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Last Updated On: January 27, 2017

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Business Name: Seterus Inc
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PO Box 4121
Beaverton, Oregon 97076-4121 USA

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Seterus Phone Number: 866-570-5277
Company Contact: Jay Memmott - President
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Average Rating: 1.06 out of 5
Based On: 109 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 191

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Reported Losses: $51,684,332.40
Average Reported Losses: $474,168.19

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Seterus Are Corporate Bullies

July 2016, I call in to set up a payment for June understanding that I was 10-15 days late and there may be a late fee associated. When I was asked why I was behind, I told her that my pay cycle was off by two weeks. She asked when I can double up. I offered by September. The rep said, let’s set up June, July and, august and you’ll start to be automatically debuted in the first of each month starting September. I said, no problem and set up three separate Speedpay check by phones. I went on with life with the confirmation numbers given knowing that all was handled. It was the middle of July went my credit notifier advised me that my credit decreased by 49 points!!! I logged in to see that it was Seterus reporting no payment for June.

I immediately reached out to find out why the three payments didn’t go through, and offered confirmation numbers. The representative that I spoke with said, I don’t see any payments, why are you late and how would you like to pay? I checked my bank account while on the phone and noticed that Seterus never pulled the money out of the account. I continued to tell the collections rep that I needed to know what happened to the arrangement before I make another payment.


The representative would not investigate the account and what happened to the payment unless I agreed to set up another arrangement. She continued to tell me that she understands how I feel, and shes sorry about the negative credit reporting but “Unfortunately”We can’t move on until they secure payment. I finally got a manager in the North Carolina office on by the name of Lakia. She began to talk me down and assure me if I made payment that she will make sure that the negative information would be removed my credit report.

I set up a payment to take care of June and July payment with her. Around mid august I saw that negative reporting being removed from my credit report, but now there was a late payment more than 30 days reported. At this time I had a zero balance and was more then current. I paid September late and included the late fee when I paid it. October 4th, when my bill invoiced, I was charge a late fee, and $15 fee for Seterus to send someone to take pictures of my because I paid outside of the month in July. When I asked them to remove 15 fee.. They told me to write a letter explaining how they misplaced 3 payments, no one could find what happened to them, even though it’s documented in their system and I had the confirmation numbers.

I refused to pay the late fee and the $15 because it was not my fault and I was advised by a manager that I my account will not apply any funds to loan unless there was no late fees and visit fees. I’ve never seen anything this crooked in my life. As of right now, after asking for a supervisor, I’ve been on hold for over 1.5 hours. I would more than happily provide anything that’s needed to take these bullies down. They have negatively impacted my credit report, twice, charged me late fees and house visit fees that accumulated because of their mistake, only to out me on hold for over 1.5 hrs.

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PO Box 2008 Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2008
PO Box 7162 Pasadena, CA 91109-7162

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  • not happy

    Seterus is now trying to be sneaky by sending payment letter the day before payment is due for the past 3 months. I have been sending in photo copy of previous payments subs. In addition, you have to write down the month you are paying on note with “mortgage payment”, once they put the payment as a principle and it was sent with payment stub. Some how that was my fault not writing on check it was a monthly payment. They are f company. I have stories even worst.

  • Learning Path Development

    Seterus is a Corporate Terrorist. I received my December mortgage statement and my stomach flipped when I opened it. The bill showed I owed Seterus two mortgage payments. The only way this could be possible was if I failed to make my last payment, which I had. Panic started to rise from my gut. I have never not made a mortgage payment past the grace period. According to the contract I have my payments are late after the 15th of every month. In a panic I reviewed my documented mortgage payments wondering if I was losing my mind and thought I had made a payment when I hadn’t. There it was with a confirmation number listed. Nov. payment received by Seterus on November 7th, October payment received Oct. 3, Sept. payment received Sept. 1. Aug. payment on the 11th all the way back my payments were ALWAYS received before the grace period of the 15th of each month. I called and the rep said Seterus changed how they generate statements and it would be beneficial. Beneficial to who I asked? Opening my mortgage statement and being billed for something I have already paid is clearly not beneficial to me. It amounts to emotional terrorism and they need to cease and desist. Just disgusted with Seterus.

  • junior

    you are doomed for life! better leave the country and save your money mate..

  • Judy Johnson

    With all the complaints against Seterus, I’m concerned. My spouse just signed up in January 2016 and he is the only name on the loan but we are both on the mortgage. God forbid If something happens to him. If I’m face with that, do I inform them or continue to make the payments on time? Do the take out for insurance to cover the loan at the time of death? We could not tell by the paperwork. Help!

  • Ann Oyed

    Every phone call with them costs you 5-10 minutes of going through “verifying” the same information that has not changed. They don’t apply check escrow payments accurately – AND they don’t apply it until much “later.”

    The website looks like something the Obama administration would have come up with. Poorly made, INSECURE, & partially nonfunctional on a regular basis. Unnecessary number of “password changes” for the sake of “security.” None of my other well-functioning bank accounts request such frequent changes. Every change makes you forget sooner what your password is, since we deal with so many password nowadays. Yet, after changing the password correctly, there is an error when you log in again that says that you “can’t change the password again within 24 hours.” WTH.

    Then there are escrow “inspection” fees that they just decide to add to your account. I was not informed of any “inspections” or the need for “inspection fees.”

  • Azucena Kennedy

    Chase sold my loan to Seterus in 2012, and I have been with Seterus for years. Seterus did a modification last year and I ve been struggling, but as long as you pay, you are good. I know they will get the money, Seterus is like a collection agency. I have to pay 2000 dollars per month!! to catch up.

  • Banda Tibor

    Hello viewers am here just to let you know how Mr Hubert Pawel helped me
    with a loan. he is such a reliable man.I never thought there are still
    reliable lender until i met him here in this forum where a lady testify
    of his reliability.That was how i contacted him via his email ( Thanks!

    • Azucena Kennedy

      Thank you

  • TheOne

    I worked for this crappy company and can tell you first hand that Seterus is in fact unethical in their business practices and it would behoove each of you to get involved in a class action lawsuit. Mowt of your issues are due to people not knowing what the heck they are doing with no support on the floor most of the time and if there is support their answer to everything is get the customer off your phone or get the money!!! alo do to agents not taking the time to research the simplest issues because they are put on strick call times to handle a call and if you cant get he customer off the phone in a certain amount of time then you are threatened and or written up. Meanwhile you the customer are not being serviced properly. Also I was surprised that when starting with his company that they have monthly goals and contest that are mandatory to meet in collecting dollars which mean the focus of your conversations with agents is to get your money not help with the problems that you may be having with your mortgage. The focus for the agent becomes reaching that monthly goal or contest to get a bonus at the end of the month. I have witnessed many agents hang up on calls that where not collectable calls. This is a disservice for the customer because you are trying to resolve a major issue that could possibly cause you to loose your home and in some cases you do. For many of you it is a time sensitive matter. Ive seen people go into foreclosure because of misapplied funds, uneducated agents, people not giving a d**n about your plight, rude agents that have no idea of what it is to even have a mortgage. I have also seen people loose their home because of information not given to the borrower that could help you keep your home because they want you to pay $ to reach their goal instead of telling to all your options. If they tell you your options for repayment plan or a modification or DIL or Short Sale this does the agent and their team no good because neither of these options will get them a bonus. The reason why this could cause you to loose your home and that each of those options have their own time limit during delinquency of when you can apply for them or when they are able to be offered. So when your acct becomes delinquent each of these options to bring he loan current can only be offered within a certain window of days in the delinquency status. the problem with these contest is that say for instance, You call in on the 5th of any given month, you are 6 months delinquent, you have been calling in for months but no one told you that there was a repayment plan option because they told you your only option was to pay to total amount within 3 weeks. This is a lie. More times than not you were told this so that the agent can get you to pay it up to a current status by the end of the moth so that they can cure an acct by the end of the month so that they meet goal and can get bonus. You shouldn’t have to jump through unrealistic hoops and hurdles just so that an agent and their team lead can make bonus. You then are forced to set up unrealistic payments over three weeks time. WHat if you are unemployed or had loss of an income etc etc. You are told to come up with that money anyway you can. Borrow the money maybe cash in 401k etc etc. Instead of telling you to apply for Hardest hit funds or to see if there is any type of foreclosure prevention fund for your state or applying for other options. You try to come up with the funds but are unable to do so because you are unemployed or going through a loss of income in the home. So this means that you have become more delinquent but by this time foreclosure status has been put on your mortgage. the problem is now that the foreclosure status is on your acct we cannot offer certain options. Lets say that you were still employeed or had income then repayment plan would have been a great option but ops too late.. A repayment plan would have allowed you to pay the delinquent amount over a three to 6 month period along with the current monthly mortgage. You should have been offered this when you first became delinquent. But once again a repayment plan does the agent no good because its not a bonus for them. so now you are in foreclosure. Now when you go into foreclosure there are time limits still on all option like applying for a modification or DIL or Short Sale. But the focus once again on Seterus end is collection of your money. The agents will try to get you to pay a reinstatement figure which Is great if you can afford it but in many cases are still not told about all of your options until its too late to even apply for a Mod DIL or Short Sale. These is just the tip of the iceberg Im proud of the work I did at this company because I felt that I help the borrowers that I came into contact with over the phone. I would go home and cry about what I witnessed there. I could go on and on with the facts. I wish each of you the best. Im gonna leave you with one last bit of advice. Please educated yourselves on your options. DO NOT RELY on customer service to help read up on your states foreclosure laws. See if your State has Hardest Hit Funds. It amazed me that customers where up to two or three years delinquent and were never told about the Hardest Hit Funds. Oh yeah it doesn’t make them any money that’s why. Also is a great place to start.

    • David

      I have Seterus for my mortgage. They have not paid the property taxes on time with the escrow account more than once. This resulted in liens being placed on my property. It also lowered my credit score. I found this class action law suit being filed against Seterus for late fees and improperly processing mortgage payments. Check it out. CONSUMER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST


      CALL US AT



      Our firm, Capstone Law APC, is litigating a class action on behalf of property owners who entered into a mortgage loan transaction that was then transferred or sold to, or for which the servicing rights were acquired by, Seterus, Inc. (“Seterus”) and were charged late fees related to payment. The lawsuit, entitled Lopez v. Seterus, Inc.; IBM Lender Business Process Services, Inc.; International Business Machines Corp., is currently pending in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Case No. BC484297. The lawsuit alleges Seterus engaged in the following unlawful conduct:

      improperly holding mortgage payments and then charging late fees and

      failing to timely process mortgage payments and then charging late fees.

      We believe that Seterus’s conduct as described above violates California consumer laws.

      If you had a mortgage loan transaction held or serviced by Seterus at any time from May 9, 2008, until the present and would like to learn more about the case, please call us at 888.845.1266 or send an email to Be sure to give your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you, and an attorney will get back to you soon.

    • Janelle Minerva Davis

      That’s funny, because I work for Seterus right now. Let me preface this by saying I’m not being paid to say this, and actually was told to google reviews right now. I’m not going to be able to discuss things like company policy, or internal operations, but I can discuss the fact that your broad brush statements are wrong because they definitely don’t apply to me, and other stuff is things you can literally find on google if you try.

      So let me make a disclaimer in that ** Anything I say is my own personal opinion and experience and not that of my employer, just for technical reasons so nobody tries to twist me having my own mind on them.

      But I somehow doubt they’d disagree.

      “Strick” call times >

      My Team Leader said that while my calls are long, the borrower enjoys the calls with me and I almost always make a resolution, so he doesn’t care if I take a few extra minutes. He told me if I want to improve my metrics I can try, but he isn’t worried about it.

      “Agents don’t take time to research” >

      Speak for yourself. You worked there, and that may have been your protocol, but it isn’t mine, nor does my Team Leader support that behavior.

      “Written up” over call time >

      Bull. Again. Complete and utter bull. Several times a week I have calls that last an hour, an hour and a half or more if the situation needs it to get it done. I’ve never gotten “written up” over it.

      “Monthly goals and contests that are mandatory to meet” >

      I want people to think about this, their frustrations with the company aside, and understand how a “contest” is “mandatory to meet”. Yes, there are goals. Wouldn’t you want a company that’s handling loans to have high goals in modifications, or resolutions? Or do you just want them to sit there with people who don’t care?

      “The focus becomes […] bonus at the end of the month.” >

      Again, speak for yourself.

      “I have witnessed many agents hang up on calls…” >

      Report it. THAT is a write up. If you didn’t report it, that’s your fault.

      “Each of these options has a time limit…” >

      Really? Because unless the house reaches a foreclosure sale date, DIL and SS has no time limit, and are only limited by people having liens on the property, which isn’t the company’s fault.

      (Entire drivel about repayment plans) >

      Let me educate the reader on something this obviously confused individual is misleading them on. This isn’t just Seterus policy, and frankly I can’t even speak any details about internal policy, but I can educate the public about stuff like LAWS. In most states, any time a loan is 45 days past due (payments due on the first of a month, not during grace), a notice of intent to foreclose can be generated, and in some states they require a month and in some less processing time (Texas: 27 days). If you don’t meet the conditions, guess what? They can foreclose. So do you want to listen to someone on the internet telling you that if you’re 6 months past due you can just doodle along paying two months at a time (and thus being four months past due), or do you want to look into the actual laws on why they say that? It protects people. I mean, if you WANT, they could take your money and give you no actual foreclosure protection, instead of working on other options at the same time. I’m a bit confused, is that what this person would prefer?

      “Instead of telling you to apply for HHF…” >

      Except that’s exactly what I tell them, when and where applicable; unfortunately most HHF are out of funding and I’ve been having to educate borrowers instead that most are opening up in X month (for example, August/September in IL).

      “Because you are unemployed…” >

      There’s a thing calle forebearance.

      When it comes down to it, 99% of the problems I run into come from a few things:

      > People are terrified of their debt collectors and don’t reach out until the last minute, then I as a representative have to jump through hoops to try to save them (I just had a woman contact me a day and a half before her foreclosure sale date after two years avoiding us; I still managed to get it delayed to give her a chance, despite being Satan Incarnate according to this poster)

      > Ostrich tactics – head in the sand – only makes it worse.

      > Borrowers tend not to follow directions. Complete packet, fill everything out carefully, contact us frequently during it. They send incomplete documents and vanish, then get upset when bad things happen.

      > People not checking their mail

      Am I going to deny that there may be a few cases where people dropped the ball? No! Because you know what? It’s humans at Seterus, not robots, and humans can make mistakes, and can do so at any company in the history of ever.


      Yeah…? How many people hang up the phone with their debt collector after having an amazing experience and think “GEE! I’M GOING TO GO ONLINE AND WRITE AN AWESOME REVIEW ABOUT IT!” …Said nobody in the history of ever. No, the people who go online are people who had a bad experience, and most of those experiences were aggravated by being in a bad position already, or they wouldn’t be in debt.

      If you want an actual understanding of how the company ranks – not from upset borrowers who personally feel wronged, but in an actual production standpoint – not collections, not money gathered, but in things like keeping people in their homes or helping them gracefully exit – try checking out the Federal National Mortgage Association’s rating system for these things. I’ll give you a boost: Wait, a few months later they were in the peer one group… Wait, after that they went up to fourth place. Wait… after that, they continued to improve performance.

      But nevermind all of that, Some Guy On The Internet said it’s the worst servicer ever, let’s all copy that endlessly like its’ a well known fact.

      It’s a matter of basic self-education, following directions, staying in contact, and being willing to be patient and negotiate.

      • Javier

        I have Seterus know and they are good to me. Just make your payments on time. I’m never late on my payments and they don’t bug me.

      • Respect is Earned

        What about all the delays, non action on the 100’s if not more reviews that say that Seterus does not give the payoff info so that the buyers will bail because it is taking so long. I have this issue RIGHT NOW, a pay off amount was requested by my attorney and NOTHING for a week. Our closing is on the 29 of Dec. and it looks like we are not going to make it because of these delay practices. CAN YOU do something about it????? What about this? How do you suggest that I get the pay off amount in time for the closing? Who can my attorney contact about this that will get the job done in this fine outstanding company? Yes I feel wronged and I am upset. You would be too IF you were in my and other’s place. How about helping and getting this taken care of in the next day or so showing that you and others working for this company are actually doing a good job????

    • Azucena Kennedy

      thank you very much, Seterus has no memory of the conversations I had over the phone and you are right.

  • TheOne

    I worked for this crappy company and can tell you first hand that Seterus is in fact unethical in their business practices and it would behoove each of you to get involved in a class action lawsuit. Mowt of your issues are due to people not knowing what the heck they are doing with no support on the floor most of the time and if there is support their answer to everything is get the customer off your phone or get the money!!! alo do to agents not taking the time to research the simplest issues because they are put on strick call times to handle a call and if you cant get he customer off the phone in a certain amount of time then you are threatened and or written up. Meanwhile you the customer are not being serviced properly. Also I was surprised that when starting with his company that they have monthly goals and contest that are mandatory to meet in collecting dollars which mean the focus of your conversations with agents is to get your money not help with the problems that you may be having with your mortgage. The focus for the agent becomes reaching that monthly goal or contest to get a bonus at the end of the month. I have witnessed many agents hang up on calls that where not collectable calls. This is a disservice for the customer because you are trying to resolve a major issue that could possibly cause you to loose your home and in some cases you do. For many of you it is a time sensitive matter. Ive seen people go into foreclosure because of misapplied funds, uneducated agents, people not giving a d**n about your plight, rude agents that have no idea of what it is to even have a mortgage. I have also seen people loose their home because of information not given to the borrower that could help you keep your home because they want you to pay $ to reach their goal instead of telling to all your options. If they tell you your options for repayment plan or a modification or DIL or Short Sale this does the agent and their team no good because neither of these options will get them a bonus. The reason why this could cause you to loose your home and that each of those options have their own time limit during delinquency of when you can apply for them or when they are able to be offered. So when your acct becomes delinquent each of these options to bring he loan current can only be offered within a certain window of days in the delinquency status. the problem with these contest is that say for instance, You call in on the 5th of any given month, you are 6 months delinquent, you have been calling in for months but no one told you that there was a repayment plan option because they told you your only option was to pay to total amount within 3 weeks. This is a lie. You then are forced to set up unrealistic payments or three weeks time. You are told to come up with that money anyway you can. Borrow the money maybe cash in 401k etc etc. You try to come up with the funds but are unable to do so because you are unemployed or going through a loss of income in the home. So this means that you have become more delinquent but by this time foreclosure status has been put on your mortgage. the problem is now that the foreclosure status is on your acct we cannot offer the repayment plan. A repayment plan would have allowed you to pay the delinquent amount over a three month period along with the current monthly mortgage. You should have been offered this when you first became delinquent. But once again a repayment plan does the agent no good because its not a bonus for them. so now you are in foreclosure. Now when you go into foreclosure there are time limits still on all option like applying for a modification or DIL or Short Sale. But the focus once again on Seterus end is collection of your money. The agents will try to get you to pay a reinstatement figure which Is great if you can afford it but in many cases are still not told about all of your options until its too late to even apply for a Mod DIL or Short Sale. These is just the tip of the iceberg Im proud of the work I did at this company because I felt that I help the borrowers that I came into contact with over the phone. I would go home and cry about what I witnessed there. I could go on and on with the facts. I wish each of you the best. Im gonna leave you with one last bit of advice. Please educated yourselves on your options. DO NOT RELY on customer service to help read up on your states foreclosure laws. See if your State has Hardest Hit Funds. It amazed me that customers where up to two or three years delinquent and were never told about the Hardest Hit Funds. Oh yeah it doesn’t make them any money that’s why. Also is a great place to start.

    • OneSmallVoice

      As a former employee of Seterus everything that was mentioned by TheOne is TRUE. And there is so much more….I attempted with EVERY call to help every person. Some just wanted to vent for a hour and not get any help, that’s okay, their choice. But I was determined to help and offer everything (to each client that was interested in getting help) that could possibly help them. I didn’t care about the top money maker “pulling in 5k a month”, all I wanted to do was to do the best job possible every day that I could at my job. That is who I am, however if I had known what the work ethic was before starting work at Seterus I would have NEVER taken the job. I wont manipulate or lie to clients, and I wont end my phone conversation quickly because “the client isn’t paying Seterus anything right now”, if the client is asking for or needs help, you better believe I am going to spend the time it takes to help them and for them to understand their options. These are peoples lives, their homes and their livelihood. No money is worth abusing another person, in any way, shape or form, PERIOD.

  • Bxnwyrkr

    It sounds like the FBI, FNMA, US Treasury Department and other Federal Agencies should be involved. This is so bad I think Homeland Security and the FDIC should get involved as well. I have been victimized by these crooks by way of sending the wrong closing amount and then sending a new closing almost $10,000.00 more.

    • Janelle Minerva Davis

      That’s what it sounds like because that’s what upset people claim; Fannie Mae does consistent reviews of their servicers and Seterus is consistantly 4 out of 5 stars and may actually get 5 stars soon. These people act like it’s a shady one star hotel on the side of the road with no locks. I’ve addressed some of these concerns in posts elsewhere. I don’t think you know what Homeland Security is. The treasury is naturally involved since they use HAMP, and people get upset about how careful they are with HAMP too. If you felt victimized, communicate and get clarification on why, or see if there was an error.

      • Emma

        I am not upset and I can tell you that Seterus mismanaged my loan when it was sold to them. It took three months to get it straight and it was because they didn’t understand the paperwork on the loan. That is truth. And it was multiple agents. It was mishandled from the start. I’m glad you are having a good run with your employer but that doesn’t make the people speaking hear wrong. Nor does it make them bad customers who are just “upset.” It may be that they have more experience as a customer with the company than does a representative of that company.

  • redrobbin

    These folks are thieves. I managed to get a loan modification last year which actually made my payment go up. Now I have just found out that they took about $9,000 that I paid in interest last year, and applied it to fees for the modification. I’m livid, and I have started a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    • Janelle Minerva Davis

      …I take it you don’t understand how modifications work.

      • anomymous

        Typical Seterus response. How do you know anything about the modification this borrower got? When Seterus calls me on the phone to follow up with me, they have no idea what is going on with my loan. They barely know my name. If indeed her modification made her payment go up, it is not a modification in the sense commonly used, it is a recast of her loan. They take the arrearages (look it up if you don’t know what it means) and add them to the outstanding loan amount and amortize the new amount over the new loan period. That’s charging interest on interest, which is illegal.

  • RJ Gates

    Their Customer service reps are rude and must work on commission. My loan was sold off to them by BOA and just being 1 month behind, I was threatened and harassed. I filed a complaint with the NJ Banking & Insurance & they did contact them.I suggest to all that also had issues with Seterus to do the same with your state’s banking and insurance dept.

  • eirene

    I have had an awful experience with Seterus. Was behind on my mortgage due to cancer and Chase sold my loan to them. Contacted them to get an amount to get my loan caught up and sent the money. It was then returned to me saying that it was not the correct amount. So I contacted them again and was told a new amount (which of course had increased). So I sent a new check which was then deposited by Seterus, so I thought all was ok. A few weeks later I then received the check back and the money had been put back into my account and they told me that I had to send a certified check. I was not told this when I was given the correct amount – and I had told the person on the phone that I would be sending a check overnight that next day, nothing was said about it being certified. I questioned why they had received the check and deposited it and then put the funds back into my account? They couldn’t give me a good answer. And, of course they tapped on more fees and the amount I needed to send them was increased again!. It has been very frustrating and stressful dealing with them as I am trying to get back on my feet. Now I receive a refund and I call and they can’t tell me what the refund is for. I spoke to a young lady on the phone who was trying her best to help me, but very obviously doesn’t possess the necessary communication skills or know how to resolve the issue. She gave me the number to Fanny Mae to contact them? Is this legal how they conduct their business?

  • Heather

    Our payments were NOT behind. They have utterly made a mess out of the escrow account. We cannot get facts from them or the on-line portal. I sent a $2,000. check to fix the escrow labeled it with the account number and “To ESCROW ONLY!!!”… Instead of paying the escrow they applied it to the principal. Meantime our insurance has lapsed because they paid a company that wasn’t our insurance. Allegedly they paid both companies. Our current insurance provider has NEVER received payment. We have been in good communication with all companies involved for two months. … I am at a place where an attorney will be contacted this is not fixed today. From what I am reading I’m thinking class action lawsuit looks like a good idea. Would anyone here be interested in being involved? Mind you my husband and I are ones who believe it is always better to resolve problems then be in a court room.

    • Clark D. Ledger

      I am facing a major frustration w/Seterus as well and would like to push forward a class action lawsuit as well. I am currently in VA, though my mortgaged property is in NV. Have you been able to locate an attorney to assist you? I will be interviewing some on Monday.

      • Denise

        I would like to be involved in any class action suit against Seterus as well.

        • CW

          So would i


    • Lisa

      Has your insurance issue been resolved? My mortgage was just transferred to them and I’m quite worried.

    • Dana

      I am having the same issues currently with my escrow account. I called today for the third time and was transferred to 4 different people, all of which no nothing about escrow or explain to me how the escrow account could be in the negative if the insurance and taxes have not changed in the last 4 years. I am very much interested in a class action suit.

      • Paula

        This is exactly what is happening to me, since my loan was transferred to them. I’m currently searching online to figure what others are doing, and to join a class action suit

    • Carrie santos

      I’m in I have been going thru hell with Seterus!,I’ve contacted lawyers, attorney general getting no where. Every complaint in this thread they are doing to me. I’ve given them thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m looking for help

  • Connie S

    My loan was turned over to Seterus from Chase as I see many others had been in the discussion below. We recently sold our home and Seterus was paid in full. Yesterday I was reviewing my checking account and saw that Seterus had taken approx. $2500 out of my account. We no longer have a mortgage with them! When I called to discuss, they said that the scheduled payment probably hadn’t been cancelled (tried to make it sound like this is my fault). Shouldn’t any future payments have been cancelled when the account was paid in full? The “customer service” person tells me the quickest they can “refund” the money is 30 days. I told them that what they have done is considered theft. And that if I was the one that owed them, they wouldn’t give me the courtesy of 30 days. I’ve been on the phone several times to try to expedite the payment and just keep getting the run around. I filed a claim with my bank and they are going to start the process with Seterus of getting my money back. We had nothing but harassment from them regarding our loan. We paid on time and they would add fees and say we were late. They are the worst. And now I have to deal with this. They are thieves.

    • Cindy moyer

      They did the same to us-we paid off the loan, they have now tacked on $2800+ and when I called them, they gave me the same run around! This is bullshit!

    • Clark D. Ledger

      Utterly unethical behavior by Seterus. I am looking at trying to initiate a class action suit against Seterus for these types of unethical/illegal behavior. I am located in Virginia. This company should not be allowed to exist. Please let me know if you have been able to get legal representation. I am an attorney admitted in California, but am on inactive status as I work for the Federal government as a State Dept. official. I strongly believe there are too many people being abused by Seterus’ practices.

  • Laura w

    Seterus has messed up my acct multiple times. Finally found person who helps. Name is Joyce Pierce direct phone number is 503-947-7067 she is with the Oregon DFCS. Website is you go to it and there’s link get help where you fill out complaint on seterus. It works and Joyce is wonderful.

  • brenda

    this has also happened to me. I have been dealing with a modification through seterus since last september. After tons of phone calls talking to a different representative each time and each time no one had the right story or information to tell me. I had to fill out paperwork and send it in which i did. After getting confirmation that it was received I would call to follow up and they would tell me that they didn’t receive paperwork. I must of done the paperwork and sent in documents they said they didn’t get a dozen times. THen they would tell me they received everything and they were just waiting approval. I had to keep calling weeks and weeks…still wasn’t approved…finally in the spring of 2015 got a letter saying I was approved for a modification for three months and to make my payments march, april, may. My home was already in the foreclosure process and I went to court everything was looking good i was making my payments on time. I was told that my finalized modification papers would come in and that it usually takes a few weeks. August came around , still didn’t receive paperwork. They advised me to keep making payments even though my paperwork did not come in. I had another court date set for August but they put it on continuence since i was making my payments. October came around still did not receive paperwork. I was 5 days late making my september payment and they would not take it ..they said that i broke the modification paying late. the trial payments were up in may 2015 i should not still of been on a trial . after days and hours on the phone with representatives who wanted my payment but then said they couldn’t take it after wasting my time. I now had to redo another modification. which i sent in all of my paperwork I am now waiting for approval. They told me it could take 30-45 days…in the mean time..late fees attorney fees are just stacking up. I have never dealt with such a horrible company in my life. they are just setting people up to collect as much as they can and take homes. something has to be done. i don’t know what to do. in the meantime through all of this i still get statements saying i owe back payments of $17,000.00 and according to those trial payment has been made. according to those statements no payments have been made.

    • Bxnwyrkr

      I don’t know what state your in but each state has a commission to regulate there. I am also looking at the US Treasury and any Federal Agency that might help. Check with your states attorney. I they see enough of us they may stop all payments to Seterus and file a class action Suit. My Prayers are with everyone including myself. God Bless.

  • Mary R

    This is crazy….. I am furious….

  • Mary R

    I just received a letter from Seterus that I need to pay $1388.80 by November 19, 2015, my house is in foreclosure process and I head NO FREAKING IDEA, they have been processing my Mortgage payment every month I am not behind on my Mortgage, my payments have been going to a suspense account. The reason they said they did this was because I filed for Bankruptcy… I have never filed for bankruptcy nor do I need to. Why did they not send me a letter stating that I filed… They have not applied any of my mortgage payments since February of 2015…Now I have to see how this is going to turn out but I am ready to fight… I will be filing a complaint…

    • Denise

      Mary: Same thing with me I have never been in bankruptcy but Seterus had been processing my payments also since February 2015 even though they had in my records that I was in bankruptcy This has happened twice with me starting last Feb. Wondering how you made out! I has refused to pay my mortgage until it rectified and a guaranteed that better due diligence is exercised . Seterus needs to be held accountable for the unsavory and misleading ways it conducts business.

  • Micci Griffin

    HELP ME! I have requested a VOM for two months!

  • Justme I tried to send you an email. Have you tried to make an on line payment? The link I followed doesn’t show Seterus as an option.
    Unfortunately folks you have no option but to do business with them if your loan is sold to them I just tried to call the number that says they are open Pacific time until 12 and the office is closed.

  • Jenny

    There should be NEGATIVE numbers for the rating consumers could give Seterus! They haven’t applied any of my payments for 2015 to my mortgage–instead, they put them in suspense. I accidentally found out that they were selling my home when I called to determine the progress of my loan modification. They are thieves and liers!

  • Lori

    Horrible Horrible Service. Would never do business with this company. Once they have what they need, you will no assistance. They will place you on a hold that they never come back. Let’s hope you never need anything from them because all you will get is tasteless hold music blaring in your ear and the biggest run around. Should NOT be in business. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pacllc

    I am currently trying to do a loan mod with Seterus . I completed the entire package and sent it to the address that is says to send it to on the loan mod application. I printed this application from Seterus’ website directly as told by one of their reps. I have been calling everyday to see if they got the package. After the 4th day of calling I was told by “Barbra” a representative that the address I sent it to is no longer a valid address. So here they are with a loan mod application with an address that’s not good! Way to set the homeowner up! On top of the time you have to take to call these people day after day to see if they are even doing anything at all! I just don’t understand how these banks would rather see someone lose their home then to work with them! They still get their money and we
    get to keep our homes! This company is the worst and we can’t get out from under them!

  • Steve

    Had mortgage with Chase Bank–turned over property by “ded in lieu of foreclosure”. They never noted this and turned over the file to Seterus. I have been working on getting this straightened out for three years. Still not done–even sent proof to them via registered mail. I still get dunning notices an foreclosure warnings. They don’t know what they are doing.

  • Thalia

    You can’t make this crap up. In January of 2013, a owner in our small self managed condominium building abandoned her unit a few months after being notified by JPMorgan Chase Bank that she was in danger of loosing her home due to non payment (3 years) of mortgage. The unit owner did not respond to summons & complaint and a no show at Judicial Intervention hearing in Sept. 2013. Fast forward, according to NYC ACRIS system and a document filed in court paper, Chase assigned mortgage to Fannie Mae in May 2014. Fannie Mae had not record of this.
    Two weeks ago, I made a call to Chase, I was informed that Seterus, Inc was now the servicer of the mortgage. As an Association officer, I contact Seterus just as I had notified Chase, that this women abandoned her home. And what are they doing ? Nothing. With the help of a former employee, the owner sneaked into the building and “rented” unit which violated our by laws, due to the fact that she’s in arrears of common charges. So now where stuck with unauthorized occupants……nice way of calling the squatters. What Chase, Fannie Mae and Seterus are doing is a crime.

    • Melody Oncoly

      It’s UTA and ALFN.

    • Janelle Minerva Davis

      What do you expect them to do? Skip all necessary law procedures? Burn that specific condo down? Hire the A Team to evict the squatters?

  • BB

    Worst company ever! Chase sold my loan to them and they have upped my payments to more than suppose to be. I am about to take all matters to court!!

  • ritchie Sahadatalli

    This is the worst company to do business with/ take my advise and avoid this company as much as possible.

  • DBradley

    I have been having so much run around from these people trying to get a loan payment posted correctly, its mind boggling! In February of this year my monthly payment was made in two pieces and they posted the largest portion to my Escrow account, stating that that’s what they have to do when the full amount is not paid, even tho the payment coupon was enclosed so they knew what account to post it to, and then I paid the balance by bank transfer a few days later. Now they keep saying i’m late on the payments and they post the current payments to the last month not the month i’m paying for. I’ve called repeatedly trying to get this fixed, spoken to at least 5 different people, all they have to do is move the money from the escrow account to my loan account and the payment will be cleared, but oh no, that’s too easy!! I had to explain what happened a bunch of times, send them written authorization to move the money, and still nothing has happened and now yesterdays phone call they want me to pay the March payment again, to clear the payments up to date, while they “research” the problem! I said no I was not making any more payments until they get this cleared up and fixed, all they do is say “ill make note of this on your file”, and nothing happens. What a bunch of retards they must have working there. I can’t believe how incredibly stupid these people are, and you can’t get anyone who can do anything as that’s in a different department or area or some lame excuse. Like I told the last lady, I can’t pay the payment and then run there and post it too! or at least make sure it gets posted to the right place. They can see the amount paid and owed on the loan acct sitting in the escrow account, but they can’t seem to move it over and fix their problem they created, but they make it seem like its my fault, and i’m behind on my payments and blah blah blah. So tired of fighting with these people I could scream!!!

  • JMS


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  • Sosmartat65

    File complaints with Federal Trade Commission
    Complaints about fraud, scams, phishing, identity theft, unwanted
    telemarketing, credit or debt issues, or other unfair business practices
    may be submitted to

  • Sosmartat65
  • Janice

    SeterusJay MemmottCEO Emailjay.memmott@seterus.comTelephone+1 866 570 5277Website Postal Address49501-2008 Related listsUS Companies

  • Janice

    Here is the letter I just sent to the President of Seterus. It explains what happened with them. I also strongly suggest you do as I plan..keeps notes on those you spoke with, THEN SUE IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT EACH INDIVIDUAL FOR MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE practices. Most attorneys won’t help you resolve your issues.

    also have several complaints about Seterus. I was told I qualified for
    a modification for a 40 years loan to reduce my payments that had
    increased due to the type of loan I have. For THREE MONTHS I was given
    the run around. You customer service reps were nice,BUT THEY DIDN’T KNOW
    WHAT THE LEFT HAND WAS DOING! During this time, I was very sick with
    the flu, then my mom got sick and she died on Jan 16th of this year. I
    had started the process in early December of 2014. After all this run
    around, I was informed ON FEB 17TH that I didn’t qualify for the loan
    am a licensed Real estate agent. I know the lending
    process. If Seterus is a “collector”, how can you do loans? This was
    told to me that you collect the paperwork and submit it to “Fannie Mae”
    who owns my loan. Then I am told that YOUR “underwriter” is reviewing my
    file. Again I began to question “what underwriter?” Then I asked for a
    “good faith estimate”. Then I am told I have no underwriter and I don’t
    qualify for the loan.

    declared BK 2.5 years ago. Court papers stated I would retain the
    property and continue to make payments. YOUR company refuses to
    acknowledge the court order and REFUSES to send me a monthly statement
    ,nor even send me a
    re-affirmation of the loan for me to sign. I am NOT going to spend the
    money to go back to court or spend money on filing fees. YOUR company
    reports that I am not obligated to pay this loan (although I know you
    would take my house if I didn’t). WHICH brings me to the next question. I
    REFUSED (In writing twice) to have an impound account set up. i HAVE
    whether you get the modification or not, an impound account will be set
    up. What is THAT all about?? I recently found out you paid my homeowners
    insurance on the day my mom died..Jan 16th, without my knowledge nor
    consent. I am waiting to see if my property taxes were paid by your
    company despite my protest. I have an attorney now to help me resolve
    this issue.
    I am not OBLIGATED to pay this loan, how can you now set up an impound
    account on a loan I am not obligated to pay and then bill me $1400?? BY
    immediately, I have the names of each individual I talked too during
    ON THE COMPUTER NOTES. Small claims court is not that expensive,
    Deceptive and misleading practices. Here is a link to the many
    complaints about your company.

  • Zee

    Hello All, Seterus was able to modify our loan as per the paperwork we received. We were suppose to make 3 trail payments and then receive final mod paperwork. After making 4 payments; we still have not received final modification documents. Seterus agents are telling us that technological glitch is causing this delay. Any one else had experience the same thing? If so what was the final out come? Let me know please.

    • Shannon

      I finished up a trial modification in February. Still no final paperwork, even though the representatives say final paperwork usually goes out 2 WEEKS after the last trial payment. Then today I get a packet for a new TRIAL modification…more favorable terms than the last. I spend 45 minutes on the phone, it was very out of the ordinary, they don’t know why I received it, but I was eligible to receive it, but that I should not do it because they are finalizing my other modification. I told them I like the new one better. The guy I spoke to, spoke to the guy who is supposedly the person in loss mitigation responsible for finalizing my loan, but he has no idea what is going on, so he has to check with someone else and to call back in a week. How did you
      make out?

      • Shay

        If they don’t give you the mod you want send them to BBB. When they respond quickly by phone, tell them which one you want.

      • HereToHelp

        You are able to select the mod you want in this case but it may lead to you having to start the trial period over. The option is yours. Advise the agent you speak with that you’re no longer interested in the old offer. It is a glitch that you can benefit from.

      • Karen

        shortly after seterus acquired our loan, my husband became ill with cancer and our finances were forever changed. We applied for a modification. During that process, I repeatedly asked what the new interest rate would be…..they could never give me an answer….just that it would be lowered and our payment more affordable for our now low income. Seterus put us on a three month trial, to be sure we could afford payment…..still no interest rate info. We sincerely thought they helped us with the reduced payment…….AFTER THREE MONHS….LUCKY US…WE ARE GOOD TO GO,,,, PAPERWORK FINALLY ARRIVES WITH TERMS…..same old high interest rate and our mortgage went from a 6 years left to 40 YEARS!!! We are in our 60’s. They basically stole our home. BTW…our new ‘Affordable Payment’ recently went up $200 a month for additional flood insurance. ANYONE OUT THERE file attorney general complaints, if yes, please share the outcome.

        • Ann Oyed

          This makes no sense. Any updates?

    • Karen


    • Dennis Wheeler

      Look out folks. I was given a modification by this company last year that made my payments actually go up, then I just learned now that they applied over $9,000 that I paid in interest last year to loan modification fees! I’m pretty livid.

  • John willow

    This is nothing more then the long arm of Fannie and Freddie. They have purposely set up this band of banditos to collect on there behalf. I got transferred over to these crooks and they cant even endorse a check sent to them as everything has to go to Freddie and fannie. I have flood insurance but they keep asking for it even though it has been faxed over several times by USAA plus my lawyer and still they say they don’t have it and continue to charge me for theres at $2500 instead of mine which cost only $300. they cant even provide proof of there insurance simply because it don’t exist. And to think IBM put there name into this fraud and realized after this was a mistake so they changed the name to Seterus. look up the meaning of this name and it comes up as a Muslim Name.
    Yes our Government happily at work doing nothing as usual.

  • JoeT3

    Seterus’ asssault on the American home owner is the biggest fraud in American history. The government is doing absolutely nothing about this scam which is attacking the very foundation of America through mass Fraud and Deception. They are stealing billions from all home owners, EVERYONE, not just people that have trouble making payments according to their mortgage contracts. Record all conversations you have with them and save it as evidence for court. They are recording conversations so there is nothing illegal about you doing the same.

  • French

    Seterus is an phenomenally awful company. You will NEVER EVER receive a modification and/or refinance. Unfortunately, my loan was sold by Bank Of America (as many are) to this company that employs workers that are 50% of the time less than stellar as it pertains to customer service for example customer service Rep., N. Vega. What a piece of work. Upon calling “Corporate” to share “Customer Concerns”, there is no such number nor office. Most over, the number listed to the left of this page “866.570.5277” is another number that routes callers in to various departments and although the Reps repeatidly share “This is the Corporate Number…”. No Office of the President nor Escalations Desk truly exists. Why? Because they do not care…

    My heart goes out to all of you that have experienced the slumlordness of Seterus and shame on the companies that sold loans to this trash company. I hope the sell was worth the investment.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Webley Webster

    Chase transferred my mortgage a couple of months ago. Then I find out my taxes are not being paid. I called them up and they said they would pay it, but that I had to contact the town to see if it was done! They screwed up, and I have to contact them to find out if it was taken care of? WTF? Then I get another letter saying they don’t have my SS #. How can they process my mortgage and not have my SS #?

  • JayJay

    I have never had any problem with Seterus either. Except for the fact
    I cannot re-finance or even better Modify. So I a stuck with a big
    mortgage for a small manufactured home. That really sucks.
    That is the only problem I have with them is, they are getting big
    bucks for the dump I am buying. It’s on a big property so that
    is the only plus.

  • John willow

    Wow 22,379 complaints with an average of 10 more per day The BBB struck them off and wants nothing to do with them. Lawyers Blog everyday about no response back from them, My Lawyer cant get a correct breakdown of added on payments from thin air, and your the first one happy. That’s ok, in the good old USA we have what is known as freedom of Speech. meaning even the Employees of Seterus are allowed to try and defend a rat bag collection office that not even my lawyer is allowed into. Sounds like that Movie the Boiler room to me. LOL. Stay happy my Friend your COA status with them is intact. for now at least.

  • gimmeabreak

    I have never had any issues with Seterus. Judging from the illiterate, screaming font-ed and miss-spelled hollering , i suspect your pinning your own life mess on them as a scape goat. But that’s ok. It’s the new norm to finger point and project here in the USA.

    • Ehren

      Seterus is a slimy corporation. They are stealing money and need to be stopped.

      • lisa

        OMG I HATE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Webley Webster

      So since you have had no problems, then none of us have?

    • AnotherSeterusStatistic

      If you have had no problems, why/how did you end up on this site? Why would a “satisfied” borrower be trolling for a Seterus P/O’ed Consumer website? Clearly you either work for them or enjoy putting other people down from the safety of an anonymous keyboard and monitor. You must be a genius if you can tell the entire life ambition of a stranger based on their ability to type and spell on a message board. THIS IS A COMPLAINT SITE. If all you want to do is feel better about being lonely and ugly by putting others down, go door-to-door in your rent-a-wheel trailer part. Cowards like you make me sad for humanity.

    • grammar vigilante

      Interesting that you refer to people as illiterate when you can’t spell “misspelled” or “you’re” and you think that “scapegoat” is two words.

      • gimmeabreak

        While your at it, pay your mortgage and don’t worry about projecting your BS on Seterus you f*****g troller

  • John willow

    There the biggest scum bags going right now, I have the feeling there an organization floating cash to there fighting buddies overseas. they have stolen $7600 from me so far and just demanded another $7,000 and I am not even late on payments. my home has equity inside of it and that’s all there after. they cant even give me a breakdown of why these costs are there in the first place. plus they refuse too. My lawyer is dumbfounded with it all. They work with the banks to open up your bank account and bleed it dry. when you have no more money to give them, they will start the foreclosure procedure. they are total SCUM. and anyone who is this desperate to work for them for $6.50 an hour to listen to complaints all day long must either be smoking crack or have some sort of mental problem. they just fired over 100 of there employees that’s a fact! in march of this year 2014. so they are what I believe ready to make as much money as fast as they possibly can then go bankrupt.
    Nice, the pleasures of Home ownership in this country are OVER!!!!!

  • Ran-dell

    Something has to be done! I was unemployed, and a few months behind on my mortgage with Seterus. 6 months later, my home is in forclosure. I gain employment and was able to start making payments on my mortgage. I requested a forbarence. Serterus would not get back to me with the request. Seterus would only offer a loan modification of a 40 year fixed with a higher interest rate.

    • C. Kidd

      i just went in and filed a top class action suite against this Company! I can’t stand them! WE ALL NEED TO DO THE SAME or nothing will happen!!

  • More than Disgusted

    I’m new to the discussion board but not new to Seterus. They are from the pit of Hades! I have never ever been through so much mess in m life. They called themselves offering us a load modification, well how can you offer a month loan amount twice the amount of the rents collected?? Only God almighty can fix this situation. Does anyone have information on if a class action lawsuit is being launch?? Something has to been done because too many people are being affected by their dirty and lowdown tactics!!

  • Annette DJensen

    Called Seterus tonight to pay my mortgage to explain my pay date was 17 and not the 15 and to ensure my bank payment wasa draft by an agent, Kassie Brown. Who processed the payment today, after I had initially called to process on Firday, she did not repeat back to me the amount date or confirmation number as the agents normally do We had a very nice conversation and she reiterated with me her own issues with getting paid on a date after her car payment was due and that she had incired late fees but that there was no way around it. I explained this had happened last month too. Kassie stated that she could process the payment for me at a fee of $10, she said if I paid online I would only be allowed to payment to amount due plus the late fee for last month, if I paid with her I could pay just the mortgage and take care of the late fee at a later date, in addition she shared the Fanny Mae are discussing options for biweekly payments, for this exact reason, but nothing is finalized as yet, i sked her t oprocess for me and I wold pay the mortgage only option. While she prepared the payment we discussed where we had migrated from both Sacto and she clarfied my contact details on phone number were correct on file, then asked if I would like the confirmation number or have it emailed to me. I said to email. Kassie did not give me the amount or confirm back to me at the conversation the amount being drawn from my bank on what date from what bank as they have in the past when I’ve called. I hung up and realized this and immediately called back to listen to the excuse why they had drawn the amount on 15th for 1 hour and 18 minutes. Spoke to Michael Jorgensen and he was very unhelpful and when I asked specific questions, gave me a whole lecture on the policies and did not answer my question directly, only giving me their Correspondence Department fax and address in Grands Rapids Michigan. asked for the email, none available, asked for the President/CEO and again given a lecture on policy. Michael stated over and over the same policy without directly answering my questions and stating that the agent Kassie had been questioned about our conversation with me and that I requested the payment today! How ludicrous why would I have called. Now I am incurring bank charges told to stop the payment and to write to to get my money back and it can take 30 days for the correspondence team to process and make a decision, this is insanity. Michael stated that if the conversation was recorded (Not in CA state) then they could resolve there locally as would hear the recording, basically stating I am a liar, no values or commitment to their customers. I had this loan for 10 years and been pushed pillar to post from countrywide to bank of america and now these clowns. I have no choice in where or who I choose to have my mortgage with. Fanny Mae and this control mechanism has ‘gone ary” where is their customer services and value? Disgusted with Seterus and their incompetance

  • Again fools

    I was turned over to Seterus from Chase without being notified. At the time I was 2 months behind and had been turned down 3 times by chase for loan modification. I received a welcome packet from Seterus and that was how I found out. I called Chase and was told they could no longer speak to me and hung up.I called Seterus to make payment and catch up and was informed I would have to wait till next month to pay all because all paperwork from Chase was not in yet.Which then made me look like I was 3 months behind ! I recently got my school tax in the mail (I have an escrow for taxes) I called Seterus and they told me they knew nothing about this.I said it was always with Chase and since they took over they should have this information.They told me they would have to forward this matter to their investigation unit.The next month I went to pay my mortgage and found there was an extra $78.00 added to my payment.Again I call and ask what was the extra charge for,they inform me it was from Chase (who I have not been with since January) and could not tell me what it was for.I would have to contact Chase (the bank that could no longer speak with me) to find out what the charge was for !!! Yea tell me again just how great Seterus is!!! Oh and my mortgage payment goes up every 3 months-but cant seem to tell me why! Always,could be,might be,sound like !!!!


    Go to top class actions . com and start a suit!!!

  • A Benchekroun

    if any home owner receive the bade news Seterus is the mortgage servicer I wish him good luck Seterus is the worst Mortgage company I ever had

  • A Benchekroun

    finally I spoke with someone who toke sometimes to look closer for what s suppose to be asked before after hiring an Attorney and filed complain the answer was just something they never ask before
    I can t wait to change the service from Seterus to an other decent mortgage company

  • A Benchekroun


    I am really happy to have this section so I can be part of seterus victims and to feel suported
    Seterus is servicing my Loan and lately is doing modification April was the last month from the 3 month trial period during 5 or almost 6 months of the modification it was just horrible how they deal with every issue and they call 3 to 4 times using the automatic dial but no one to talk with you. sometimes someone answer but it s just deja Vue
    Same questions and just joke not someone who will get me the right answer and to work together to solve a problem.
    Customer service are not trained well enough to handle the most simple of questions!

    I have never written an online complaint before in my life. As someone who is self-employed I try to explain my problem and then explain how you can better meet the needs of customers

  • Carolyn

    Seterus customer service is absolutely horrible. The representatives are terrible incompetent. I could never get an straight and true answer from anyone. When a supervisor representation is questioned about anything the attitudes starts to escalate. Each time I telephone, I would also talk with an African American and this many people of this race, not all, have terminally bad attitudes and people skills. I am African American and the employees at Seterus make me ashamed to admit that I am of the African American race. Does Seterus only employee minorities? African Americans employed by Seterus appear, not sure, to be giving Seterus reputation. I am 70 years old and I have never communicated with a company with such poor customer service skills. You have been warned..DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SETERUS!!!!!!! IF I HAD KNOWN WHAT I KNOW NOW, I WOULD NOT HAVE TRANSACTED ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, REGARDLESS OF MY SITUATION.

  • Jessy

    Seterus is a fraud and it is an extortion wing for Citimortgage. Millions for Americans are being attacked by these banksters, each home being charged thousands of dollars in extortion fees for any excuse they can make up.

    Citimortgage wasted several days of my time getting information from me about my pay and my loan in order to "help" me reverse the thousands in extortion fees they’ve charged me over the years – what was really going on is that they were simply getting ready to transfer my loan to their extortion division "Seterus"

    There are no government protections against this, and the only thing that is going to stop this is a mass-uprising against the bankster crooks.

    It’s interesting that the victims are all minorities

    • Mira

      i’m not a minority…and they are all idiots!!

    • Jeanne

      I’m also not a minority. It seems the other companies dump mortgages on Seterus if the mortgage holders have caught a bad break — in this economy, with upside-down mortgages, that’s no surprise. But it sucks.

  • Yorktown, NY

    Seterus has not paid my school tax for 2013 from the escrow they have collected from me.
    Something is going on with this company.

    • craiggingerich

      Yes, I have a $1,000 refund check I am still waiting for them to send me from about 4 months ago – sure would like to charge them interest on top of it all. Do not understand how a company can operate without a moral compass – their lack of communication is on the side of absurdity.

  • Ron

    I have just learned that Seterus asked my insurance company to list them as mortgagee on my condominium insurance. I do not have a mortgage on my condominium. Seterus gave them my name, address, and a loan number. Again, I do not have a loan or mortgage on my condominium, much less with Seterus.

  • judy miller

    seterus was the worse they gave me different answer everytime my morgage payment went up then finelyI ended up in forcloser I lost everything thet didnt want to work with me they talked to me as if I was a losser I would never deal with them Thet should be shut down if I had the money I would sue then for damages and pain and hardship it brough to me

  • Lisa

    My mortage was just transferred sold- whatever to this company- horrible customer service- They do not have the correct information on Payment – I did not get a wewlcome packet until the second month- just trying to figure out how to pay your mortagage has been a real hassle..

  • Ann

    Seterus is QBE. Enough said. If you are not aware, google QBE force placed insurance class action.

    • Gloria

      I will google QBE about the insurance. Every year Seterus writes to us and says we don’t have sufficient insurance on our home so that they can force a purchase of insurance from QBE. Even though we have provided sufficient evidence of insurance, they still charge us directly from escrow for a QBE policy that we don’t need and then it is a lengthy process to get our money back. What a dishonest way to float a company. It’s like kiting checks only they maneuver through escrow accounts. What a scam. Don’t allow Seterus to withdraw monthly payments from your bank account. Have you tried to discontinue that feature? You can’t because no one at Seterus will respond to you. It is outrageous.

  • Janet

    I do not understand the hate with Seterus. I have been with them for years and have been very helpful. Never had an issue, customer service is great and respectful.

    • Gloria

      You have got to be kidding. Did you request Seterus to withdraw your monthly payments from your bank account? Have you tried to discontinue that feature? You can’t because no one at Seterus will respond to you. It is outrageous. Every year Seterus writes to us and says we don’t have sufficient insurance on our home so that they can force a purchase of insurance from QBE. Even though we have provided sufficient evidence of insurance, they still charge us directly from escrow for a QBE policy that we don’t need and then it is a lengthy process to get our money back. What a dishonest way to float a company. It’s like kiting checks only they maneuver through escrow accounts. What a scam.

    • Geneva

      And how long have you worked for Seterus?

    • J. Ann Hobbs


  • D.Jendesky

    I am divorced, and ex-husband lives at property. Unfortunately he has not been making payments on time, but loan is in my name.
    I have filled out a third party request so that they could ask him the questions I am unable to answer. Every time they call me to ask why payments, are late, I tell them I have not lived at the property for five years and have no information regarding that question, they continue to call and ask the same questions which I give them the same info. The representive never has the info. on file.

    They sent the end of year tax statement to my ex-husband. I asked them to send me a copy which I never got. I asked if I could print out a copy on line and they said yes. When I go on line, it is impossible to get the information.

  • Gwen

    Seterus, Bought our loan from bank of america and said we had miss 3 payments. Which was a lie. They are trying to take our house. and charge fee. When to court, please keep proof of payments with your mortgage because they will come back and say you did not make the payments. So far they were unable to get our home because we never miss any payments nor have we ever been late but they certainly have tried and will continue to do so. Seterus is simply no good. Very bad business. But if you are in a chapter 13 banks will sell your mortgage to them. It appears they wants us to lose our home. But do not give them a chance. need class ACTION LAW SUE FOR SETERUS, BAD BANKING PRACTICE!!!!

  • Family

    I just had two transactions for the same amount come out of my checking and the person on the line was very rude and said basically too bad its your fault and they may not return the $. I asked to speak to a manager and even then was told she is going to say the same as me. Which she didnt seh explained the steps I had to take etc BUT it is still a lengthy process and no help at all my best bet is that I have the money to cover it and just wont have to pay next month.
    VERY unhappy and wish it was as easy to switch mortgage companies as it would be for cable!

  • Monica

    CitiMortgage sold my mortgage to Seterus and the transition is quite poor on Seterus’ end. The payment was due by the 2/15, called them they told me I have 90 days to make my first payment without any late fees. That was hard to believe so I called back and got someone else and they looked at my account and told me that the person I talked to should of never gave me 90 days to pay. I keep telling them I never receive my welcome package, they said well maybe, because of the weather the mail is real slow. So, I made the payment over the phone and I am still waiting for a welcome package. I have a feeling this company is going to try and take money from homeowners and not give us any type of statement were are money is going.

  • Richard

    I to am about to be out of chapt.13 and citi mortgage has sold my loan to seterus i had no notification of this, until i called and ask about making my febuary payment, citi tells me they had sold the loan to seterus, so I call seterus and they tell me they have the loan but no information, they can’t tell me how much my payment is, or where to mail it to or when to make it, none of this makes sence. I was told that I would be recieving a welcome package in the mail, I’ve yet to recieve it. I’ve got a bad feeling about this company, wish me luck.

    • Jennifer

      Your not kidding!!!!

    • Richard

      My name is Also Richard and the exact same thing happened to me….except I have never had credit trouble or bankruptcy. These jokers are losers with poor customer service. Everything they mailed to me arrived 10 days after. "not responsible for the US Mail" they say, but I ask…does ANY first class mail take more than 2-3 business days? I think not. They delay, delay, delay and then charge fees if they can. Snakes. Liars.

    • ron

      they suck, did me the same way 2 years ago and its been a nightmare ever since ;constant calls three ,four times a day; the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing

  • Gwendolyn mcNutt

    Please help I feel as thought we have been screwed by Seterus home loan dealing with Insurance, escrow, PM I, and taxes that could lower our house notes

  • usa

    seterus is a rip off

  • Kathi

    Seterus is a bad company. They violate human rights and do what they want. We pay our taxes and insurance. They say they paid it (no records with the tax deptament or insurance companies) and they add on to our payment. They broke into our house…..changed all the locks,winterized it and broke the hot water heater (even though the house is in Florida),charged us for landscaping (we have a great landscaper) extra charges galore.We just spoke with a lawyer that said we can get the house free and clear for all the violations. We have our fingers crossed. I will post their info as soon as we see progress. TALK TO A LAWYER! DO NOT LET THESE THIEVES RUIN YOUR LIFE! Take back you rights. Good Luck!

    • angela

      I agree that Seterus is one of the worst companies I’ve ever had to deal with. I have owned 3 homes since 1972 and never had the problems that I have had since Chase passed me onto Seterus. I’ve never been late on my mortgage payments until Seterus took over, now they have applied late fees and throw my mortgage payments in a limbo account to show that I’m late, when technically my payments are made electronically and sent by my bank. Try to talk to them is like talking to a kid. Their customer service personal are programmed to argue with us like were the bad guys. When is the government going to look over all these complaints and their unethical practice and shut them down for good. Because of Seterus I’m now on blood pressure medication and if I develope a heart condition Seterus is to blame. Please go to and file your complaint.

      • Sam

        HELP! This is happening to us. What happened with your case? PLEASE respond an update. Someone showed up at our house and told our tenants we were in foreclosure and they had to move out and that they needed to come in the house and take pictures. Luckily our tenants refused them entrance and called us. Seterus is denying they sent anyone. I Have been given a run around for weeks even though I have paid! HELP

  • judy

    I have been calling Seterus for the past two weeks and not one is answering the call, the recording states due to technical difficulties calls are not being answered, payments on the mortgage needs to be made. because we are behind. we cant pay on line- so what should we do? I have left a call back # per the recording and to date no one has called back.
    we do not want to get into foreclosure— help!!!!
    This is not good for us and for our credit

  • Pissed Off

    This company is not only ignoring calls, but has been ignoring the calls of my title company, and we WANT TO PAY THE LOAN OFF! My title company says they deal with mortage companies all day long, and Seterus is the worst! Put the title person on hold 5 mins. at a time, every time she had to call. Refused to give her my payoff amount… despite the fact that I faxed in a request with my name, my ss #, my loan # etc. Now I am calling them to find out what my new mortage is, because I changed insurance providers at a savings of almost 50%. Have called twice today, and after waiting on hold for 12 mins. to talk to a supervisor, was hung up on. Called right back, and was hung up again. I’m not calling and screaming, or being rude or anything! This company has absolutely NO customer service. All they want to do is harass me, harass my title company, and make life difficult for everyone. Who would be interested in talking to this company and telling them to clean up their act? What b.s. Only makes me NEVER want to own a home again. By the way, my former mortage holder Suntrust, sold my loan to Seterus in the middle of me applying for a refi. I’d already paid my application fees to apply for a HARP loan, and Suntrust just sold my loan after years and years of on-time payments at 6-1/4 interest.

    • Maria

      I hope you are aware that Sterus is owned by Chase . You can go to your bank and they can wire the money directly to them. Customer Service has to provide you with the pay off amount. Or contact this number 1-503-372-8142 xt 5454 and remember they will ask you what is the reason for paying this loan off.

  • Angie

    I was on the phone trying to make a payment that yes is behind. It was for the month of December, tried to pay over the months amount. I spoke to three people and the last being the so called manager. He laughed at me! I hope that his life always works out according to his plan and doesn’t ever need any grace. I am not asking of anything other than wanting to pay for what I owe. He belittled me. They would not accept any payment. How crazy is that? Does the president of the company care that those he has employed are treating people with such little respect? I guess not, " I’m not a customer, I owe them"

  • Lemuel Davis

    Seterus is a dumping ground for high risk mortgages. the big banks are just trying to side step class action suits because of there unwillingness to help when it’s needed, they rather dump the mortgage before it gets that far. I’m at the end of a bankruptcy that will end at the same time my mortgage will term so I really don’t under stand why Citi bank sold my mortgage. the only thing i’m thinking is this company is going to try and screw me some how. Wish me luck, ill see in may.

    • Susan Satterfield

      Same here. At the very end and the mortgage was never involved. It was always on time. I think that Citi has broken many laws. All Fannie Mae loans are of risk. The boys at Citi got caught doing bad things and they do not want to pay us off. Chase is in the middle of hundreds of suits cannot get rid of the FM loans. They wait too long. We are also High risk for foreclosure and Citi is betting that we will foreclose after the end. Not a lot of people make it the sixty months of chapter 13. I noticed Chase sold off my equity because they know I can dissolve it if I make the sixty months. Banks are crooks. End of story. I don’t blame Seterus that they had thousand of loans dumbed on them because of the idiots at Citi and FM. We will see if they are any more honest….

      • S. Appel

        We are new to the Chap 13, could you tell me what you mean by "most don’t make it the 60 months", and how and what does it mean that Chase "sold YOUR equity" and you can "dissolve" it (again new to all of this, so bear with me please). Would like to be armed with better knowledge so to lessen their ability to take us. Thank you.

  • Maria Kolodziej

    I purchased my home in Florida in 2006 for 242,000 .I became a victim of Chinese drywall crisis. I cannot sell my home. I cannot rent it or live in it due to the hazardous chemicals found in the drywall. I am being sued by the HOA and by Seterus Fannie Mae. My home is in foreclosure now and Chase sold my loan to Seterus which is owned by Chase. Seterus is suing me for the balance on my home which is 152,000. They want a default judgment so they can force me out of my NY residence since there is equity in the home. My FL home is on the market for a short sale for 28,500.00. But Chase and Seterus forget that the bank did the appraisal on the house and appraised it at 242,0000. They refuse to give me a copy of the appraisal. They are filing motions in court because I own another home and they will not accept the short sale price they are hungry for more money while I lost 100,000.00 for payments & upgrades on the home and not including attorney fees on a worthless house that they apprised and there is no homeowners protection. The modifications are a scam .They are trying to throw me and my family out of my NY residence . They are an evil bank run by the devil and do not have any morals. Because normal people do not throw a family out of their home especially when they are the victim. The only thing I have left is my NY home. I cashed all my retirement investments to pay for attorney fees.

  • Mrs. Young

    I think this is the WORST mortgage company and I am having them investigated.

  • Don't use Seterus

    Dovenmuehle transferred my mortgage to Seterus back in July 2013. They have been collecting escrow money since the transfer. Well they have not paid my tax bills the last two quarter billing cycles leaving me with interest charges. When I called I had to wait on hold for over an hour and when I finally did get a through to their "tax dept" they told me they had to forward it to the research department. I asked who dropped the ball??? I told her Seterus has been collecting escrow payments from me for months and a red flag didn’t go up when my escrow account was growing and no one was getting paid? Guess who they blamed???! Yes Dovenmuehle, sorry that doesn’t fly. When you are collecting escrow payments you have a responsibility to the borrower to let them know there is a problem. This is completely unacceptable. Now I will have to follow up until this gets rectified and hope it does not hit my credit. I would NEVER recommend this company if you don’t have to use them.

    • Yorktown, NY

      This is happening to me right now. They didnt pay my taxes by Jan 1, 2014 for 2013 Tax bill.
      Did you ever get it paid by them?

  • jose

    They a rreally smart company. all wtha thet wnat to do is get us impatient ang take benefit of all of us.
    they can resale house and make a easy 35% profit on each house.
    my question is why we don
    t get together and send letter to hud. m’ sure they can do something about this slash of lender.
    i wait for answers, thanks

  • Michelle Martin

    I’m furious with Seterus to say the least! We have 7 rental propertiers that were transfered to Dovenmuehle as the hometown bank was shut down. Payed ontime but they were transfered to Seterus. I just tried to access my account online and my password didn’t work. I entered my username and entered a security question answer and received an email on the temp password. It didn’t work either so locked me out. The call center wanted to inform me that I was late on a payment. I auto pay on the 10th of the month, which is in the grace period, but she had to read me the penalties of not paying on time. After 30 minutes she said she would have to contact another team to try and assist me as she could not do anything as the system is telling her I’m not registered! They make you feel like a deadbeat with the way the handle their calls. Need to get them back to our home town bank but with some being in remodel mode we’re not able to get the loan…but as soon as I can get away from Seterus I will pull the plug!!! We had no control on where our loans have gone and that just doesn’t feel right to me!

  • andrew

    I have the exact same situation, maddening

  • Guest

    To all of you that have posted comments I wish you luck. 2 years ago I had a mortgage with JP Morgan Chase and fell on tough times. I was instructed to apply for a modification and was told that I did not qualify because the investors (insured mortgage) would gain more if I lost the house. I have a great career and make a great living but could not make anyone work with me. I received a letter from Seterus and within 5 WEEKS they took my house. My advise to all of you is get a good lawyer as quickly as you can. Seterus is nothing more than a chop shop for mortgage companies to dump mortgages on. File a complaint with Sallie Mae, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and the OCC.

    • Guest

      My suggestion to anyone having or had a nightmare with Seterus (a collection agency) and who live in California is to file a complaint with Kamala Harris, Attorney General of California. She is on top of companies that have too many complaints filed against them and she will investigate their practice process and maybe shut them down. Right now, I’m in the process of a loan modification with Seterus and its days before I have to start the process all over again because the documents can’t be over 60 days from review. You bet you, I plan to file a complaint if I get the run around.

  • Laura

    well, after reading all of this information, I totally feel like I am not the only one dealing with the ‘dumbest’ mortgage company ever…………….but really wonder if it is or if they must use it to their advantage to play dumb!!!

    • Cassie Wooten

      OMG; I just found out today that my mortage is Seterus!!! I am pissed; as I am reading several disparaging comment after comment on this company. I will be joining in on any class actions suit that is created! I am not happy at all!! I just had a phone coversation with Seterus and it was liek talking to my next door neighbor; there was not a professional tone during the entire 15 minute conversation!!

  • Seterus Stinks

    You might be interested in knowing who actually owns Seterus: IBM to Rebrand Their Mortgage Servicing Division as Seterus
    Seattle Short Sales – Sunday, May 29, 2011

  • Seterus Stinks

    Really, you are mistaken; we had the same problem and our loan was NOT a Fannie Mae. I think it’s you who needs to get your facts strait

    • shaun

      Seterus only services loans from fannie mae, despite who your current service is, chace, suntrust, BOA, what have you, your loan was submitted to seterus by Fannie Mae

      • Lem

        bs my loan is not a fannie mae loan

  • Jane

    I live in Boston MA and would like to be a part of any legal action against Seterus and Bank of America. I am a retiree and have been denied a modification by BOA, who transferred my loan to seterus, who also denied a modification. Anyone with informaton can contact me at

  • yolanda

    @ chris please start the class action suit ! This comp needs to be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    See if you can find a HUD counselor for your area. They are dealing with so many of these problems from all different banks. They know all the rules and time lines the banks are supposed to do. They may even call the bank directly (mine did). Keep at these banks. Sometimes I think they want people to give up.

  • SeterusHater

    Seterus is the worst mortgage company ever. When my loan was sold by BOA they were unable to correctly calculate the escrow payment. After two months and my submission did it get straightened out. When the company changed payment address, the payment sent a day or two before the end of the month, got re-routed to the correct address after the 15th of the month. Of course, Seterus charged a late fee. When a complaint was filed with the State the late charge was taken off and a letter to the State saying it was a mistake. Mistake, yeah!
    After Superstorm Sandy our house was flooded and uninhabitable. With the middle of winter approaching the $20,000 advance check to repair the house took 10 days for Seterus to process so it could be cashed while the house did not have heat or hot water.. Final straw with the roof leaking and needing money to fix, Seterus charged us for annual hazard insurance in the closing statement in spite of the fact the property was being sold. Now they say it will take 30 days to get the money while the roof continues to leak.

  • Robin

    We used to have a mortgage with boa and was sold to setarus. with boa we were just settling on modification when they told us it was sold. We explained the situ.tation to them, we did not send any paperwork to them, and they said if we paid our mortgage on time for three months , and will be our new payment which is three hundred less than our original payment.. They said our interest rate is lowered and they will extend our mortgage out. We still get letters that say we owe thousands of dollars but everytime my husband calls they say , ignore them. Very concerned we are going to get screwed.

    • Debbie

      same thing happening to me right now. after my husband died, I got a loan modification from Suntrust Bank. The worst thing they did was sell the loan to Seterus. How this company continues to exist legally is a mystery. I went on a loan payment plan to catch up (set up by seterus with amounts and dates proscribed by seterus). I complied with their dates and amount. When it came time to pay my normal payment, everything went to **** in a hand basket. EVERYTIME I CALL, I GET A DIFFERENT AMOUNT, DATE, PERSON. They send tons of mail, and each time I call, they tell me to ignore it.

    • linda

      Same problem for me..I was told my modification was approved in feb and now received a letter saying I owe 21 dollars and my payment going up! When I called I was told that I wasn’t approved. I asked how much I owed I was told less than my original payment and the trial amount. I don’t understand the math they use.

  • Stephen D. Tinney

    Our experience with Seterus has been a true nightmare especially dealing with the call-center people where Seterus out-sources most of their customer service. Our monthly mortgage payment has changed some 5 times in 6 months as Seterus (1) paid the property tax on the wrong property and (2) charges me for home-owners insurance premiums that I pay directly to the insurance company and which Seterus shows as the insurer of record. Each week a new person calls me regarding payment and when all is explained promises to rectify the mistakes but nothing ever happens. I have decided to withhold my mortgage payment in the hopes that I can finally get some answers from someone at this company who is actually employed by them.

    • Capt Boudreau

      We have had a nightmare with Seterus too. We had to send in the same paperwork 3 times after a bankruptcy to apply for a loan modification. Chase sold our loan to Seterus after a critical illness prevented us from making our payments. The spouse, who was a disabled veteran, ended up on a ventilator dying. Making it though numerous medical problems; one spouse was bedridden for 4 years and the other spouse had to leave their job to take care of the sick spouse. Even our U.S. Senator could not help us. We are now trying to short sale. We will see. Capt. Boudreau

  • Ken Schaeffer

    It’s been a while since this happened but when I would send Seterus a payment early they would routinely post the payment to principle even though I sent the exact amount due. Then they would call me and ask when would I send the payment. I explained that I did send it and they posted it in the wrong place. Most of the time the person on their end would look it up and see the error and correct it and assure me it wouldn’t happen again. It kept happening every month. Then I got this moron of a woman that said that was the way it was supposed to be because their customers "wanted it that way". I told her how ridiculous that was and she got rude with me. I told her that if I wanted money posted to principle that I would designate it so when I sent in the payment. She said that wasn’t possible. The result is that I now wait until the 1st of each month to send in my payment.



    • Rose

      April, FYI: Most Seterus’ employees are new to a field or totally inexperienced in the mortgaging servicing field. Seterus hires employees every three months, who do not last once they are on the floor working because a lot of them don’t even know or understand what a mortgage is. Employees receive very little training and once they are on the phones basically they are on their own. Supervision sucks, most supervisors spend most of their time out socializing and smoking all day long that’s why when a customers requires that they want to speak with a supervisor they are not available. I think someone needs to file a complaint with Fannie Mae!

    • yolanda

      Please start the law suit! This comp needs to be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Brister

    i guess you work for seterus you STFU this is the complaintlist

  • Sharon Brister

    I now have my mortgage with Seterus before it was Bank Of America. My husband passed away a little over 3 years ago, the mortgage is actually listed as Estate of>>> I am not on the loan but I am on the deed and my husband had sent a letter saying the original mortgage could speak with me and answer any questions about the mortgage about 12 years ago. This is not good enough for Seterus. once a week they call at my job and ask for Estate of and my husbands name, i always inform them I am his wife Estate of means he has passed away, I ask what can I help them with and then they inform me they can not speak to me. This has been going on since December 2012. I am not behind on the mortgage so to me this is about the stupidest thing I have had to deal with since his death
    Most companies say I am sorry for your loss and then tell me what they need. I do not know what to do it hurts me since i am still in grieving over his sudden death. I probably know as much about my mortgage as they do so why bother me. I am not calling them.

    • Pat H

      Sorry to hear you are going through this at such a hard time for you. Next time they call (you may have already done this) tell them they are not to contact you at this number and it is your job. Give them another contact number like your home or cell.(or attorney) At least in my state Maine if you tell a crediter in no uncertain terms that they can not call at work if they call again, call the State Banking commision. You can even tell them that you do not want them to call period and that they can send a letter. I worked at a good bank (if there is such a thing) so that’s how I know. I hope this helps. My loan was just sold to this company. Based on the complaints, I’m not looking foward to it.

    • Stacy

      record them and report them to the consumer financial protection bureau.

    • Mary

      You need to fax them or mail them (certified) proof that you are the executor of the estate of your husband and that your name is on the property deed. I am a trustee and executor of someone who had a BOA mortgage that was sold off to Seterus. I was trying to sell the property and requested a payoff statement. It has been a nightmare – again, they would not talk to me or tell me anything – said I was not authorized. I faxed them my trust doc, later they asked for original trust docs and every time I called was faced with "cannot talk to you". They tell a million different variations of the story, give a different processing time every time and something that would take a day to resolve with another mortgage company has not been resolved in over a month. For your own good, make sure they receive and process all the documentation that proves you are the executor and on the deed of your husband’s and your property as when you actually need to do something e.g. have a query re taxes or escrows etc. or want to sell the property – it will be a nightmare!

  • catherine corona

    Can I get the corporate office phone number for Seterus? I don’t have a mortgage with Seterus anymore but there is a dispute on my credit report on my Seterus account and I need to get it removed but I am not finding anyway to reach the department I need to other than a fax and it will take up to 30 days. And I don’t even have an account with them anymore. Any suggestions>

  • charlie

    wrong answers. they did send out packages, and yes you have a 7 digit loan number or social security number and your the one that seems gone aot

  • Joe

    I have never had a problem with Seterus. Every time I call the rep. is very helpful. When I am late on a payment, I call and they set-up a payment plan to help me catch up. I have had this company for three years and always have been treated with respect.

    • yolanda

      Good for you! One in a Million this comp sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TONI

        I AGREE

      • TONI

        i AGRE TO THAT TO

    • Seterus Stinks

      you’re the only one!

    • Jen

      You must work for Seterus

      • Angela

        Amen to that! Jen your probably the one of 20 people that they programmed.

    • Carri

      god maybe you can help everyone else then we are also waiting for a payoff on a Seterus loan transferred on Jan 2 its been a complete circus!

    • carol

      same for me joe

  • Larry

    Seterus took over my loan from BOA, I was behind with BOA and made payment arrangements that where not ever very clear and was getting tons of letters each month threatening foreclosure. I worked hard and was able to catch up with with seterus and am currently current however I still have to pay within the grace period as it is the timeline in witch I get paid each month. And each month very rude and mean people call my wife who is not even on the loan demanding payment. I am 100k upside down in my house. I am making my full payments every month, and now I get harassed more than ever.

    I have had several mortgages over the years and this is by far the worst one I have had to deal with. They treat you as if they own you. I called to try and understand and explain but they just demanded the payment.

    Would never recommend anyone seek a loan through this company.

    • Sharon Brister

      I have about the same but my husband passed away. Seterus took my loan over from BOA
      my name is not on the loan but I am on the deed of trust. Seterus calls me at my job once a week and ask for the Estate of my husband, then say they can not talk to me about the mortgage without a letter from him, I want to see that happen he has been gone over 3 years now. I am not behind on our mortgage although it takes a whole paycheck to make the payment .

  • a. kirschenbaum

    When after 20-years I tried to change insurance companies Seterus insisted on an replacement cost far above the new insurors estimate then immediately imposed their own policy which cost twice as much, even before the new insurer could respond. It took a lawyer, who filed a complaint with Portland F.B.I., plus at least four letters to remove the Seterus policy.

    When a payment was sent by priority mail and not cashed 7-days after, the Seterus Rep. claimed that it had not been received. I informed Seterus that the first check would be immediately stopped and sent a replacement which was received before the loan could show up as delinquent. "Miraculously" Seterus located the first check then cashed it (coincidently after the replacement had already cleared), then tried to charge a fee when it was returned. It is obvious that the systems do not communicate with each other from the mailroom up through the service reps. I know that most folks pay over the net ,as I do on many accounts, but that does not mean that SETERUS should not be equally capable of processing payments that are mailed.

    • shaun

      so if the first payment was "Immediately" stopped then when they "Miraculously" found your first payment, how would they have been able to deposit that check, it was immediately stopped right……….

      • auto company dude

        Because they stopped it, they can clear the stop and resubmit it – duh!

  • Chris

    obviously you haven’t had to deal with Seterus. If you have been treated as we were when all we were trying to do is make our mortgage payments on time and without any problems, you would be **** too. We ALL can’t be wrong. We all have very good reasons to dislike this company. Seterus is making it very difficult for us to have the piece of mind we were used to when we were with other companies. There WILL be a class action suit against this company and they will finally get what they deserve!

    • shaun

      first you are a group of a few unhappy borrowers who’s loans transferred to seterus, where are the other hundred thousand loans fanny mae has placed with seterus, with any company that deals with "Collections" their will always be negative comments. Seterus is still bound by all of the same rules and regulations as any other loan servicer company in america, RESPA, FDCPA, FCRA, etc.

  • Susan

    I made a payment agreement with Seterus to pay an extra $200 on my payment every month to catch up on the $800 I was behind. Now they want me to submit foreclosure avoidance papers, are charging me late fees because I’m behind because I didn’t submit those papers, etc. I didn’t figure I should go through all that when my loan will be caught up in less than 4 months. But what the ****…why would they make a payment agreement and then do that?!

    • April

      they will tell you what you want to hear, been dealing with this company for over a year, payments and everything paid ontime and today they threaten to put me in foreclosure and all payments have been paid and ontime, never got supervisor, got hung up on when I told them they were being recorded. 3 yrs trying to deal with a unlawful foreclosure with 5 different banks on this loan and owe legal fees and there still threatening to take my home, either keep on them to get something in writing certified, but they wont, or just pay tthe 800 or they will take your home, made payment arraingment and got default and foreclosure on my door. fight them with paper, get a lawyer, or pay them.THEY WONT HELP YOU

    • Joe

      I just made the last payment on a repayment agreement on the 18th of April to catch up on my mortgage. All the payments were due on the 18th of the month, as per the agreement. Now they want my mortgage payment in by the end of the month (April), including som late fees that have been tacked on. Makes no sense to me.

    • Seterus Stinks

      Susan we had a similar agreement with them as well. They kept 2 payments and then ended up sending our 3rd and 4th payment back stating they could not hold onto it since we were behind and we had to catch up in order for them to accept payments & not the full amount. They did keep the first 2 payments.

  • Lynn

    Have been trying to get a modification on our loan since Aug 2012. Every time you call you have to repeat your whole story. When they do call you (for your payments that are behind) you ask them how far they are with your loan modificiation and they act like they have no clue what you are talking about. I have faxed / mailed / fedex all our documents 10 times over to these people. Last week I had a call to say they have everything in order to proceed with a loan modification but today I received a call saying ‘you owe thousands, when are you paying"???!!! They are absolutely the WORSE people to deal with, with no regard to the emotional roller coaster they put you on.

  • Roger

    seterus is awful the worst. no wonder the BBB has 499 complaints against them. Have been working over a year to get bogus charges from there mistake off my account. Everytime you call you get someone new. Here is some help. I live in Calif. the **** they have put me through here is a payback. I have the phone number for Salem Oregon 503-372-8142 you need extensions to talk to somenoe, the two loser supervisors I have is Jessica Davis ext 5583 or Don Rocki? ext 7781 flood these aka leaders will your complaints. I plan on calling several times a day to treat them as they have treated me. Let the games begin. Pissed in Calif.

  • Tom

    I have had two loans handled by the Seterus Company and they were excellent. Just a clarification…Seterus is NOT a mortgage company, they only collect the payments and handle issues.

  • TSW

    Our loan was just bought by Seterus. We have missed a payment in the past and are currently stuggling to make our existing payment. We will only be able to make the payment if our payment was cut in half… we are about 100,000 upside down. I would love to hear from others any suggestions to help us stay in our home as long as we can. Or if we have to shortsale… but we really dont want to leave our home.

    • tom

      Call Quicken Loans…they reduced my loan pmt from 1500 to 1000. They have new ways to finance upside down loans now. New law passed.

  • M Baca

    I hate to read all these complaints, I have had nothing but good things from Seterus. They helped us when BOA would not do a thing for us.

  • lauren

    I had a complaint about misinformation at Bank of America where they said I was a pmt ahead ater modification. When I brought this up and fell a pmt behind they transferred my loan now BA wont research my complaint. Call every week and they take my info but never call me back.

  • frustrated

    Well we are ready to closed escrow and since we have an impound account on our taxes. Seterus has only made 1st installment on it which was Dec.10th but they have not made the Feb. 1st payment (april 10th) and in order to closed by law we have to pay both installments. Quick and loan called Seterus to ask them to pay for the second installment so that we can closed and they said NO.. What a nightmare, regardless we have to come up woth the money to closed our refi..If i would have known I would have not made my Payment that month and use it to pay the 2700.00 in taxes.. Seterus should pay for the impound tax account but because they put that money aside to make interest on the money it is not convenient for them ….This is one of the major reasons I do not want to continue with them. So i too kmoney out of my credit card to stop teh nightmare with this company they suck..They shouldn’t even be in business, they are unprofessional and unhuman thy’re customer service sucks..

  • Brett

    The company brought foreclosure proceedings against one of my clients. After we interposed a defense, the Court referred the case to mediation as is the standard course of procedure. At mediation, Seterus modified the loan and set the escrow at an amount that my client could afford. Within two months of the modification, the escrow was arbitrarily jacked up a couple hundred bucks. The new escrow charges far exceed the annual insurance and property tax obligations. My client could not afford the increased escrow, and penalties and late fees were assessed. Seterus is obligated to return the excess escrow at the end of the term, but not the late fees and penalties. Is this an unintentional overcharge or a new profit model. What do you think?

  • HCHaidle

    Watch out for what Seterus representative tell you. Nobody seems to know what the others have said to you.
    And when they DO tell you they are going to do something, do NOT take it for granted that they will. They told us they would clear up our credit report and finalize our deed in lieu after we requested this in several emails. But now, after having moved out of our place over 6 and a half months ago, and after finalizing our deed in lieu the end of August….FINALLY, we still (as of Dec. 16th) have this negative on our credit report which claims we are continuing non-payments on our mortgage. Even though they SOLD the house the week after we moved out, even before the deed in lieu was recorded.
    I would never trust these people again. This has been such a mess.


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