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Business Name: Vision Service Plan
Category: Optometrist Services
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Corporate Address: 3333 Quality Dr
Rancho Cordova, California 95670 USA

Phone Number: 800-877-7195
Email: webmaster@vsp.com
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Stay away from VSP -- they'll tell after 6 months that your'e not covered!

They denied a prescription glass from a doctor after 5 months;

I got a glass in 5/15/12 from Doctors On Sight, Vienna, VA – I paid full for $158;

Now in October they’re saying VSP don’t cover the glass and I’ve to pay $339 extra.

If I knew before I wouldn’t have taken this glass.

Please let me know what can I do!

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  1. # 1 I would learn to speak and write proper english. This could help you with reading and understanding the fine print. Next, I would call and ask what your signup date was, and then ask what the period of coverage was that you paid for.Lastly, ask when your coverage started. If this information does not line up with your denial letter, continue to ask for the person's supervisor on up. Never take no for an answer. That is what they are counting on.