    Whenever I press US numbers recorded massage saying ‘ System error, please try again later" is heard over the phone.
    How long system error exists? How long customer / consumer suffer without using phone. Neither my sons nor me are able to speak each other.
    Please rectify the system error and enable us to speak from both sides.

  • Neicy

    Do not buy Magic Jack product!
    It’s more of a headache than anything. I purchased this product about two months ago and had nothing but issues with it from the very beginning. The plug gets really hot, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t, I would be talking and the person on the other line would tell me I sound like my voice was under water and they couldn’t understand me, you never get a live person when calling customer service online chats only and by the time you try to get all the issues fixed, 30 days have already passed and you cannot get your money back! $59.99 gone down the drain with 2 months of jacked up service. And lastly, if you try to port your number to another provider, it’s impossible the online chat rep will tell you that your passcode is your email address and password which it is not so they hold your phone number hostage and you will have to get a new phone number, but if you’re lucky they charge you $30 fee for porting your number back. Very unsatisfied customer!

  • victor fredette

    The problem Magic jack just sucks do not by it SUCKs

  • CPR4Comp

    All this I have experienced… All of this I have over come.
    New USB powered adapter $.99 at dollar store. (MAKE SURE THE MAXIMUM WATTAGE IS 5 Watts.)
    OR… get a Blackberry one Max 5V+.75A= 3.75Watt
    Call Tech support and get the New Hardware update.exe package.
    *** Fixes incoming Calls (You can’t hear them, they can hear you.)
    *** Fixes error codes check internet service. (DNS issue)
    *** Fixes can’t make out going calls.
    *** Fixes Fax RX/TX issues.

    • Jabsdna

      Thank you sooo much . I guess I have to go to a usb outlet because when it is plugged in to the regular wall socket the unit stays so very hot to the touch it scares me. Thanks again for your information I will definitely try it.

  • Dawn E.

    I’ve had my Magic Jack Plus for just under a year. From day one, the USB wall plug in was very loose and made a poor connection. They told me they would only replace it IF I sent back the one that is bad which leaves me without a phone unless I leave it plugged into my computer. IF you leave it plugged into the wall, the entire unit gets extremely hot and it worries me that it will catch fire. This thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen! It drops calls, sometimes folks can’t hear me or me them and it times out after an hour and a half and you can’t call the person back, they have to call you. The elderly folks don’t understand that and think you’re hanging up on them because they talked too long. If you don’t mind the constant hassle, take your chances but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Judy

    I just got the magic jack plus. Most of the time I can hear who I’m talking to but no one can hear me. They say they hear only one or two words from a sentience, or it sounds like I’m under water. WTF Are all magic jacks crap or just mine?????????

    • mark

      I had the same problem. It work well as long as I am online with some other device. like a wireless Blu ray player or the computer. All are wireless. I think something else must be going threw the router in order for it to work. I was looking for some sort of setting to get this fixed when I saw your post.
      Good luck

  • laky chare

    bought a magic jack just to give it a try well what a joke can;t get no one on the phone i tride three times forget that they ported my land line over now anyone call me first ring MJ picks up my land line and tell the person calling call back later . you see i carred MJ back to the place i bought it 2 days ago got my money back now the phone co. trying to get MJ off my land line

  • helen


    • Abused User

      Just my situation. My number has been under review for several months, about 12. I requested porting from a new service provider (Straightalk). Magicjack refused to release my number, stating it was not an active number. YET . . . . I can recieve voicemail messages; and can hear my outgoing message with this number is dialed. Anyone know where I can join a Class Action Law Suite?

      • 2AbusedUser

        Can I assume that you tried resetting by turning OFF/ON the modem, and then pull out the MJ plug, followed by replugging? Because that resolved my issues with voicemail. In other words, once I tried the above reset process, it became normal again, reverting to a normal phone vs. voicemail mode.

  • Puzzled

    Just upgraded to MJ Plus, now the time on phones is 2 hours ahead. I keep resetting phones and a little while later they are all 2 hours ahead. How do I fix this.

  • Paul

    My magicJack plus allows me to call out. I do not receive calls though. The magicJack voicemail picks up. What can I do to receive calls and have my phone ring.

    • Peter

      Open your account and go to settings. This allows you to turn on & off voice mail and extends the time before call goes to voice mail.

      • C. Sm

        Thanks Peter. By logging into my acct and going to the “call features” I realized I could fix at least 2 of the problems none of the MJ reps was able to fix in the past 4 mths. They had turned off my voicemail features & the ability for my messages to go to my email after I upgraded to MJ Plus and for some reason, either deliberately or ignorantly could not restore it in the past 4 mths. As a result people could not reach me or leave msgs unless I was online. This is in addition to having no MJ service for over 1 mth when the prev. adaptor malfunctioned & no one responded until I finally reached a rep via chat and had to pay for S&H to receive a replacement unit. I hope now I’ve reset the calling features I can now get my msgs & customers back, considering the losses incurred due to unreliable service, inability to get msgs (when the voicemail kept saying my no. was out of service) and cont. clicking sound that keeps interrupting my calls despite having installed and used MJ recovery.

  • klj

    I have been using Magic Jack Plus for more than a year. When MJ+ is plugged into the router, there is low volume from the handset. More importantly, there is no way to increase or decrease the volume on the MJ+. Consequently, I cannot hear half of the calls I receive because the volume is so low. Magic Jack has to be aware of this problem since I have found similar posts on the internet during the past year. Nevertheless, MJ still has no fix for this problem.

  • L.F. Gassett

    My 2014 Magic Jack Works when plugged in the computer even though I registered it to work with the adapter for it to work with just the router. This my second one to try it doesn’t work any better.With it plugged in just the router I have just a dial tone will not dial a number. plugged to the wall nothing just the red light comes on does someone know the problem solver. Ready to go back to land line!



    • Judy

      It’s paid when you buy it. That’s the payment for the year.

  • tamra

    want to renew lost old email add. and password use to be 1995 a year now it is 29.95 they seem to be on their high horses

  • Joanne


    I have bought Magik Jack Plus, three years ago + a Canadian phone number. The second year (last year), I have renewed my MJP device, but not my phone number… Because I didn’t use it at that time and I didn’t care if I had to change number later.

    This year after renewing my MJP device, I’ve decided to buy a Canadian phone number as well… So I’ve taken the chance that my old number would be still available, and place the order. Not long after, I’ve received an order confirmation for my old number… So surprisingly, it was still available.

    A couple of days after, I’ve tried to call with my MJP device but my phone number didn’t seem to be active in my account, so I’ve contacted the customer service, and talked with 3 persons…To finally learn that the reason why my phone number didn’t work it’s because they’ve chosen to apply my last week payment on LAST YEAR renewal instead of this year… Without me knowing.

    After explaining to the agent that I didn’t want to renew last year… She responded "that the Canadian number must be renewed yearly to remain active. If it wasn’t renewed, the number will be deactivated.

    Personnaly, I didn’t care if my number was deactivated or not… I simply took the chance, this time, that the same number would be still be available… THAT’S IT. Why should I pay for last year as well, I could have taken another number just the same.

    So I’ve ask the lady not to apply my last week payment on last year renewal, but instead I would simply take another number… But guess what ? There’s no refund on phone number… So I’m stuck. If I want to keep old number, I have to pay again. And if I want a new number, I still have to pay again.

    So bottom line, I just renewed my device, renewed my phone number… And I’m still incapable of doing a simple call… Isn’t it wonderful?

    The bright side of it is that I had this reality check before using Magic Jack plus, with my new business… And before spending much more money.

    I wanted to share that story for people to be aware.

  • lizzy

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  • Harold

    I have been with MJ now for a few years, probably since it first came out. I had a MJ and then upgrade to the MJ Plus. LOVE it love ITLOVE it love ITLOVE it love ITLOVE it love ITLOVE it love ITLOVE it love ITLOVE it love IT.
    Just remember it all depends on the SPEED of your broadband. If you don’t know what a broadband is, you don’t need a MJ!!

    • 2Harold

      Harold, I have only 1mbs DSL, yet the MJ is working OK for me (in fact I sometimes wonder whether my slow DSL may not be causing it to work better. Sorta like slow earth-pulses make your body work more efficiently. Something like that..don’t laugh, it may be true). The question is – for how long will it work OK? Some of the comments here scare me!

  • diane

    I currently purchased the MJ and based on these comments I am rethinking whether to keep it or not. My question is WHY are they allowed to sell this product when there are so many complaints. I know for a fact that you CANNOT speak with a live person, why is that? Getting the page to just register is an act of congress. WHAT CAN WE DO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING TO OTHER PERSPECTIVE CUSTOMER.

  • I don’t leave a response, however I read a lot of remarks
    on Magic Jack PLUS – I do have 2 questions for
    you if you do not mind. Is it only me or does it look like like some of the
    comments appear like they are left by brain dead people?
    :-P And, if you are writing on other places, I’d like to keep up with
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    • 2tanuki

      tanuki, I agree with your opinion re: many of the comments.

  • bob oaks

    Magic Jack rips you off when you Port your Number with the….Additional $20.00 per year to keep active…..When you move your number they Charge You $30.00.

    • paulgbarnas

      Not only did they charge me 32.00 to port the number, but now I do not receive certain short codes on my text messaging. When I upgraded my magic jack to magic jack plus I lost the ability to forward the phone because they removed that feature, the sound quality was terrible and when I ported the number to my cell phone I stopped receiving certain text messages and they charged me 32.00, no one charges for porting.

  • nick

    would you guys leave my PC alone.

  • Biff

    "My main complaint is that the magicJack PLUS has no GUI (Graphic User Interface) and no software installed on the PC…"

    If you plug it into your computer it does. When you leave it plugged into your computer it works just like the old original magicjack.

  • Kathleen Bones

    I have used MJ in FL for 5 years + with AT&T for carrier. Works GREAT!
    Tried MJ PLUS in Wi via cable – was ok, but not always and voice quality not so, also lots of breaking up. I was away on vacation, when I returned I could not use it without PC on and quality not good a lot. I tried to change the 466 prefix to a closer city. I was quoted a price to change plus a monthly fee. Also $38– to get any FREE info. I have purchased the new 2014 version, but want to change no. Do I have to uninstall old one?

  • Kathy Cobb

    MagicJack Plus sucks. All the d**n thing does is update and disconnect calls. First, it is made backwards than the regular MagicJack. This means I cannot plug it directly into my USB port. I have to use a USB hub. I constantly get dropped calls, and the product restarts in the middle of conversations. And it spends an awful lot of time updating. You would think with all the updates that the product would actually work.

    I would not use this service if I had the money for a land line. Avoid this product if you can. Customer service is third rate at best.

    • Rik

      That is really too bad. I have used MJ for nearly 6 years and it has worked great, maybe your system or server is to blame?

    • Erik

      First use extension cord…. pluging it in hub will cause reboot and drop calls because it must be connected directly through a USB port. USB ports gives a 5 volt tension… through a hub the voltage is separated among the devices connected. So device needing more power like the MJ+ needs to be connected directly to USB port not through a hub.

    • family man

      I tried magic jack 3.5 years ago. It had its problems. I bought MJ2013 as a second MJ box and kept on losing my phone connections on both. I complained for hours w/mj2013 losing my incoming and outgoing abilty to call on both mj’s. I gave up on the second and made it apparent over and over that i would not renew the mj 2013 box. Apparently the software online changed and I was set to auto-renewal but not by my choice. They renewed the new mj. I asked them to stop the mj nonworking 2013 box and I saved the online chats indicating as such. No reply. Well I my VISA CC was auto-renewed charged. Guess what! I put in a complaint with my CC company, and MJ did not reply with in 90 days, they lost. I forwarded those online chats to my CC company as proof. Hard to dispute them.I was refunded the funds.

      WELL here I am and I was going to renew my MJ original (not the new defective one) and my acct is under review. Apparently they wished me to pay that old mj renewal fee for something I did not wish to renew, They claimed I had to pay the renewal fee for the broken mj2013 box. NO WAY switch to OOMA. The OOMA sounds very nice. I am curious if they are going to give me a hard problem with my phone number porting. This was originally an ATT number. DOES ANYONE KNOW? I will not pay these guys anything ever again.

  • Nellie Sieller

    For about a month, I have been dealing with the CHAT PEOPLE because my credit card is rejected. Now this is the same card that I use for Skype, Amazon, IRS, etc. The card is from PR which their system lists as a country (news!) and as a state(more news!). Neither works. The system does not accept the US postal system approved address format. The CHAT PEOPLE do not have a clue and cannot provide an email address nor a phone number. So glad I found a place to complain.

  • Unhappy User

    I have had Magic Jacks and Magic Jack Plus x 2 for years now. This week, for some reason, one of my two Magic Jack Plus quit working giving me an error message…After numerous hours chatting with their technical support, they now tell me my account is under review and they will e mail with their response. 4 days later no answer and the same run around with their chat staff!! UNBELIEVABLE…well past time to file a formal complaint with CRTC and other government agency. Consumers should not be subjected to this type of treatment from any company

    • margaret

      same thing happened to me…. had it for 23 months….. rating a grade of C ……but recently(right after new year) it stopped working….seemingly will not download…… I too spent many hours with "chat" ees (abusive and harassing and more) to no avail. it is a JOKE…. I would like to get a class action law suit going….. They should be shut down. I asked for 800# via chat EEs….. I was given 4 numbers, one was to Paypal, one was to a jewelry store, another was 800-microsoft and can’t remember the 4th one right now (yes this is true!) No One gives a Da….. !!! I am going back to "trusted" service (if there is such a thing any more) Remember, business means a license to STEAL and old saying: ‘You get what you pay for!" …….. Need I say more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Karlyn Liburd

        I am experiencing the same problem. I think their system does not work after 2013. I went on line as well with this Chat thingy and waited but up to now, it’s 2 weeks no response.

        I was thinking it is better to just buy another device or change to Vonage. I am still waiting

  • Disgusted

    Majic Jack must be in some kind of financial trouble to stoop to the low dodge of trying to force customers to use Majic Jack’s calling card service, by blocking the use of calling cards issued by other companies — without notice. Shame on you, Majic Jack. By doing this, you have displayed a shameless lack of integrity; and have earned yourself the loss of both my confidence and my business!

  • Lynda

    Been using Magic Jack Plus for 3 months now and besides the dropped calls here and there, the calls are always crystal clear. The only problem I have is that they are charging me $10 per month to have a CAN # when I was led to believe it would be one extra $10 payment for the year! Rating 3-5

  • Jeff

    We have used Magic Jack in our home for about 6 or 7 years. It has worked well ever since we got it with nary a glitch. Compared to other services like Brighthouse cable phone service or Vonage, we have saved TONS of money. I have had no complaints.

  • Purchased the Majic Jack Plus almost a year ago and haven’t had any problems. The clarity is amazing along with the reliability of receiving calls and staying connected. I’m savig close to $400 converting to Majic Jack Plus and couldn’t be more happier.

  • j cote

    I asked a chat rep for a customer service number to PURCHASE MJ+ she gave me 1-800-64-1271…good luck all. I was going to purchase this item but after reading mostly negative responses, I decided not to buy it.

    • ole

      whats the 800 number again? its seems missing one number?

  • George Horvat

    My current home line expires in Sept. 2013 and I am thinking of giving MagicJack Plus a try.

    The biggest complaint I see is that your customers have is no tech support.
    Will do more research before I decide.

    Thank you.

    • Nick

      George, I have been using MajicJack for years now without a problem. I did have some difficulty once several years ago which tech support helped me with patiently and courteously. I then purchased a MajicJack Plus ported my land-line number and wired it into my house. Works great and have no problems. I recently purchased the new plus and use that as a dedicated fax line. Again, no problems. I am so satisfied that I purchased two more, one to replace the original MajicJack plus and another for my beach house.
      True, you have to use chat as a support rather than over the phone but have you ever sat on hold for 30 minutes or more hoping to finally talk to someone? Chat is faster! If people think this is a scam for $30 a year they should realize that the real scam was AT&T and the Bell System that cost more than $30 a month!

  • Ann Anderson

    my magic jack has gone bad and keeps droping my calls. have had it for four years and amd now paid for three more years but can not speak to any one with knowledge of the problems. would just like my money back for it has now become a scam. its a shame it was good for some time.

    • kimberly poor

      I agree with you only a few honest people the love of money always has been and always will be the route to all evils.seems like there ought to be some tech people out there that would be interested in coming up with a co-op situation and the proceeds could go to help heal the people injured by this money hungry society.

  • Ironworker 72

    Had it 7 yrs. with a flaw here and there, what did everyone expect for 19.95 per year. Grabbed a deal they offered years ago and I’m in for around 6 bucks, I ain’t complaining.

  • don

    just bought MJ plus wifi and the wifi is not enabled and they don;t know when it will be they are working on bugs in the system package clearly states wifi ready and then u still only get half a year service at more money chat agent said mj plus wifi performs as the old model for now. then give 1 yr service like old model guess what no reply to that

  • George

    MJ is a rip off. They give no tech support and if they get your credit card #, they will just keep charging you.

  • Estrellita Cabahug

    I have the MJ plus. I am waiting for the ports to open/close? I have transferred my own phone number to the MJ plus. Does it mean I can only close up shop with the Insight Co. after 10 days?

  • arlene

    i got the magic jack and i cant use it wont work with my number so i am out 49.99

  • Marlene

    it would be nice if they would be specific as to where to register a new device. I have tried all the web pages and nothing there

    • Bob

      I jus purchased an activated a Magic Jack within last week and it was very simple. Follow the instructions which come in the package. You 1st have to plug it directly into a USB port on your computer. You must also have an active internet connection. It will take a solid 2-3 minutes wait but the computer will eventually respond to the Magic Jack and download software from the Magic Jack website. This is where you register the device and pick your phone number, etc.

    • Ironworker 72

      Go to the live chat if you are a customer….

  • DanO

    Got a MJ Plus, it stopped working, tested on the computer and it works, tested with a different USB wall power supply and it works, use their USB wall power supply and nothing.

    After spending an hour ‘live chatting’ with these idiots I simply disconnected and used my USB wall power supply and threw theirs in the trash.

    It is their company policy to pass you from person to person to simply wear you down, make you do repetitive testing, etc… so they never have to actually support their product and/or services, simply keep you, the customer, on offense by never providing a solution to your problem, but just keep asking questions and making you perform worthless tests.

    They are a joke, and it really is a scam, and their support staff is horrible and horribly trained, with these guys it is all about the sale up front, and once they have your money, forget it!!!

    Stay away, very far away from these clowns!!

    • Avery White

      I have a magic Jack plus I bought about a year ago and placed in a rental condo in Panama City Beach, FL. It worked perfectly until sometime in March (gusts left the 15 of March and it was working then). My wife, daughter in law & grandkids went down after they left and couldn’t get online (my condo someone has to go online & accept TOS for computer & MJ to work). I thought that it was just the router needed resetting. When I went down, I found that I had to do a reset on the router to get internet, but the phone didn’t work. I had cordless phones and when plugged in, they showed an open line & no dial tone. I unplugged the phone & could dial a number and hear the person answer on my computer but not on the phone. I brought the MJ home and tried it with two computers & the router with the same results (one XP and one Win 7). I went online and went through all the procedures for restoring MJ I could find with no help. I called customer service and told them my problem and what I had done. I was asked a few questions and then asked if my MJ was plugged into the computer I was using to chat with them. I told the rep it was. She took a few minutes and then told me if I would pay the shipping ($10 +), she would send me a new MJ with same phone number and transfer my years over (I had purchased 5 extra years because of my experience with a standard MJ I have had for several years). It should arrive this week. Assuming it does come, I have no complaints about MJ customer service. I am still having problems with my router at the beach and think that there must have been a power outage and surge of some kind that caused the problems with my router and with MJ, which was plugged into it.

      Your experience certainly does not mirror mine.

  • Lori

    My mother purchased the majic jack plus for me as I cannot afford a landline to talk to her she lives in a different state, I live on a very fixed income, so I get it, hook it up, works so so for about 3 weeks then the dropped calls begin, and then exact to the date of hooking it up, 2 months later the ac adapter goes out, so I had to use it thru the computer again, and majic jack plus won’t send a free replacememt as the site states it will, I ordered the one free household replacement on Apr 24th, 2013 its May 12th, 2013, I looked in my account and the service order is missing so I re ordered it, now its saying it cannot be sent.
    I already know from reading all the posts I won’t go the live chat explanation, so live with it, the device works sometimes, less than often I will get a clear call with my mother for about a 33 min duration. as long as I can do that several times a month why should I care. I don’t use it for anything else. Just for my 83 yr old mother, but she has one and she states she has no problems with it. So in Florida it works fine, but in OH dropped calls and fried ac adapter due to storm power outages and power surges. Hmmmm.

  • Ben

    Magicjack Plus keeps disconnecting calls and has frequent static connection.
    I spent hours trouble shoot text chat with the MJ service rep.
    I updated the latest MJ+ firmware and tested on two different
    wireless routers (D-link & Linksys).
    With internet speed 25Mbps down/ 2Mbps up…None help.
    Connect MJ+ directly to my laptop seem to work best,
    but the MJ+ is build to be use without a computer.
    I guess I got what I paid for.
    Ditch the expensive land line and live with the frustration.

  • Sam Croucher

    These people should be banned from doing business. What a bunch of "Rip Off" artists

  • Gil

    I have not posted about it yet, but I returned an unopened MJ. to the company, and so far, they have not refunded my $160.00

    I found this site for reporting fraud.

    and a government run site for Canada

  • Michael Warshum

    I had a MJ regular and had not one problem in all the time I used it. But when I purchased the MJ Plus and bought the 5 year plan, it was applied to the earlier MJ not the plus. Now the plus acct has expired and I still have the 5 years on the regular one. So frustrated. I no longer have the earlier version.

  • Gerard Harteveld

    I try ro renew my service at magicJack for several weeks nmow. However everytime it failed and the code what I get is as follows:
    log-id (160445126)" ORA-20099 auth failed:(oracle-magicjack:live).
    If the company doesnot want to accept my platina credit card while with Skype I do not have that problem, then I believe they should give me a refund for it as they sold it under the false pretend that credit cards will be accepted.

    • Jose

      Here is something I found out after HOURS with various chat reps. Once they have your credit card number in their system, they WILL NOT let you use the same c/card to activate another magic jack – they told me to go and buy a prepaid Visa or M/card. I have 3 daughters and cannot use my own credit card to activate all 3 magic jacks?? they would prefer you be anonymous (like a drug dealer) when using their product. Does it make sense to anyone out there that a faceless prepaid card is ?better? for the consumer than a real credit card with a billing address they can find? Now the second part – you can’t use your c/card with your home billing address to activate any MJ other than at your home. So, if I live in Portland, OR – I can only activate a mj at that address , not one for my daughter in NY(with NY number) – and certainly not a second or 3rd mj anyway.
      When you chat – be prepared to hear a bunch of hot air and NO REAL SOLUTION.

      • Nick

        Simple… activate the Majic Jack with your home address and give it to your daughter to use anywhere she is. You don’t have to use it at your home you can take it with you anywhere. In fact a couple of years ago when I traveled in Europe I took my original MajicJack with me and made free calls back to the US. Worked great!

      • Holy Shirt

        It appears the tiny Philipine Islands have more customer service agents serving U.S. consumers than anywhere else. Neutral parties might think a nation rescued from Japanese fanatics by massive U.S. casualties would show respect. Modern Filipino customer service agents treat U.S. consumers like the human waste that fills their toilet bowls every day. Record casualties in the typhoon that flattened much of the Philipine Islands was angelic flushing of those toilets’ owners.

  • Brian

    I have had Majic Jack and now have Magic Jack plus with no problems ever over several years. They may not have good customer service I don’t know i’ve never had to deal with them. People don’t realize you should use the thing as it was designed to be used, meaning don’t try to port a number just use one of their established numbers. I don’t care if you have had the same number for 20 years, I had the same number for over 10 years but in order to save a ton of money and make things simple I used the number they gave me. There is a complete lack of common sense now adays, you don’t go to a joint that serves hamburgers and complain that they don’t cook your steak right…order a hamburger if that’s what they specialize in!!!! The Magic Jack website does have a simple reorder function too for those adults that have the capacity to follow some simple directions. As for myself I will never go back to a regular land line again I am one that actually enjoys saving tons of money on a landline. By the way I also run a faxline through mine with no problems what so ever!

    • Charlie

      Then why do they offering the porting option?

  • alvin Maldonado

    Corporate Name: magicJack Plus
    Corporate Address:
    60 Medinat Hayehudim St
    West Palm Beach, Florida 33405

    My letter was returned as NO SUCH ADDRESS

    • Charlie

      Read the guy two posts above this – he recommends you don’t do it.

  • Jacy

    They don’t tell you in advance you will not be able to receive any incoming calls as long as the device is plugged in when you "port" a used number. let me state that again WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO USE A CURRENT NUMBER and pay the $20 fee YOU MUST WIAT 10 DAYS to RECEIVE CALLS!!!!!!
    In a world of instant transfers that is unacceptable. they have 1 guy who is intelligent enough to do this? Where is the customer service?

    • Tom McElvy

      No such thing as an instant transfer. I have ported many numbers, and there are a lot of layers of systems to go through due to the way North American numbers are set up. 10 days is actually a very good time;it took me over 45 days to port a n umber from one LEC to a CLEC, using the same network!

      • Juanita

        I agree Mr. McElvy. I used to work in a telecom company and when we moved our office and wanted to retain our existing phone numbers, it took almost a week with everything pre-arranged to complete the process. It is quite and intricate process. Nevertheless, Jacy should have been advised there would be a delay in service. I had the old MagicJack and gave it to my son when he left home. I’m now going to purchase another one as a gift for my someone who doesn’t have long distance service.

    • Craig

      The ten days is the maximum time they say you may have to wait. I ordered my number ported on a Friday and they finished it Monday evening.

  • anthony

    Please advise easist way to port my number from ATT

  • Geraldine

    So frustrated with majic jack plus and their so called customer service, been trying to get my service running since sept , rerigistered about 5 times at their request,,and about 200 dollars spent that they won’t refund. I don’t know what to do, they just keep taking people’s money for this rip off service

  • Ann

    Yesterday I was on the phone with Magic Jack customer reps for almost 2 hours trying to order a MJ Plus at a special price they gave me. Talked to 2 or 3 reps and got absolutely nowhere. When I tried to order it, using a credit card and a different shipping address, the computer wouldn’t take my order. I asked if there was a live person I could call and order from and they gave me a phone number. I called that number(using my current MJ) to discover it was an automated order phone only and disconnected. I had given a bank debit card and this morning discovered my bank account had been debited $1.00 for that call !!!! I am FURIOUS !!!!!.

  • Love the MJ Plus!

    I got the MJ Plus today at Radio Shack. I took it home, opened it, read the simple install instructions..Configured it on the PC, chose a vanity number, finished the software steps..Then plugged it into the router with the supplied cord and the power strip bar..Picked up the cordless phone, turned it on, and had a nice loud clear dial tone. Made several test calls, perfect sound quality. I had a regular MJ for 5 years and never lost a call. This MJ Plus is an amazing invention and a huge money saver. I dont know why anyone is having issues, this thing is a snap to install. The custoner service is lacking, I agree, but I am willing to deal with that while saving a ton of cash, from places like Time Warner, who get $50 a month for home phone service, or Vonage, $29,95 a month, what a ripoff. MJ Plus is worth every cent and more. I am very happy with it. :-) Jeff in SC

    • Brian

      I agree I’ve never had a problem with mine either over several years now. I even run a fax through mine as well!

      • Jeff

        Its so easy to install. And the calls are clear and consistent. I have ZERO complaints. Anyone else having issues is probably a user error. I have owned 2 MJ’s in 6 years and had pristine results with BOTH.

      • Jeff

        I forgot to add I ran a FAX thru mine too, flawless!

    • Sheryl

      I agree, just got my MJP and number ported over 3 days ago. It works great! It did take about 5 days to complete the porting of my number,( you have to wait for an email that tells you it is complete) but so far, cant tell the difference in service, but I am sure I will tell the difference in the bank account…..

      • Jeff

        I chose a vanity number, at wifes insistence! I have had a MJ a long time, the first, of course, was the old style, and never failed to perform. This new MJ+ is as good and better. I dont understand why so many on here have complaints, unless its user incompetence. No offense intended but I cant imagine that so many MJ’s are defective. What a fabulous device. :-)

  • Happy Camper Here

    Well, I’ve been using the Magic Jack Plus and I have to say, I am very pleased with it. So I guess I’ll keep it. At $19.95 per year after the first year ($49.95 which includes the equipment), it’s certainly a better deal than paying $70.00 per month for AT&T phone service.

    The reception on my end is very clear, and from the test calls I’ve made to others, I’m told it sounds great on their end as well. It’s got voicemail with a great added feature that regular land lines do not — I can check my voicemail on the phone, and I also get audio voice messages sent to my email address.

    I do not have to have anything connected to any of my computers. The Magic Jack box connects to my router. That way, I can use the phone whether or not the computers are powered up.

    Oh, and I was able to use my existing cordless phone set which has three handsets. It’s really like nothing has changed, other than the new number.

  • Johnny G Radio

    What a big mess I have now! My better judgement told me NOT to have anything to do with Magic Jack. I have a friend who had two lines on Magic Jack at his home in Houston, over a year with little problems. He had his AT&T ported two BOTH lines. He explained that he did encounter early problems in the porting process from AT&T TO Magic Jack. So, (with caution), I bought a Magic Jack PLUS from Radio Shack. This was FOR THE PURPOSE OF PORTING MY AT&T NUMBER ONLY! Follow me so far? I installed the device & placed it on my router with a temporary local area code & phone number. Soon I received an email that the porting process had begun.I would not be able to receive incoming calls for 5-10 business days (no problem). Next another email from Magic Jack with a confirmation number. At this point I will inform you that I was not only charged the porting/transfer fee of $19.99 BUT $10 MORE for the number change. I expected the $10 for EACH ADDITIONAL YEAR…..NOT IN THE TRANSFER COST. Oh well, I thought "Just eat it & proceed". PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE—–Within the next 6 hours I received an email which was titled "Number Transfer Correction". It stated "We are unable to port your telephone number because the name on your port request does not match the name on file with AT&T. Please CLICK HERE, Log In, and change the name on your transfer order to the name listed on your current account. I DID THAT….I got the second email stating the same MISMATCH. I contacted AT&T to confirm the account name matched perfectly. I even called Magic Jack & talked to a live person. That was after being disconnected many times & holding for an hour. Earlier I had attempted "Live Chat" with no help. The lady on the phone had me do enter my AT&T billing confirmation yet again. Well, guess what? About 6 hrs. later I got another email stating my name didn’t match with AT&T. I contacted AT&T’s escalation department & confirm all my information THAT MATCHED. She confirmed that NO PORTING REQUEST HAD COME FROM ANYWHERE. I have since received numerous emails from Magic Jack station my name does NOT match AT&T’s. Oh, Magic Jack has already billed my credit card for $32.33 for the porting that is not happening. One thing this company does do well is BILLING & DOUBLE & EVEN TRIPLE BILLING. This company is the absolute WORST. I should have known better. I have done much research on what they have done to people for years & took a chance. The joke is now on me. From time to time you will hear a happy customer, yet the negatives (LIKE MINE) override the good ones. This has totally wasted hours of my time to get NOWHERE in a process that should have been very simple. I will return the device (MJ+) and take the $32.33 charge up with American Express. I regret having been foolish to deal with them & suggest you save yourself the frustration & find another product & a company that treats the consumer with respect & honesty. Best wishes to all!

    • Bob Stephens-Doll

      I am going through the same process right now, and I can tell you that the problem is on the AT&T side.
      They are extremely specific about the name and address. In my case the name on the account is a business name, so how do you divide that into "First" and "Last" .
      Then, beware that the address they are expecting to get in the request from Magic Jack is the "Service Address", NOT the billing address. In my case, for example, the address has a Suite number. Now Suite should be "Suite" or "STE", but AT&T has it on my service address as "SUIT" (no kidding) Also Carlsbad, CA is "CSBD" Who knew? This is bull**** on the part of AT&T because they have no incentive to be helpful, because I have to keep paying the bill to keep the account active or I lose the number. It’s been 3 weeks already, and I have tried 6 separate corrections and combinations of spelling … the last 3 times, I was on CHAT with Magic Jack, and on the phone with a supervisor at AT&T AT THE SAME TIME, copying and confirming everything I was told, and still I am getting rejections. And no, AT&T can not connect me to the department that actually handles the transfer.
      I logged onto my AT&T business account, and went to support, chose email, and sent them an explanation (after filling out this incredibly complex form for a simple email … I get a response 2 days later saying, sorry, you need to email a different department because you have a business number. But I used the link on the BUSINESS site from within my logged on Account. AT&T is all about obfuscation. I’ll keep you posted.

    • ASA

      What’s the phone number of their live human being customer service!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • highly dissatisfied

    When I first bought MJ, it had a call forwarding feature which was very convenient because I do not sit at my computer all the time.

    However, when I last renewed it, they didn’t bother to tell me that the feature is no longer available. When I discovered that calls were not being forwarded, I chatted them (can’t find a phone number for customer service) and was told that the feature was currently not available and that I should check back. They couldn’t give me any reason why it was no longer available, just that I should check back.

    It’s been 8 months now, and guess what? NO CALL FORWARDING feature. I chatted them again, and was told the same thing – check back later. When I expressed my frustration and dissatisfaction, the chat rep ended the chat.

    • Nick

      Call forwarding is still available but a hidden feature. Go to customer support and ask them to give you the link to access call forwarding. They should do so. If the first tech support person does not give it to you ask again later. The next person might give it to you. That’s what I did.

  • Amo

    so what’s their number for customer service?

    • Charlie

      None, if you actually want to talk with someone.

  • Boone

    I have majic jack plus and I renewed it online however before i purchased majic jack plus I had the regular majic jack now I am receiving repeated messages that my majic jack has expired….it’s quite annoying when I have majic jack plus and just renewed the majic jack plus in january.

    By the way I love majic jack plus…

  • John D.

    We installed Magic jack plus for about 6 months now and so far so good. We saved a lot of money and I recommend it. At first I was so hesitant to buy it but a co worker installed it at her house and she said the only problem she had is that you have to dial the area code even though it’s a local call and it’s kind a noisy when there’s incoming call but she said no big deal coz it’s saves her money. We have a Real Estate a business and use a lot of fax machine. I always called my sister who lives in Canada and no problem at all. We were able to keep our old number as well. My in laws also bought it and now use magic jack too.

  • Joyce

    I had Majic Jack for 5 years now. what I don’t understand is when they said I can use my same landline number and when I was installing it, I looked for my number and it wasn’t there, therefore, I had to choose what ever number was available. I would like to know how can I change that number to my land line number.

    • Ron

      You have to choose "port" your existing phone number, it will cost you $19.99 to do that.

  • Phillips

    I have had the original Magic Jack for over 5 yrs and it works pretty well for the cost. I primarily use it as a secondary phone & fax line. Also, the Magic Jack app for the Smart Phone is a great feature to save on your cell phone minutes, especially when you calling a company which sends you thru phone Q’s or on hold. The only problems I have experienced…….after a lengthy phone conversation (35 minutes plus)…it drops the call. When I call the person back, it gives a busy signal. The only way I can correct this is by unplugging the magic-jack from my computer and allowing it to reboot. Its strange because when this happens, I can dial any other number but, not the original person I called, without unplugging the unit and allowing it to reboot itself. Also, approx 20% of the time, the person I call will complain the sound quality is bad……but, if I hang up and call back, it seems to clear it up.

  • Besty

    The Majic jack company never tells you after that you have to pay after a year when you choose a number to use. They just rip off people.

    • Ron

      It states it will cost $9.99 each year for renewal, only if you port your current phone number.

  • Laurel

    I have had vonage for two years and have never encountered a single problem. I make and receive calls to and from all over the U.S. I love the customer service every time I call with a question about something or to change payment method, they wind up giving me half off for 3 months and the last time I called and they just gave me a free month because I misunderstood something. I had Magic Jack before Vonage not the plus but the original and time after time I experienced the frustration of hearing the other person on the other line and yet they could not hear me, at first they could hear me but in a short time the person I would talk to would be saying, Hello are you there, hello….hello I could hear them yet they could not hear me.

  • Wes

    I also had used the original MJ, got it around ’08 and used it withOUT any real problems. So I now have the MJ+ and aside from a very slight hum in the back ground ONLY at my end ONLY when plugged into my ‘puter it too is well worth the $. We have it so we can cut back on cell mins. And if we travel we take it with and plug it into the ‘puter. Have never used it for international use so can’t comment on that, but my occasional dealings with there CS has been very positive, even the little neg. things are well worth the $200 bucks we save every year. Guess there will always be those who expect Mil$ service for for nuthin…Wes

  • upset

    If you can read this you have a computer, and if you do, then get a "SKYPE" program, your telephoning world will change to the better.

  • prescilla

    how can I make a phonecall to the netherlands

  • Jerry

    I have Magic Jack "original" and am under a two year contract. They just informed me that even though I have a contract to call anywhere in the U.S. for free, they are now charging me when I make certain phone calls. What a rip off!

  • MellJ

    How I can cancel my Majic Jack does not work and give me back my money:
    I get in my e-mail an alleged call at my Magic Jack phone, when I try to hear the message says nothing, just a noise appears
    Majic Jack does not work and does not recommend that you buy, when I try to make a call, do not understand anything of what I say.
    I want to return the Majic Jack, I want to cancel my account and I want my money back.
    Who can help me, I should do.

    • Early Pearly

      Learn to speak and write English, then try Magic Jack again. It works just fine if you plug it into your router, not so much so if plugged into the computer.

  • Lloyd

    Have a magic jack plus cannot get. It to work on my iPhone need help

  • Hal

    I have experience with the original and the new magicjack plus. MJ1 for three years and transfered the number to the ‘Plus’ version.____I live in Maryland and speak frequently to family and inlaws in the New York City and Newark, NJ areas. The conversations many times exceed over an hour or two, without any problems.__Clear and no dropped calls. All this was on Cable internet! I did have many issues on ‘Ma Bell’s’ lines as DSL. In fact it has gotten so bad that the DSL fuctions long enough to get connect and drops immediately, but somehow the telephone company’s telephone on the same physical line as DSL, functions fine. (You may read something into this…..) The telco’s service has failed to fix, for couple of weeks. The MAGICJACK PLUS is working just fine on the Cable Internet!!!!… Hmmmm! Ma Bell may be fighting back. (They don’t seem to want MJ running on their telephone network.

    • Jeff

      I use the MJ+ on a 10Mbps DSL connection and its flawless, supplied by HTC, our provider in northeast SC. No complaints or issues, been running it since April.

  • IG pahrump

    I have MJ+ put forwarding on about a year ago, now I can’t take it off. Tech support keeps saying "check back soon" does anyone know what is going on there??

  • Scotty

    You must have confirmed the order, MJ doesn’t do this. I’ve been with them for 6 years now. My only complaint is when I have to deal with their Customer Support chat. That aspect could be improved but for the most part, I rarely have to speak with them.

    • Ken

      No, this happened to me a few days ago. You fill out the details for the order and confirm the order, then they ask you if you want to add a 5-year extension. If you wait too long before responding, the 5-year offer disappears, and they process your original 1 year order, which you already authorized. So no big deal.

      If you go to the online chat to ask questions, after the chat you may receive an even cheaper 5-year extension offer by e-mail. If you don’t see the e-mail, check your spam filter.

  • Bill

    My service was with AT&T. When I kept my home (AT&T) number and chose to port it over to MagicJack, AT&T within a day CANCELLED my entire account without any notice. The same account that was suppling me with DSL! You wouldn’t believe the hassle it was getting set back up. And, when it was, the max available speed was 3Mbps! Anyone wanting to do this with AT&T should make arrangements with AT&T first! They have to create a new account for DSL w/o a phone line.


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