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NY Daily News Delivery and Customer Service

I signed up for home delivery of the NY Daily News in February and from the beginning I was having a problem with the delivery. I kept calling up saying the paper delivery has been inconsistent sometimes going weeks at a time without a delivery.

Finally I called and canceled the service in April even though I was still owed deliveries and when the renewal forms came in I wrote a fairly detailed complaint letter stating I did not wish to ever receive home delivery from them again because of the service. I thought everything was handled when in August I received a bill for 7.16 cents for delivery charges outstanding.

I called and was told it was a mistake and it was handled. A few weeks later, I received another bill in the mail for the same 7.16 and once again, called and the same thing happened.

The next day I received a bill in the mail for 6.18, but disregarded it as being sent before I talked to the rep the day before. Last week I then received a bill from a credit agent saying I needed to pay this outstanding bill and I have been hounded by phone calls from the creditor. When I called up Daily News to tell them about the letter I was told someone would call me back that day. Nobody did, so I called the next day and was told the same thing

A week went by with no phone call, so I called them this morning. I was told the distributor is saying that he has been delivering the paper every day, none of those papers I have received, or was supposed to receive since I canceled my subscription. Now in order to not have a stupid thing such as 6.18 go on my credit report, I am giving in and paying.

I have read the Daily News everyday since I learned how to read, but no more.

NY Daily News
125 Theodore Dr Jersey City, NJ 07305

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One thought on “Daily News America

  1. since i restarted home delivery there has been over 10 non deliveries in april & may june was okay but now in july it started again no del.on fri & today 7/28 i called 718 3703777 but no call back, ive had it i am going to the Advance they del.every day no fail. kiss a customer of over 30 yrs goodbye