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Business Name: Cozy Inn Pet Resort & Orchid Spa
Category: Pet Services
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Corporate Address: 1600 Pet Place
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15239 USA

Phone Number: 412-798-5297
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The Loss of A Good Dog and Best Friend

July 1 I took my healthy 12 year old Norwegian Elkhound to Cozy Inn Pet Resort to board her for the week…I called July 6 to check on her and tell them I would be picking her up on July 7th….they told me she had some diarrhea on July 5.

I picked her up July 7 and within hours of getting home she was sneezing coughing and having trouble breathing.

July 8 I took her to her vet….she had an upper respiratory infection and was given meds…July 9 she was worse, not eating weak and throwing up…took her back to the vet and they did blood work which showed she was in kidney failure….we did an hour of hydration and brought her home for the night…..she never urinated that night or next day…I was to take her back for day of hydration….the chance of treatment working was 50-50…she had quit drinking…had blood discharge from her nose due to nasal mites and couldn’t even stand up and laboring to breath….I couldn’t stand to watch her suffer and ultimately put her down….

I called Cozy Inn when I found out she had respiratory infection and asked to talk to office manager…was told no one was there to speak with and my phone call would be returned the next day…it is July 20 and no phone call was ever received…I am making a trip to Cozy Inn this afternoon to hopefully speak with someone….

I feel I owe it to my companion of 12 years, Nikki and peace of mind for myself…

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