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Name (AKA): John Henry Shiffner Jr.
Address: Pensacola, Florida
Phone: 850-758-6920

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So glad I read this

I was suppose to meet with this guys tonight after work for drinks, but something has not been setting right with me since he has been messaging with me.

so I did some digging; little did he know that in my job field I have carte blanche access to all public records and well discovered that he IS NO WHERE near who he says he is…

Glad that I didn’t get involved with this guy; whew that was a close one. Thank goodness, i am glad I trust my instincts. He is still claiming to be a firefighter out of Ft. Walton and sweet talks like no one I have ever heard.  But that is all water under the bridge.

thank you ladies for sharing your stories so that no one else had to loose out.

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