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Business Name: Money Express POS Solutions
Category: Payment Processing
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Corporate Address: 31-111A Zenway Blvd
Woodbridge, Ontario L4H 3H9 Canada

Phone Number: 905-475-1130
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Ripped off

In the month of May,2012, I Ewa Wielopolski the owner of Ellektra Photo 1564556 Ontario Inc. signed a lease to own agreement with Monex EFT/ABM Services for 48 months (lease# 1356524A) In September 2009 I purchased the equipment from Monex for $195.40. I used the equipment for debit transactions.

In July 2012 I closed my business. I notified Monex by telephone advising them that I no longer required their services and wanting to close my account with them. I was instructed to close my batch and someone would call me back. closed my batch on Aug. 13th 2012. I was also told that because I own the equipment, there would not be any additional charges.

In August 2012 Monex took $7.94 from my bank account, then September 2012 $4.92 and an additional $500.00. I telephoned Monex on November 7th 2012 and spoke to Janice S. She said she did not have any record of a $500.00 withdrawal from my account by Monex. I sent her a copy of my bank statement and after seeing the transaction she said someone from Monex will call me back. I did not hear anything from the people at Monex so I called them back leaving several messages at Ext. 258.

On November 12th 2012 I was able to reach a supervisor whose name was Brian. He said there was a $500.00 penalty because I did not return a cancellation form. I explained to him that I did not receive a cancellation form and was not aware that such a form existed. I told him that when I closed the account over the telephone I was told that because I owned the equipment that the would not be any additional charges. He was very rude to me and said I talk too much and he was trained in school not to talk to people like me and when I asked him for his surname he just disconnected.

On November 14th 2012 I received an early cancellation form by mail from Monex showing a $500.00 fee for early cancellation.  The only agreement I signed with Monex was in May 2004 for a 48 month term. I do not have any other agreements with Monex that would warrant any penalty for early cancellation.

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3 thoughts on “MONEXgroup

    • I have also been ripped off by MONEX …….They havent even set up service at my business ( 3 months now ) and I have already been charged almost $300 …………for absolutely nothing > Their salespeople lie to you to get you to sign with them , and then they completely ignire any customer service issues. And to top it all off they want $500 to terminate the agreement, even though it hasnt even been set up to process yet. ………….Are nthese people for real?