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Category: Office Supplies
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Phone Number: 866-923-0451
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Unsatisfactory business practice

I ordered checks and an ink stamp from www.4checks.com. Delivery within 4-6 weeks was guaranteed. After two months of not hearing anything I called and was told that the order was cancelled due to an incorrectly submitted account number to be printed on the checks.

I checked what was submitted (since I kept a copy of the order) and also with my bank. The account number was correct. I called back to let them know this and stated that due to the extreme time lag, the checks were not needed, but that I wanted the stamp sent to me without their processing and shipping fee as compensation for my trouble. The agent taking the call patently refused.

I asked to speak with her manager. She first said that she could not transfer to her manager and later said that her manager would not approve the free shipping as well. She informed me that the company tried to contact me at least five times. This is patently incorrect or a blatant error on their part as I received no emails nor phone calls from them. This company’s lack of concern for their customers, nor effort of any kind to rectify a situation that is obviously their fault is reprehensible.

I urge all consumers to avoid this company at all costs.

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  • LMD

    I am buying checks online and was looking at 4checks.com until I read this. Thanks for the warning! I don't need problems and refuse to work with anyplace that has no regard for the people spending the money that keeps them in their jobs..

  • M.L. Armstrong

    Why does it take so long for you to process an order? I have been ordering checks by mail for decades and it never takes more than 2-3 weeks to receive my order. It has been 4 weeks since I sent my order in. I still have received nothing. I am sure I will not be ordering again from this company.