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Last Updated On: April 29, 2015

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Business Name: Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
Corporate Address:
350 Highland Dr
Lewisville, Texas 75067 USA

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Corp Phone Number: 888-850-9398
Company Contact: Jay Bray - President & CEO
Corp Website:

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Customer Ratings

Average Rating: 1.43 out of 5
Based On: 7 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 6

Consumer Loss Reports

Reported Losses: $410,027.00
Average Reported Losses: $58,575.29

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Stopped Shortsale

We had a cash shortale set up and Nationstar went out of teir way to stop us. They claimed to have started Foreclosure Sale in January 2015. Then they changed it to February then March and now it is set in May 2015. I could have done my shortsale 5 times but they kept telling me it was too late which was all LIES.

They then called me the other day and said I owed them $175,000!!! What a joke after they already told me several times that they are foreclosing. They forced us out of the house while my wife was 4 moths pregnant and we were forced to move in with her mother. We tried for over a yar to do a loan modification and they kept on “losing” the docs we were sending.

On top of it all I get called from people who work over seas!!! Not even here in America. They farm out the work. They don’t care if you are homeless. This company should go down.

Nationstar Mortgage – 8950 Cypress Waters Blvd Dallas Texas 75019 | 888-480-2432

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Consumer Comments For Nationstar Mortgage

  • I had a mortgage with Nationstar Mortgage for a house in Anchorage, Alaska. In October 2013 I sold this house, and the title company sent a money wire to the payoff account for Nation Star at Wells Fargo Bank. In mid-November 2013 I received a phone call from a Nation Star representative who stated my November 1 payment was late. I informed her I sold the house and the payoff had been sent. After several more calls, I contacted the title company to ask for verification of the payoff and a copy of the money wire document that I could send to Nation Star. Both were provided; I faxed the money wire information to Nation Star at a fax number provided to me by another Nation Star rep on November 22, 2013. Despite providing this information and asking that any further communication be in writing, I continue to receive calls from Nation Star daily as late as 11:00pm. None of the reps know anything about the previous discussions or that information has been sent. They just continue to ask about payments that are late.

    • Check your credit record. We sold our home in 12/18/ 2013 and paid off the mortgage in full. NationStar only had our mortgage for 18 days which they purchased from Bank of American 12/1/13. My attorney could not get an account number or a pay off amount for days and multiple phone calls. In December they reported to the credit agency that the account was closed and paid on time. THEN…..NationStar reported to the credit agencies in FEBRUARY 28, 2014 that our mortgage in 91-120 days late. Our credit is now hurt by 147 points. NationStar sent us a refund in January for overpayment at closing. I can’t get anyone from NationStar to help me. In the meantime I have spent hours disputing the claim with the credit agency. Now we have to wait to buy anything until our credit record is corrected.

  • same boat only now payed all my back payments to nov 1 2013 got a nov statement with regular payment due all caught up right!! WRONG after i mailed my nov payment got a letter stating i ouded 269.00 more rased my payment to 396.88 and now they say i am past due!!!

  • Same boat and frustrated with RMA. Have waited since June 4th and same run around. My email to has not been answered! Want contact with the CEO,

  • Nationstar has been asked by myself and hexter-fair title to provide a payoff quote so that we can proceed with a CASH sale of my home. They have yet to do it. Despite the fact that the title company has requested it at least 3x and I myself have asked 4x and been promised 3x (supposedly by a manager) that it will be there within 24-48 hrs. This has yet to happen and it’s been a week. They have NO problem calling you all day long saying a payment is due, but not only are they very unorganized and unprofessional, they will not let me actually speak to a manager.

  • I also just received this same ‘charge’ on my bill from Nationstar.
    Mine was for $9.00 for Property Inspection and I was also told the same thing (after the man that answered the phone had to go find out what it was himself). That it was for someone to ‘drive by’ and see if the house was vacant and that the so-called ‘drive by’ was done 6months ago but they were just now billing for it? I asked if I could have that in writing to which he said "Put what in writing?" I said can you please put in writing what you just told me because it seems people say one thing then later the story changes. But I said just nevermind because I had to get back to work, after verifying this was a ONE TIME fee. I still don’t buy that claim of it being legitimate but will pay it for now and keep track of all these ‘fees’ to send to Attorney General. Oh, and also beware if you use online payments with Nationstar as I realized they used to HOLD payments until they were late in order to charge a late fee (I couldn’t figure out how they did it but then saw that they also used the same bank I did to send it through (Wells Fargo) I may a bit paranoid at this point but the way things are now I don’t trust either of them.


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