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Last Updated On: December 14, 2016

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Business Name: BillFloat, Inc.
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417 Montgomery St, Suite 500
San Francisco, California 94104 USA

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Company Contact: Ryan Gilbert - CEO
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Average Rating: 1.40 out of 5
Based On: 53 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 77

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Reported Losses: $10,113.73
Average Reported Losses: $190.83

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Nothing but fraud

I purchased a s3 with metro back in 2013 approximately $500 at the time. I was scheduled to make payments of $112 a month and would have 3 months to pay in full so I wouldn’t have to pay any interest.

On the 4th month, I decided to pay in full the remainder of the amount. They gave me specific instructions through email on were to send the money order, so I did exactly step by step (money order amount was around $300). They said it would take about 2 weeks to process. I waited 3 weeks before calling and they said they never received anything and that I needed to make the monthly payment immediately. I emailed them telling them the issue and then they said yes we received your money order it will take a few days to reflect on your account.

2 weeks later they call me saying I haven’t made my monthly payments. I told them someone emailed me and said they received my early pay off. The person on the phone kept telling me no they have nothing. I was so pissed off I told them I would get a lawyer if they didn’t figure out their bullshit because I was not paying them another cent and I had proof because I saved all the emails stating my account was paid off.

After that 3 months passed and I kept calling and messaging and threatening them to clear my account well it wasn’t until I mailed them the copies of emails that they finally cleared my account. Bill Float is bullshit company with nothing but dumbass people running it. Its complete Fraud! Don’t Use it EVER!

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More About BillFloat

Bill Float - SmartPay -
BillFloat is online service that allows consumers to delay the payment of bills. If a consumer has a bill that they cannot pay because they currently don't have enough money they can use BillFloat's service where they will pay the bill for you so you are not late on any payments then you have up to 30 days to then pay Bill Float for the payments they covered from you. The concept is given in their name Bill "Float" where Float comes from the idea of floating money which is described by Wikipeida as "In economics, float is duplicate money present in the banking system during the time between a deposit being made in the recipient's account and the money being deducted from the sender's account. It makes up the smallest part of the money supply." - Float From Wikipedia.
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  • Bighorner

    Because I’m not a total r****d like most of you are – I actually read the contract before I signed. I didn’t need mommy and daddy holding my hand, reminding me to not sign anything without reading it.

    Well, reading the terms, I saw how insane their pricing model is. You’ll pay 3x the cost of the phone by using this service. There are much better financing options for people like me, who have good credit and are financially literate.

    Seriously lenaluvbeans is mad because she signed something without being told what it was? What a r****d.

    • shmo

      Do you feel better that you got to tear someone into the floor by ripping them apart in a public forum? Glad to know you aren’t stupid, retarded or IGNORANT…. Kudos for not letting people screw you over!

  • Jesse Garcia

    so smartpaylease are liars. They say they don’t do credit checks, but when i apply for a lease i get denied with no explanation whatsoever. I was told by metro pcs that they seen people that make less then i do, get approved for a good lease, So if i bring almost 4000 a month how do they deny me? What do they base it on?

  • Aarti Shahani

    hi – i’m a reporter with NPR, looking at SmartPay and the company Better . I’d like to talk with you about your personal experience. Could you contact me? my email is ashahani at npr dot org or tweet me at @aarti411

    • Jackie Armstrong

      please contact me I recently had an issue with this company and would love to report them to anyone that will listen!!!!!!!

  • Kirk

    I can see both sides of story, Billfloat is thinking they made no money on interest unless you don’t pay ontime and your creditcard got stolen 1 day before it was due. plus with your bill being due on Saturday 19 of July it should not have it your account untill the next business day which was the 21. It is good you got a new debit card in 1 business day. Most time it takes longer. i am sure if you provided a police report they can fix the charges. But in the end your card was stolen and the bill was not paid in time. That is no fault of billfloat. You just had some very bad timing on your card missing, but good news is you get a new card in one day.

  • Bryan

    I am contacting my Attorney General over this company. My account was paid in full but they are still charging me $6 a month. I tried closing my account and the website wont process my account.

  • Evelyn

    Billfloat is a rip off, I purchased a Galaxy 4 phone, now the phone itself was 499 at metropc’s I was to pay billfloat $116.00 a month for 10 months unless I paid off early. Well after paying $116.00 for 5 months i called to see what the payoff would be I was told to pay the account of it would cost me $120.00 but I had to have it in by the 20th of January, well I wasn’t able to come up with the $120 by that time so they debited my account for $116.00 again so I called them today being February 18th 2014 and asked how much is the payoff now they told me it was $400 and I asked how in the world it went from $120 to $400 i was given a very lame reason as to why. Long story short I wouldn’t fool with Bill Float they are a scam company…

  • lenaluvbeans

    We should start a class action suit against BILLFLOAT! Whose with me?

    • tayloR

      I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leann S.

      i would be, but at this time still have complaints with the Better Business Bureau against them. you should also get with them and file a complaint.

    • juls

      I”m with you too. email me at

  • lenaluvbeans

    Part 4 of 4-And they said they won’t cancel my contract until they receive payment. They say I signed their contract. I never saw a contract. They said the contract was 10 pages long and electronic. The crazy wireless guy had me sign the computer for what was supposedly my payment for my first month bill. Never once was I told anything about any contract. When I asked billfloat to send me a copy of the signed version of the contract nowhere on there is my signature. This is ridiculous. I want justice. Both companies are bad. I deserve my money back for all the lies and deceit and stress.

    • john

      the same thing happened to me, and I really cant pay what they say I owe. can you email me any advice? what did you end up doing ?

  • lenaluvbeans

    Part 3 of 4 -No one told me the truth and barely now I find out? They said they sent me an email months ago. Well I never check my personal email (which I admit I should now start doing). I expected to receive something in the mail like a real legit company would do. Billmelater does send you something in the mail. Not only did I get robbed but crazywireless lied to me and withheld the truth about this sham. Billfloat said I only had 3 months to pay the phone off and since I didn’t the I was stuck in a leasing contract. I refuse to pay them another dime. I way overpaid for the phone and I was swindled. I sent them back their phone this month and told them I am not paying anything else. I gave them phone back. they still want to charge me for this month!

  • lenaluvbeans

    Part 2 of 4 – I figured four months later I was done. Well, I had my ATM card stolen 5 months later. I cancelled the card. Billfloat contact me and said that I owed my payment. I was like no way I paid you guys off already. Then I demanded to know how much more they thought I owed them. Mind you the phone I bought was a Galaxy S3 $499 (now sold at Best Buy for $399). They said I still owed 6 payments of $110!!! I was like what the hell are you talking about? They said that billfloat is a leasing program and that I didn’t own the phone until I paid it off and the payments were $110 for 10 months!! That’s $1,100 for a $500 phone!

  • Lenaluvbeans

    Part 1 of 4 – When I went to the Great Mall and ran into the salesmen at Crazy Wireless kiosk. I just merely was glancing at phones but not there to buy. I saw a sign that said you can now buy phones with billfloat service. I asked the salesmen what exactly that meant. They informed me it was just like billmelater. He said I could pick a phone take it home and pay it off in four payments. I said what’s the catch? He said no catch at all. I was very hesitant. He promised me that it was a great deal and there was nothing shady about it. Well after haggling with me for thirty minutes he convinced me it was legit and as easy as billmelater. Well, I supplied my email address (which I never check) and my mailing address and viola I had a phone. Well I got billed directly out of my ATM card.

  • Lori

    Billfloat was great…..AT FIRST! Unfortunately, that has all changed. They stopped letting me float bills even though I paid on time. I got the smartline before they stopped letting me use billfloat, and paid that on time too….Suddenly, I can’t get cash from my line of credit, can only use it to pay a bill. I recently decided to pay my payment early, so I chose make minimum payment ($93)….I clicked continue, and at the top it said your payment of $771 is in progress. I emailed, since we can’t call, and didn’t get a return email. Very frustrating and very over Billfloat. DON’T USE THEM EVER.

  • Leann S.

    Everything that is posted about this company is all true. From the beginning they helped alot, then comes along unanswered emails, no phone contact, terrible customer service to no customer service, not able to look at your account online, and the list goes on, I have reported a claim to Better Business Bureau, and will go higher to make sure this company goes down, and actually the Billfloat part is no longer, but the Smarline and Smartpay is still running, Their practices are unheard of and I don’t recommend to anyone.

    • Lori

      Even with Smartline, I could no longer get cash….could only use it for bills.

  • reevel

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    • KATE

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    • Jennifer

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  • kelly

    bill float is the biggest scam i bought a metro phone in april in oct they sent me an email stating thankyou four fullfilling your contract and today they sent me a message say thankyou for an ovredue payment and i still have t 2 more left bull if i do the would put te phone at over three hundered dollars and to top it all off as of oct 2013 you con nolonger speak to an actual person , thats bull s**t if you ask me their scamming money off everyone its all bad

  • Upset costumer

    First out of the blue they demand money up front again. Was interesting but handled that. Now, suddenly and with no notice or warning of any kind, your bank must be on their approved list or they won’t float your bill. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Anymous

      I have been a customer since 2011 and it won’t let me in anymore because my bank is not on the approved list.

    • Confused

      I’ve used them for almost a year with no problems and same here. Last month it worked and now they only try bank verification which I didn’t have to do before. I switched banks a long time ago so they can’t verify my bank account. If they’re only going to approve you through bank verification, they should at least let you change the initial bank you set up wtih.

    • Leann

      I loved Billfloat at first, now its asking for money up front, i can only float one bill, at a time now, i can’t get into my account on Smartline, which I remember a couple of months ago, you had to have money in there to float any bills, but you can’t see your info, no one to call and the emails always say getting back you…and they did, but they completely sent someone else’s account info. I think this company is bellied up! Scamming is a word which may suit them best, or maybe class action lawsuit. I am definitely frustrated and aggravated with myself for getting hooked into this mess.

  • Kelley

    I have been using billfloat since may of 2012 to float a couple of my regular bills each month. Really helps me out and their fees are not very expensive; pretty reasonable actually. Up until today I had never been declined and now they are telling me after 27 transactions with them over 18 months of which NONE had ever been late; in fact the last payment I made was at least a week early. Anyway; now they tell me they can’t float my verizon bill because of my credit report. What the hell I’ve had crappy credit since day one and it never affected me before. Made payment arrangements with verizon so I won’t use them again.

    • Benjamin

      Hello…same thing happened to me this week….Used them forever….Now I am denied????……Never paid late either….Well its their LOSS………After all thats why people people
      like us use them in the first place……The people with money wont need them anyway….Lets see how this works for them….They just lost 2 customers….

      • Jackie

        Same thing happened to me today. Paying the same bill for six months. Last month, they wanted a downpayment, which is fine. This month, denied. WTF? Nothing has changed on my end. So annoying.

    • Sweets

      Same thing for me.

      • Ann

        Same for me.. always use them for the same bill every month, even repay early sometimes. Now I am not approved… and right before Christmas..

        • Diappointed

          This happened to me as well. NEVER paid late either. I was a good customer… THEIR LOSS!

    • LaKeisha

      Same exact thing happened to me as well. You can’t even get a live person over the phone not to mention I also have a Smartline account with them which is hardly ever updated on their site reflecting my payments. Bill Float used to be my saving grace now and I have always paid on-time never declined and now all of a suddent its been declined. Not sure what’s going on with them, but I won’t be using them anymore.

  • Davy

    THANK GOD I read these comments before I used BillFloat. I set up a float payment to have a little more money in the summer and I used a pre paid card to set up the repayment. It all went well and my Verizon bill was paid and the charge came off my card when it was suppose to. So I called the prepaid card company and canceled the card, no problem. Then I get a call three weeks later stating that they cannot get my payment from my card and that I have to use another method of payment. I told them I already paid my account and that I would be more than happy to fax them the statement from both the Prepaid card company and the statement I printed off a week after the bill was paid. They said "no that wont be necessary"(I faxed it to them anyways) and that they would research it. A week later, some all crazy "delinquent account manager" called me demanding I make my payment and tried to bully me (Mind you I work in a Maximum Security Prison, so he didn’t get far). I told him the same thing as I told the first person and I faxed him the same paperwork. Then they sic’d a collections agency on me. So I contacted the collections agency, sent the paperwork, and now they are filing a complaint against Billfloat along with advising me to contact the BBB to file a complaint and have them fight the issue for me. SO BEWARE OF BillFloat!

    • maria blough

      oh my billfloat is horrible be careful please I read complaints after I started using them and everything was fine I paid a couple of bills everymonth they only charge like a dollar of intrest uless you go with the express, but then all of a sudden they said they paid my bill and they didn’t, then they started asking for money down , then the last draw was when they went to debit my account for a bill I owed they took double the amount 400.00 hundred dollars when it was only to be 200.00 they took my whole check I was very upset and you cant even get anyone to answer never again will I be that despret and use those idiots excuse my languge, thank god I have the best bank in the world bank of America credit my account and are going after those fools don’t use them you WILL REGRET or you can be like me don’t listen and then post later be careful there out to take your money and information God Bless you all : )

  • Dave

    I haven’t had an issue with Billfloat until this last time around. They were supposed to pay a bill of $199.43 to Duke Energy, and sent me the "rest easy" message, that they’ve sent the money. I even did the express version which costs me more money. Two weeks later, my power gets shut off for non payment. To get it turned back on, I pay the $199.43 on the same day it was shut off, which shows on the Duke Energy Payment History as happening on that same day but posts on my bank account two days later. Fine, no problem. I paid the bill.

    I contact Billfloat and tell them about the issue. After a week, they put their "research team " on it, but also say that they have no way of stopping the repayment. That’s complete garbage. Of course they can stop it, they are the ones making it happen. I finally got an email back from them today saying that they got a response from Duke Energy, that they received a payment on the day it drafted from my account, for the amount I said. Billfloat didn’t bother asking WHERE that payment came from, but instead assume it was them. They ignore the bank and Duke Energy records that I sent them, as well the fact that this was two weeks later from when they told me it would be paid, and just assume it was theirs. Now I’m still stuck with this repayment fee for something they never paid.

  • Just a Joke

    Do not understand why, when I have paid my MetroPcs bill with them several times, and always have the money available when it is due to be paid, that all of a sudden, out of no where, there are expecting me to pay $15.00 up front. I too have had issues when paying a bill early, that the system button does not work, therefore not allowing me to pay the bill early. I do this to try to save on some interest charges. Then when you call to talk to one of the idiots that they have working for them, they have no logical explanation as to why the pay button will not work.

  • C.C.

    OMG! I wish I would have read this sooner. I have a similar issue about bill float taking multiple payments even though i paid them back EARLY! I ALWAYS pay back early and have been a client since the beginning of 2012. I now have an open investigation with my bank and i had to close my debit card. They caused my account to overdraft twice and i kept replacing the money but this is ridiculous. I’m out of $150 right now until I can get this resolved. I need to advise my bank to google these complaints. smh

    • S. M.

      Billfloat has taken $109.66 from me they deducted the amount twice from my account they say it was some kind of system issue that caused it to happen they put it back and then took it back the next week and you can no longer speak to any one on the phone your communications are done online so I have about 30 emails sent trying to get this issue resolved and as of today they keep replying that the money was refunded but I have not received a refund they are not looking at the fact that it was taken out again the next week. This issue as been going on since November 2013. So I am advising anybody that is thinking about doing business with this company to beware. SMDH

  • RMG

    Same Advice for EBAY’s …"Bill me Later" ….scam.

  • michael Ryan

    Mixed review: It works great, but never again will I click on the "pay now" button. If you let it go until the due date all is good. If you pay early via the "pay now" button… all **** breaks loose. They will deduct it from your account right away, and still continue to attempt to collect on the due date.

  • rich

    Glad I didn’t sign up for this. Some people claim to have never had trouble using billfloat which is good for them, but, there are just too many negative reviews to risk trying it. I think Lisa P. is not a real person and does not exist.

    • rich

      Lisa R.*

  • Steven

    I’ve used Billfloat since last year and didn’t have an issue with them..UNTIL TODAY 8/27/13…I noticed they took $32.01 out of my account..I called them up, and they told me I had forgot to pay back their loan of $50.01 taken out on July 17th..after I checked my account I realized I did forget to schedule this payment and was intending to apologize to them for the oversight…but not after the way I was treated. They basically accused me of deliberately forgetting my payment and having it escalate to collections…9 DAYS after it was due. I understand that I was late..but collections?? Seriously?? The way I was spoken to will convince me NEVER to use them again. NO one deserves to be treated as such. Also….I realize that you are outsourced to another country..but you are just as rude as Americans are…the debt collecting business must make you an ****.

  • Angelica

    In may of 2013 I signed up for billfloat to pay a $50 Metro pcs bill. The payment to metropcs went through immediately preventing my phone from being shut off. 30 days later, the payment was debited in full from my checking account, however when I checked the website, it still stated that I owed the original $59.30 payment so I called the company and faxed them my bank statement. A week or so later, another payment for 29.65 was debited and a few days later another payment. I called the company and they agreed to refund the additional 59.30 charge. This happened again several more times and I managed to get bill float to refund the money, after several weeks, a dozen faxes and repeating charges. I finally had to contact my bank and dispute the charges. My bank put a stop payment on any future charges and that was the only way I got the debits to stop. On top of this, nearly two months later the website still says I owe $59.30. Stay away from them, it is not worth it!

  • JennL

    Has anyone else had this problem with Billfloat? I used them for six months, no problems, everything was repaid on time. Two months ago, I needed to float my phone payment, & I got a denial based on my credit rating. When I emailed support, I was told that credit ratings weren’t used in giving out loans, "but please try again in a few weeks.,,,the situation might change". What? I have not been able to float my phone bill for the last few months, due to other bills that take precedence, which results in my phone being shut off every time. T

  • Harold Beckwith

    BillFloat is a complete joke.First time user I went online and started the application process,everything was going fine until I got to the part where they asked for bank info.I put in the info for the debit card and it asked for me to verify online.Well they didn’t have my bank listed so I called them.I was told since they didn’t have my bank listed I couldn’t use that account.They state on the website that if your bank isn’t listed they will add it.I was told I had to have a different account to use (yea everyone has three or four bank accounts)or they couldn’t help me.Seems like this is just about as much of a scam as the p****y lenders.

    • Teresa Jones

      Harold; I just had the same thing happen to me so I contacted Time Warner cable for whom I got this Bill Float info. From so I could get help paying them. They told me that it was a third party site and they weren’t able to help me. It ticks me off because I had already put in all my bank info including my Id and access info to my checking account.

  • Bobby White

    Why does it take so long to get your credit report?

  • PissedOffAries

    After getting the error message once again, I check my email and get this message from BillFloat:__Thank you for trying BillFloat recently. We’re sorry that you didn’t extend your AT&T bill with us. _ We would like to welcome you back to BillFloat._•Get 30 more days to pay your bill_•Low fees_•Support for over 2,500 billers nationwide__BillFloat is quickly becoming America’s favorite way to pay a bill when times are tight:__BillFloat please get it together!!_

  • PissedOffAries

    Found this complaint site and sent an email "Attn Lisa" and no response. I thought it was odd that BillFloat sends this automated error message but has no clue how to resolve the problem. I asked wasn’t there an IT staff who resolved technical problems and I was told NO. I was told I’m sorry and I just don’t know what to tell you. Seriously, this error came from BillFloat, not from me, and you can’t resolve the problem. I’ve noticed from others that after two months they began to experience problems. Why doesn’t BillFloat just tell customers upfront that you can only float bills for two months regardless of whether you paid before the due date. Also, curiously I was told that NO-ONE else has ever gotten this error message but I see from this site that was lie..__

    • Arallen

      Yeah, I’ve gotten the same exact error message twice now because it won’t accept my bank account and password. When I tried to call I got nothing but a busy signal for 30 minutes straight so I decided to look up the complaints and found this page. Needless to say I’m actually glad that they can’t get their **** together because it gave me time to look them up before actually going through with it.

  • PissedOffAries

    USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION — BILLFLOAT IS NOT RELIABLE OR TRUSTWORTHY__I have been a member since January 2013. I floated two payments for two months, paying off the payments early, and then in May I got an error "We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly." Sent numerous emails and received a nonsense reply not addressing the problem. Called and spoke with several customer service representatives, all of whom could not resolve the problem.

  • Hmm

    Why would you post a positive comment before your bill had even been paid. That makes no sense and you obviously jumped the gun on lecturing others. Funny how things work out.

  • nicole

    I just signed up for billfloat and was approved but had to pay a small fee upfront. As I’m inputting my debit card info it keeps telling me invalid card then insufficient funds which is not true, so I called billfloat and was told that they support my TD checking account thats why I was approved but not my TD bank card and my only option is to use another bank card (which I don’t have). And to top it off I can’t close the billfloat account because it says there is a payment due on my account even though it was denied because of my bank card.

  • Susan

    After getting somewhat suspicious with this company I also had problems trying to cancel my account.After many attempts to work this out with their so called on line support and 1-800- number I contacted my bank and after I told them what information they were asking for concerning my bank account they advised I close it out.No legit business should ask for your log in I.D. and password or your security questions.Went another route to get the money.

  • Lynelle

    I have been using billfloat since the end of 2012 and I have never had an issue with them.

    • Jack

      so bill float is not a scam?

    • maria blough

      give it some time they ll get you just like they got all of us I use to talk good about them and they took my whole check soon you ll be posting like all of us if you don’t get out now becareful and God Bless you

  • momies2

    I have used bill float since 2012 the problem with people misunderstanding how this works. they have certain companies that they are contract with to pay your bills, you provide the account number for the company you want to pay your bill. they set up payment date to repay them back for the money they loan you by direct debit the funds out of your checking account. If the funds are not available it will be a problem and they will think twice about letting you float any bills in the future. This money is not FREE you pay a little extra for the money they give to you to pay the creditors. Bill Float does not mess your account up only you do that when you dont have the funds available the payment is DUE

    • terri

      that’s not true, the money is in my account and other people’s… they are just messing up and taking it out twice.

    • James

      Sounds like a BillFloat employee to me…. just saying…

    • Kelley

      This must be a bill float employee.

  • momies2

    they dont put the money in your account. the funds are available from the web site so you provide the company name if they contract with the company and your account number then they pay your bills. they don t deposit money in your checking account for you to use for something else


    What may be a priority to you may not be for another. Different strokes for different folks; but furthermore; THIS BOARD IS FOR PEOPLE TO DISCUSS ISSUES WITH BILLFLOAT NOT FOR YOUR D**N OPINION ON WHAT BILLS THEY SHOULD GET ASSISTANCE WITH OR NOT. I guess what I’m saying to you is MIND YOUR D**N BUSINESS!!!!

  • Rachel

    I looked into them via Time Warner and they demanded that I give them not only my bank account but a payment upfront, I balked. Glad I did. It’s sad that they take advantage of good people in a bad economy.

  • Lori

    change your bank account to stop them

  • Janet

    Looking for nutribullet complaints. I spilled into my nutribullet and now I can’t get it to turn on! Has anyone else had this problem?

  • John

    Try BilPay very easy to use and they get your billpaid. Go to

    • neusys

      bilpay (will one L) is The domain may be for sale by its owner!
      billpay (will two Ls) is not a direct lender; it gives you a window that points to many merchants.
      you may want to update your comment and specifically tell what vendor you actually use!

  • rob

    you sound like a dam commercial

  • Megan

    all you seem to do is troll other people’s complaints & make rude comments,what are YOU doing on here if you were not in need for a little help at one time or another? Get a life.

  • Sunni Deal

    I LOVE Bill float! Works for me every time…… first time they allowed me to borrow a few hundred to pay a cell bill… I paid it back early. 2nd time, they doubled my funds…. i paid 2 bills… paid them back early…. third time, i paid 2 bills… paid them back….

    The cycle continues…. I have NO issues with them AT ALL!

    • Brenda

      JUST WAIT…it’s COMING!!

  • Tracey W

    Jenna, They don’t put the money into your account. They will pay the biller directly so you have to put the bill account number and amount you want paid on that bill.


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