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Last Updated On: June 3, 2014

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Corporate Address:
2110 Hutton Dr #100
Carrollton, Texas 75006 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 903-892-2621
Company Contact: Doug Barnes - Owner
Corp Website: eyemartexpress.com

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Alternate Business Names: Dr Barnes' Vision4Less | Dr Barnes' VisionMart Express | Dr Barnes' EyeWear Express

EyeMart Express Ratings and Reports

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $800.00
Average Reported Losses: $400.00

Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 3.00 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 0

Latest EyeMart Express Complaint

Tech Can Not Cut Their Lens To Fit Their Own Frames.

I went to purchase a new pair of glasses at Eyemart and when I received them the next day I noticed the lens did not fit the frame, plus their were issues with the frame also. I inquired about this and they said if I was going to nit pic I should have went somewhere else to buy. They agreed to redo the lens and when I got them back both lens were cut wrong, there was a space in the corners of both where there was no lens at all.

Now I have made 4 trips to them 8 actual visits and now they say I must like seeing them or have nothing better to do, this last visit they said they would redo and would be ready the next day and would call, no call ever came.

I called and they said they would be ready that day and again no call ,day 4 I called at noon and they now say they are ready, no call. I live 50 miles one way from this store, so I have invested my time and nearly 500 miles of driving and these people do not care at all.

My opinion is no one should ever do business with this store, your so called low cost glasses actually end up costing you more than if you went to a well known eye glass store such as Lens Crafters or Pearl Vision, Sears, even Pennys.


Eye Mart Express #158 11415 Midlothian Tp St Richmond, Va 23235

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